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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, I have a Sonos Beam 5.1 setup & Nvidia shield. The Beam doesn't support AAC 5.1, so I need to use the 'transcode unsupported audio' option inside of the Emby App. However, I've noticed that this forces it to transcode on the server side, while other players like Kodi can easily transcode it on the fly on the client side. Is there a way to convert AAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1 on the client side of the Emby app instead? Would setting it to use an external player work?
  2. If I use Handbrake "HQ 1080p30 Surround" to encode with default settings the first audio is Stereo and the 2nd Audio is AC3 Passthrough of a 5.1 audio track. Both these appear as options when I choose the resulting file served from emby server on my Sony Bravia Android TV app. Surround sound does *not* get sent to my receiver. When I repeat the encode process with Handbrake but this time delete the Stereo track so there is only one AC3 pass through. This is again correctly identified in the movie selection on the TV and the surround sound arrives at my decoder. ie when the App has no choice in sound tracks the hardware, tv, receiver etc. all get surround sound signals. It seems when there is a choice only the stereo is sent by the Emby app to my receiver. Now when I change the order in Handbrake, or remove the stereo so the 5.1 track is first and then add back in stereo as either the second track or move it up top to be the first track or even if i use ffmpeg and -map the order of the tracks no permutation (and I tried all of them) allows me to get 5.1 signals to my receiver - yet in all cases the app correctly identifies the number of tracks, the order and which is "default" and one of them is AC3 5.1. So for some reason selection of a 5.1 audio track in the TV app doesn't cause the App to send this to my receiver even though my TV, cabling and receiver are all able to receive and process 5.1 sound when I encode a file with *only* one AC3 5.1 pass through track. Am happy to send example files (I have a 40mb excerpt of X-Men), videos of what I'm doing, debug logs, you name it, whatever you need if I can help someone who can work this out and save me having to re-encode all my mp4s to remove the stereo track. For completeness. I am making no changes to either the cables or the TV or the App settings to get the 5.1 sound to work on the file that has only one track. The App doesn't seem to be able to correctly send 5.1 to my receiver when the video file has a choice of 5.1 and stereo tracks. I'm more than happy to repeat this and check all the usual stuff about TV audio settings etc. but I'm pretty sure this is something in the Emby App selection / processing / deciding what to do when there are more than 1 audio tracks in a file. I'm happy to run any diagnostics anyone cares to think of to get this working because I suspect from what I've read elsewhere a lot of people are struggling with this. Much thanks in advance. XBR75X850C, Debian 64, Emby S, Handbrake 1.3.1 Jonathan
  3. I am having trouble playing files encoded using AAC5.1 in Roku. Roku ultra simply down mix it to stereo and hence the surround sound is lost. I read some prior articles discussing about an option to transcode AAC to AC3 if 5.1 channel is present. Is that feature supported? I am using Emby for little over a year and always had this issue with no solution. (Roku Ultra #4660) https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/54801-roku-premier-and-aac-51/ I recently installed Plex and it does the transcoding automatically for AAC5.1 audio for Roku Ultra. Just wanted to know if I am missing out some config settings that prevents me from doing the same through Emby. Thanks in advance.
  4. centuryx476

    Web Browser Viewing

    Hello, I have started ripping my collection. But as a test I wanted to see how the server will handle the playing of a movie. I ripped a standard blu ray to Container: .mp4 Bitrate: 8.6 Mbps Video Codec: H264 Audio Codec: AC3 @ 640 kbps Audio channels: 6 Sample Rate: 48000 Hz When I play the movie via my web browser the CPU jumps to 50% +/- I checked the logs and it appears to be transcoding the audio of the movie. This only happens when I watch the movie via a web browser. If I watch the movie via Roku or my phone app then the CPU hovers around 1% to 2% usage which is what is expected. I thought AC3 is a pretty standard codec ? why is it being transcoded for web browser viewing ? What is the recommended Audio Codec to use then for emby ? Mind you I value my audio quality Thank You
  5. I've found an unusual issue. I typically name my H.264 files as .M4V. Using that extension, with a stock multi-track movie (2 chan HE-AAC as the first track and AC3 5.1 as the second), it will default to the stereo track, and only Direct Stream the 5.1 track. If I rename the file to a .MP4 extension, it does DirectPlay without issue and auto-selects the 5.1 track without issue. The info indicates it is doing Direct Stream with M4V due to the container. I've used M4V on many many servers, with this audio setup and none had an issue with the container/codec setup. I'm not sure if this is by design, or a bug. The only other issue is a movie filename with periods in it like "The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2016)". I end up with "The Man From WTF". Worth a laugh to be sure, but not expected. Can I force it to leave my filenames alone and not rename them? I really dislike when a server does this without asking. So far so good otherwsie! Great server. Thanks!
  6. Hi Team. The server is FreeNAS 11.1 U4 w/ Emby using the ASRock Avoton 2750, 16GB ECC DDR3, and 6 x 3TB in RAID6 ZFS. Content (nearly 500 movies) was digitized from Bluray/DVD using MakeMKV using H.264 and DTS audio streams with no further modifications made. All Roku clients on latest firmware (3, 4, and an Ultra) and are CAT5 connected at gigabit speed. The setup had been functional for the last 3 years, but towards the end of 2017, client began reporting the 'Loading' message displaying intermittently during playback. Despite the server-side hardware capable of transcoding multiple clients, my approach was to eliminate the need for the 'direct-streaming' - which was due to the audio stream being DTS-encoded. Initial review suggested the most appropriate encoding should have been AAC, but this also resulted in transcoding being performed. Review of Emby ffmpeg transcode logs indicated the Roku was in fact requesting AC3 content, and by making this switch to the source, direct-playing was indicated at the client, and the 'Loading' was gone (suggesting despite the hardware sufficing in the past, something on the server-side was causing the delay?) My question is, before I manipulate every one of these files - is this the best approach to solve the underlying problem? And should I convert the DTS audio streams to AC3? Lastly, this had the effect of stripping out the subtitle streams in the MKV (using ffmpeg in a Linux environment to convert). Perhaps this is OK given the user had complained some content was enforcing the subtitles against their wishes. Thank you so much in advance for any feedback!
  7. Hi all, I use a Chromecast between various TVs in the house, and my son's TV will not play audio when AC3 is being passed through. The other TVs work fine with AC3 so I guess its a limitation of my son's TV. I've looked for a Chromecast profile in "%AppData%\Roaming\Emby-Server\config\dlna\system" yet cannot find one. Could someone point me in the right direction to tell Emby to transcode ac3 for Chromecast? Thanks,
  8. So, I've tried a few solutions to similar issues people have been posting about, but no luck so far. Short backstory: last week, my HTPC running a Kodi front end died. While waiting for parts for a new computer, I first tried passing movies and TV shows from my Emby server to my Sony Bravia KDL-48W605B over DLNA. The video worked fine, but there was no sound. Weird, I seem to recall it working before. Maybe that was my old TV set? Trying to read logs and figuring out the DLNA settings didn't help, so, I tried with a Chromecast 2 instead. Same problem: video is running but no audio. More confusingly, some of the videos do play complete with sound. A quick experiment (a log for which is attached) shows that: * A MPEG4 video with MP3 audio plays fine, sound and all. * Ditto for H264 video with AAC audio. * H264 with AC3 (the majority of what I have), however, is mute. It feels like there's a simple-ish solution I'm missing here, but what is it? Log_170520_1701.txt
  9. Hi! It seems that emby won't allow me to use EAC3 or AC3 with my Chromecast Ultra. Is this intended behaviour? It should be able to passthrough it to my reciever. Best Regards Jonatan!
  10. Playback Error When I try to play a specific movie on either my Android TV box or my OnePlus 3 I get the attached error message, the Android TV client attempts it a couple of times before failing completely... If I navigate to this file directly and play it in VLC for Android or SPMC it plays fine, I've watched the film through and it's not corrupt or anything like that so I don't understand what's going on..? The error log doesn't seem to give much away but I gather it's not transcoding for whatever reason, I have created a custom path to a temp transcoding folder in the hope that would fix it, I've also downloaded the latest version of ffmpeg and pointed Emby to use that version instead as a just in case but nothing works... So I'm here to put it to you guys :-) Attached is the screenshot from Android and the log it produces on the server... Cheers! :-) transcode-log.txt
  11. themodulor

    Audio Passthrough doesn't work properly

    Hello, so first here is my configuration : Emby 3.0.8300.0 myKodi 17 Krypton Beta 3 Emby for Kodi Beta 1.0.5 All that on a QNAP 253A to HDMI amp. I understand that my problem maybe comes from the Beta combo Kodi 17 x Emby for Kodi but maybe it's something else I'm missing. First of all I started by installing Kodi 17 without Emby, with my library on the same server and everything was working perfectly with audio passthrough enabled, the 5.1 sounds was working well either in AC3, DTS or AAC5.1 (I installed the last beta Kodi version because I have a lot of film in H265 and it's the only one that supports it perfectly for the moment). And so I decided to centralize all my library through Emby to manage it more easily from my laptop. I've installed the last version of Emby on my QNAP server who works nicely, and the last beta Emby for Kodi add-on finally (cause it's the only one that works on Kodi 17). I didn't have any issue to sync everything, all my films appear great in Kodi. I configured the playback in the Emby add-on options in native path and with no transcode option activated. And there my problem comes: I can play all the video really fine (H.264, H.265) with the audio passthrough in AAC 2.0 but when I play a AAC 5.1 file the back speakers have the same sound coming from the front speakers. And when I try to play AC3 or DTS file it's worst and no sound comes out at all. I tried to deactivate the audio passthrough and the sound is back but with no proper decoding of the 5.1 obviously. I don't know what to do, I only know that the problem comes from the sync with the Emby library because it was working well before I decided to use the Emby add-on, when I had my files directly linked to Kodi. Anyone can help me ? Thanks so much!
  12. Hello there Emby Team, Using my HDHomerun Extend, the option to "Automatically convert recordings to a streaming friendly format" used with the option "Preserve original audio when converting recordings (when possible)" creates a file, either mp4 or mkv, with the original ac3 (dolby digital) audio track. This file usually needs transcoding if sending to a player without ac3 capabilities. What I'm proposing is what I used to do for my AppleTV/iOS files. Basically have two audio tracks in the file. One being a converted aac 2-channel track as well as the original ac3 track from the HDHomerun. That way we can maybe avoid some transcoding as the server would choose which audio track to play based on the output capabilities? If ac3 capable, choose the ac3 track, if not ac3 compatible like on web browsers, ios and some players, choose the 2-ch aac track. Does this sound like a possible feature? Thanks for your time. Marc
  13. Notfast

    Wasapi + AC3 = No sound

    To day when I wanted to play a video clip, then there where no sound when playing video with AC3. If I play AAC there is sound. I use Wasapi and I have not changed a thing, only change I can see is that emby has updated it self. If I change audio render to default, then AC3 plays fine. theater-63608487855.txt
  14. Can someone show me how to do this, if possible.... All my movies are in an MP4 container with track 1: H.264 video, track 2: 2-ch AAC audio and track 3: 6-ch AC3 audio. The second audio track (track 3) is set as default. The reason my files are setup like this is because when I download some of these files to my iPad or iPhone the first audio track must be AAC to play correctly, but I have the AC3 track set as default because I want the AC3 track to bitstream to my AVR to play surround sound when I watch a movie on my HTPC. When I call up a movie on the Emby iOS app, the app causes the server to transcode the file because it plays the default AC3 audio file. However, when I manually switch to the 2-ch AAC track the server stops transcoding and the file direct streams (I believe?) to the iOS app. [i believe this is true because the CPU usage goes way down when I select the AAC track] I have "Play default audio track regardless of language" NOT checked. Is there a setting in the Emby Server or Emby iOS App that will say "hey, if the iOS app is calling up an MP4 file, I should play the compatible AAC audio track and not transcode an unsupported audio track because obviously I am on an Apple device!"?
  15. LqHnyBear

    Xbox One DLNA Transcoding

    How can I tell why something is transcoding when playing to my Xbox One? I have an mkv file with ac3 audio and for some reason it's being transcoded instead of playing directly. It's never had to transcode mkv with ac3 audio before when playing to the Xbox One. I tried looking in the transcode log but can't make heads or tails of what it's talking about. I'm on server Version 3.0.5781.4 log.txt
  16. I'm using a Nexus Player for my home theater streaming. So far, recorded content plays back without issue (at least everything I've played so far) The problem I'm running into is with Live TV. I have an HDHomerun Extend and it's outputting H264 video and AC3 audio. Anything Live TV-wise is wanting to transcode regardless of any setting in the HDHomerun. If I live stream to my Nexus 6 (also on 6.0), it will Direct Play without a need to transcode anything on my local WiFi. It seems if the Nexus 6 can play directly, why can't the Nexus Player? Am I missing a setting somewhere, or does the Nexus Player not support what my Nexus 6 does? This issue was also present for Lollipop on the Nexus Player. If you need logs, I'll gladly send them in. Thanks.
  17. EduardoSantos

    Serious frame drops on MKV/AC3 movies

    I am experiencing serious frame drops on several movies when played on any of my Roku3 devices. Movies are played directly (without transcoding) but the image has little movement: it seems a sequence of stills with a lot of frames dropped in between them. Same movies play fine on Windows 8 app (direct play) and on Chrome browser (transcoded). This does not occur with all movies, so I did lots of tests to better determine the scenario (e.g.: codecs) that causes this phenomenon. The common factors to every movie with this problem are: Container: MKV Audio: AC3 AVIs with AC3 audio streams are not problem as they all get transcoded. I disabled AC3 (DD) passthrough on the Roku configuration. This setup made MKVs with AC3 audio streams to be transcoded. As they are transcoded they play fine with no jitter/frame drops. This is, though, no solution: disabling AC3 also disables DTS and thus all movies are transcoded resulting on only on 2 audio channels. I suspect this problem relates to Roku's new firmware as these movies used to play fine on same Rokus. So if anybody could just test MKVs/AC3 on a Roku and share the result it would be very good. My setup is as it follows: MB Server version: 3.0.5518.7 Roku app version: 1.87 Roku firmware version: 6.1 build 5604
  18. Hi everyone, Hopefully this will be a quick question someone can answer. A similar issue was raised on this thread, but it does not seem to have been resolved: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/8375-wav-music-invisible/ I have a number of dts encoded audio files (unlike the linked thread, with dts extension). As most of you know, there is no official way of adding an ID3 tag to a dts audio file. Nevertheless, I decided to trying adding an album to the library to see what happens. Partial success! The dts audio files can be accessed and played, but only via the Suggested and Songs menus in the Music view. It does not appear in any of the other menus: Albums, Album Artists, Artists, Genres, Music Videos (kind of obvious I know). Considering that I store the dts audio files in a folder structure as recommended by the wiki, is it possible to use the folder structure as a backup when an ID3 tag doesn't exist? In this case, perhaps Artist and Album Artist can be treated as the same tag? I hope this can be a quick and easy patch. I am using Windows 8.1 x86, Media Browser v3.0.5464.40000, and have tested with IE 11 and Palemoon 24.7.2.
  19. ajplante

    Passthrough Audio

    So I have mediabrowser for Android running on an Intel HTPC running Android X86 4.4. I cannot play videos with HLS enabled due to the lack of OpenGL ES support in the build I am using. My question is, if and when I get HLS working will it allow audio to be pass through to my receiver that is currently working fine for stereo audio via IEC958? If the lack of HLS support is not my issue do you know what is?
  20. I just finish reading the topic that was locked but im in the same boat and have yet to find a solution. In the audio setting if i leave ac3 ticked, WMC is unable to play the video but if i test the same video via graphstudio64 , it plays just fine and bitstreams. If i untick ac3, WMC plays the file but in PCM. Also im having issues with anime. Both the english and jap audio will play at the same time.
  21. This started in a separate thread, but it started going off topic, so I'm starting a new one here. The quotes contain some relevant information from the original thread. I'm not sure of all the details of Marc's problem, but here's what mine are: I was having some issues with one of my HTPC's, so I reloaded Windows 7 (64bit) from scratch, did all the Windows updates, installed LAV filters using this guide, and installed MB Classic. My HTPC outputs via HDMI to my Onkyo HT-S5500 stereo. The stereo supports all of the Btistreaming formats below, so I have them all checked. Almost all of my media plays correctly. However, I do have a few files that have problems if I have the Dolby Digital (AC-3) box checked. One movie in particular, The Last Exorcism, refuses to play at all through MB Classic via WMC (or WMC directly). It WILL, however, play in Windows Media Player. If I uncheck the Dolby Digital (AC-3) box, it plays fine. This is not the only file that does it; there are a few others. I am just using this one as an example. Another movie, Dragonslayer, will play but the sound is delayed by 1 - 2 seconds if I have the box checked. So the simple solution, it sounds like, would be just to leave this unchecked. But if I do that, other media files, like Life After People, have really low audio levels, and I need to really crank up the stereo to hear them. Life After People - S01E01: Does anyone have any suggestions about where to go from here? What can I do to help determine what is causing the issue? Any help would be appreciated!
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