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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, ich versuche mich seit einiger Zeit an Emby und bin sehr angetan auf den unterschiedlichen Systemen mit den Möglichkeiten. Nun ist mir bei einem Ordner der Bibliothek aufgefallen, dass manche Ordner korrekt mit den Filminfos angezeigt werden und andere wiederum nicht. Die Ordner sind alle gleich aufgebaut: Ordner entspricht Filmname und darin befindet sich der Film als MKV. Dort, wo das Bild nicht angezeigt wird, ist die Filminfo bei den darunter liegenden MKV Dateien enthalten. Aber ich hätte das gern für alle auf einer Ordnerebene - ist das möglich? (Siehe Screenshot) Ich habe es schon mit manueller Aktualisierung der Metadaten versucht, aber das klappt nicht.
  2. Hello, I'd like to see a button in MBC to bring up the movie synopsis. Since the new screen overrides the old Media Centre overlay, maybe we could repurpose the "info" button? Failnig that, maybe when pressing "play" or "pause", the synopsis/plot could be shown as well as the other info that is ther.
  3. hey so i noticed that in most streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music it has a small "E" icon (see images) by the album name and some songs marking if they are explicit. I was wondering if this feature could be added to Emby. Like either you mark it manually or the metadata scraper automatically adds it. This would help when knowing what songs might not be safe to play at all places and this could be an option when it comes to parental controls. Like if you don't want your kid or a user to listen explicit music then you'd be able to check not to allow explicit music. Anyway is there a way to add this?
  4. What is your policy on peoples personal info. Do you for instance sell it to marketing firms for profit? Such as email, birthday etc. I am asking because I just made myself a new email specifically for here. Mostly for anonymity purposes. Please refer me to any links that might be available for any legal documentation you have provided to your users for their reference and you policies involving personal info if any exist. Thanks.
  5. All, I post this as useful info in case it helps users or the developers. I've found that if the Synology disk is full then Emby tells me that my password is invalid. When I clear some space on the disk my password is accepted. It could be a coincidence related to something else that I haven't noticed but I think it's because of the full disk. Thanks
  6. monkeyslapper

    Harddrive Monitoring System

    Hi there. I am wondering if there is program that will monitor my space/storage or even issues with my drive in emby or 3rd party that will allow me to remote to it using android app? or have website that i can access?? Any suggestion would be great! Monkeyslapper
  7. I'd like to request the display of whether or not a movie is included in any collections. When you navigate to a movie's title screen, you would see any collections that the movie belongs to. The name of the collection would then be a hyperlink to that collection. If the movie is not included in any collections then none of the text in my mock-up would be shown. Here's the mock-up:
  8. Info section keeps reverting back to the original that it pulled from internet even tho I had already changed it to how I wanted it. It seems to be doing it atleast when it tries to update subtitle selection for the video. Would it be possible to add like "LOCK" option for the info section of the video, so it wouldnt try to refresh it after user has already made it how they like it. For example, I add finnish info under the english info it pulled from the internet. And those finnish parts keep disappearing. Super annoying to add the correct info multiple times.
  9. I was thinking it might be convenient to add the size of how much space an individual media item and/or media folder/group is taking up. Exs. -Random Movie 1 is taking up 9.5 GBs -Random Show Season 1 Ep 1 is taking up 6.3 GBs -Random Show (Seasons x - x) is taking up 107.6 GBs This could go at the very bottom of the info section like after the "Path" info sub-section. Just a thought though, it might be better or more streamlined ways to implement this.
  10. arrbee99

    FR - On now

    Purely in the pursuit of self interest, was wondering if it might be a good idea to add some extra info to the Live TV programs shown under 'On Now'... F'rinstance, one version of 'Mrs. Brown' is OTA TV via satellite and hence SD, while another is an IPTV version and HD, hence some kind of indicator stating the source and/or resolution would be quite handy so as to know which one to pick (in the unlikely event of course that I'm missing some other obvious source of this information...)
  11. Hi, I added a media stub to the library, together with a .nfo previously generated by Kodi: Grindhouse.2007.720p.BluRay.x264.disc Grindhouse.2007.720p.BluRay.x264.nfo Emby reads properly some information from the .nfo, but, it does not take the video and audio stream details: <fileinfo> <streamdetails> <video> <codec>avc1</codec> <aspect>2.352941</aspect> <width>1280</width> <height>544</height> <durationinseconds>11473</durationinseconds> <stereomode></stereomode> </video> <audio> <codec>aac</codec> <language>eng</language> <channels>6</channels> </audio> </streamdetails> </fileinfo> Then, the Media Infor section in Emby has only the container type and the patch to the stub. Media Info Container disc Path G:\xxxxxx\Grindhouse (2007)\Grindhouse.2007.720p.BluRay.x264.disc Is it normal? I expected that all the video and audio details in the .nfo would be used and displayed in Emby, like it already happens with stubs in Kodi. This information, although it is really a stub, is quite useful for the user, to be able to know exactly what there is in the library and has complete reports, statistics, movie web page, etc. Thanks.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by meyer64 Yes, the status can be gotten from the plex server. I've done enough research /testing to determine that it can be done in the way you describe. The nice thing is that it won't matter which plex client you use. I did my testing using an old roku running the plex client. I will be making a plex plug in for movie poster when time permits. .. I'm actually considering moving from xbmc to either plex or mediabrowser3 for my own theater. This is great news meyer! Although XBMC has great plugins (MoviePoster and Cinema Experience), I have never been a fan of XBMC because I haven't been able to get it to work as reliably as Plex. I have also been doing some experimenting with media browser 3. I wish MB3 had an Apple TV plugin like plex connect. MB3 just doesn't seem as friendly to apple devices.
  13. garyw383

    More info on MB Theater

    Hi I have been a long time user of Media Browser and have now switched over to MB3 with Media Browser Classic using my xbox360. The improvement in speed is phenomenal ! I have been looking for more info on MB Theater and cannot find much info about how it works. My main concern is with the XBOX One coming out soon (I already purchased) I realize Media Center is not available on the XBOX One. How does MB Theater work/connect to my TV? Any links to info or answers would be greatly appreciated
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