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Found 13 results

  1. I love the new OSD shown in the latest beta of Emby. I would love it even more if there would be a way to dismiss the OSD on demand by clicking a donw arrow button or something. It would also be great if there may be options to configure how long OSD would show up. Probably under the user preferences. Thanks for such a great app!
  2. Hello, I would like to make some suggestions for the AndroidTV application: First, you have created a beautiful OSD (Logo, Poster and Progression Bar with buttons), but we never see it, we have to click on the up arrow to do it appear. Would it be possible to make it appear in the first 2-3 seconds of reading and replace the progress bar with this OSD, or at least give us the option to activate it? Second, I wondered if it would be possible to display the title of the audio next to the language? It is not uncommon that there are several versions of a language (Comments, same language, but different countries etc.) and it is not easy to be sure that we have the right one in the last case? And finally, I wondered if it would be possible to slightly reduce the Emby logo on the home page and to have the choice of 2-3 sizes for the images of our libraries at the top of the screen, I think that would slightly cleanse the page without the need for too much change? I want to say that I appreciate your work enormously and that the application is really good in my case, it is only small suggestions that will make me leave the version "Kodi" (I pass from one to another regularly)... Thank you for your work. Have a nice day!
  3. Hello I was wondering if we could be allowed to configure how long the OSD (hud/playback ui) stays onscreen after interaction. The current ~5 seconds feels too long and I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it if one is able select (either server-side or user-side) how long it should stay on screen. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Hey, it'd be great if displaying the bottom on-screen display (OSD, e.g. when moving the mouse) pushed up subtitles such that they are not behind the OSD. That's all
  5. Hi, it would be very nice if you could change 1-2 things 1. when a video is playing and OSD is shown pressing the Back-Button should make the OSD disappear but actually the whole video stops playing and I fall back to the menu screen. same behavior as netflix, amazon prime video or maxdome would very nice ;-) This should not be a big thing I think. 2. actually it's not possible to access the progress bar of a movie with a normal remote. it's only possible to click on the progress bar and jump to a special timestamp of the movie if you have a "magic remote" with some kind of mouse integrated. It would be very nice to get the possibillity to access the progress bar by pressing the up-button once the osd is visible and then jump within the movie by pressing left or right buttons on the remote (maybe in 5 or 10 min steps) because again... same behavior as netflix, amazon prime video or maxdome would very nice ;-) thanx and keep on doing your great work! :-)
  6. Hi, i'm from Chile (and for that, sorry for my english). Recently I update mi chrome mobile to v70 (Samsung s7 Edge), and the OSD controls position go to the top of the frame... I test my web app install (Freenas) in other phones with Anroid 8.0 and realize that the problem it's just chrome v70, at least in Android 8.0. I Attach some pics... it's weird ah?.... It's there some css to modify for fix it?... i tried to debug the scripts with chrome DevTools using remote control to my phone, but can't figured it the problem.... Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. Hi, are there any workarounds to the black screen that shows in Emby Theater running on a Raspberry Pi when the OSD shows on pause, play, any mouse movement etc? From another thread I read about some transparency issues on the Pi as the reason for it, maybe someone has discovered a way around it or something to install to fix it? It would improve the viewing experience considerably I think. An alternative would be a way to dismiss the OSD straight away, I've tried the back button using a mouse or the Return button on my remote but both take me back to the movie details page so instead for now I skip back 15 seconds and then wait for it to disappear. I have also noticed a slight jump in playback and audio when the OSD does disappear, not certain why that is.
  8. Hi Emby Team, I'm not sure if this is a Emby LG Smart TV App related topic or a generell behavior of all emby apps but when the On Screen Display is activ/visible during video playback and I press the "Back"-Button on my LG Remote the playback stops and emby jumps back to the "Movie Page" where I can resume or start the movie from the beginning. In all other streaming apps (netflix, maxdome, amazon prime...) pressing the Back Button during video playback with OSD activ makes the OSD disapear and the movie continues to play. I think this would be a nice feature/change :-) thanx & greetz
  9. jnragaven

    Discart for movies

    It would be great to see discart be incorporated in the info panel next to or partially coming out of the poster and possibly a spinning disc in the osd above the movie poster.
  10. Issue description: I'm having some issues with the Emby app on my new UN65KS8000 TV. When playing or pausing certain movies there is no information overlay/OSD as there is when I play most other files. The movies play fine and I can still pause/resume the movie with the play/pause button but the usual screen overlay is not there. I also can't use the back button to go back to Emby. Instead I must hold down the back button to kill the app. I've also noticed that the files that have issues always seem to have non-English subtitles. I rarely if ever use subtitles and when I try to disable them is when I noticed I can't access the overlay menu. For a little background, I've been using Emby for a few years now and love it! Until I purchased this TV we've used Emby via Roku's about 90% time with web and Windows apps taking up the rest. I've never had any issues with those methods. At least not that I can recall. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steps to reproduce: Play any of the particular files where this issue happens. My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: Samsung UN65KS8000 w/ Samsung Smart TV 2.4.0 My firmware version: 1162 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: None, this is my only Tizen TV. My Emby server version: My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.0.1 Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: N/A Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: I've attached the following files with a rip of Hotel Transylvania as an example: - Server logs -> Redwood Emby Server Log.txt - Media Info export from the Hotel Transylvania mkv files -> MediaInfo - Hotel Transylvania (2012) mkv.txt - A JSON file per the instructions on the "How to report a problem" sticky -> Hotel Transylvania (2012) mkv API JSON.txt
  11. Hello, since a couple of days (at least that's when I first noticed) I no longer see any controls when I play a file. This only occurs when I play something through the web client. I can right-click and select 'show controls' but I don't think this is how we are supposed to access these controls now are we? I would gladly hear some advice on this, thanks in advance.
  12. Very new to MTB so still figuring everything out, and I couldn't see a thread for this. If there is and I didn't find it, please excuse me. Also, not sure how many would be interested in this... I use a projector, a 16x9 projector and I manually mask my letterbox, to create a better theater experience, but when I mask the letterbox, the OSD menu and information ends up on the masked letterbox. It's both hard to see and not very pretty. Would it be possible to include an option where during playback the OSD automatically moves within the video content? There could be an option in setting to auto adjust OSD to mask on/ff or something similar. I don't know much about coding, so I don't know if this would be possible or not or very hard. Default, OSD at Top/Bottom of screen With Masking Feature ON
  13. hhb97b

    Lag on volume OSD

    OLD POST from the other board. This is to document what we know about the issue. Hi I’m having a small performance issue and I believe its mb3 classic, which is the cause but I’m not sure. The performance issue is with the slow remote command/ ui animations. The following scenario can replicate the error Go into mb3 classic Choose a video to play After some time 5-15 minutes try to change the volume. It is possible but it jumps in the numbers normally it is smooth and you can see it counting up/down. Normally I won’t suspect mb3, but if I continue the scenario with the following steps Pause the movie Go back to mb3 and keep moving back out of mb3 to 7mc. Try the volume now and it is smooth Go to “ now playing” and enter/select resume the movie. Try to change the volume and the animation is smooth. Wait 5-15 minutes and it is still smooth and it keeps being smooth With this last part I believe I have proven that it is not the codec that is the problem or 7mc. Is anybody having this issue or is it just me? I have reinstalled win7, mb3 server and classic and I’m still having the issue. I’m running Mb3 server: 3.0.4999.38224 Mb3 classic: 89-27.1 Plugins: chocolate, trailers I’m also running Media control, ffdshow video+audio, lav splitter. I would like to try older releases, because I don’t believe that the issue was present in the previous releases, but I’m not sure when it changed. Can anyone tell me how to install a older version of mb3 server and mb3 classic?? Thanks in advance
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