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  1. mamanizhenhao

    Chinese sorting error!!

    Hey,I have used emby at truenas for 2 years .Until today I found that its Chinese sorting is WRONG.I think this is a bug and I should give your feedback to fix it.Oh final,I'm a Emby Premiere user.Hope fix it quickly!
  2. KerriKEmby

    New User

    Hello. I'm net to Emby after Plex proved too frustrating and the people running it aren't much help. I have a couple of questions: Is there a way to turn off auto-generated Collections? It's kinda ridiculous to have dozens of collections created whether I want them or not. If not, is there a way to delete them all instead of going through them one at a time? Is it possible to hide the song list under individual artists? I'd rather just see the albums. Also is it possible to change the sort order for albums listed under an artist? Thanks.
  3. Hi! This might be a little esoteric - I have a big collection of films and particularly some of the older/more obscure ones just don't have a release date. Only a year. For example, a movie.nfo will look like this: <movie> <title>Rabbit Fire</title> <originaltitle>Rabbit Fire</originaltitle> <year>1951</year> <premiered /> ... This messes up the display when I want to sort by Date. My only on-screen option is to choose 'Release Date' and it'll sort anything with a release/premiered attribute perfectly... but everything else
  4. CathMowr

    Sorting Bug?

    I experienced a very weird thing today where artists that are written small get sorted to the back of the library when you sort by album artist. This happened with a different artist that was written small too, after this I added 2 other albums with artists written big and they behave completely normal. I then put the file into MP3Tag and capitalized the artist/Album Artist/AlbumArtistsort, deleted the MBP Tag and put the file in a folder next to the first one. After this I scanned the library and boom, the second fiel with the capitalized artist sorts normally BUT is still wri
  5. I would love to see the option to have Emby show me more advanced Metadata for audio. I tag my files as meticolous as possible and it would be nice to have a display for things like Label, Barcode, ISRC, Catalogue Number, Original Release Date / Media Release Date etc. Basically the values MBP already shows me in it's tagger. But also the more technicals side of things like Sample Rate, Bit Rate, File Format, Mono/Stereo. Video already does that, so why not audio? Also a few more sorting options in Audio would be nice, like having the possibility to sort by Artist AND year, not just
  6. Hello, This is in the Home screen. Since the latest Big update to Emby all newly added episodes are being shown in the "latest" view of any category. This is my file structure: I cannot find anywhere to change this behavior. Am I just blind?
  7. pefectflaw

    Sorting messed up since last update?

    Earlier today my Emby updated: ---- Emby Server on Emby Server has been updated to 11/23/2019, 8:24:28 am ---- Since then the sorting on my Roku has gone messed. I normally have things sorted by alpha, but now it seems to just randomly sort (Doesn't match by date, by added, by anything I can tell. Just...random.) If I change the sorting to something else, then back to alpha it's fine. This is still problematic for 2 reasons: 1 - I can't sort the main screen, so my various folders are in random order now with no way to fix it. ((Edit: Number 1 has been resolv
  8. Hi! I find it difficult to browse my image folders due to a problem with sorting. I experienced the same problems both in the latest stable version, and in the Beta. Please view attached screenshot. As you can see, all images have a somewhat long title with an embedded timestamp. Sorting on title results in the following: IMG_20170705-190126 IMG_20170705-174138 IMG_20170705-120448 IMG_20170702-091124 IMG_20170706-132632 Any help would be appreciated. Best regards, Ole
  9. NErdgOd56

    Which Episode Is It Anyway

    all the episodes in Whose Line Is It Anyway are messed up. for some seasons, its all by name of the guest alphebeticaly and not episode order for others its a mix of by guest name and actual episode numbers ( no doubles, i checked) is there any way to correct the way they are sorted or any sorting options at all? release date? air date? dvd order? i cant find a setting for it anywhere screenshot attached
  10. Hello all. There was recently a new version of Emby which seems to have changed how videos, specifically TV show episodes are tracked and displayed. I used to just get the season for latest video, if I put more than one episode in the folder. Now it shows the season, and each episode, and sometimes the series as a separate item in the folder. I want it to go back to just the season or the episode. What changed? What setting do I need to adjust, Thank you.
  11. Hi, Would it be possible to add the 'watched status' style tick to Audio Books and EPublications ? I have a extensive library of Movies & TV Shows, and once I've watched them, they can then be given a green tick to remind me of the watched status. I also have an extensive library of Audio Books, however, I can't at a glance see what I've listen to or not as there is no way to add a 'Listened To' tick to Fanart Icon/pic on the Audio Book page or a 'Read' tick to EPubs. Thanks
  12. mistercoffee

    Album artist sort not ignoring "the"

    I could swear this was working correctly before v4.x but I could be mistaken... Please see screenshot below -- I'm sorting by Album Artist and note that artists starting with "the" are being sorted by "the." It looks like system.xml is configured correctly (I haven't changed defaults): <SortRemoveWords> <string>the</string> <string>a</string> <string>an</string> </SortRemoveWords> Thanks!
  13. A method of sorting found in the web version Emby is not present in Emby Theater and it happens to be my absolute favorite method of sorting. Please add it. Although the Album feature exist it does not allow sorting by the Artist under Albums like the web version does. As you can see the sorting is by album title only and no way to switch sorting for the artist instead while still showing album covers.
  14. When I go to, say, a directors page and go to "Episodes", it gives several sort options but not one to sort by episode title. The closest is the default, "Name", but the episode names prepend the season and episode numbers, so that's basically the same in practice as sorting by "Release Date". I'd like to be able to sort alphabetically by episode title regardless of the episode air order.
  15. topbanana

    Add Sort by Filename/Path

    Now that the SortRemoveWords hack doesn't work, can we please, please just have Sort by 'Filename/Path' added to the sorting options! It's such a simple and obvious feature. I need to change the sort order to match the media files on the filesystem. But Emby sorts the titles ignoring the articles, A, An, The... Which is entirely valid, but we need to switch between either. Emby was created to help us wrangle huge numbers of media files, sorting data is such a basic feature! Please!
  16. WarEagleUS

    TV Show Setup

    Hello. I just downloaded and installed Emby today after having used Plex Media Server for over 5 years. I love Plex but recent updates have made it where the transcoder is crashing on Movies and there is no work around in sight for the time being, so I moved to Emby. I just want to say I love Emby and it is working flawlessly for my Movies but I am having an issue with TV Shows. I previously just used the TV Shows folder on my External Drive to store the shows we watch and Plex would automatically sort them but series and assign them under one cover art for us to watch. With Emby it se
  17. justwondering

    Sort roman numerals numerically

    Small and nitpicky thing: It would be nice if the sorting algorithm could recognize roman numerals and sort them numerically. For example, currently "Men in Black 3" comes before "Men in Black II". No big deal but it would be nice.
  18. Arly (Sprinkles)

    File System Organization - HELP

    This is not, by any means, an urgent issue. I am just looking to clean up my TV file system & am curious as to what the best method is to do this. By "clean up", I mean sort the shows via category or genre, while keeping them separate on my actual Emby server. My level of intelligence in this sort of thing isn't 100%, but I do have some knowledge in how to make all this stuff flow together & work. Any help would be appreciated. My TV File System (Partial) - https://gyazo.com/f08862f080615c9487c37d28d9377bf1 My Movie File System (Essentially what I want, if possible) - https
  19. Hi, I was checking out the new sorting options in the Apple TV app (really good, BTW) and after I sorted by budget... the app stopped showing movies. I can still get to them by Genre or Search, but All now just shows me a blank screen. I tried restarting the server, the Apple TV, removing and re-adding the app and nothing worked. Movies displayed fine in the web app. I checked through the logs and it looks like Budget isn't available in my SQLite DB. Stack trace: 2018-05-24 11:17:18.296 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET
  20. Haesselmaas

    Sorting clips - help!

    Hi! I have a large media library with clips from different shows - sorted by the date they originally aired. I would like to find a way to be able to add all these clips to one place, sort them by date and then watch them chronologically on my phone. I have tried in a lot of ways, but I can't make it work. I spent years finding the airing date of every single clip and adding the date to the name, but in the Emby player the names of the clips are automatically changed to episode names, so even if I could find a place in Emby to add the files, I wouldn't be able to sort them correctl
  21. I have a problem with Emby sorting my music. Multiple albums are lumped together as the same album. I have one album in particular, which supposedly contains 571 songs. In the artist view I also find artists with only two or three albums showing up when there should be 6 or 7. Before putting the music into the Emby library I went through and re-tagged all of the music I own to try to avoid this problem. I used a stand-alone music tagging program and checked album, artist, album artist, and one or two more categories. In many cases I also made the artist and album artist match (using a si
  22. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if it's possible to sort movie with multi audio I have a few movie with multi audio within a MKV file but I would like to be able to sort my library just to get the one with multi audio Thx !
  23. Hi, I'm using the NextPVR plugin for recording and now the recordings are shown as an own channel, which isn't a bad thing. But the first problem of my wife was, that the shows, that she has seen, are now not marked as seen, but that's another story... My problem here is, that I'm simply unable to get a proper sorting of the recordings. For example, in one show, there are these files: In the web view, I see this for the show: And this is the file info for the first entry, which you can see, isn't the first entry of the first screenshot: I can't really sort the
  24. Hi there, I'm fairly new to Emby (like it a lot though) and I'm using the Android app to listen to my music collection. So far so good, I do however miss some sorting options? I start my collection with the genre sorting but after that the collection is being sorted on album, I would like artist instead. Is that possible? Cheers!
  25. Hi there. This two things were present on old MediaBrowser and would like to see them back. The first is to add the director's name below the title of the movie in the details page. I know that you can find it in the "Cast and Crew" section on the page but usually you have to find it at the end of the cast pushing the "more" button and scrolling down. Too much work. The second is to implement different sorting options in the page of an actor or a director. Actually movies have an alphabetical order wich is not best if you want to follow an actor or a director's career though time s
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