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Found 12 results

  1. Please post any questions/support queries here for the TV Theme Music Plugin Full Details here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/1069-tv-theme-music-plugin/
  2. GloverEggs

    Showing Songs on LG App

    I'm running the Synology If I go into the Synology app (via Chrome) I can see a tab at the top of music groups for songs. Also if you click on an artist, it shows all of their songs. However, when on the LG app, no songs can be found except on play lists. My TV is set up into my entertainment system so it's easy to click on music and listen, but if I want to find something that a specific artist has done, it's impossible. The interface on the Emby Synology server is good. It would be great if the LG app had the same interface.
  3. stevesb99

    Backdrops For Songs

    Would it be possible to display a full screen backdrop image for a song as it is playing? I used to be able to do this in my Media Center setup in Win 7, but can no longer do it.
  4. IOS 13.1 / Emby App 1.8.3 / Emby QNAP-Server When trying to start playing a song nothing happens, When trying to start watching a movie, a message appears "playback error" No compatible stream. No matter AVI or mp4 Within Opera browser, on the same IPad, everything works fine. No problems at all. It has nothing to do with the new IOS 13.1, because it did not work under IOS 12.x either. What may be the problem? It's much nicer using the app instead of Opera Browser.
  5. So currently when downloading a playlist for offline mode, you get the songs individually instead in a playlist. So I was wondering if it was possible to fix that and download a playlist for offline in the order that it is in. So that it’s just as when online, just press and play the songs in order.
  6. esp1818

    Songs no longer in order

    I use Emby Theater a lot to play music in my home. One to three weeks ago (not exactly sure when) album tracks no longer appeared in the right order; track 1 first, next track 2, then track 3, etc... At first, if I hit "play all" when I was viewing the whole album the tracks would play in the correct order. Now if I do that, Emby will just play in a random order. Because this started happening a few weeks ago I thought I might be because of a recent update to the Emby Theater. So, I installed 3.0.5, 3.0.3, and 3.0.2 on a different computer and it's doing the same thing. If I use the web client or the Android app everything is how it should be. Since there haven't been any Server updates lately I can't help but think that I changed something but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. I guess this picture pretty much explains the situation I'm having. Happened for a few albums, Emby correctly identifies them, but doesn't replace the artwork for all songs.
  8. christhetower

    music dosnt play entire song

    I updated a few new albums. and some of the songs play for a few seconds to 30 seconds then skip to the next song like the song was done. I have checked the file to see if the file was bad and its not if I play it through Windows Media Player it plays the full song. any suggestions?
  9. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Music%20naming
  10. Hi, this maybe a feature request but was wondering what other people thoughts are on these subjects. First of all playlists, Would it be possible for a resume feature? Instead of the playlist builder coming in from the side, maybe a drop down box at the top of the browser which will remember the playlist you are working on until the browser is refreshed, then the add to playlist function is just one click per item instead of 4 or 5. A Jumble feature, i.e. when you have finished messing with your playlist, press Jumble and it will randomly re-order the list. Sort by artist so you can get rid of any duplicates in a list Some way of re-ordering manually. Music - Songs A song is just 2 pieces of information, Title and Artist, and you may have one song 10 times in a collection and this information never changes, so was wondering if, A "song" can be grouped, so if i like it or make it favorite it will do it to all instances of that song, as well as play counts being the same too. When you open a song in the browser it will tell you what albums it is on and if there is a local music video for it. which brings me to the subject no one wants to entertain, music vids, I know there isn't databases for them but there is always a simple way around things (what an assumption). I actually have a very accurate database of music on my server P.C., it's called media browser, and i only want things linking that are there, is there any way you can use the information at hand just to tidy this part up, all of the artist art is there ready to be used. No nobby online database needed, just two pieces of information, Title and Artist. Easy!!!
  11. I have noticed that when I am browsing my music, particularly particular songs in an album, I can't cycle through all the songs in that album. For example, if I browse to the album view, click on Adele's 21, and then click on Rolling in the Deep, it takes me to the media info view for Rolling in the Deep. Like I would expect, I can then click on the right arrow and it will take me to another song; however, it isn't the next track in the album. It takes me to Take It All instead of Rumour Has It. If I cycle on more time, it takes me to One and Only. I now can't cycle through any more songs. Those three are the only three that I can view. This is not the only album that this happens to. Every other album I have has a similar problem when I attempt to cycle through the songs. Is this happening for anybody else?
  12. TV Theme Songs Downloads Theme Songs for TV Shows Theme Songs for TV Shows The TV Theme Songs Plugin will download TV Show Songs where available to your local media library in the correct format and location required by the MediaBrowser 3 Server. Once installed and the theme intro songs downloaded,they will be played whilst browsing your collections. As Theme Songs are supported by the Media Browser server, any client/theme can make use of them if they choose to. Current Supported Clients & Themes Media Browser Theatre Media Browser Classic - All themes (with ThemeVideo Backdrops for MediaBrowser Classic - FREE plugin installed) Roku Client Android Client Due to the nature of this plugin, a trial is offered which only downloads shows beginning with the letter A. Registering will give complete download of all available Support For support, please post HERE Revision History (Release)Updated some lookups in prep for new source & changed licence message in log to stop Cbers stressing (Release)Skip theme songs downloaded that are less than 25kb in size to prevent "we are sorry but this song has been removed message" (Release)Cleanup of temp files on fail (Release)Trial facility added (Release)Config Page Implemented
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