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  1. @@Luke stated in a previous post (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/49933-replaygain-music-support/) adding support for this could easily be done for at least the theater client seeing as the player used already supports replaygain. I'm making this feature request in hopes that this support is added, as I have no dev experience myself
  2. myjunkmalebox

    Volume issues.

    I have Emby setup on a Windows server 2016 box, emby was version 4.4 something but it recently updated to 4.5, both are showing the same issue. Recently videos have been playing with very low volume. On my TV I'm having to add 50 or more 'points' to the volume to get the same level of audio. On my phone the 'google home' app and emby app both report max volume. I'm seeing this with several different videos. I haven't found one that doesn't do it (checked 5 different). Unfortunately I don't play video in a browser enough to tell if browser playback is affected. I will say that chrome
  3. adam1010

    Audio boost when dowmixing

    I'm trying to get louder volume on my Android mobile devices. I have set the server's Transcoding setting of "Audio boost when downmixing" to its maximum setting of 3, however, the volume doesn't appear to increase much. I have verified that the video is being transcoded (downmixed) and not using Direct Play. I'd almost say there isn't any distinguishable difference when I switch on and off the transcoding on my Android device (I'm using Ubuntu for the server). I'm assuming you're taking my value of "3" and normalizing it to something and plugging it into ffmpeg like so: ffmpeg -i in.mp4
  4. Recently Emby theater has started this odd behavior with volume. Example scenario: Watch movie 1 (codecs dont matter) Adjust volume with slider in Emby Theater window Volume adjusts successfully Stop watching movie 1 Start watching movie 2 Adjust volume with slider in Emby Theater window volume does not adjust from previous setting, no matter what you put it to. This is on Windows 10 1909.
  5. EduardoSantos

    Volume control on Android

    Dear sirs, I do not know if this is by design of if it is a bug. This has been there for several versions and updates. Facts are I fail to understand how this is supposed to work. When casting to Chromecast this is what is shown when I try to control Emby's volume: And it seems to be a mess. When one tries the first slider the second one moves, seemingly on a random manner. Also when phone is locked I can't control volume using buttons. Any info on this would be great.
  6. speedingcheetah

    Commercials are much louder

    I have noticed that with Live TV, that the volume of commercials is much louder than the show being aired. It is quite jarring. It does it bad on certain channels....like Comedy Central. The commercials are at least 3x the volume of the show. I have tried the "Volume Leveling" feature on the tv that the Shield is connected to, but, does not seem to do anything. I have noticed this happen with my desktop computer, when using Emby Theater to watch Live tv....but it is only a slight difference. I wonder if it is the raw CATV stream from Xfinity...or perhaps how the tuner hardware send
  7. Hallo, ist es möglich bei der Android App eine Funktion hinzuzufügen, mit welcher man die Lautstärke und die Helligkeit während dem Filmschauen über das Display steuern kann? So eine Funktion hat die VLC Player App integriert. Wenn man dort auf der linken- bzw. rechten Displayhälfte nach oben und unten wischt erhöht/senkt man die Lautstärke und Helligkeit. Dies wäre eine wirklich praktische Funktion, wenn man das Tablet in einer Wandhalterung hat.
  8. processcreative

    Chromecast Audio volume levels

    Hi folks... I have seen that someone posted a very similar issue to this, but no evidence it has been addressed: When I'm on my home network and I connect to one of my 3 Chromecast Audios, the audio volume in Emby seems to 'stick' at 100%, but the volume of the speaker does not change... if I then change the volume using the slider or the hardware volume keys on my android phone the volume on the speaker jumps up to max volume (not good, and can be very alarming!!) When casting to the speaker, in my Volume bars at the top of the phone screen there is two sliders, one for Emby (by d
  9. speedingcheetah

    No touch vol/brightness adjust

    Most recent update to the Android app.... What happened to the swipe up or down on either side of the playback screen to adjust brightness and volume? I used that all the time before. Also, it seems far more laggy viewing the guide.
  10. On some videos I experience a very noticable variation in volume on some of the audio channels in some parts of the video (e.g. spoken dialogue from the center speaker suddenly getting very faint). The issue is not random; the variations are the same on each playback of the video. I've checked the source material, and those are fine. I've also checked the AVR settings for any dynamic processing, but those are turned off as well. The problem seems to originate from the Emby app. The videos (mkv) are not being transcoded (direct play), the audio source is Dolby AC3, 48KHz, 5.1chn nVidia Shi
  11. Hello, HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I purchased the HDMI wifi EXCast4K dongle --> https://shopping.ezcast.com/prod/ezcast4k It works fine but has some problems because Emby server can transmit video files via DLNA protocol to the dongle, but it is not possible to control the time or volume. Using other types of software and transmitting the DLNA video stream to the dongle, time and volume control is possible. Could you verify and possibly solve the problem by reporting it to the programmers? I am available to perform all the tests you want to help you solve. Thank you
  12. robrhedrick

    Volume Leveling

    Would it be possible to incorporate volume leveling across episodes. We frequently put kid shows on shuffle for the little ones... depending on the episode the volume is extreme... to too quiet... especially annoying on short shows like Peppa Pig. I know alot is determined by the source file, but wondering if anything can be done.
  13. I am new to Emby from Plex. I was really tired of the poor performance and numerous bugs ruining my library. Anyway, so far I like everything about Emby, server, media recognition and responsiveness. The only issue I have is with the browser playback, specifically Chrome, but the issue happens in Firefox as well. Standard playback controls work like pause/play with spacebar, fullscreen with F and skip ahead/back with shift+arrow keys. The audio control does not work, I tried up/down arrows with and without shift, the ones that I found on the web F9/F10 and nothing works to control the audi
  14. Hi, I'm trying Emby out as a solution for whole home audio. I have several zones with Chromecast audios connected to ceiling speakers. The only volume control for this solution is via Emby, I have no wall controls and the amp has no remote or smart features. Using the web client for Emby, there is a slider for the volume. It isn't 100 percent granular - it seems only to change the volume of the Chromecasts every 3 positions or so on the slider. But it works ok - I can usually reach the desired volume level. Using the Android client, I only see volume up and down buttons, no sli
  15. Moleburt

    Audio Volume

    I have run into a bizarre problem, I've been using Emby for a few months now, the standard version currently, and in the last few days I've started having issues with the audio being extremely quiet when I'm streaming to my Roku. I've tested the same files on my PC and they're audio levels are normal when I play them on the computer, but when I stream them I am having to crank the volume on the TV almost to the max for it to sound like it is at the normal level. I have searched the forums and tried changing the Transcoding from 2 to 1, but that had no effect. This has happened with both mp4 an
  16. brontron4k

    Xbox One Low Volume

    I'm experiencing an odd issue with video playback on Emby Theater for Xbox One. The video plays just fine, however the volume is significantly lower than it should be. Playing the same video using the built-in Media Player App playbacks with "normal" volume. I've tried restarting the app, re-downloading the app, signing in and out of my account, resetting the server, and nothing is able to resolve the issue. I have to turn my speakers up near max to approach appropriate listening levels. Obviously this isn't ideal as the rest of the system sounds are extremely loud at this setting.
  17. I finally had the opportunity to get a bunch of 3 Chromecast audio devices. Emby plays nicely on them. Now this is very, very beautiful: Chromecast audio devices can be grouped. This way Emby will send a stream to a group which will play on all group member devices. This works beautifully but Emby's volume control is lost when streaming to the group: volume up, down or mute will not work.
  18. Just to let you know (if you don't already) volume rockers + - are not functioning all others seem to be working fine (tested with Kodi as video player)
  19. Another feature request. Would it be possible to replace the big volume control buttons in the "Now Playing" view of the webclient with a more practical (and beautiful) slider instead? Thanks!
  20. Hachiro

    Sliders not working

    So I'm remotely accessing a friend's server and while watching streaming video, neither the scrubbing slider nor the volume slider do... Anything. And the audio is SUPER quiet. Attached is an image of my browser window, relevant areas at least, showing that the bar is not showing a timestamp even though the video has started playing for at least 10 seconds. Also, while quiet, I can assure you that audio was playing at the time of the screenshot, despite the slider being completely down.
  21. For the record, these have been reproduced with android client 2.3.13. I think it's time to start up a new thread about these issues. Changing languages in the played stream is proving to be challenging. Issues so far: Chaging or turning off subtitles doesn't work in Android client (or the chromecast receiver, but we already covered that elsewhere) Changing audio language doesn't work with chromecast (but luckily works with Android client itself) Volume buttons don't appear to have any effect on the android player Also, it would be nice if: The built in player defaulted to landscape
  22. Why: hmm I'm lazy and don't like to adjust the volume of my TV for each Show\Movie. Requirements: VideoGain Visual C++ Runtimes must be installed VC2005 VC2008 VC2010 .NET Framework 2.0 must be installed (Standard Vista+) Instructions: Extract VideoGain archive into a folder...ideally called "VideoGain" so it's easy to find and use next time. Then read the ReadMe.txt it goes over nearly everything. Exceptions being, the command line has changed, and there is now AC3 encoding...which higher values equal better sound, but larger file sizes. You'll basically be looking
  23. I'm using MediaBrowser Theater and usually i find the volume on theme videos to be too loud, however I don't want to adjust the volume down and then adjust it back up when the movie starts. It would be nice to have a setting that controls the volume of theme videos in the settings so that if I wan't it turned down i can adjust it, and if I like the volume as it is then i can leave that alone. This setting would only affect theme videos and nothing else.
  24. Chillout

    Audio Normalization

    Is there a way to set audio normalization in the server settings? I stream to an Asus Chromebox using the web client hooked up to some computer speakers. The ChromeOS does not seem to have any audio normalization software and I find myself constantly adjusting the volume during videos. I would rather not have to buy speakers with this feature built-in. I have tried enabling the normalization setting in FFMPEG which seems to be handling the transcoding duty but it doesnt seem to make a difference.
  25. Is it possible to gain the volume of the theme videos and theme songs to background level? I know I can gain the mp3 with mp3gain but it would be nice if this can be done automaicly. Now some have songs that have low volume and others are much too loud. Also when theme songs or videos are playing and I delete items from the library from within MBClassic the music stops and the recycle sound takes over. Is it possible that this does not happen?
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