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  1. CathMowr

    Audio Playback Issues - OSX/IOS

    More often than not I can't start to listen to an album with a choosen track because Emby shows the track in the bottom bar but does not play it. I then have to press stop and start the album with the Play all button. This works most of the time and after that I can choose a track to my liking. I encountered this problem in browser mode and in IOS App. Is this issue known? I didn't find a similar thread. Further Emby seems to have problems with the remote function. When I choose my browser (Safari) as the playback medium in the IOS app and start a song neither of the two react at all or the song shows in IOS but doesn't start playing in OSX. I tried the Play all solution as described above when this happens and then Emby sometimes selects a random song, shows it in the bottom play bar at a weird point of time (f.e. 2:30) but doesn't play anything.
  2. Bonjour, bonsoir, je cherche un moyen de "débloqué" l'accès au dossier embyserver sur DSM via OSX, de base on ne peut pas, les dossiers système sont masqués, je ne maitrise pas encore le NAS à fond, si quelqu'un a une solution ça serait sympa. Merci. Hi i'm looking to access to the folder embyserver on DSM Synology with OSX, does anyone have a solution. Thanks.
  3. levander

    some observations and thoughts

    Hi, I would like to share some observations and thoughts on emby server. I am a new user so forgive me if some issues I am mentioning here have been already discussed on the forum. Feature request: - option to disable media deletion from within server (and consequently from within any client) for administrator In these few weeks of using emby I happen to accidentally delete some media couple of times. Fortunately, both times I was lucky. BUT I realised it could have been much worse scenario and that some users weren't so lucky. I searched for an option to disable delete but I couldn't. Please do something about it, this shouldn't be allowed to happen by accident just because there is no logical option to restrict meddling with media files. Option to disable delete or triple password to confirm or similar. Also, in the meantime or if you don't intend to change this please suggest a workaround (?) Bugs/Not working/Should work: - per library setting for metadata language not working I've been regularly having situations where I needed to identify movie within library and it would regularly update in some random language although I set it up in library settings. The solution is workaround: to set up metadata language for every movie per se. I already reported that but here it is again. Apart from that emby scraper (and Identify feature) works generally very very good. - collection items disappear after relocating media Which is so unfortunate because collections are one of the greatest features emby and I use it a lot. Unfortunately I found out that most of my manually created collections are just lost effort after I re-organized some media folders. I need to be able to re-organize folder structure of my media from time to time and I need those collections... - sort by release date not working Not even close. Not in separate libraries, not in grouped libraries. Fix/Should work better: - search is too often too slow or is not working at all I believe you are aware of this. And I believe you are working on improvements. Search by original title should be included. As well as collections and tags. I sometimes wait 30-45 seconds to get results. And sometimes it doesn't respond at all and then I have to try to search from another library or from dashboard. - browsing through pages doesn't remember position when "refreshed" and it is pretty frustrating when trying to fix something among 12000 titles and every time it throws me back on 1st page. I suppose it is more realistic that this "fix" will be part of new ui at one point but until then it would be VERY helpful to have some kind of index (1-100 | 101 - 200 | 201 - 300| ... | 9901- 10000) Small things that could make things more practical but also not essential: - Include media path in Identify window so you save user's steps before pre-identifing what to identify... It is logical (in most cases) that Identify is to be used when media is incorrectly scraped, so instead scrolling to the bottom of the page to check which title we want to identify there could be path visible in Identify window. At least. - Make media file path at the bottom of movie details page as link so it could be opened/showed in finder/windows explorer. I frequently use select text and then open in finder in safari but this could be more convenient maybe. Couple of questions: - Why nfos use 2 x imdb ids? - Why some of manually added genres are shown under genres in library and some are not? Thanks for reading.
  4. i'm finding after i've updated to 3.5.2 that whenever i load Emby on my browser (Chrome) on my Mac the screen is unable to scroll down to the bottom. It is the same for both the Configure Emby page and Browse Library page. I am unable to scroll beyond the first page that the browser loads. Although loading Emby from my Windows based Chrome device works fine. Also works fine when i use Safari, seems to be isolated to Chrome OSX. The screenshot shows the only page i'm able to view on Chrome OSX. The side menu on the left is able to scroll down but not the main page on the right hand side.
  5. Figured i'll start a new thread to make this easier to track. @Luke I have the below problem with Emby 3.4.1 and above - i seem to be getting the "Unstable Network" issue while playing media via DLNA on my LG Smart TV. Tried both 3.5.2 and 3.5.0 and same issues. I've attached the recent log file for your reference. embyserver-63670151264.txt
  6. Natilus13

    Question about my SSL cert

    Hello all, A friend of mine reached out to me the other day to let me know that they could no longer connect to my emby server. It had been running fine, so I was puzzled. When I went and looked at the settings, it turns out that the server no longer appears to be running over HTTPS, only on HTTP. I don't even see any option for HTTPS other than under Expert->Advanced where I can set the external HTTPS port. I am currently on the 3.5 beta. Everything works fine right now on HTTP, but I would much prefer to be running over HTTPS again. Anyone have any thought or suggestions? Thanks! N
  7. jakeclifford

    Server stuck on indexing

    Hi there, i admit to be a new user and i signed up for the premiere monthly package to try emby up again my plex server. I have a large library and maybe this is related to my problem. That said my server has been stuck on indexing at 71.7 percent for two weeks now. I have restarted the app, the server many times but still gets stuck in the same spot. Where I am not familiar with emby i was wondering if perhaps i have something setup wrong. i wanted to attach the logs but when i click to download the lastest log it says its 4.3gb is that possible? Anyways i would be very interested to see it functioning properly. As it stands when i use the player i can see shows in the list no artwork and nothing will play Im assuming its because the server is hung on something. I will happy provide the logs if someone can explain to this newb of emby how to correctly download the logs. emby is running on a osx dedicated server with the latest software and latest production version of emby. Thanks in advance
  8. admin.nxpoint@gmail.com

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi guys, I have an issue on OSX with the keyboard controls. The space (play/pause) doesn't work consistently. It's like there is a long delay between the time I press space and the time the player get the control command. This is going on and off, there are times when it's working perfect, pressing space either plays or pauses the movie, and times when it's not working at all. This happens on a MacBook AIR, with both Safari and Chrome browsers, in all movies (not specific to one). Thank you,
  9. MikeTech

    Restore from Time Machine?

    Managed to trash my server somehow in one move, made one setting change (public https port number) in the process of setting up https in advanced, saved setting, clicked restart, and it hung there without restarting. Did system reboot, etc. all the standard stuff, app would seem to run, but refused to stay open when attempting to open dashboard, could see it drop out of processes in Activity Monitor when accessed. Tried reinstall of latest package, still no joy. The only thing I could think of as a factor is the machine OS was recently updated to 10.12.5, but emby seemed to be working fine after that update until I tried the config change/restart. Tried restoring emby app and emby-server files in ~/.config using Time Machine backup from yesterday, no dice. On the theory of it being an issue with 10.12.5, I did a complete system restore from yesterday prior to the update to bring it back to 10/12.4, and that didn't work either. So, I trashed the app file and the emby-server config file again, and started an install from scratch. That seems to be working just fine, but it's going to take me several hours to get back to where I was, and will have lost track of a bunch off-air recording data, etc. What is going on here that I'm missing in terms of where files are located? And why is this config so difficult to restore from a backup?
  10. Hello, I've been trying to configure pulling xmltv data using ZAP2IT. I am getting channel data, but nothing in the guide. I am running the perl script using perl zap2xml.pl -u drewtlo@emaildomain.com -p password The XMLTV file is being generated, and the channel mapping looks okay, so I'm not sure why my guide is empty. I've attached my server log and xmltv file as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Log.txt xmltv.xml
  11. djaythekidd

    Emby Keeps Crashing

    Hey, so lately my server has been crashing a lot... It started happening a few updates ago, but I don't know which update it started with because I had not been using it until about a week ago. So I have the server running on my 2011 Macbook Pro, and it has been working fine for me for a while with very few errors (some crashes here and there, but none like this). I keep my computer under my bed closed but still on so that everything can still be running. Now... when I close my computer the server will either stay running for a couple of hours or maybe a day or so or it will shutdown in minutes. When I open my computer again it's still running (shown in the taskbar and on activity monitor); however, when I click on any of the button from the taskbar icon it opens the page but it doesn't load. I'll either get a network loss error, localhost not active error, or a too many open files error. So I exit the server to shut it down completely wait a few seconds and then start it up again. Once I start it up, with any luck, I can get the page to load (but sometimes I have to exit and open more than once or completely reboot my computer to achieve this). What could be wrong? Logs attached below, I just updated to Stable and its still doing the same thing. the logs from 2.26.17 are from version and the one from 3.1.17 is from the latest version Emby Server Log 2.26.17 1 (63623664000).rtf Emby Server Log 2.26.17 2 (63623673690).rtf Emby Server Log 3.1.17 (63623931027).rtf Thanks!
  12. Mirroring the linux thread on this topic here. There's no Emby.Server.dll to invoke with dotnet in the OSX Emby installation. The closest analog I could figure was this: dotnet /Applications/Emby.Server.Mac.app/Contents/MonoBundle/Emby.Server.Mac.exe dotnet refreshes cashes the first time it's run, which it wasn't doing against any of the various DLL files I tried using at first, so I think that command is sound. However, it produces this error: A fatal error was encountered. The library 'libhostpolicy.dylib' required to execute the application was not found in '/Applications/Emby.Server.Mac.app/Contents/MonoBundle'. This is in an environment where launchd has no problem invoking emby as as service with /Applications/Emby.Server.Mac.app/Contents/MacOS/Emby.Server.Mac
  13. Steverido

    What is The Best Player For OSX

    Can someone advise which is the best player to integrate with the server on OSX please? I normally run WMC on pC's but have a MacBook Pro too and wonder if there are good solutions to match WMC. Cheers
  14. mjeshurun

    Scan media library failed

    Hello again, After I've added a local folder to my library I keep getting a scan error message. Any idea how I can solve this?
  15. mjeshurun

    Emby Finder Icon

  16. Darin Shoemaker

    iOS 10 Compatibility

    I've noticed over the weeks of testing the various iOS 10 Public Betas that Emby is not a happy camper. Playback works so-so but the browsing of folders and files is impossible with crashes and sticks at loading most of the time. Trying not to complain. Just trying to inform! =) iOS 10 final should drop to the public by early September so you guys have about a month to figure it out before your flooded by the angry mob.
  17. Hi All, I recently moved over to emby from plex as plex didn't serve my needs, Imam looking for a local area network media server only no internet access required. In that vain how do I disable the public/external ip/access, like I said I only need this to play media off my external drives within my own network nothing else. Can anyone assist me please, I am running the server on a mac osx machine, wired network. Thanks
  18. I have a LG 42LS5700 TV (Netcast) which is connecting via DLNA to Emby Server running on OSX. Here are the problems faced :- 1.) Timeout when trying to play movie files from the dlna folder "Movies" - there is hundreds of media files here 2.) TV crashes and restarts itself when trying to browser dlna folder "Latest" - there is hundreds of media files here 3.) I've tried playing another movie file on a different library and it works , but this only contains 3 media files. This started to happen only a month ago, i've been using my LG TV without any issues before this. I am using the latest version of Emby Server and it still does not help the situation. Do assist to find the root cause of this. I've attached my latest log file. Thanks server-63605984903.txt
  19. ultraroi

    MKV files on Sony Bravia

    Hello everyone, I am trying to set up the Media Browser Server from my mac to connect with my Sony Bravia 40W605. Everything seems to work fine except for MKV files, which is surprising because the Sony is compatible with this media container. I suspect the reason for the issue must be related with the fact that when browsing the media folder from the TV mkv files are shown to be mpeg (this is not happening using PLEX and mkv are played fine). Changing the file extension to avi and the file plays (a quick fix I want to avoid). I've have also noticed that a transcoding log and an active device (TV) is transcoding when trying to play a mkv file. Any help will be appreciated since I like better Media Browser than Plex... Thanks in advance!
  20. My drives are called, "Media" "Media 2" "Media #3" "Media Backup" (not really a backup) Main root of the drive are folders like "TV Shows 1-9" across those drives and one drive has movies under drive name "Untitled". I know or at least i think i have the path right when naming ...(windows has a better example than OSX and I know how windows work for letter directory, since mac is different, I think its the directory of the name of the drive (names i have above) Waisted 3 hrs after scanning media in the firetv of kodi for emby plugin and thought it worked but when I try to select a movie or a show and says not there would you like to delete it, how is it showing but unable to locate the file to play? Tryed doing this last yr and never quiet got this working right. Any examples of a correct way in OSX, NOT Windows. (got a headace trying to make this work) instead of bring my jailbroken ps3 around the house other than it be easier than doing this throu firetv. fire tv without mic.
  21. I was looking for a low-cost solution for something that would just run 24/7 with low power consumption and ran into the NEXBOX T10. I don't need any transcoding (i think) as most my devices play media through KODI. Thoughts on the hardware? $87 seems preetty decent for a bare bones box with included hdd and windowsOS. About my current setup: Library is on a NAS, livingroom's got a on-24/7-macMini running KODI; bedroom uses FireTV4K with KODI; main PC runs emby server. Started emby on the PC but thought the macMini would be better since it's lower power consumption so I migraged over low and behold OSX has been a pain in the butt, the latest OSX doesn't refresh network directories without unmounting and remounting anymore so when I add new media to the NAS, emby sees it but OSX does not which results in KODI showing the episode but when played it's "missing" pain in the butt I tell you! I've now since migrated the server back to my main PC and everything seems be fine but I'm still looking for a low-power, low-cost, always-running solution. Related question: when I'm streaming my library through the emby app (either on my android phone, my ipad, what have you) does it transcode?
  22. unclemutt

    Playback not working

    Hello, Trying out Emby on my Mac (OS X Lion 10.7.5, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) so see if better than on my ubuntu server with a slower CPU than this. Look around 8:33am today on the log file. Using web browser on the same mac. I have also tried a couple days ago on my iOS device as well as android tv with the same errors in the log. I can playback the same files through VLC fine. I had installed ffmpeg separately as I thought that may have been the issue looking through similar issues on this forum. Same errors on the log on playback before and after the ffmpeg install. Thanks Mike Log.txt.zip
  23. Hi--I had a nicely working OSX server on a Mac Mini but since the most recent update, I can't seem to schedule recordings. I am able to get through the guide and set up the record series, but then my "Scheduled Recordings" tab remains empty. The series all show up in the series tab. I initially thought that I might just need to wait for the schedule to refresh or until closer to the recording date, but the recordings I had scheduled did not record. Everything else seems to be working. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  24. I've recently updated to the latest Emby Server on OSX and after some difficulty with the install and re-install, I finally got everything working. Now a new problem has come up... Every time a new title is added to the library and a sync is performed, the new title will not play. I've tried playing from the actual server itself, as well as remotely with the same results. I just end up with a blank screen after I hot the green arrow on the title screen. The only way to get everything to work again is to install an older version of Emby and then perform the manual update. This method can be a little time consuming... does anyone have this similar issue and/or have any suggestions? Thanks, Cory
  25. Complete newbee here. Just installed Emby on Mac OS X (10.7.5). Set it all up (I think) and added movies. Using an Android phone to ensure things are working correctly, downloaded the emby app. videos thumbnails and details show up but every time I play them, the green Emby logo spins then gives me a "Playback Error". There was a error processing the request. The videos are .m4v codec.
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