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Found 13 results

  1. NGINX and emby Config Version 1.0.2 Last Update 12-18-2020 Update by Pir8Radio Why Use NGINX reverse proxy ahead of my application servers like emby? With NGINX or any reverse proxy ahead of an application server you have more control over your setup. You can do things the application servers were not built to handle, have better control over your security and logging, replace lines of code without editing the application server code, better control of caching, etc, etc.... One of the main reasons is
  2. Leezio

    Poor streaming quality from VLC

    Hello everyone, I have been using Emby for several months now and am having difficulty. I decided to migrate from MiniDLNA to Emby's native DLNA, and the quality is very poor. Do you have an idea of the configuration to adopt to solve this problem? I am attaching you the screenshots in comparison, between the Emby web player and Emby DLNA. Thks ^^ Bad Quality, with pixel Very qood quality
  3. Read a question just asked about copying user data to a new server with plugin. Is there any sort of documentation on things like where config data is stored, and how to back it up with and without the plugin? I like knowing a bit about systems I'm running so I can tweak a bit. It would be nice to know what I can expect moving my server from Windows to Linux, and how much my users will have to redo. As a first attempt moving my Windows server to CentOS, after I got the server up and running, I copied the contents of my Windows "User/AppData/Roaming/Emby-Server/programdata" into the Uni
  4. I'm running emby server in docker, attaching with different browsers (Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox) from both Linux & Mac. I'm sure the landing page after login always used to be the Home Page (layout configured in user settings), but recently (after a server update I guess), the landing page is now always the Dashboard. I've not found a landing page config item - and the name 'Home Page' suggests that's where I should land/ Am I missing something basic, or could this be a bug? I have tested both with: - Just IP & port in url - Using a book
  5. nikolasd

    Change Library Path

    I really dont't know if the titles corresponds accurately to my problem, so I will give a brief explanation of what happened. I have emby-server installed an an Ubuntu 16.04 Server. For long time, I had this server turned off. So I started it again and first thing I did was to update all packages. My latest version was installed by the repo that existed for Ubuntu package. But since this repo is no longer existing, I updated to the current version, by downloading the deb package and installing it. I think that this way, broke some things up, because here it is the situation I have ri
  6. Bruechmann

    Question about hosting parameters

    I did install the version on my DS918+. As the disks do not enter hibernation I wanted to disable "automatic portmapping" (as suggested somwhere in this forum). However changing the parameters in the Advanced -> Hosting section do not have any effect. This does apply to all parameters - none of them is saved after pressing "Save". Only two message boxes appear. Could somebody please help ? From my point of view it look like the user requesting the cahnges does not have the permission on file system level ... Thx a lot !
  7. badhonsoam


    Dear all, i want to know can i use ubuntu 16.04 server EMby. is this stable? how can i create front login panel. i don't want to use nas server. in this case how can i do it?
  8. alchemi183

    Confused by download setting

    Can someone help me understand the server-side user setting called "Allow downloading that requires transcoding"? Server > Users > {select a user} > Downloading There are two settings that can each be independently enabled/disabled per user: * Allow media downloading * Allow downloading that requires transcoding The first seems pretty self-explanatory and I have it enabled for all users. The second setting is relatively new (I don't remember seeing it before) and it confuses me. I understand what transcoding means in the context of video playback over the network,
  9. MikeTech

    Restore from Time Machine?

    Managed to trash my server somehow in one move, made one setting change (public https port number) in the process of setting up https in advanced, saved setting, clicked restart, and it hung there without restarting. Did system reboot, etc. all the standard stuff, app would seem to run, but refused to stay open when attempting to open dashboard, could see it drop out of processes in Activity Monitor when accessed. Tried reinstall of latest package, still no joy. The only thing I could think of as a factor is the machine OS was recently updated to 10.12.5, but emby seemed to be working
  10. Hi, I just had an interesting experience this afternoon. Since is I switched to beta for some time because of a bug, the Dashboard has been asking me to update, always showing a beta version. But any update mechanisms correctly update to the next stable version. Not a real problem here... So I started looking around and found SystemUpdateLevel in config/system.xml and proceeded to set it to "Stable". After a quick restart I found myself faced by the 1st Install Wizzard... dafuq? ok... system.xml has been reset to defaults. no backup to be found... ...but nice to find out that
  11. ginjaninja

    Emby for Roku

    Emby For Roku Setup Guide Assumptions The Author only had access to a Roku 3 (Model 4200X Software v5.4 2240) . It is assumed that all Rokus behave in the same way in respect of this guide.Prerequisites Install EMBY Server. Create an EMBY User. Optionally (and recommended) make user an EMBY Connect User (by registering on community forums and adding the valid MB community username to the user account under server configuration and authorising via email) http://emby.media/connect/ Follow the Roku product installation instructions to register your email address/Roku account.
  12. I am just after some clarification around setting up MBS. I have MBS installed on a PC that has all my media on it. I then have another PC in my living room with MBC installed on it. Do I need to install codecs either on the MBS PC or MBC PC to be able to play all file types including .mkv files and also have external subtitles working? I have read about transcoding and not sure how it all works and if I need to configure anything to get it all going.
  13. A setting in config that, when checked, would block exit from MBC (like some themes have done). It is very easy to hit the "back" button to many times and accidentally exit out of MBC. For me, it would be best to simply the block the action when checked since I use MBC exclusively on my HTPC. For other, perhaps a sub setting that if the block is enabled, a second check box would throw up a confirmation dialog and exit if the user selects "yes" (like what theme Crystal or Breeze is doing). Thanks.
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