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Found 9 results

  1. Often times when I see "Reason for transcodng: Media bitrate exceeds limit." in the info I wonder, what kind of internet connection do they have? I know this can cover multiple scenarios like bandwidth limit set for user, server, client side quality setting, as well as AUTO bandwidth detection... Can you PLEASE add to the dashboard the returned client bandwidth capabilities? The value you are getting from the client that tells emby its bandwidth abilities. While you are at it tighten up the spaces between lines on the transcode items, and align the results to the right instead of center.. MAYBE SOMETHING LIKE THIS :
  2. Hi I know this is a difficult question to answer but do someone has experience with a large audience? For example if there are 1'000 users which are watching at the same time a Live-TV programm in HD, how big must be the required bandwith? If the streaming would be 6 Mbps and the bandwidht 1 Gbps, than is it just 1'000 / 6 = 167 ? Or is there some optimisation in emby?
  3. Kimballslice1890

    Question about bandwidth limit setting

    So today I went through all of the menus looking for the bandwidth limit that I believe used to be in Advanced or may Transcoding. It now appears to have disappeared from one of the recent updates. Is it hidden in a new menu somewhere? The reason I ask is because I just upgraded from 50/50mbps internet to 1/1gbps and I want to adjust from the value that I previously had set.
  4. So first hi thanks for your time ^^ anyway Setup : - Emby server --> windows 10 pro [] - network --> 4G router from Huawei B525s-23a 4G+ LTE-A CAT 6 Gigabit wifi AC 2 * SMA - Internet Provider --> (French) FREE MOBILE 4G+ 2600Mhz Situation : So i use Emby locally for myself over a CAT 7 and Gigabit TP-Link PCI network adaptor on my phone another computer same situation and a Nvidia Shield (2017) locally no problem my test movie as shown in the picture. Works perfectly no buffer max bandwidth over the LAN. as the pictures show you network wise i have no real bottleneck first a speedtest from the computer the server is installed on then a speedtest from the VPS from OVH i use Plink (putty) to create the bridge between remote connection and request because since i'm on a mobile carrier subscription i've a floating IP therefore cannot forward port on my router then a picture of the network usage on my VPS side so my problem in the end is that even though i can upload up to 40Mbps my VPS can up to a 100 and the test device are my Shield over my Hotspot from my phone that has either way 50Mbps so yeah for some reason it will not go over 10-11Mbps even though the test movie requires AVG of 14.1 if you have any idea of why and how this happen.
  5. Kimballslice1890

    Local Bandwidth Limit

    I had made a prior post requesting LDAP support and was sent to the very large thread that I liked for contribution in my desire to have this support. In the meantime, I am attempting to setup Emby as a replacement for my job's current broadcast system in place. I am looking to limit Local bandwidth to 4mbps per device. I noticed that devices are direct streaming and when looking into this, I saw that all settings to limit bandwidth are for external connections only. Is there a way to limit bandwidth for internal/local connections? If not is there a thread I can post on to request such a feature?
  6. I have a external user that is using the Android TV app. I also have a bandwidth limit set in playback/streaming of the Server. I noticed this user was direct playing from the ATV app multiple different things all with media bitrates higher then allotted setting of the server so a transcode should be happening. It appears the ATV app is ignoring/not respecting the server bandwidth setting.
  7. It would be really nice if there were more advanced user management features in mediabrowser server. Downloads and streaming both use a large amount of bandwidth, mediabrowser could really use features to manage these. Things that would be nice to see include: - UI based download, sync and streaming logging (what user download/streamed what and associated bandwidth used) - Time based download bandwidth usage schedule (download speed limits with and without scheduling) - Time based streaming bitrate schedule (bitrate speed limits with and without scheduling) - Separate internal network vs. external network bandwidth controls - User group identity/policy management. (ability to edit a group of users at the same time) - User data caps
  8. Can someone explain me how the bandwidth setting in the app works? Is the rate setting in MegaBytes per second or is it Megabits? The highest setting is 120MB/s, if those are megabytes per second it will mean that you will need a connection that is faster than gigabit to reach the limit? If my LAN connection is 100mbit which limit should I use? Sorry for all the different questions but I'm really confused with this setting. Thanks.
  9. I was reading through the features that have been previously requested and one that caught my eye is this one: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/12878-mediabrowser-server-limitmax-video-quality-per-user/?hl=%2Blimit+%2Bbandwidth This request basically asks to enable a server side limit to ensure bandwidth is fairly allocated to users (to avoid stuttering) however I was thinking it might be neat to have the following: =============================================== A limit that would stop playback continuous playback and ask if a user was still there after XXX episodes of continuous playback. Ideally this would work where the server would have a setting that indicates "If no user input for <180> minutes than pause playlist after current track" the duration would be configurable however it is important that it be based on a time period and not a track play count (as someone could just put in a bunch of really long movies) and that it not stop the playback of the current track (as that would be super annoying for most people). The types of events would likely have to be things that happened in the client such as (pausing, starting, changing the volume, browsing the library, etc). The timer should be maintained per user on the server and should be reset whenever any client accessing that user account does something. At the end of the timer the playback should stop after the current item is finished playing. A prompt could be used to inform the user that the playback was stopped however playback should be able to be started by hitting play (hence also resetting the timer) and/or accepting the prompt (if used) Possibly an option to have a separate duration for music playback or to ignore this feature all together. I think that most users will find this to be a useful feature not just for server managers (in terms of electricity consumption from transcoding, and internet usage limits, and bandwidth) but also for each of the users (internet usage limits, episode watch indicators). ============================================== For me this feature would be helpful for users that hit play on an entire series and fall asleep after a while as it would cut down on internet usage (bandwidth and usage limits) and maybe even save a few pennies here and there from transcoding power consumption. It would also be beneficial for the users since if they were watching a season they wouldn't have to go back and figure out where they actually fell asleep as less episodes would be marked as watched for them.
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