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Found 8 results

  1. I'm running Emby server on CentOS 7. Yesterday I tried to play a multi-disc music album using Firefox and also the iOS app without success. I got the error "No compatible streams are currently available" and when I opened the album I found that the song list for both discs is empty. So basically the album with the artwork is in the library but there are no songs in it. I tried to play the files directly and double checked the mp3 tags, everything is ok. I tried different multi-disc albums from my library and all show the same symptons. The album is in the library but no songs list
  2. Hi, First of all, I tried using newest Beta and newest Release. I've added a new Music library with 3 FLAC songs to Emby and refreshed the library multiple times. Now, it shows me all songs correctly. Well almost, see yourself: The third song, which I'm playing right now has the Artist tag "SYML; Lily Kershaw". It shows correctly on bottom, so where it shows what I'm playing. But on the Songs Overview it just shows "SYML". So that's the first problem. Now, when I click at the artist at bottom left, it opens the "SYML" artist overview. But never the artist overview of the other artist, it j
  3. I've just installed a fresh install of emby on my ubuntu server, previously was running as a plex server (i'm hoping to switch) My media is located on a nas drive externally and i have mounts setup using cifs, i can access the external media by doing cd /media/plex/shows cd /media/plex/movies Both of these mounts show up in plex but during the emby configuration wizard browsing to /media shows only /media/CDRom Is this a permissions issue maybe? If so what user / permissions should i grant to access these mounts? Thanks
  4. Hi all, Last week I opened Emby and found that all the library contents were missing. Attempts to rescan the library failed. Restarting the server was successful but the library contents were still missing. Emby server was also consuming a lot of CPU on the host server while attempting to scan. I have had a similar issue before, which was fixed by renaming the library.db file in the appdata directory and restarting the server. I tried this also, but the result was the same. I tried stopping the hung library scan process in the Manage Server web utility, but it hangs in the Stopping s
  5. thecajun

    Top frame visable, bottom frame empty

    I am running Emby-server on Fedora 26. When I connect to my server from any browser on any computer, I see the top navigation frame, but bottom frame is blank. The same symptom occurs on all platforms (ie Android tablet), I have included the Emby log that results from page refresh. When I first installed over a year ago, all looked normal. Some time in last several months, this started. I figured the next update would fix it, but that has been several updates ago. 2018-05-27 11:29:20.602 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Mozilla/
  6. Hello, I've created a movie library on my emby-server using the folder "\\nas\data\movies" (contains all movies for every age.) Everything works fine. Now I've created another movie-library using the folder "\\nas\data\movies\movies4kids" (contains only movies for kids) This library is always empty though the scan has finished without any problems. Does anyone know if this is per design or is this a bug? Server Version 3.0.5621.4 Thank you for your help.
  7. Mustang Dave

    Empty Library

    Does this happen to anyone else... When I open Media Browser (current version) through Windows Media Center, I will get a blank library. I will have to open or close it a few times or even rescan the library even though I know it has just finished... I opened it on the Web a moment ago and had the same thing happen. I have gotten this on multiple machines and have tried various forms of the current Server (3.0.5582.4 / 3.0.5588.0). Attached are the most current logs...
  8. Hi, I have just noticed that my movies is empty, according to the view in MBC. I checked and they really are all still on my hard drive! I remembered a similar issue awhile back which was cured by removing a .wtv movie. Has anyone had a similar issue? Regards, Sleepy.
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