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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Is there any shortcut to the overlay tv guide in the Emby windows application?
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I currently have 5 ShieldTV's hooked up on various TV's around the house. They're all logged in as the same user profile in Emby and all running Kodi 17.6 and the Titan Skin. Since Version 3.1.08a, or so it seems, I've been having an issue where the menu shortcuts on different Shields will disable and rearrange themselves to be different than what I have set. All of the TV's are different in what shortcuts they show. i.e. in my Kids room it does not show the adult TV and Movies but it does show Kids TV and Kids Movies. In the Family Room it shows everything, etc. I was under the impression, and maybe I'm wrong, that the individual configurations for menu shortcuts and such were self contained in each install of Kodi rather than being synced back to the Emby server. Is that correct or am I just wrong? It got so bad that I deleted Kodi on each Shield and reinstalled and re-setup Kodi/Emby on each one. The problem came back. I've also noticed that I'm still seeing that bug where it slows down after a while as well but I figured I'd tackle one problem at a time. I can post logs but I wasn't sure if logs would help with the menu shortcuts. Just let me know. Thanks for the help
  3. admin.nxpoint@gmail.com

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi guys, I have an issue on OSX with the keyboard controls. The space (play/pause) doesn't work consistently. It's like there is a long delay between the time I press space and the time the player get the control command. This is going on and off, there are times when it's working perfect, pressing space either plays or pauses the movie, and times when it's not working at all. This happens on a MacBook AIR, with both Safari and Chrome browsers, in all movies (not specific to one). Thank you,
  4. pmac

    Small Feature Requests

    Hi, I realize that MBT was just released, and is still in Alpha, but I've noticed a couple things that aren't on the "to-do" list yet, and were small (but handy) features in MBC. I haven't had much of a chance to play with MBT yet, but these are some things I've noticed so far, and will update this thread as I notice more: Keyboard Search- Unless I've just missed this somehow (maybe there's a different way of doing things in MBT) There seems to be no keyboard search feature implemented yet, I find this feature extremely important, since browsing a large collection takes a very long time without a keyboard search feature. Fast-Scrolling through collections- Another feature that I use every time I'm using MBC is (for lack of a better name) Fast-Scrolling. I use the Skip Forward/Skip Backward buttons on my remote to scroll through my media more quickly, instead of using the arrows to move through my collections one-by-one, I often use the Skip buttons to move through a few titles at a time, greatly speeding up the time it takes to browse my collections. More View-Options- I'd find it nice to have a few more view options in certain areas. For example: I'd like to be able to switch to list view when entering a TV Series that only contains one season, instead of the thumb-strip view it defaults to. Having the choice to pick any of the view options, no matter what part of a collection you are looking at would be a nice addition to MBT in my opinion. Back to logon screen- It would also be nice to be able to use the back button at the main screen to take you back to the logon screen to switch users. Having a "Are you sure you want to sign out?" Prompt would be a nice touch as well. Pressing "Up" on the remote to get to settings, etc...- Fairly self-explanatory, I know you can press "Up" on the remote/keyboard to access the settings buttons, etc. But right now it depends on which part of the screen is currently in-focus, ie. you need to be far enough to the right before you are able to go up to the very top where these buttons are located. Being able to get to these buttons whether you are currently on the left, center, or right side of the screen would make things quicker, and easier. Upcoming TV- Not really a feature request, more of a question. I'm not too sure about the Upcoming TV section. I'd assume it would show me upcoming episodes of series' I have in my collection, but it seems to show a random selection of TV Series in my collection, some with new episodes, some that are ended. Selection going out of focus- One issue I've found, which isn't a big deal, since the client is still in Alpha, and there's obviously going to be some small issues still, is: Sometimes my current on-screen selection; whether it's a tile, or a media selection, goes out of focus, and I'm no longer able to use my remote, until I move the mouse cursor over a tile or something, to re-select a tile. Then I'm able to continue using my remote like usual. Obviously, being in the early stages of MBT there's still going to be lots of room for improvement, and it's coming along great so far. I don't expect a ton of feature requests to be implemented right away, I just figured I'd throw some ideas out there for a few things I noticed would make the experience better! Thanks to all the Devs and everyone working on this project, great job!
  5. I had set-up and working a Movies By Year folder which contained shortcuts to each of my movies. I then indexed this in MBC by year and all was well with the IBN year images being picked up. Having had a motherboard fail, I've been without the pc for 10 days until I got it up and running yesterday. MBS updated to Version 3.0.5031.21343 and now I have zero items in the Movies by Year collection. The shortcuts use UNC paths and this was working previously. Has anyone else seen an issue?
  6. Cheesegeezer

    ShortCut Links??

    I have a question regarding shortcut links. Forgive me however the KB didn't really explain it well enough for me. I want an all movies folder. I've tried several ways, Initially I tried post shortcuts to the other folders I have (earlier days) this didn't work. Just for information I have these folders set up 3D Movies Animation Comedy Chick Flicks Action So I have successfully created a Boxset VF using Shortcuts to the actual boxset folders. This is fine and works great. I then successfully created an All Movies folder by creating shortcuts to each individual film folder, however what I didn't like was that its maintenance intensive, if I add a movie to my normal folder I then need to add a shortcut to my All movies folder (which initially wasn't picked up at all by MBC as a new addition). So I tried to just add the shortcuts for the UNC root folders I have for the above folders, this way when I add a movie to the folder it should be picked up by the shortcut and automatically add it to the All Movies VF. Then it all got wierd on me (using latest server build). Each folder came up in all moves as root Going into any of these folders shows the same info as below, not the 5 movie shortcut folders I added to the All Movies, I listed above. Is there something I'm doing wrong or have I found a bug. Cheers
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