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Found 17 results

  1. Hi. I have 4 profiles set up on my Emby Windows Server. There is a drive with a lot of media folders. One folder in particular along with it's subfolders, i would like to have excluded from 3 of the 4 profiles. I can't figure out how to get the folders to appear in just 1 profile. It seems, that it appears in all profiles. I do not want to exclude the entire drive, just the one set of folders with it's subfolders. Please advise on what i'm missing. Thanks T
  2. I've having a lot of different codecs and file formats in my library, causing a lot of unnecessary transcoding and wasting space when older codecs are used. I'd like to convert those to modern codecs. I'd like to be able to create various conversion profiles instead of having to set these for every single file, including setting the new name if I select the new files to coexist with the original item. Also I'd like to be able to select multiple files at once and then just select convert from the menu and select the profile I previously created. With my library is probably going to
  3. schmitty

    [FR] CoverArt: tag-based profiles

    Hi @@ebr, Would it be possible if you could add tag-based profiles to CoverArt? I find the directory-based profiles very cumbersome to setup with a large-ish library. Using tag-based profiles would be a lot more user friendly. I currently use the flat treatment for SD/HD and mixed content, and the case treatment for movies and series I rip myself. Having profiles set up in this manner would be a lot easier to maintain than having to setup a profile for separate seasons, then the series, as some series have content from mixed sources or qualities.
  4. wickedlemon

    Kodi Companion and shared libraries

    I've now got Emby set up and working with Kodi, but now I need to introduce extra Kodi profiles. In the past I've used shared libraries for some Kodi accounts and I'm wondering how I should deal with this? Will Kodi Companion sync properly with two profiles sharing a library and syncing with Emby? Or would I bet better off putting up with the extra overhead and add one Emby user for each Kodi profile even though this will just mean duplicating data?
  5. Emby Server on QNAP (x64) Kodi 17.6 on Windows 7 x64 Pro -Logs can be provided if needed- I have two users setup on Emby and matching profiles in Kodi. The Kodi plugin is installed on the server. Issue: Anytime Kodi switches profiles (user1 to user2 -or- user2 to user1) the message of Emby Authentication Failed is displayed, and the user is prompted to type in the password again. Example: User1 uses the User1 profile in Kodi, prompted to authenticate. Once authenticated, sync happens and no issues. If User1 closes and reopens Kodi, sync happens. No authentication prompt,
  6. I would like to request a feature that would be very useful, the implementation of user profiles, so every time we create a new user we would only need to select the profile that we have already edited. Avoid having to make all the adjustments again: as permissions. Thanks in advance. I would like to request a feature that would be very useful, the implementation of user profiles, so every time we create a new user we would only need to select the profile that we have already edited. Avoid having to make all the adjustments again: as permissions. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I'm having a little trouble here. I've been making great strides getting Kodi set up on my shield with the Emby Add-on. It's working great for my administrator account. Once it was set up, I wanted to now go in and change the Username associated with it. I go into the add-on setting and and click "Change Emby Connect User". The login prompt pops up, I type in the credentials and it says "Welcome Username". All working great there. However, nothing changes. The current user still has access to the same Libraries. If I quit and go back in it then says "Welcome Administrator"
  8. Hi ebr, I have noticed with the latest version ov CoverArt, that server paths do not appear to be working for profiles, I have to specify local paths. I think it would be a better idea if CoverArt is updated to bring it inline with the server... specify a local path as default, then have an optional server path when adding treatment profiles
  9. FordGT90Concept

    HDHomeRun EXTEND transcoding profiles

    I have three general classes of devices I run Emby on: ​-Windows PCs, they would prefer MPEG2 -Amlogic S905/X, they would prefer MPEG4 "heavy" "mobile" -Surface 2 & smartphones, they would prefer MPEG4 "mobile" There's two situations: 1) Live TV: I assume Emby can request a specific profile from the HDHomeRun EXTEND and I also assume this isn't being done. If it is being done, then I get the impression it is broken because the default profile set in each EXTEND impacts the streams that are played from it. If it isn't automatically figuring this out, I'd like to be able to set i
  10. Evening All, Has anyone got some advice for getting a device to transcode all media? Effectively anything other than AVI/SD content causes stuttering and other playback issues on emby for android, however I've noticed that if the media server does all the heavy lifting (which it is more than capable of) then playback is smoother and more reliable. I've tried creating and modifying DLNA profiles to prevent direct play (even removed the directory mappings too) but it still direct plays/streams. It would be ace if you could select from the devices list your device and set some optio
  11. Tester

    DLNA - Music Gerne Sorting

    Who/what determines if a client/device can sort a music library by genre ? The Server or the Client ? I am finding conflicting info on this topic and cannot get this to work. My Setup: MB3 Profile MYMUSIC linked to library Music Bubbleupnp on tablet as renderer Folder structure: \\Music\ Artist - Album\ Artist - Song Title.mp3 Tags: Artist, Song Title, Year, Genre, Album, Track, Album Artist The MB3 library viewer allows genre sorting, but bubble does not. I am not sure if this is Bubble issue but I have seen screenshots of the app sorting by genre. Thanks
  12. I'm trying to understand how I can modify the profile for my old Hp x280n MCE extender as a dlna player. How can I identify it in the logs? Do the profiles only apply to "Play To" targets, or do they also come into effect when playing directly from the device? The attached log is my attempt to stream the movies 300 and Animal House right after startup. The device's local ip is Thanks for the help. CFC server-63594792227.txt
  13. tired dad

    Further Master Lock Findings

    My saga with the master lock and disappearing movies in Emby continues, and I've found some items of note that others may have run into, so here you go. The findings are based on my system, your mileage may vary. They are presented for Kodi 15.2 and Emby 1.1.62, so take that into consideration. If you're interested in this thread on my initial battle with the master lock, read here: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23065-how-i-solved-the-emby-and-kodi-master-lock-issue/ The rationale for multiple profiles with locks for some of them is simple: I'm not a single guy in
  14. it is possible to copy and paste user profiles, to avoid having to individually configure each one?
  15. Hello, When I set up additional profiles in Kodi, what should I select for Media Info and Media Sources; shares with default, shares with default (read only), or separate? I've been troubleshooting a corrupt database issue on Kodi and I started fresh with no addons or profiles. That worked great for a few days so I figured it was time to add profiles, and then I started having database issues again. So I started back at zero and now I'm wondering if this is my issue. With my old MYSQL setup, I would have each profile "share with default" and that seemed to work fine, but now I'm
  16. dethknite

    Stale video info on profile switch

    I have an Adult user account in MB3 and a Kids account. I setup the XBMB3C Addon to use the Adult account/password in the Master XBMC profile, and setup the Kids XBMC profile, configured the XBMB3C Addon to use the Kids account/password. The problem is when logging into the Kids Profile in XBMC, it shows all the Movies and Shows from my Adult account. If I disable the addon, and re-enable it, it only shows the Kids TV/Movies. But then if I logoff the Kids XBMC account, and into the Master one, it now only shows the Kids TV/Movies. Somewhere along the lines it is not refreshing the i
  17. We should have the ability to remove Exit, Restart and Shutdown from non-admin profiles within media browser. If you want the system to behave like a home theater PC you probably don't want kids and others shutting down or restarting the machine. Exiting the application to the desktop can also cause problems in a controlled environment.
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