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  1. riothamus

    Music analysis plugin?

    Does anyone know of a plugin or something that I could use in Emby that would provide an analysis of my music files? I'm looking for something that would create suggestion lists that are based on an analysis of the audio files themselves, rather than just genre tags (which even with MusicBrainz, are not always accurate). Honestly, I would even settle for a third party app that I could use that would output to an .m3u file that I could then dump into Emby's playlist folder at this point. Obligatory "Sorry if this has been asked before" statement.
  2. EduardoSantos

    How to refresh track's cover image?

    Hi, I find no means as to refresh a track's thumbnail (i.e. cover image of the track). I change the album folder.jpg image and Emby correctly changes the album image but all track's cover image are kept. By using MP3Tag I change the tracks embedded cover image but Emby does nothing. Already tried to rescan, refresh, etc. Even when I delete the track, rescan database, re-add the track, rescan datamase, the old image is kept. Only by editing track's cover image on Emby I am able to refresh it. Are there any other means to refresh it?
  3. EduardoSantos

    Artist on music search results

    Music search results are currently shown like this: Wich shows the Track's thumbnail followed by Album name and Album Artist's name. It occurs, though, that there are albums with several different artists on each track, as you can see on the above figure. There, on the left side, there is a "The Jazz Century" album and, on the right side, a "Number 1 Jazz Album". Both of them comprises a bunch of different artists giving panoramas of the music. So the question is, shouldn't Emby display the Track artist instead of Album Artist's name? It really seems pretty coherent, as the info being displayed is the track information. And It would be of great use for the ones with large libraries.
  4. I listen to a lot of electronic/dance music, and there's a lot of cases where multiple musicians may collaborate on a song. Likewise I have purchased a number of compilation albums where a specific musician may only contribute one or two songs out of a dozen or more. I'd like to be able to view all the songs I have in my library that were made by/involved a specific artist. However, if I go to an artist page, I only get a list of albums that they were involved in, even though 90% of the songs in some of the albums have nothing to do with them. Would it be possible to add a view somewhere (such as on the artist info page) that will allow showing all the songs in a library made by that specific artist?
  5. Hi Everybody, Can anybody help me figure out why some of my album artwork is not showing up in the Emby Media app? I don't rely on Emby Metadata Fetchers to get the album artwork, each of my music files has the album artwork embedded in the file itself. Most of the artwork is showing up, but about 5-10 out of every 100 albums (5-10%) is missing it's album cover. I was able to get a lot of them back by recopying the music files again to my new music location (server), overwriting the existing files with the one same files. However, I'm still missing about 2-3 out of 100 now. Thanks anybody/everybody! James
  6. Problem occurs when the app is already playing a content, e.g. movie or music. I hit the cast button and choose a Chromecast device. Chromecast starts playing the content, remote controls on Emby app are operational (by using them I can control the casting) but... the previously existing casting to the android app will continue to play. Only circumvenction is to stop Chromecast casting, select the app as the target, start a new content and then stoping it. Tested it on three servers and on different scenarios (e.g.: local and remote, music and video). Does it happen to you?
  7. Deat69

    Problem with Album

    So I have been updating my Music library recently and I have the Alan Jackson Greatest Hits album, it will play on everything BUT emby. Any ideas?
  8. FordGT90Concept

    Xbox One S Music randomly stops mid-track

    I've seen it happen on many songs (almost all of them > 5 minutes) but "Stay" on Interstellar never completed. The most recent attempt, it stopped at exactly 4:00. I attached the logs. It did not have any problems playing through the browser on my computer. Edit: It has done it on 6ch FLAC and MP3. logs.zip
  9. (I'm using Classical Music as an example, but this would certainly apply to other genres such as Jazz, Blues, and even some Folk) On MacOS I know of only one music player that offers comprehensive tagging of classical music, and that's the (very expensive) Roon. Tagging classical music is notoriously difficult, but here is what you need to get your foot in the door. Title Artist Album Track Number Track Length Album Artist Album Artist (Sort) Artist (Sort) Composer Composer (Sort) Conductor Conductor (sort) Genre Performer Soloist Work Movement Movement name Movement # There will seem to be a lot of repetition because the first 8 or so are used for modern music, in Classical music this is usually tagged to personal preference because it's inadequate. So if we tagged, say a Bach Concerto it might look something like this: Title: Concerto No.1 in F major BWV 1046 - I Allegro Artist: Consort of London, Robert Haydon Clark Album: Bach Edition, I: Orchestral Works/Chamber Music Track Number: 1 Track Length: 3:58 Album Artist: Johann Sebastian Bach Album Artist (Sort): Bach, Johann Sebastian Artist (Sort): Consort of London, Clark, Robert Haydon Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach Composer (Sort): Bach, Johann Sebastian Conductor: Robert Haydon Clark Conductor (sort): Clark, Robert Haydon Genre: Classical Performer: Consort of London Soloists: n/a for this piece 1. 2. 3. etc... etc... Work: Brandenburgisches Konzert {Concerto}:: Nr. 1 F-Dur, BWV 1046 {No.1 in F major …} Movement: Allegro Movement name: Allegro Movement #: 1 Here the title isn't the same as the work since the (complete) work is 4 separate tracks, also the performer, conductor and soloists are all different and could certainly all be different to the 'Artist' tag depending on how one decides to use the tags for modern music. These sorts of tags become even more important because many people who enjoy classical music have the same pieces performed by different people. Different conductors/soloists interpret different pieces in different ways. Sometimes I'm in the mood for Rachmaninoff played by Earl Wild and sometimes van Cliburn. Jazz poses some of the same problems. Old songs are played by different people, or the same people with different backup bands and soloists etc. With the limitations of tagging for modern music it gets hard to separate them all. I think Emby should seriously consider a robust tagging system that accommodates a wide range of musical styles for the simple reason that others are not doing it, and the ones that are doing it are premium (read: expensive) services. And in doing so, win a lot of music lovers to your platform.
  10. Emby I have a library of content type "Music" that I've been using for some time without issue. Not sure when this broke but as it stands I no longer see a list of songs underneath a specific artist. Meaning: Go to the Music library and click the Artist link at the top. Select any artist. Note you'll see the artist image, title and play/related buttons (as you should) and below you'll see a list of other artists titled "More Like This". There are no songs listed anywhere and no errors in the console output. If you just hit the Play button the songs will play. They simply don't show up in the UI under an artist. If you instead navigate using the top nav to "Songs". All the songs are listed as you would expect. So this issue seems specific to the Artist screen. Also tried removing and re-adding the library, didn't help. Tested with Chrome and using the Emby mobile app. Should also note the audio files are sitting in an NFS directory.
  11. EduardoSantos

    Album order on album artist page

    Is there a new order for the albuns to appear on a given album artist page? It used to be cronological descending but with this 3.5 version I could not figure it out.
  12. jamvids

    Gapless Flac

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick one, I have had a look in the forums but can't find what i'm looking for. Is anyone using gapless flac and how do you do it. At the moment I convert CDs into separate tracks, but I have quite a few that would be better as a whole disk. Has anyone had any success doing this? Cheers
  13. adamstewiegreen

    Multi-Disc albums separated by disc

    I have some large boxsets (upwards of 66 discs) and it would be massively convenient if multi disc albums had the option to be treated more like collections (so select boxset, then album, then track) rather than one massive album (select boxset, scroll..., select track). If each disc could be titled it would be even better. All this info (disc names etc) is already available of musicbrainz.
  14. A couple of questions: 1. I have a significant amount of artists lacking metadata (fetches metadata for individual albums) but nothing for the actual artists. Adding the last.fm plugin didn't alter much of that either. A few examples of artists lacking metadata, even after doing individual re-scans: Khalid, Future, Roy Woods, Arty, Billie Eilish. In other words, popular artists with metadata available via MusicBrainz/Last.fm. 2. Plex pulls each artists top tracks as part of the metadata, is this possible with Emby? 3. I've added multiple artists to my favorites, however when I'm selecting the favorite artists section none of them load, i.e the only visible element is the "play all, shuffle, sort by name e.t.c." menu against the dark grey background, see image below.Tried the Android app (Note 8) as well as desktop browser (chrome, no addons). 4.The "More like this" section recommends the same artists for all of them (despite having at least 100 unique artists available) i.e it's not just bad recommendations it's the exact same ones. See image below. 5. What is the simplest method to group collaborative tracks under one artist (i.e tracks with features seem to be picked up and labeled as "artist a, artist b" and I would prefer tracks with feature to be listed under the artist who released them (not as their own collaborative item). 6. The Android app I've installed does not look like the screenshots available on Google Play. Are they taken with one of the premiere themes? I use a Galaxy Note 8 and i'm running the Emby for Android (not the TV app). I haven't done a complete removal and installation of my server because I spent a significant amount of time marking TV/Movies as watched and I've yet to figure out if/how you could back this up, but I did attempt to remove and recreate the music library (however the favorite artists somehow kept their mark?) so perhaps a clean install of the entire server is what I have to do. Worth noting that the tracks with the problems above have been through Picard prior to being scanned by Emby. My server runs on Linux Mint, but since these questions are about the service and not so much the server, I posted here. If it's in the wrong section please move it. Thanks in advance.
  15. EduardoSantos

    No results on album artist search

    Congrats for the 3.5 version. Original title search was really a blessing! It seems, though, that search is not including album artists. Thanks,
  16. shimmerknight

    Playlist item limit question

    Just a question on the number of items a playlist can contain with regards to a music playlist in this case. Is there a limit of 200 items for a music playlist? I'm asking because if I go one song over 200 abnormal playback will happen, at least in the browser(Edge, IE). At some point in the list, clicking an item will cause the next item in the list to play. If I continue to add more songs it will continue to skew the playback by the number of items over the 200 point until I get towards the bottom of the list than it will start playing the first song. The now playing does correctly display the item that is playing.
  17. So, I have 2 folders on my PC, an Albums folder, where I store my albums (Albums/Artist/Album format), and an OSTs folder, where I store soundtracks (OSTs/Media title/OST format). What I want Emby to do is, create a music library with a folders view, so that when I click on the library, it shows me two folders: Albums and OSTs. Then, if I click on one, I want it to be presented in a list format, following the folder structure, without any metadata or covers or anything. How do I do this?
  18. Currently music files must be organized into Music/Artist/Album/filename structure for the server to organize the music catalog correctly, however, the one single folder (Music/filename) structure is not supported and I hope Emby developers take it into account, I stopped using Emby for my music because I don't really like it, it's a little bothersome to maintain, at least for me. I know there are windows applications to help admin that folder structure but that's not the point. I count on your upvote for Emby developers to take this suggestion into account. Thanks.
  19. Hope you enjoy. Library Icons: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sqllz3tdq3m7v6j/AABdexiDW9ZgDZ4yb_dP0pgCa?dl=0 Music Genre Icons: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zp8mdo7psnlaf9p/AAAyQb7g_uQyRu6O8b6dPhTta?dl=0
  20. FordGT90Concept

    Major problems with large music albums

    I have an album with 405 songs (all consecutively numbered). When I click on #1 and hit play, then go to the playing now list, it looks like this: I know about the arbitrary limit of playlist to 100 but when I click on 1, it should play through 100 no? Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, etc. I can work with 1-100, not this...ridiculousness.
  21. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Problem with music files on Roku app

    I added about 3000 music files to Emby recently. I previously only used Emby for videos. I have gone through some of my songs and indicated some were favorites. I did this from my computer. However, when I go on the Roku app, I can't get to my favorites to play them. When I first open my music library, I see "Favorites" as a header, but it quickly disappears and I can't see how to get it back. Also, is there no way to shuffle or mix my entire library? From what I can tell, I can shuffle play within an artist or album, but not using the whole library. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm using the latest beta version of the app. Thanks.
  22. I like listening to my music through my roku/emby setup. However, I don't need to know how the artist is while listening. I was wondering if there is some way to set up a virtualization like on windows media player? I can wait and my roku will go to it's screen saver, but I would like to make a choice. Or even display the lyrics on screen, all of my music files have the lyrics embedded.
  23. When casting a music album or a genre or a shuffle to Chromecast from Android app or Android Chrome, first track is played accordingly but streaming stops by 2 or 3 seconds after the second track starts. Chromecast displays the second track info but music stops. Server log file attached embyserver-63662580578.txt
  24. Hi! This is simple to explain, so when I sync some music keeping the "original" bitrate the cover images show in my favorite android player, but when I need to do transconding changing the bitrate (FLAC size is the reason) the cover images don't keeping into the file sadly :'( Is possible improve this? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi, I have the latest Emby app installed on my Nvidia Shield. I just noticed it isn't possible to seek through a music track. So for that, my feature request
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