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  1. Hi, I think there is an across-the-board change that needs to be with all Emby player apps. 1) Remove codec and channel layout info from Audio Language drop downs, only display the Language 2) Display Video and Audio codec info (including definition, channel layout and resolution) in a similar fashion to parental rating/closed captions mark. 3) Offer a setting (probably in Display settings) to display Media Info as icons (like CoverArt does) instead.
  2. Hello, I initially had a small m3u set up for some local channels and everything was working fine across all my clients. I then added another larger m3u (alongside my original) to test and when I removed it and reverted back to only using the former list, the Xbox Emby client will "freeze" after loading the guide. The info is shown but I can not navigate within the menus there (Programs, Guide, Channels, Recording, etc). By default, the app loads to the Guide portion and I am not sure if this is the problem. About the same time that I had added the previously mentioned larger list, my epg
  3. Evening all, just replaced my old Xbox One for a new Xbox One X with one of the reasons the support for x265 content however when trying to play a 1080p HEVC file through ET the server is transcoding the file rather than direct play. Tried the same file with Ember for Emby which does direct play the file but with no sound, any ideas what the issue is? FYI the Xbox is set to bitstream out to my amp and I've also attached the log files. server-63658910664.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ed2505cc-98dd-4598-adcc-e0a4c9ca6458.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ee8ebbbf-102a-4bac-9efd-98560e27cfd8.txt
  4. Hi, does anyone else have this issue - the Emby Theater client plays SD content only at 480P My Xbox is set to 1080p and all video source files for this example are 720 x 576 or 720 x 480 and in either m4v or mkv container format. I am not able to capture any screen shots but what I can share is that any film which I play via the app on my Xbox plays at a lower resolution - i.e. grainy, lossy, etc. I can play the same film on an Nvidia Shield, or even my smart phone (also a Linux box via the browser) or any one of a number of Windows boxes using Kodi ... and the files play as expected.
  5. So there appeared to be an update for the Emby app on my Xbox One, but it kept erroring out as "Installation Stopped" when trying to install it. Thinking that it would be better to just try a full reinstall of the app, I uninstalled it quick, went back into the store and tried to install it fresh. Unfortunately, it results in the same "Installation Stopped" error, so I can't get the app installed back on my Xbox now. To make sure it wasn't an issue with Xbox Live, I grabbed three other apps from the store and all three installed correctly without any problems. Any thoughts on why the
  6. schmitty

    Mkv metadata

    I believe there is a bug where Emby Theatre is not reading track titles embedded in the metadata of mkv's. eg. Blu-Ray's rips I've entered information in each track title such as the Audio info - DTS-X 7.1 English. Emby seems to be creating it's own, eg. Eng DTS 7.1.
  7. jachin99

    Xbox One question

    I am using the original XBOX One with Emby theater, and I would like to know if it is normal for Emby to Transcode live tv feeds. I use a HD Homerun Prime as my TV source in Emby Server. Thanks.
  8. Hey Guys, Just wanted to report what I have been seeing over the last couple of days. Occasionally Xbox One Theater will freeze during playback. The only way to fix it is to back out and hit resume. Also at some points when you back out the app becomes very slow and unresponsive when trying to scroll through the library. I have attached a server log. Thanks guys! Log.txt
  9. justinglock40

    Emby Transcoding 4K HEVC

    Can't get 4K UHD to playback on Xbox One S. Sound plays in the background but the screen is green the entire time. It keeps transcoding. Any ideas why? Log.txt
  10. KOBEY


    in a future update would it be possible not to show the server ip on the server select screen? i really dont like seeing my ip viable like that. TIA
  11. StLDreiling

    Xbox One Creators Update issues?

    ​The Creators Update went out to consoles today, as well as an update to the Emby Theater app on Xbox One and Emby Server 3.9.2 beta, and ever since I can't sustain playback within the app on the Xbox. Browsing works normally, and playback starts as expected, but will only last appx. 1 minute. No one attempted playback on the console (I believe) from when I updated Emby Server around 9:30 am until 1:56 pm (after both the console and Xbox app were updated), so I can't be sure that it's not a server issue (though I sincerely doubt it, since other clients - including Emby Theater UWP on a Windows
  12. nomatches4mikey

    Audio Support on Xbox One?

    I'm designing a new home theater space, and I want to support the lossless audio (TrueHD, DTS-MA), as well as advanced audio like Atmos or DTS:X. I currently use a Roku Premier+ (which I love), but it only supports DD 5.1, so Emby is transcoding the audio for me (this is fine for my current setup, as I only have 5.1 installed anyway). I'm looking at my options for the new space, and want to make sure my client will be able to pass through HD audio to the receiver. From reading the forums, the Shield will handle this, but I haven't seen anything say for sure that the Xbox One will do this.
  13. I can't seem to find a option for a list of all the songs in the music library. You can see the categories at the top, i have a Songs categorize when using the webgui, just not with the xbox one app.
  14. XBOX ONE will not connect to Emby server via https using port 8920. I can connect with Chrome on https to the server with no issues and I was connected to it via https before but I deleted the server from my XBOX because I wanted to re-add it by DNS name instead IP like it was. After doing that i can only connect via port 8096 and that works with either DNS or IP. Below is the part of the logs on my last failed connection attempt, is there something I need to change on the server? Thanks GaminKake 2017-09-19 18:04:30.745 Error HttpServer: Error in ProcessAccept *** Error Report **
  15. Hi Luke, Just a heads up, with the new XB1 dash build that just got released to the beta ring, an issue has presented itself. Instead of being equal space during a letter box feature, it seem as if the content has shifted up. So instead of equal parts of black top and bottom, its more like 10% black at top 70% move 20% black at the bottom. I will try and take some pictures later on today to better demonstrate when haven't got the sun glaring all over the screen. Otherwise playback send normal so far. Fwiw, Ember and native media player seem to have proportions corre
  16. Hi, I am having a couple of playback issues on Xbox One. 1. Remote users are having issues playing some movies. Trailers play fine, but as soon as the movie starts, is pauses and stutters. 2. Local user (me). Watching tv shows, I have the same issues as remote users with movies, the first episode will play fine, but after the following episode stutters. I have attached the logs. server-63626256000.txt ffmpeg-transcode-78826040-b2df-47d0-92ae-b540314ce645.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b2af8472-5f6a-42b1-8aba-3bbd5d0fb2fb.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e9288225-4cce-49ba-8273-2b0e5f660971.txt ser
  17. Hi, So i half posted on a different thread. figured i would start a new topic. My issue has only showed up in the past week or two. When i try to play movies on my Xbox One Emby app sometimes they will just not work, After i click play it brings up a "Background" image like it is loading the movie and will not leave the screen. It seems to be random movies, and just based off the temperment of my xbox for the day as some days it will play one file fine, the next it wont, and vise versa. And the files that wont work on Xbox will work find on PC. I have included the Transcode for not
  18. It would be great if Emby Theater had full support for the Xbox One Media Remote. Currently, it only has basic support so only the up, down, left, right, and OK buttons work.
  19. YoShiiro

    Xbox One - Apps close

    I got some problem with 1080p file when i try to launch it through my emby theater the apps close immediatly. If i read the same video with my computer on the same network it works through my browser. If someone got any idea ? My xbox & computer are on the same network (Home) / Emby server on internet srv Server Logs : 2017-03-06 19:51:02.0888 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to IP.FROM.HOME. Time: 3ms. http://IP.FROM.SRV:8096/emby/system/info/public 2017-03-06 19:51:02.1335 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://IP.FROM.SRV:8096/emby/Connect/Exchange?format=json&ConnectUse
  20. brontron4k

    Xbox One Low Volume

    I'm experiencing an odd issue with video playback on Emby Theater for Xbox One. The video plays just fine, however the volume is significantly lower than it should be. Playing the same video using the built-in Media Player App playbacks with "normal" volume. I've tried restarting the app, re-downloading the app, signing in and out of my account, resetting the server, and nothing is able to resolve the issue. I have to turn my speakers up near max to approach appropriate listening levels. Obviously this isn't ideal as the rest of the system sounds are extremely loud at this setting.
  21. First being the settings area for users. Once you pick say general and start to navigate around you will notice the options changing, for example my english language changed to french by moving down to the next option i wanted to change on that page. The workaround I found for now to set my preferences was to hit the menu button and disable gamepad mode, thus allowing me a cursor to navigate thru these options. Quitting the app and relaunching reengages gamepad mode. Now the big one, the UI doesnt seem to be consuming my entire TV screen even when changing the display mode. Hitting pla
  22. schmitty

    Xbox One Playback Issues

    I have recently ripped a Blu-Ray, We're the Millers, to mkv. The videos and trailers are unwatchable due to stuttering. I have tried adjusting the streaming bitrate, to no avail. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  23. The images for files load perfectly fine, however folder images do not (e.g. Season folders). Is this intended now, as the logs do not show that it's even trying to fetch the images.
  24. Hey Guys, I am not sure if this just started happening or maybe I didn't notice it before, but my server seems to be transcoding the audio to stereo on any file that uses the DCA codec when played through emby theater on Xbox. When I check the server dashboard it says that it is direct playing but it shows the little line underneath that usually indicates transcoding. If I load the file into handbrake and recode it to AC3 the surround doesn't transcode. I would Hate to have to go through my entire collection recoding anything that has the DCA codec. Thanks in advance for your help gu
  25. I was trying to connect to a friends server for testing purposes, and am using the manual entry of info. I needed to change the location of the cursor in these fields to change port and a mistake on the server name and the cursor movement is not assigned it appears, which is the LB and RB on the controller just beeps and cursor doesn't move. So at this point without using Emby Connect there is no way to connect to a server where a port change is needed, unless I'm missing a trick with the entry.
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