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Found 16 results

  1. I was searching to see if this was implemented and this comment encapsulated my idea fairly well. I enjoy being able to control during which hours viewing can occur each day. I would now like to take that to the next level by defining how much time can be spent. Ideally, it should track the time videos are playing (difference between when they start/stop) and not simply the length of the video(s). I wonder if this type of control has been considered.
  2. hey so i noticed that in most streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music it has a small "E" icon (see images) by the album name and some songs marking if they are explicit. I was wondering if this feature could be added to Emby. Like either you mark it manually or the metadata scraper automatically adds it. This would help when knowing what songs might not be safe to play at all places and this could be an option when it comes to parental controls. Like if you don't want your kid or a user to listen explicit music then you'd be able to check not to allow explicit music. Anyway is there a way to add this?
  3. internetpourtou

    User configuration

    Hello Guys, Can i create an user on emby that will allow him to be connected on the server just for 3 hours ? like he can connect anytime he want but just for 3 hours Thanks
  4. I am trying testing Emby over Plex for my Home setup and see that the Parental Ratings are not displayed properly for India Region. My Metadata Counrty code is set to India
  5. Noddyliten

    Parental control not working

    Hi, I have created a user for one of my kids. He is 11 so I have granted the least user access as possible. At least I think I have. But, when i log in with this user, he can see the movie Hereditary... which he should not. I have attached screen shot from user access to show what I have granted him, and the rating in Ebmy, which shows 15 years. Am I doing something wrong or a bug?
  6. Hi, I searched 'rating' and 'parental control' but didn't see this. sorry if its a duplicate. So I was setting up the parental controls and I was kind of hoping that it would be possible to lets say allow a user to see items with an R rating but restrict "TV-MA" or maybe "M"... If it were possible for example to have a list-box with multi select enabled here instead of a combo-box I think that would be really cool So I can highlight either all the ratings to allow, or all the ratings to block (individually). doesn't really matter to me which one (though blocking would require fewer selections). I don't even know what AO is but maybe I want to allow AO but block XXX. If this is already possible, great! Just let me know how.. Thanks!
  7. Pseudomax

    Emby for Kodi: parental control

    Hi I am wondering if there is a way to use Emby for Kodi so that the parental control feature is active but does not require the user to enter the Emby settings to change the user from child to adult? I use Kodi with Emby server as I use on multiple Rasberry Pi devices (Librelec) but also wish to enable parental controls. If this is not available then I wonder whether it could be a feature request? I was using PinSentry but this was not ideal and it no longer works ... so I am in need to a simple solution. Thanks in advance
  8. kRyszard

    Parental Control is leaky

    I use the "Block items with tags" feature for parental control i.e. when I mark a folder with some tag and then restrict access to tagged folders this works fine i.e. the restricted folder cannot be seen in the parent folder listing but the restricted folder can still be seen in the "Latest Photos" section in the home screen and even browsed when clicked!!!!!!! Also problematic may be: - pictures from the restricted folders are randomly picked to represent the library thumbnail on the home page (the thumbnail consisting of four vertical images) - [not confirmed]: pictures from restricted subfolders are randomly picked to represent the thumbnail for parent folder when the parent folder does not contain images itself but only subfolders (emby server
  9. Good night together, today i have migrated my emby-server to an LXC-container, well actually i make it new, because the restore didn't want to work. but that's not really the problem.... The problem is the parental control, it worked on my old server, but now I can't choose the desired FSK anymore. What's wrong with it?
  10. Hi, I'd like to be able to modify or add terms to the Parental Control ratings. For example, certain older Disney movies are getting the rating of Approved, which is not in the list and I'd like to add this to the Level 1 group. Cheers, Rob
  11. I have a guest account which I want to block some TV shows with tags ("Parental Control/Block contents with tags"), when I do so, the user can't see the show on "TV Shows/Shows" tab, but the same user can see episodes from the restricted ones on "Home/Latest Media", "TV Shows/Latest Episodes" and "TV Shows/Upcoming" and if he clicks on one of those episodes, he can see all seasons and episodes. It happens on "app.emby.media", "tv.emby.media" and iOS. On my Android TV it seems normal... I have the server's last version (3.0.5882.0), but it was the same before this one... Actually, I think this started on the database refactor version. I don't have the same issue with movies...
  12. The setting to block content with no parental rating is sometimes insufficient to e.g. protect children from undesirable content.. Consider the Film "The Human Race" tmdbid-185267.. has no UK rating..so MB3 helpfully downloads the French Rating - FR-U {The German Classification is 18 incidentally} whilst potentially normally helpfull to have classification equivalency across regions, this film would not have got a GB-U rating in UK.. Given the german classification , i suspect TMDB french classification may just be incorrect.. Is it possible to either turn off equivalency, so no rating for your country = no rating...(safest implementation for parental guidance scenarios) - The Strictest Option or Ensure that all non local ratings are mapped to the highest local rating {a sort of hack of the equivalency tables as a short term safety measure} or even better {To maximise protection and automation when perhaps different regions have different tolerances} - The slightly more relaxed Option. Select the highest rating from all the foreign regions (once equivalency is considered to the local country's rating system) alternatively a filter of no {local} parental rating in the movies reports would provide a halfway house..and be useful in any case to identify content that may need closer inspection..
  13. I just installed the Auto Box Sets plugin (great work EBR!) and it seems nice except for one thing. I had manually tagged some movies to remove them from my child's account. They are now showing again and I believe it is due to them being added to a collection. For example. I have my son's account set to only show things PG and below. I then manually tagged things with "notkids" to remove other unwanted items. After installing Auto Box Sets, I now have some of those movies back. So now the Poltergeist movie (rated PG when it came out) is showing in his movie section. The tag is still on the movie, so I can only assume it is showing due to this plugin. Is this something that can be fixed? Or do I just need to go and tag the collections as well?
  14. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Parental%20controls
  15. It's been asked a lot; can you hide specific media from a users library access? Also, at time of writing this, if you remove a portion of your library from a users access list, 18/Restricted movies for instance, the user may still be able to access that media via Collections (if a movie is part of a collection, and a user doesn't have access to that movie, that can still get to it via the Collection). This guide will show you how to manually hide a collection (or other media) from a specific user via metadata tags and the parental control system built into MediaBrowser 3. 1) Find the collection (or other media) that you want to hide in the web interface. In the picture above, I'm going to hide the Karas collection. Hovering over the collection image, choose to edit the collection. This will take you to the Metadata Manager page. 2) Scrolling down, you can add a tag that you want to use. I've simply used "Nobox" in the image, but it can be anything you want that isn't already being used; so don't use genres unless you want to hide all of a genre from a user. To add the tag, type in your chosen tag, hit the + symbol on the right, and then hit the save button at the bottom or top of the page. Using the same tag, repeat this process for any and all media you want to hide from the user. 3) Now go into your dashboard and hit the Users option from the menu on the left. Pick the user you want to hide the media for and go to the Parental Control tab. 4) Scroll down to the "Block items with tags" option and add the tag you chose earlier. Again, in the picture above that is Nobox. Again, don't forget to hit the save button. 5) Run a library scan from the library page.
  16. We've been using MB Classic for years now (probably since your first launch) - it's great and I can't thank you enough!! But... our little girl is growing up - and now frequently using the computer. So I'd like to protect her from accessing age-inappropriate films/tv. User control is "ok" and very beneficial for access from remote computers - I often stream on my Windows Phone on the train, or to my laptop when away. On a local network you know who will be using the machines and so can now allow local access without a password (great addition, with caveats...). However, what many parents (I'm sure?) will want/use users for is to prevent their kids (of whatever age) accessing age-inappropriate material, therefore disabling passwords is not very helpful as they could simply select a different user. Would it be possible to add a basic, optional, "PIN entry" feature for content that is above an age-rating that you specify in the configuration? There could be a toggle for this in the top "options" (?) menu (that is shown in the top-right corner of all front-end pages)... e.g. by default a specified PIN must be entered to view any content rated above the set age rating. You can enter the PIN and enable all media until you then toggle the "parental access" back off again. Ideally, a time-out could be attached to this - so, once the kids have gone to bed, you enter the PIN once and have access to all content for the rest of the evening - but, after say 3 hours/overnight, the PIN times out and content is limited again. This would just be a much simpler (and much faster) option than logging out and in as a different user. It also means that you can simply leave your HTPC on and everything works - with no fear that your children can access 24, True Blood or a violent film for example.
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