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  1. My issue is related to playing to a chromecast and the server transcoding an HD mkv file instead of direct playing a folder-synced chromecast-quality version. Below is my setup: Emby Server Folder Sync Plugin, version 3.0.6149.23393 Folder Sync Job HD TV Shows synced to external drive Sync job setup to convert new episodes ripped to mkv at 1080p resolution to the HD TV Shows sync folder using the General profile (which mentions compatability with chromecast) and High quality: For purposes of the log files attached, I attempted to play the s02e04 - Chuck Versus the Cougars - Chuck episode. My expectations is that when I cast one of my synced episodes to my Chromecast device, that the server would see the episode has a synced version that is compatible with the Chromecast device and direct play that version. This is how I interpret the Folder Sync help page's explanation of how it should work as well. However, the server is choosing the transcode the original mkv on the fly. I'm sure that I just don't have something setup correctly, or have missed an option somewhere but I can't seem to track it down on my own. Thanks to anyone and everyone who can help point me in the right direction. server-63619862400.txt ffmpeg-transcode-99604d7b-e27c-4328-8dbb-67c917a948d8.txt
  2. So I've searched google and the forums and haven't really come up with anything for my issue other than the fact that others seem to being having it in some form or another. As the title suggests, I have a Roku 3 and it seems to be transcoding content when it shouldn't be doing so. Rundown of system components: Roku 3 Model 4200X - Software Version: 7.5.0 build 4099-04 I've tried the regular Emby app (v2.25) and Emby Blue Neon Night (v4.01) Linux box running MB Server I've attached a log file which shows my issue. I have (to the best of my knowledge) ensured that my files are in a suitable format for direct play but for whatever reason, transcoding persists. My current server is not suited to transcoding on the fly which is why this is important to me. Now, it's my understanding that the Roku 3 should be able to play H264 video and AAC audio in an MKV container directly. I have confirmed as much by inserting a flash drive containing such files directly into the Roku and watching them without incident. I am just at a loss at this point as to why the Roku will play these files from a flash drive but will not play the same files in the context of the Emby system. I've tried both the regular emby app and BNN versions. On the BNN version, forcing DirectPlay fails. Forcing DirectStream works but buffers at times (is this indicating a LAN speed issue?). When DirectStream is forced the server dashboard indicates that the file is being direct played. I'm not sure if that terminology is meant to be interchangeable like this but it is confusing and doesn't make it easier for me to reach any definitive conclusions. I've increased the bitrate to 30Mb/s on the MB client settings. The Roku is connected to a 1080p capable LG TV with onboard stereo speakers. Audio settings on the Roku app are set to "auto detect" and is accurately detecting that the TV is a stereo system. I'm not completely sure what all I'm looking at in the log file. I'm reasonably familiar with ffmpeg usage but emby is naturally using far more parameters than I would ever use and I haven't set down to decipher the complete command as of yet. I see the usage of the word "scale" with some math/variables and the numbers 1080 and 1920 being thrown around. It concerns me that the server may be upscaling the video from 720 to 1080 which I believe would be more efficiently handled by the TV or Roku. If this is indeed what is going on, can this behavior be turned off? Do the log files contain any of the "decision making" done by the server? By that, I mean, the server is deciding - based on a number of factors - to transcode and stream or to hand over a resource location to the client and let it play it handle it over the network. Are the relevant factors used in that decision making process logged anywhere? Are they in this log file and can someone tell me what they are? Can they be added to the log file by increasing verbosity in the logging system? My goal is to choose a file and have it direct play without being forced. I'm willing and able to do super complicated things the average user may not want to do in an effort to fix my system and help uncover issues which may be affecting others. Let me know if I can provide additional information. Log.txt
  3. When playing a Live TV stream the app defaults to full quality. When I try and change to a lower bitrate, the app stops playing and displays an error: Playback error: There was an error processing the request. Please try again later. Android app is 2.8.39 and Emby is running on a QNAP NAS. Android app log and server log are attached. 5760c215-6535-4a20-a41c-628d5f29a1b3.log server.txt
  4. I was wondering about how streaming HD contenet down to SD works and how cpu intensive it is. Say you have a movie in 720 or 1080p but only want to stream it to a lower quality like 480 or 360. Would this count as a full transcoding, or lower? Im assuming a full but am not sure. My internet isn't good enough for high quality streams so that is a concern. Would direct play maybe be better overall?
  5. Right now I have Emby running on a NAS which was perfect for me at the beginning. It has plenty of storage and is always on. The downside is that it can only transcode 1 stream reliably, so if multiple people are watching remotely it can't keep up. I am looking for a box that will just be running the Emby server and has enough CPU to do multiple transcode streams (probably will use an SSD for transcode cache). I will still use the NAS for storage. I don't need any video card or anything along those lines (unless it is more cost effective to get one and utilize it for encoding, but I think a good processor is probably cheaper). I would like to keep the cost down as well. I have looked at some of the higher end NUC's, but the ones with better CPU's get pretty spendy because they are more targeted for gaming and have nice GPUs as well. Anyone have some good recommendations?
  6. Hello, I have an Emby server set up, and I'm moving it from my main PC to a spare I have set up that I can leave running 24/7. I bought a nice large HDD, but the problem is that the spare is just a cheap $300 machine without a real GPU. I plan on using my good gaming PC to encode everything I get into a format that won't require transcoding. What should I use? H.264? If so, which level or profile? What about audio? I don't know much about it, but I've heard AAC is good. I'm using handbrake for this. I've used it in the past, but usually my focus is always getting the smallest file size with the best quality. Now I'm more focused on making a video that can direct stream to anything from old iPods to PS4s... The one I plan on using has a i3-2120 processor (3.3Gh, 4 threads, supports Intel quicksync) and 4Gbs of RAM. Running Windows 7, although I could switch to something like Debian if it would be helpful. Any advice at all would be helpful.
  7. Hi all. I'd really appreciate a steer on where I'm going wrong with my Emby setup - it's becoming really frustrating! I have Emby Server ( beta) set up in Lubuntu 16.04. My machine specs are as follows: i5 6600t HD 7950 3 GB 8GB RAM 1 TB 7200rpm HDD for media I have a powerline based home network using AV2 compliant adapters. I've tried a couple of different playback approaches - DNLA via my Bravia TV, Emby for Kodi on my RPi 2 and an old Android TV box (Minix Neo X7) but none work reliably. My media is really mixed in terms of formats and bitrates. I used to have an HTPC in the living room so had no problems with playback, but since moving to a server in another room I have had real trouble getting many things to play successfully. Higher quality files often stutter then fail and I have problems getting HEVC and other files to play at all at times. I'm happy that my network speed is decent - so I guess the issue is transcoding? I have used the Bravia 2014 profile in the past, but this didn't really help. Can someone please tell me what I need to look for in the logs? There's no info on profiles in the wiki so I'm a bit lost as to what to change to force transcoding and what settings would be best to ensure reliable playback. Attached are some recent logs - these will only show DNLA access via the TV I think Cheers ffmpeg-transcode-5b0315be-5855-4daa-8a47-e9bb820f6493.txt server-63618980178.txt
  8. FordGT90Concept

    HDHomeRun EXTEND transcoding profiles

    I have three general classes of devices I run Emby on: ​-Windows PCs, they would prefer MPEG2 -Amlogic S905/X, they would prefer MPEG4 "heavy" "mobile" -Surface 2 & smartphones, they would prefer MPEG4 "mobile" There's two situations: 1) Live TV: I assume Emby can request a specific profile from the HDHomeRun EXTEND and I also assume this isn't being done. If it is being done, then I get the impression it is broken because the default profile set in each EXTEND impacts the streams that are played from it. If it isn't automatically figuring this out, I'd like to be able to set it in Emby Server where Emby Theater requests MPEG2 and everything else gets MPEG4 "mobile." Is this possible now? It is possible to add? Is it something that will be added? 2) Recordings: This is where things get iffy because Emby Server itself isn't the destination where the video will be consumed. I think the best solution is to be able to select a transcoding profile on a per recording or series basis. For example, I know some series only get watched on the Windows computers so it would recorded as MPEG2. I know series may be watched on tablets or Amlogic boxes so it would be recorded as MPEG2 "mobile." Then there is sports events of all kinds need to be recorded as MPEG2 or MPEG4 "heavy" because MPEG4 "mobile" looks like crap. Is this possible now? It is possible to add? Is it something that will be added? HDHomeRun EXTEND are powerful little devices but options in Emby appear to prevent them from being used optimally. Edit: Apparently MPEG4 "heavy" is too much for the Amlogic 905/X devices. Here is what MPC-HC got off the recording: Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 29.97fps [V: h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 1920x1080] Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 384kbps [A: English [eng] (ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s)] Here's an MPEG4 "mobile": Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 29.97fps [V: h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 1280x720] Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 448kbps [A: English [eng] (ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1, 448 kb/s)] That is of a football game which would definitely be at least 1080i. It appears "heavy" doesn't change resolution where "mobile" does.
  9. speedingcheetah

    Steaming not working - Black screen or error

    I posted about this issues before, but the forum seem to have been deleted. I have been unable to stream Live Tv to any device. I get " No compatible streams....error". I have refreshed the guide, restarted both sever and host computer. Problem started occurring 2 days ago. I use mainly Chrome to aces Emby. When I don't get the error message, it loads the payer box as if it was going to stream the channel or file, but its is just a black screen, sometimes, only the audio will start playing, the controls on the bottom of the player are dashes likes nothing is loaded. It seems local media files that do not require transcoding play fine, but nothing else will. The guide is accurate and recording works fine. I have recorded a few shows and was able to play back the recorded file with VLC just fine. But it will not play in Emby. I attached what logs i could find. Loga.txt Log2.txt
  10. Playback Error When I try to play a specific movie on either my Android TV box or my OnePlus 3 I get the attached error message, the Android TV client attempts it a couple of times before failing completely... If I navigate to this file directly and play it in VLC for Android or SPMC it plays fine, I've watched the film through and it's not corrupt or anything like that so I don't understand what's going on..? The error log doesn't seem to give much away but I gather it's not transcoding for whatever reason, I have created a custom path to a temp transcoding folder in the hope that would fix it, I've also downloaded the latest version of ffmpeg and pointed Emby to use that version instead as a just in case but nothing works... So I'm here to put it to you guys :-) Attached is the screenshot from Android and the log it produces on the server... Cheers! :-) transcode-log.txt
  11. jon@spoonamore.net

    Odd Issue with Transcoding Temp Path

    Just noticed something odd with Emby Server. When playing a specific movie from Roku using the Emby App, the Dashboard shows the movie is Direct-Playing. It shows the Green Progress Bar I would normally see. But, it is also showing a Red Progress Bar indicating Transcoding. Checked the Transcoding Temp Path. And sure enough, there are a bunch of ".ts" files created. The total size of the ".ts" files roughly equal in size to the original ".mp4" video file. If I play the same movie from the WEB Interface on a PC, the Dashboard shows it's Direct-Playing and with the normal Green Progress Bar. No Red Transcoding Progress Bar displayed or any files created in the Transcoding Temp Path. I'm at a loss as to what Emby is doing when Direct-Playing to a Roku???? Any ideas???? I'm running Emby Server 3.0.8500.0 on Manjaro 16.10 with 32GB of RAM and an E5-2658 v3 CPU. I currently have the Transcoding Temp Path pointed to a 8GB a mounted TMPFS.
  12. Lately it seems that Emby (Version 3.0.7200.0), which always seemed fragile and unreliable to me, has suddenly become rock solid (I hope I don't jinx it). Transcoding on the web client was always a problem because my homeserver is a dual core atom with 2gb memory running whs2011. Playing direct is fine, but if it has to transcode then I max out the cpu and it is game over. Things I learned while tweaking Emby to finally work as expected: 1. Turn off "Allow video playback that requires transcoding" under each user 2. Leave on "Allow audio playback that requires transcoding" under each user Before I did this Emby would transcode my windows home server recordings (720p, AC3) when I played them remotely on my laptop and it maxed out the server cpu and the playback was awful. When I turned off "Allow playback that requires transcoding" suddenly Emby would happily direct play the recordings but I had lost audio. Allowing transcoding, but only for audio, still resulted in direct play for video and gave me back audio with no appreciable impact on the cpu. I believe the bottom line was that the AC3 was causing the transcoding (my laptop only has stereo) but it transcoded everything and not just the audio. Now Emby plays nicely on every device I have as well as remotely (Emby connect) without loading the homeserver. Very cool. Now if I can get the DVR integration going as well (NPVR with Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuners) I might finally have a Windows Media Center replacement.
  13. good afternoon, I am looking to enable hardware transcoding on my new emby server, as my current server just isnt cutting it anymore. I read over the Wiki but it appears to be a little outdated. So I figure id just ask here. 1. Is a nvidia GTX 660TI an adequate card for hardware transcoding? I need a minimum of 2 simultaneous streams. Its a Kepler GPU so it is capable of NVENC. but how many simultaneous streams can it handle? Also, what about a GTX730? id prefer to use the 730 if possible as its a single slot card and would use less space and power. 2. What is the proper procedure to enable hardware transcoding with an nvidia card? I have read the Wiki, but it seems like it might be outdated. If not please correct me. Thank You
  14. I'm trying to play back 10 bit hevc content to a number of devices. I have tried using the web app on my phone and laptop. A raspberry pi 2 with the Kodi app. The same app on my phone and the server where Emby is installed. All content not transcoded plays perfectly well via the addon option in the kodi app or via direct play. I never have any quality issues or buffering problems. Whenever I try and transcode the videos they play for just over a minute and then stop. There is no quality problems or buffering during this time. In task manager on the server ffmpeg starts with playback and then goes to 0% just before the video freezes as if it thinks it has finished. I have tried toggling throttling, quality settings, thread settings and hardware acceleration but all have the same result. I have also tried updating to the beta server but to no avail. Does anyone have any advice? server log.txt ffmpeg log.txt
  15. Today I noticed that some episodes my wife was watching in ET were all transcoding instead of Direct Playing. It turned out that the only thing making them transcode was the fact that they had external ASS subtitles. I converted the subs to SRT and (after a rescan) the video now direct plays. Considering that the subs in both cases are being rendered by XySubFilter why is it transcoding? This displays in the log when ASS subs exist: isEligibleForDirectPlay: False, isEligibleForDirectStream: False But after changing them to SRT this displays: isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True
  16. Evening All, Has anyone got some advice for getting a device to transcode all media? Effectively anything other than AVI/SD content causes stuttering and other playback issues on emby for android, however I've noticed that if the media server does all the heavy lifting (which it is more than capable of) then playback is smoother and more reliable. I've tried creating and modifying DLNA profiles to prevent direct play (even removed the directory mappings too) but it still direct plays/streams. It would be ace if you could select from the devices list your device and set some options at the device level (even if it just created a profile for you) Any ideas or thoughts? I even tried Kodi but my android tv KOs when mediacodec is used and without it the quality is naff
  17. @ Emby developers... i know it is a long post, but please read through it, there are some weird and unexplained isses readring Emby Server... First off all I want to thank you for creating Emby- It is a great open source media-solution. But there a a few things about Emby that just are an absolut NOGO (at least till today), and sadly pervent me from using Emby. I have been using XMBC resp. KODI directy with smb-shares of a fileserver for many years (and still do) because it is simply the best media player out there. Period. They have decades of experiance in media-playback. The format-support and functionality is unmatched and I do not see this chaning. But becaue I am looking for a centralized library (and the SQL-Library you can setup as a central library in Kodi is not quite the real thing) and also I need some Internet or VPN access to stream when not at home. This can be done very rudimentary with the "chorus-webinterface" in Kodi. But centralized library and internet-access does NOT really work in Kodi so I tried to switch to Emby as a client-server model. I also tried Plex, but their business-model is an absolut NOGO. There is no valid reason (at least for somone who knows what he is doing) to accept the fact of having to create an account with plex and login just to stream my local content. Also at the end it is NOT opensource, because the clients are not opensource. I love that I can create local user-accounts on Emby-Server and have away-from-home access without having to create an account. So I hope Emby can replace my local setup and provide me with my 2 new needs which are central library and internet-access / sharing librarys with friends and family. So Emby should do: 1. My local Network streaming from Emby srv. to my 2 Kodi clients (DLNA) (I dont want to use the Emby-Kodi plugin- for many reasons, so please do not propose this.) 2. Internet or VPN access and Library-sharing So in a first step I am trying to get Emby to do the local stuff, so I can add Emby to my existing setup. BUT I AM HAVING MAJOR ISSUES with the following: -> Transcoding: To replace my current local-lan streaming with Emby, Emby wil have to be able to stream locally WITHOUT ANY transcoding. Period. No exceptions. I can not unterstand why you guys would make is soooo difficulft to achieve. In my local gigabit-LAN I only stream to my Kodi clients (Raspberry Pi and Apple TV4). Kodi on RPi and on ATV4 do NEVER need transcoding. I have not experianced one single file that could not be handeled natively. The network could handle x-times the bitrate, the max. rates server-side have been set to 100mb/s, the clients are more than capable. The DLNA-Profiles were created and matched. But still it transcodes in certain cases. I created a DLNA-Profile on the Server from scratch for Kodi. The Profile is setup to directplay everthing. I chekced the logs and the profile chatches on in all cases (start the stream on webinterface and send to client(s) or add the DLNA-source to Kodi and browse and start it from there. So in all cases the profile matches. But still sometimes thing get transcoded- so I did some testing: Example 1: I browse to a videofile in the webinterface and send it to play on Kodi-client. -> Direct play (Great!) I add the DLNA-source to the same Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> Transcoding (NOT Great!) Example 2: I browse to a videofile in the webinterface and send it to play on Kodi-client. -> Direct play (Great!) I add the DLNA-source to my Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> No play. (Srv.-Log says "unplayable item") I remane the file to different name -> I add the DLNA-source to my Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> Direct play Just these two small tests show me that there must be something seriously wrong. Can anyone provide me with a solution (clean or dirty) to prevent transcoding in the LAN (like Plex?) The transcoding is great for internet access with any client and slower connections- but it must be possible to prevent it in your loal setup. - In-movies navigation This "olny" concerns transcoded movies. There is no in-movie naviagation other than "pause". I know this has been mentioned by many- but still nothing has changed. How is this even acceptable by users? I just dont get it. This is one of the absolut core-functionalities of a media-center. Are there plans to change that. If yes, I can live with it for some time... - Emby - "Ads" vs. Opensource Emby is advertised as open-source. You really have to get rid of the constant nagging reminders to go "premium". This is not compliant with open-source sw and is really not ok. I know- with more functionality comes more complexity. But why not focus on the core features before adding more and more additional features? (Better do 1 thing wright whan 10 things half-way) Thanks for any reply and input. Cheers
  18. embyaccount201955

    Help translating Plex Profile configs

    Hello. I'm pretty sure I read every transcoding/dlna thread ever created. The thing is I cannot make Emby work properly with a 2012 Sony Bravia. It apparently transcodes (or not even) to the wrong format, making impossible to seek/resume playback on the TV. I'm pretty sure it's a profile related issue. What I do know is that for some reason Plex's profile for the TV works no out of the box, so I would like someone to help me recreate the same profile in Emby <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Client name="Sony Bravia 2012"> <!-- Author: Plex Inc. based on original profile from Yardco --> <!-- http://kb.sony-europe.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?St=332,E=0000000000126929163,Key=215,SXI=14,Case=obj(26884) --> <Identification> <Header name="X-AV-Client-Info" regex=".*KDL-\d{2}[A-Z]X\d5(\d|G).*" /> <DeviceDescription> <Manufacturer substring="Sony" /> <FriendlyName regex="KDL-\d{2}[A-Z]X\d5(\d|G).*" /> </DeviceDescription> </Identification> <DeviceDescription> <ModelName>Windows Media Player Sharing</ModelName> <ModelNumber>3.0</ModelNumber> <ModelUrl>http://www.microsoft.com/</ModelUrl> <Manufacturer>Microsoft Corporation</Manufacturer> <ManufacturerUrl>http://www.microsoft.com/</ManufacturerUrl> <X-DlnaCap /> <Sony-AggregationFlags>10</Sony-AggregationFlags> </DeviceDescription> <Settings> <Setting name="AlbumArtPN" value="JPEG_TN" /> <Setting name="EmitSinglePhotoResource" value="true" /> </Settings> <TranscodeTargets> <VideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="h264" audioCodec="aac,mp3,ac3" context="streaming"> <Setting name="MpegtsM2tsMode" value="true" /> </VideoProfile> <MusicProfile container="mp3" codec="mp3" /> <PhotoProfile container="jpeg"> <Setting name="ChromaSubsampling" value="4:2:2" /> </PhotoProfile> </TranscodeTargets> <DirectPlayProfiles> <VideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="h264" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" /> <VideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="mpeg2video" audioCodec="mp3,mp2" /> <VideoProfile container="mp4" codec="h264,mpeg4" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3,mp2" /> <VideoProfile container="avi" codec="mpeg4" audioCodec="ac3,mp3" /> <VideoProfile container="mpeg" codec="mpeg2video,mpeg1video" audioCodec="mp3,mp2" /> <VideoProfile container="asf" codec="wmv2,wmv3,vc1" audioCodec="wmav2,wmapro,wmavoice" /> <MusicProfile container="mp3" codec="mp3" /> <MusicProfile container="asf" codec="wmav2,wmapro,wmavoice" /> </DirectPlayProfiles> <CodecProfiles> <VideoCodec name="*"> <Limitations> <UpperBound name="video.width" value="1920" isRequired="true" /> <UpperBound name="video.height" value="1080" isRequired="true" /> </Limitations> </VideoCodec> <VideoAudioCodec name="ac3"> <Limitations> <UpperBound name="audio.channels" value="6" /> </Limitations> </VideoAudioCodec> </CodecProfiles> <ContainerProfiles> <PhotoContainer name="*"> <Limitations> <UpperBound name="media.width" value="1920" isRequired="true" /> <UpperBound name="media.height" value="1080" isRequired="true" /> </Limitations> </PhotoContainer> </ContainerProfiles> <DlnaMediaProfiles> <!-- These are from the Serviio profile. Thanks, Serviio --> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="h264" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" pn="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3_T,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_T,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3_T,AVC_TS_HD_EU_T" mimeType="video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts"> <Limitations> <Match name="video.packetLength" value="192" isRequired="true" /> <Match name="video.timeStamp" value="1" isRequired="true" /> </Limitations> </DlnaVideoProfile> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="h264" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" pn="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_EU_ISO" mimeType="video/mpeg"> <Limitations> <Match name="video.packetLength" value="188" isRequired="true" /> </Limitations> </DlnaVideoProfile> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="h264" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" pn="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3,AVC_TS_HD_EU" mimeType="video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts" /> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpegts" codec="mpeg2video" pn="MPEG_TS_SD_EU,MPEG_TS_SD_NA,MPEG_TS_SD_KO" mimeType="video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts" /> <!-- These are inferred from the earlier PMS Bravia profile --> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpeg" codec="mpeg1video,mpeg2video" pn="MPEG_PS_NTSC,MPEG_PS_PAL" mimeType="video/mpeg" /> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpeg" codec="mpeg1video,mpeg2video" pn="MPEG_PS_NTSC,MPEG_PS_PAL" mimeType="video/mpeg" /> <DlnaVideoProfile container="mpeg" codec="mpeg1video,mpeg2video" pn="MPEG_PS_NTSC,MPEG_PS_PAL" mimeType="video/mpeg" /> <!-- TODO - if necessary, remap WMABASE to WMA_BASE and WMAFULL to WMA_FULL--> </DlnaMediaProfiles> </Client> and this is the profile Emby uses <?xml version="1.0"?> <Profile xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Name>Sony Bravia (2012)</Name> <Identification> <FriendlyName>KDL-\d{2}[A-Z]X\d5(\d|G).*</FriendlyName> <Manufacturer>Sony</Manufacturer> <Headers> <HttpHeaderInfo name="X-AV-Client-Info" value=".*KDL-\d{2}[A-Z]X\d5(\d|G).*" match="Regex" /> </Headers> </Identification> <Manufacturer>Microsoft Corporation</Manufacturer> <ManufacturerUrl>http://www.microsoft.com/</ManufacturerUrl> <ModelName>Windows Media Player Sharing</ModelName> <ModelDescription>Emby</ModelDescription> <ModelNumber>3.0</ModelNumber> <ModelUrl>http://www.microsoft.com/</ModelUrl> <EnableAlbumArtInDidl>true</EnableAlbumArtInDidl> <EnableSingleAlbumArtLimit>true</EnableSingleAlbumArtLimit> <EnableSingleSubtitleLimit>false</EnableSingleSubtitleLimit> <SupportedMediaTypes>Audio,Photo,Video</SupportedMediaTypes> <AlbumArtPn>JPEG_TN</AlbumArtPn> <MaxAlbumArtWidth>480</MaxAlbumArtWidth> <MaxAlbumArtHeight>480</MaxAlbumArtHeight> <MaxIconWidth>48</MaxIconWidth> <MaxIconHeight>48</MaxIconHeight> <MaxStreamingBitrate>20000000</MaxStreamingBitrate> <MaxStaticBitrate>20000000</MaxStaticBitrate> <MusicStreamingTranscodingBitrate>192000</MusicStreamingTranscodingBitrate> <MaxStaticMusicBitrate xsi:nil="true" /> <XDlnaDoc>DMS-1.50</XDlnaDoc> <SonyAggregationFlags>10</SonyAggregationFlags> <ProtocolInfo>http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MP3;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=44100;channels=1:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=44100;channels=2:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=48000;channels=1:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/L16;rate=48000;channels=2:DLNA.ORG_PN=LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/x-ms-wma:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMA_BASE;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:audio/x-ms-wma:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMA_FULL;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_SM;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_MED;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_LRG;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:image/jpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_TN;DLNA.ORG_OP=00;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=00D00000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG1;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_PS_PAL;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_PS_NTSC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_EU;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_EU_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_EU_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_NA_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_KO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_KO_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG_TS_SD_KO_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-msvideo:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVI;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-matroska:DLNA.ORG_PN=MATROSKA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_SD_AC3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_HD_720p_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_MP_HD_1080i_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_HP_HD_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_MP4_LPCM;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_ASP_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_SP_L6_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mp4:DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_NDSD;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_AAC_MULT5_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_SD_MPEG1_L3_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_AAC_MULT5;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_AAC_MULT5_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_AAC_MULT5_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_MPEG1_L3;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_MPEG1_L3_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_MP_HD_MPEG1_L3_ISO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts:DLNA.ORG_PN=AVC_TS_HD_50_LPCM_T;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVMED_BASE;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVMED_FULL;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVHIGH_FULL;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVMED_PRO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-wmv:DLNA.ORG_PN=WMVHIGH_PRO;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-asf:DLNA.ORG_PN=VC1_ASF_AP_L1_WMA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-asf:DLNA.ORG_PN=VC1_ASF_AP_L2_WMA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000,http-get:*:video/x-ms-asf:DLNA.ORG_PN=VC1_ASF_AP_L3_WMA;DLNA.ORG_OP=11;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000</ProtocolInfo> <TimelineOffsetSeconds>0</TimelineOffsetSeconds> <RequiresPlainVideoItems>false</RequiresPlainVideoItems> <RequiresPlainFolders>false</RequiresPlainFolders> <EnableMSMediaReceiverRegistrar>false</EnableMSMediaReceiverRegistrar> <IgnoreTranscodeByteRangeRequests>false</IgnoreTranscodeByteRangeRequests> <XmlRootAttributes> <XmlAttribute name="xmlns:av" value="urn:schemas-sony-com:av" /> </XmlRootAttributes> <DirectPlayProfiles> <DirectPlayProfile container="ts" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" videoCodec="h264" type="Video" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="ts" audioCodec="mp3,mp2" videoCodec="mpeg2video" type="Video" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="mp4" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3,mp2" videoCodec="h264,mpeg4" type="Video" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="avi" audioCodec="ac3,mp3" videoCodec="mpeg4" type="Video" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="mpeg" audioCodec="mp3,mp2" videoCodec="mpeg2video,mpeg1video" type="Video" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="asf" audioCodec="wmav2,wmapro,wmavoice" videoCodec="wmv2,wmv3,vc1" type="Video" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="mp3" audioCodec="mp3" type="Audio" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="asf" audioCodec="wmav2,wmapro,wmavoice" type="Audio" /> <DirectPlayProfile container="jpeg" type="Photo" /> </DirectPlayProfiles> <TranscodingProfiles> <TranscodingProfile container="mp3" type="Audio" audioCodec="mp3" estimateContentLength="false" enableMpegtsM2TsMode="false" transcodeSeekInfo="Auto" copyTimestamps="false" context="Streaming" enableSubtitlesInManifest="false" /> <TranscodingProfile container="ts" type="Video" videoCodec="h264" audioCodec="ac3" estimateContentLength="false" enableMpegtsM2TsMode="true" transcodeSeekInfo="Auto" copyTimestamps="false" context="Streaming" enableSubtitlesInManifest="false" /> <TranscodingProfile container="jpeg" type="Photo" estimateContentLength="false" enableMpegtsM2TsMode="false" transcodeSeekInfo="Auto" copyTimestamps="false" context="Streaming" enableSubtitlesInManifest="false" /> </TranscodingProfiles> <ContainerProfiles> <ContainerProfile type="Photo"> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Width" value="1920" isRequired="true" /> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Height" value="1080" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> </ContainerProfile> </ContainerProfiles> <CodecProfiles> <CodecProfile type="Video"> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Width" value="1920" isRequired="true" /> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Height" value="1080" isRequired="true" /> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="VideoFramerate" value="30" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> <ApplyConditions /> </CodecProfile> <CodecProfile type="VideoAudio" codec="ac3"> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="AudioChannels" value="6" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> <ApplyConditions /> </CodecProfile> <CodecProfile type="VideoAudio" codec="mp3,mp2"> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="AudioChannels" value="2" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> <ApplyConditions /> </CodecProfile> </CodecProfiles> <ResponseProfiles> <ResponseProfile container="ts" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" videoCodec="h264" type="Video" orgPn="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3_T,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_T,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3_T,AVC_TS_HD_EU_T" mimeType="video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts"> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="Equals" property="PacketLength" value="192" isRequired="true" /> <ProfileCondition condition="Equals" property="VideoTimestamp" value="Valid" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> </ResponseProfile> <ResponseProfile container="ts" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" videoCodec="h264" type="Video" orgPn="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3_ISO,AVC_TS_HD_EU_ISO" mimeType="video/mpeg"> <Conditions> <ProfileCondition condition="Equals" property="PacketLength" value="188" isRequired="true" /> </Conditions> </ResponseProfile> <ResponseProfile container="ts" audioCodec="ac3,aac,mp3" videoCodec="h264" type="Video" orgPn="AVC_TS_HD_24_AC3,AVC_TS_HD_50_AC3,AVC_TS_HD_60_AC3,AVC_TS_HD_EU" mimeType="video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts"> <Conditions /> </ResponseProfile> <ResponseProfile container="ts" videoCodec="mpeg2video" type="Video" orgPn="MPEG_TS_SD_EU,MPEG_TS_SD_NA,MPEG_TS_SD_KO" mimeType="video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts"> <Conditions /> </ResponseProfile> <ResponseProfile container="mpeg" videoCodec="mpeg1video,mpeg2video" type="Video" orgPn="MPEG_PS_NTSC,MPEG_PS_PAL" mimeType="video/mpeg"> <Conditions /> </ResponseProfile> </ResponseProfiles> <SubtitleProfiles> <SubtitleProfile format="srt" method="Embed" /> </SubtitleProfiles> </Profile> If someone could tell me what to change in the Emby profile, that would be great thanks
  19. Hi There I'm playing wav files using Chromecast but they are being transcoded rather than playing direct which means that it's no longer lossless playback, even though both Emby and the Google Chromecast support wav. Would someone be able to offer some assistance here? I've attached some media info on one of the files I'm playing along with the server and transcoding logs Many Thanks Server Log.txt Transcoding Log.txt
  20. Plex has the "Optimize" feature, where pre-transcoded copies of files are stored for later playback on a streaming device, like an AppleTV. The benefit is it doesn't take real-time transcoding for the target device, allowing for useful transport controls (thumbnails during forward/reverse scrubbing). Does Emby have an equivalent feature? I'm trying to figure out whether Emby or Plex or some combination of both are the right solution for my various viewing scenarios. Thanks.
  21. I've just installed Emby and started using it and its amazing. Something that I don't really understand though is why is the server running 8+ ffmpeg instances when no client is actually playing anything? I thought it could be a scheduled task, but according to the server, no task are currently running. I don't mind that emby is doing something, but I'd really like to know what is it that keeps an 8 core machine at 70% utilization. Thanks
  22. I've got emby-server setup on an Ubuntu server 16.04 from an Asus laptop with i7 2.8ghz cpu and 16gb ram, along with a 2tb ext hdd in the usb 3.0 port. I'm very curious about what the streaming limitations are with emby. If I've got a day when my household is using emby on several devices and then say several friends and family using the server are all connecting and using media potentially on several devices, at one point can I expect to have an issue? How does emby utilize i/o on the ext hdd? What files are transcoded and how can I minimize the need for transcoding? In general, I'm just thinking, what if I wanted to allow 20 people to stream my media, all potentially with multiple devices running concurrently, what do I need to do on my end? Is it necessary to setup multiple servers? How can I ensure the best experience for multiple users?
  23. Recently I have had massive issues with emby, all my devices are having issues. Fire tv is the worst. Everything is playing back in extremely low quality, low bitrate and the resolution must be around 240p. Everything else just refuses. Chromecast plays 1 minute properly then gives up, emby theatre for windows just refuses and the html5 player in chrome is the only one that will work. Any ideas.
  24. soloam

    Bitrate Limit Not Working.

    Hello, I would like to set a Bitrate limit to my clients, but I can't seem to make it work! I'm testing in Kodi with the emby addon, and I set on my server a limit of 2Mb/s. When I play a movie in kodi (outside my network, so streaming, not direct playing) I press the leter "o" to get the movie information! I see that it still is a 1080p movie and that goes beyond the 2Mb/s bitrate. On the server dashboard I get the information "Direct Plying". Only when in kodi I set a lower "Video Quality" I get Transcoding in the dashboard and the correct bitrate on the video info in kodi. I would like to control this, not the clients. I would like to limit the bit rate to all clients, and if possible the video size (down to 720p). Is this possible? Thank You
  25. schmitty

    Xbox One MKV transcoding

    Hi, All of my DVD's and Blu-Ray's have been ripped to MKV, using direct stream copy from the source, with no compression. The DVD rips play fine, but the Blu-Ray rips playback is stuttered. I am guessing this is because they are being transcoded, and the bit rate of the rips is a direct copy. If this is the case, how can I stop the server from transcoding and, should I consider re-ripping the Blu-Rays to a lower bit rate, or use compression?
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