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Found 9 results

  1. option for QUICKLY viewing tv guide without stopping the video in emby for android app currently this feature only exists on emby for android tv but is nowhere to be seen in emby for android. i would use emby for android tv but it keeps crashing every second time i open it. the other good thing about emby for android tv is i can see even more channels while in the quick view tv guide that is displayed over the video.
  2. Is it possible to encode with H265 instead of H264. I know my Rx480 supports it H265 encoding in OBS
  3. kpkimmel1983

    Missing Features

    Hello I'm using the app for Roku right now, have not tried my Apple TV yet so this is all relevant to Roku only. The features that are needed are as follows: Favorite a channel in the guide direct tune to a channel if you move too fast through the guide it freezes and you have to back out of the app entirely, there needs to be a 'refresh' More sorting options, sometimes i want to sort by name of program since i know what i'm looking for just don't know the channel, likewise need more sorting options overall Please let me know if i just simply overlooked a feature and posted it above. Thanks.
  4. Hi So I have a remote server connected with gigabit connection, at home I'm using the Emby app on LG 65C9 TV running WebOS 4.5. Use the server with UHD movies mainly containing HD audio like DTH-HD MA, Dolby True HD or event Dolby True HD Atmos. The problem is that on this Emby player app, in the settings, the maximum quality we can set for audio (with internet stream) is 2Mbps and for certain audio tracks this is not enough hence the server is forced to transcode / downgrade the audio to AC3 format with such a low bitrate... Example yesterday I did several tests with various movies and different audio bitrate : Quantum of Solace with DTS-HD MA track with bitrate of 1536 kbps = no trasncoding at all, stats for nerds well show that the DTS HD signal is decoded and sent to the TV Skyfall with DTS-HD MA track with bitrate of 1536 kbps = no trasncoding at all, stats for nerds well show that the DTS HD signal is decoded and sent to the TV Fantastics Beast, Crimes of Grindelwald with True HD ATmos track with bitarte of 3457 kbps = audio is being transcoded and dowgraded to AC3 format at around 500 kbps... Is there anyway to break this max setting for audio of 2 mbps ? My TV is compatible with HD formats including Atmos but I can't enjoy these tracks due to this limitation of Emby app...any update to fix in the future ? if Audio max settings offered was 4 or 5 Mbps that would make it ! Thanks
  5. Hi, My goal is to have a Gamebrowser like plugin but web based. I want to have a library of Games (like Gamebrowser have) but when I select the game I want that Emby open the url in a iframe or something similar. Is there any way to do it? Thanks a lot!
  6. michaelprescott

    Is internet and authentication required?

    I'm very tired of Plex and am looking for something better that isn't so unstable and invasive. I've had at least two big problems with Plex lately. The first was when I discovered that ALL of our content was being relayed OUT of our LAN to their company's servers and then back IN to our LAN just to get it to our iOS devices. I disabled remote access and believe I may have that under control now. Our internet usage has gone down significantly, but I still see a lot of chatter and calling home, but hopefully it is just to pull metadata and not streaming our content to/through their servers. The second problem I had with Plex was and still is, the iOS apps want to authenticate or login through the Plex company's services. Even with our server configured to not require authentication for local IPs, the iOS apps have all sorts of problems with accessing our library. It's all become very unstable, unreliable, unfriendly, invasive, and just unbearable to use. So, what I'm looking for is a simple media server to run on our Synology NAS, and complementary apps for iOS devices so that we can easily access all of our content, just our content, directly, within our LAN. Ideally, the server and apps would respect people's privacy, not require authentication when running within a LAN, and stream our content directly from the internal server to our devices. I think this boils down to a couple questions. Does Emby require an internet connection to deliver content from an Emby server within our LAN on a DiskStation to iOS Emby clients also within our LAN? Do Emby clients (or the server) perform or require any authentication with external servers?
  7. lhue

    Subtitles cause heavy lag

    I hope this is the right place to put this topic in, I haven't posted before and it felt like the most relevant place. I use Emby regularly, and I primarily watch subbed anime. And as with any tv/movie style there will sometimes be multiple things conveyed on screen. So the problem is that whenever there is a large amount of subtitles on screen (Large being above the average single line) the web app will freeze up. So when a sign with multiple slanted lines of text shows up the app freezes on that frame without showing the subtitles and the audio continues without me being able to pause it. Another example from today: The episode ends and the ending theme plays, with one line horizontally in English and one vertically in Japanese. The video plays but the subs freeze and the controls don't show up when I move the mouse or click. On a related note; is split OP/ED+EP, which is common for blu-ray anime releases, in planning at all? Please excuse if my English is wrong anywhere.
  8. jamvids

    A Few Quick Queries

    Hi, Just playing with the latest update.Everything is looking good. I thought I would try the sync function out properly. Is it working to external SD properly? I have cued up a few vids and a bit of music, it has converted okay and is ready to transfer. I ran the sync process from schedule tasks and it runs for 0 seconds. I have run it before but to the default directory (on another device) with success. Also, 1 step from my personal emby perfection, where in the pecking order of things to come would a sync favorite songs and shuffle favorite songs function be?
  9. KOBEY

    Report Printing

    would it be possible to add a print feature on the reports. that way we can have a hard copy of our collection. or an export to excel option, maybe both?
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