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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Quick question....I love that there is support for multiple versions (ie. HD and UHD) but I run into a lot of issues with radarr as it is not devolved for it. My workaround is 2 different instances of radarr to handle the different versions but the problem still has me manually adding 4k versions to the file structure and manually turn off monitoring on the movies first for the 1080p version, then after I import the 4k version as it will try and delete one of the 2 versions and download it again. This makes it very hard to keep track of the 4k releases I have as well as I am unable to automate it. I know that the feature only works if files are in the same folder, but I was wondering if there is anyway to do the following or would you consider implementing it if it was not too much work? I am sure I am not the only person out there with this issue as there a tons of requests for radarr to add support but it would take a whole rewrite to accomplish so I don't see it happening any time soon. I also don't think its transcoding from 4k to 1080p is really an option currently as the resources required are very high. *Movies* (Single Library with 2 folders ) /Movies /300 (YYYY) /300 (YYYY) - 1080p.mkv /Movies4k /300 (YYYY) /300 (YYYY) - 2160p.mkv I am not sure how emby handles multiple folders per library but if it could kind of mux them together somehow since the file structures would be identical. Okay maybe was not a quick question, but I do think with 4k content becoming more of a thing file management is important and having them in separate folders would definitely help keep track of them easier. As always thanks for all the hard work!
  2. I got a new TCL Roku TV and I just noticed that the Emby App does not show the drop down menu for different versions of the same title movie. In the windows app if you open a movie that has different version (Original Theatrical Cut, Directors Cut etc.) you get a drop down that lets you pick the version that you want. In the Emby app on Roku TV neither vers. 3.0.134 or Beta 3.0.1398 have this drop down. So you can't access the different versions of the movie. Is there a plan to address this in the future? On a side note I love the new sort options in the Beta!
  3. mattykellyuk

    multiple versions chromecast

    Hi I have my media organised to enable multiple versions of the same movie. This option is available on the android app and I can choose which version to play in the movie details screen. The problem comes when I connect to a chromecast this option disappears and it seems to play the version i wouldn't choose. I think it chooses the highest quality version which is normally 4k HDR meaning it transcodes (working the server hard) and colours are off as HDR is lost. I have searched and not seen this mentioned so hopefully I haven't miss anything. Thanks for your help
  4. Hello, I have done a lot of reading up transcoding and multiple movie versions of the same title, but how things affect my exact scenario are a little unclear. I have a movie (movieA) of which I have two versions. One is a full blu ray rip, the other is a compressed version of the blu ray rip (via handbrake) that should be compatible with any playback client. Both are h264; each has different audio codec. /media/movies/movieA/movieA - bluray_rip.mkv (w/ dts master audio; 40mb/s total bitrate) /media/movies/movieA/movieA - compressed.mp4 (w/ AAC audiuo; 7mb/s total bitrate) Emby server picks up the multiple versions properly as expected. Here are my questions: If I try to play movieA on a client that fully supports the full blu ray rip file and has enough network bandwidth, the server should direct play the full blu ray rip. However, if I tried to play movieA on a client that supported everything in the full blu ray rip with the exception of the audio, would it still play the full blu ray rip file and only transcode the audio? Or would it just play the compressed file instead since the audio in that one should be compatible? (Would it sacrifice the far superior video quality just to avoid transcoding audio?) If I tried to play movieA on a client that supported everything in the full blu ray rip, but just didn't have enough bandwidth (bandwith at 30mb/s), would it just play the compressed file instead? Or would it transcode the full blu ray rip? There is a huge bitrate difference between the two files. My server should be capable of transcoding on the fly at a higher bitrate than the compressed file. (Since in this example the bandwidth is 30mb/s, would it sacrifice video quality by playing the compressed file instead of transcoding the full one at ~30mb/s?) I apologize if the answers are obvious. Just trying to understand exactly what happens behind the curtains.
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