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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings, I've updated the embedded images for an audiobook album with Picard, but I can't seem to get emby to see the change. In Picard, you can see I've updated the embedded image for the whole album in the bottom right corner: Yet in emby, it still shows the old embedded image: There are no images like `cover.jpg` or anything like that in the album folder. I'm only sourcing from the embedded images for the album. I only have external image fetchers enabled for artists: On songs, I only have the image extractor enabled: Here are some of the things I've tried: I tried refreshing Metadata with replace images checked on: the entire audiobook library, the album, every individual file within the album I tried removing the album and readding it I tried deleting my entire audiobook library, then readding it. Because I've tried deleting and readding it, I'm assuming some sort of cached image keeps getting reused. Is there some way to prevent that? Or to clear out that cached image? I tried `Vacuum the database on the next Emby Server startup`, but that didn't seem to help at all. Any help would be appreciated. I've been pulling my hair on this one for a couple hours now... embyserver.txt
  2. Generally I am only listening to a single AudioBook at a time. In addition, many of the fantasy/ sci-fi books I read have titles that are difficult for Google Assistant to interpret. I would appreciate the option to to simply ask Google Assistant "Ask Emby Home to resume my audiobook" and Emby would begin playing my most recently played AudioBook . At it's core I want a way to resume my AudioBook without having to speak the title. I think the simplest way to accomplish that is to default to resuming my most recently played book. I know there is the command to ask "what (show/movie/audio book) was I in the middle of?" but when I use that I just get a list of all of the media that I've listened/ watched recently. I really hope this can be added. Thanks.
  3. Can you add an option, when resuming an AudioBook, to rewind playback (ex: 3-30 seconds) depending on how long the pause was? (Without rewinding beyond the beginning of a chapter) My favorite audiobook app does this and it greatly improves the listening experience. When I am repeatedly interrupted, and need to repeatedly pause my book, I'm not resuming in the middle of a word (3 second rewind). When I'm resuming after a long pause I'm given a few sentences to remember where I'm at in the book (30 second rewind). I would love for these values to be adjustable at the library level, or perhaps a few presets. ex: no rewind, short [up to 15 seconds], medium [up to 30 seconds] Thanks.
  4. socalredneck

    Audio Books - No items found.

    Hello, Not sure if this is known or not, I did search the forum and didn't find anything specifically related to this issue. I have an Audio Books library setup, and I know it worked in the past, but unfortunately I haven't used it much. I went to listen to a book last night and noticed that none of the files show up in the libraries book. I verified the files are still on my server, and in .mp3 format. When I select down from Audio Books, to Author, to a book, inside the book I get "No items found." I'm running Version, but I don't know when the audio book files stopped showing up. Thank you.
  5. Lorties

    Audio Book Resume

    Just want to say thanks for adding Audio Books, however (I hate that, its like I love you but....) why is there no resume function? I would love to open the Emby app in my car , stream or download and listen. I know there are other apps for books and yes I have them. As it is I have to remember where I was and then try to find the position.... and... then.... oh crap! I say screw it and move on to the other apps. Also the Audio Book library still says "Latest Music".
  6. macwillard

    Music Library w/ Audio books flickering

    I recently installed the Emby server on my Windows 7 PC and have set up a Music library under which I have placed my audio book folders (all MP3 Audio files within their own folders). I use a Roku 2 to access Emby via the app from the Roku store. I can access and play the audio via the Roku, but when I do press play the background flickers between black, a rainbow color, and transitions between some combination of the two. All media on the screen appears and disappears, including but not limited to: buttons for Play and Stop, all images, and the entire Now Playing section at the bottom. When I back out of the Music library the images at my Home Screen continue to appear and disappear, and the background continues its psychedelic dance. My Windows 7 doesn't have this problem. Is this a known bug or did I set up my audio books incorrectly?
  7. gl3nn

    Audio books

    Hello guys, I saw in a forum post that in the beta there is support for audio books (which i love that you guys added it!). Is there an eta for when it's released to stable? Greetings, Gl3nn
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