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  1. wakirk2002

    Playlist and Users

    I have Emby installed from Standalone and setup to run as a Service, that's all working fine. Emby is installed on a D: drive because I didn't want to fill my SSD with emby stuffs, not knowing how big it could get. I live with Me and Two housemates, and have 4 users setup, an Admin user, My user, and my two mate's users. Now, I am referring to Emby users, NOT windows users. The issue I am having is when I create a playlist under my user all the users see it and can edit it. All google shows me are posts on how to actually share playlists, when in actually, I don't want to do this. What I am trying to do is have each of us (on our own Emby user) have our own private playlists. How do I do this? Thanks.
  2. speedingcheetah

    Separate user recodrings

    How do I make it so that each user has their own DVR TV Recordings folder/library. I have a separate user setup for my mother to use via Roku in tv in living room, want to give her ability to record shows...however, in my testing, it appears that their is only one global Recording path/folder. So any thing ever user set to record, shows up in that single folder/library, for all to see. I need to have her recordings separate from my own....I don't to see all her soaps...nor do I want her(or any other user) to see my recordings.
  3. hi guys my isp has blocked port 80 and I'm unable to authorize my certificates for my ddns. for the sake of the noob users on my network it would be helpful if your apps would automatically accept self signed certificates. i understand this is not possible in web browsers but surely its possible in your apps on smart tv's and consoles etc.... i have recently had to give plex my money which i am not happy about. i dont want to stop supporting emby however if i cant use the secure connections its of no real use to me anymore.
  4. Hi, When i am making a new collection with movies as admin, other users are able to delete the collection that i have made. Is there a option that they can't? I also read about the parent control.... Anyone? Thanks
  5. internetpourtou

    Users configuration

    Hello Guys! i just finished to discover emby. I wanted to know if it was possible to create a user and allow him to see only one movie in the media library that will be assigned to him? After seeing the movie, he will have to ask me if he wants another one so that I activate him again. Thank you
  6. kmsonic023

    Search User API

    Hello people !!! In my system, I need to search for a user to find out if he exists or not and in the API I didn't find a way to do that. Thank's for now!
  7. kmsonic023

    API Treatment Users

    Hello guys!!! I need help handling the API with blocked users. I'm using PHP (cURL). I need the API to bring only the necessary information (whether the user is blocked or not). The list currently shows for all users, but I need to filter this information. Can anyone help me with this?
  8. Why It's troublesome to manage bottom up permissions (User -> Access -> Folder) and personally I think that a top down (User <- Access <- Folder) approach would be better (or both). I understand that changing access permission structure might be troublesome (or not desired by everyone) so I'd like to suggest something else instead Feature I think it would be a good idea to have a setting in the "Libraries" that allows you to make a folder hidden by default. That way when you add a new user you don't have to worry to much about them having access to all the folders and it improves user management. It's a good solution for servers that have a lot of users to manage. This isn't a must have but more of "Quality of life" feature. How These changes would have to be implemented: 1. Add the setting to the Libraries under "Advanced options" -> "Library Settings" 2. Disable "Enable access to all libraries" setting in the user access settings if any of the libraries (for that user) are hidden, and enable all but the hidden library. OR alternatively... disable "Enable access to all libraries" (so that the list of libraries shows up) for all users if any folders are hidden, then the hidden folder should not be enabled on the access list.
  9. BossRFC86

    Accesos (display-login)

    Buen día Me acerco con ustedes para saber si existe alguna forma de modificar la pantalla de logeo del sistema emby, Esto con la finalidad de accesar por medio de terceros (wordpress para ser específicos). He estado explorando varios topicos y se acercan mucho a lo que busco, pero no visualizo una solución como la que varios solicitamos. Sin mas por el momento, quedo pendeinte de sus valiosos comentarios. Saludos Cordiales. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ good day I am approaching you to find out if there is any way to modify the emby system login screen, This with the modification of access through third parties (wordpress to be specific). I've been exploring various topics and they are very close to what I'm looking for, but I don't see a solution like the one we requested. Without further ado for the moment, I remain pending your valuable comments. Best regards.
  10. Hey there, So before the latest update, you could click on the users icon in-between the search and settings icon on the right hand side of the screen, in the top bar, to switch user profiles. You'd get a screen with a blurred background and your user profiles as squares you could click on to switch. This was useful since I had multiple profiles and could see what content had been viewed by individual users before deleting. Since the latest update I can't find a way to do this. Clicking on the user icon on the top bar brings up the settings menu for some reason. Even hovering over it, it says settings. So now the two buttons do the same thing basically. Unless the ability to switch profiles was moved to somewhere else, and I'm being dense, I'm not sure why this was removed. Clicking on the users submenu on the left hand side, inside the settings menu doesn't give the option to actually switch users either. I'm running on Debian but I assume this affects all versions of the app.
  11. itkserver

    Users and Chromecast

    G'day, I am fiddling about with some voice commands using Tasker and its menagerie of plugins on top of swagger and some python code, attempting to tell my various tvs to play the next episode of or shuffle 'x' series or 'y' movie. I have the core code and actions set. (it works near perfectly on my Roku with some outliers due to naming collisions). What I am struggling with is 2 things, my Chromecast and user authentication. I have tried both user auth methods listed in UserService, I get the 204 response, but no change appears to take place on any of my devices. My goal here, is to say "Play Paw Patrol as <My Daughter's Name> in living room" or "Play Iron Man as <My Name> in Basement" The other issue is trying to get Emby on my Chromecasts. I can obviously do it with a physical button press no issues, but I cannot find a way to do it programmatically nor with Tasker. AutoInput seems to have an issue with the Emby Android app, non of the Elements are clickable by that plugin. Has anyone found any solutions to one or both (crosses fingers) of these, no matter how hacky (you should see my python library, I don't think I have written anything that is not hacky) Thanks in advance.
  12. I made the installation of the emby server and tested it in my house, after some accesses I noticed that the system asks me for a single payment or a fixed payment for monthly payments. I wonder if with just such a single payment, the system lets me create multiple users on my local network and if there is any limitation on the number of users to be registered. (Realizei a instalação do emby server e teste em minha casa, após alguns acessos notei que o sistema me pede um pagamento único ou um pagamento fixo por mensalidades. Gostaria de saber se com apenas esse pagamento único, o sistema me deixa criar vários usuários em minha rede local e se existe alguma limitação na quantidade de usuários a serem cadastrados.)
  13. I apologize if this has already been requested or rejected. I could not find reference to it prior to posting. In my setup I have two users, one is personal with access to all media libraries the other is a restricted account with access to only a few media libraries. Ultimately, an item watched/paused/partially-viewed I'd like to reflect the same state within both users. Emby for Kodi supports this by allowing me to add the other user as a permanent user to the session, meaning whenever Kodi for Emby launches, both users are logged in (what the user watches affects both users states). However my Main TV Setup (obviously LG) the app only allows me (afaik) to login as one of these users (in this case I used the more limited user 100% of the time). While not the worst problem to have, it is annoying to backfill my watched status on episodes/movies/music etc. that I happen to remember I already viewed via the LG. Is this a feature that can be added? Maybe users need a revamp at the server level instead? A big thank you to the devs who make Emby great and the Users who make it worth their while!
  14. Doebert

    Emby shows unknown users

    All of a sudden I can no longer get into Emby?? When I start Emby in windows 10 it shows 2 unknown users. 1-computerguyiptv and 2-doom. I have no idea who they are? When I try to log in with my credentials it doesn't recognize my account. I first noticed a problem when I was trying to access it on Roku and it showed my server name with addition info after that "LIVETV VOD AND MORE". I have no idea where that came from either?? So........what should I do to resolve this without losing all my media? Thanks in advance.
  15. princeshawn420

    Limit Streams per User

    i would like to not allow them to stream more than x amount per logon as there sharing passwords and manualy enforcing is a pita ... plex can do this ... its the reason i still push it over emby but i like embys abuilty to limit bandwith at user level not server
  16. when I updated the user on my local using api http://localhost:8096/emby/Users/{userid} Then it will return "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I don't know what happen here. Please Help Thanks
  17. Super Friends

    Users Invitations

    Is there a how to regarding invitations and users? I searched for users and received a list of Emby users. I searched for invitiations and the search resulted in 5 results with none offering an overview. Invitations via Emby connect that have been sent are not being received. Thank you,
  18. Folks - Running a fresh install of both Emby Server and Windows Pro 1809. There seems to be a glitch with the "Users" functionality that I couldn't find an existing post about.. After setting up a new user, when going back into "Users" via the Dashboard - the screen will come up with no data and a spinning wheel. Or, if going into "Settings" via the Web App - the options screen comes up and when I click "Profile", the only thing that happens is the spinning wheel again. This is sporadic. Sometimes it happens directly after restarting the server, sometimes it happens a bit later after having worked fine a few times. I've attached screen prints and logs from these two instances (I think I copied the correctly timed logs). I happened to have only the single user from the installation at the time - "Admin". However, it still happens after adding an everyday user - "Thomas" as well. I have Windows Security ignoring the entire Roaming\Emby-Server Directory structure - so that isn't sporadically locking up any files.. Thanks! Thomas
  19. In Emby I have multiple local users set up. I've already set up tv and movie libraries per user. I came over from Plex and like that Emby allows each user the ability to record. However I am not seeing any options for choosing the recording folder for each user. How can I do this? My server is on Windows 10 Pro but the clients in use are Rokus, Fire TV, iOS and android mobile devices.
  20. HI Everyone, The LDAP plugin is just amazing and would like to congratulated the designer, we are a large secondary school and use Emby as our main media library, there are a couple of things which would be great to have as options within the LDAP plugin 'New User Defaults' settings. By default the following settings are enabled for any new registered user. Allow Media Conversion Allow social media sharing At the moment we have to check everyday to see if a user has registered and then untick the 2 above options. Is there a way this could be added as an option to the New User Defaults section of the LDAP plugin.
  21. babarsyal

    Options related

    Hello, I want to hide or disable some of the options from server for local users. we have more than 500 users and now we are running it as a test and for that i have some issues regarding main setting options. i I have attached above the screenshot with mark where i want to remove marked area or just settings option for local users. Second pic attached with marked area that any user can delete from his account. i will run only one account for all users and cannot allow one user one account. also if any user delete this file so it will be deleted from main directory or just from user's sync library? I just want to have full command over security to save my data from users.
  22. benswan

    Adding local users in bulk

    Hello everyone. I have recently set up an Emby server in our school district. I am looking for a way to add local users in bulk. I have the server configured so you can only access it while on our network and I do not want users to access outside of our network. Not sure if I can bulk upload a CSV file? Or even modify a SQL database? Thanks
  23. TheBrainninja

    How to Force User to Log Out

    Hey all, I have an uncomfortable social situation I'd like to avoid passively, if possible. My partner logged into her Emby Connect account on her old roommate's Xbox, so she could access my server while she lived there; she's moved out and isn't on the best of terms with them now, and I'd prefer to disconnect her account from that Xbox without contacting the roommate directly. I've reset her password on the server, but it isn't forcing her to sign back in when she launches the app on devices she controls. I've restricted devices that have access to the server, but that also isn't ideal as the device list doesn't seem to list every device the account has connected from - it requires some babysitting to enable/disable the devices I want/don't want to connect. I realize this is more of a social problem than a technical one, but it would make my life a lot easier if I could solve it technically; is there some way to force her account to simply re-authenticate before it can access my server? She says she's reset her Emby Connect password already, and I've searched around to see if someone's addressed this before. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi - I would like to setup user accounts for 'parents' and 'kids'. I want to have some control in place so that my kids can't select the 'parents' or default admin account and immediately get access to all of the content on the server. I have not been able to find a way to set a PIN for the users. Here is what I've done so far: - Installed the server and setup a default admin account. I've linked this account to Emby Connect - Subscribed to Emby Premier (again with my default email linked to Emby Connect and the default admin account) - Created a local user and attempted to associated with my Emby Connect account (this fails every time - I've sent an email mentioned in the error message and have received a response). - Installed the app on iOS and logged in with my Emby Connect account (which is also the local admin account) - When launching the app - I can select either user and I am not prompted to 'login', the content is available without any restriction I know I can restrict content via ratings or keywords, but neither option will prevent someone from launching an account that has access to all of the media. Here is what I would like to happen (if I have a step wrong, please set me on the right path): - Install the app (iOS, AppleTV, Roku, etc...) login to connect my Emby Connect & Premier account - launch the app and have the choice of which user to 'login' as - be prompted to enter a PIN for each user (or in the case of my Kids - no PIN) - get access to the content based on the users settings (either library access, keywords, or ratings restrictions) Any help is appreciated.
  25. luukass22

    Projeto para 250 usuários

    Ola, gostaria de saber, qual hardware necessário para montar um projeto para 250 usuários simultâneos, possuo uma venda de internet em minha cidade, e possui essa média de internet, talvez eu consiga alocar Hardware em um provedor de um amigo, mas não sei qual maquina seria capaz disso, alguém poderia me ajudar?
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