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Found 4 results

  1. CathMowr

    Sorting Bug?

    I experienced a very weird thing today where artists that are written small get sorted to the back of the library when you sort by album artist. This happened with a different artist that was written small too, after this I added 2 other albums with artists written big and they behave completely normal. I then put the file into MP3Tag and capitalized the artist/Album Artist/AlbumArtistsort, deleted the MBP Tag and put the file in a folder next to the first one. After this I scanned the library and boom, the second fiel with the capitalized artist sorts normally BUT is still written small - even if it shouldn't be - and gets sorted into the same allbum artist section like the one written small. When I sort by something else than album artist both files sort correctly. I attached the files if somebody wants to check, trippin is the one written small, trippin 2 is the one that is capitalized according to MP3Tag. I am confused. alllone - Bedroom Files Vol.1 - 01 trippin 2.flac alllone - Bedroom Files Vol.1 - 01 trippin.flac
  2. After solving one issue where an artist was replacing all albumartist fields of a certain name, I've ended up with a new and confusing problem. emby seems to have decided that a couple of my albumartist tags simply don't exist. The two offending albumartist tags I've discovered so far are "KarenT" and "colate". When emby scans the library, it either does not read those albumartist tags, thus leaving the album artist field blank, or is deleting them for some reason. For reference, this library has all external metadata sources turned off. This image shows all the tags assigned to one of the affected KarenT tracks (MP3Tag), and what emby sees. Note the conspicuously blank album artist. Here's the same comparison for a colate track: And, just for completeness, here's a track where everything was fine: There is no difference in the tags used that could relate to album artist, so why is emby clearing/not reading some seemingly at random?
  3. When viewing my music in the Albums view it appears that I have a bunch of albums for which the artist is not displayed. The album artist is also not considered when the albums are sorted. My albums view is front-loaded with all the albums that don't display the artist (I suppose the sort puts them up front). Then all of my albums that DO show the artist come after that. You can see a picture below where the two sections meet. The three albums on the left don't show the album artist underneath the album cover. The are sorted purely by the album name. The two 311 albums have the artist name shown below the cover image and are first-order sorted by artist name and second-order sorted by album name. Here are a couple of notes and observations: - I know that all of my music is tagged with the artist - Some of the albums that are missing artist info are mp3, others are m4a. I don't think it is a file format issue - Emby clearly knows which artist SHOULD go in the space below the album images because I can pull up the context menu, select "view artist" and I am directed to the appropriate artist page. Any tips on how I might debug this issue?
  4. Wouldnt it be great if 1. MB instanced a unique albumartist to each album object and distinguished albumartist='various artists' from real albums by the artist. where a=%albumartist%(id3 tag) per track if for each a in album a is unique then albumartist of album object is 'a', otherwise albumartist of albumobject is 'a' of lowest track. 2. when clients showed albums belong to artist, clients could quickly distinguish/group real albums (and perhaps sort then chronologically) and client could quickly distinguish/group 'other' albums (and perhaps sort them alphabetically) either that or clients just put the real albums at the front of the 'albums belonging to artist' list it is frustrating when looking at a popular artist (perhaps with few albums) to have 3 pages of compilations when what you want is their real albums. thanks for considering.
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