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Found 21 results

  1. @LukeI hate to bother you and the developers but the new Emby update has seems to have flip the audio Channels around. I have several 5.1 audio movies and shows that have been affected by this. And form the look of it the tv app and mobile app doesn't have any way to change the audio settings or at least force it to stereo audio. Please fix this. Btw love the new update y'all are making so much progress it's amazing.
  2. It would be a nice for Emby as a whole. So people could develop more for it making it more feature rich and more appealing to for people to get interstate from the competition
  3. I have quite a lot of shows that have ASS Subtitles in them. But the problem is that when I enable them my server immediately jumps to transcoding. Which sacrifice quite a lot of video quality. I have noticed that It does not do that in the mobile version.
  4. server v4.5.0.6 plugin v1.5.6.0 - search to add new series/movie is not working there is not even a ("failed") entry in the log file - movie "detection" is also "broken" they get recognized as series - the list of files to organize does not get refreshed after an organize action, as it used to you have to refresh the whole page to see new items
  5. Hi, Last week sometime my movies started all being matched as "Teens Titans Go". My tv series from Sonarr work fine so it's something specific to movies. Some background, I have Emby running on Centos 7, it updates every time there is a new stable version (currently I have a SMB share to which I copy the new movies and then Emby picks it up from there. I can still click on movie -> Identify, copy and paste the movie name to the "Name" field and it will match correctly, but previously it would match it correctly from the get go. Any suggestions? Thanks. Warren.
  6. Hi all.Emby on my apple TV home screen (not the Emby home screen ) doesn't refresh the "next up", "Continue" and "New" section. It shows content from an earlier Emby server I had.Is there any way to change this or clean they Emby library on apple TV? As you can see from the included pictures there are no images in the thumbnails and if I press the program that it shows I get an error message.My version of Emby is en-GB Thanks.Hope someone can help.
  7. Hello, I hope everyone is well Please will you advise me as to how i can type my server address into the app (i am using a ordinary remote not a keyboard). Please also give an example of the correct format i must use on the samsung tv app (for example: my server is: https://myserver1,stream and port: 456) I have a H series smart TV (i am not sure what the app version is but i installed it today) Your Assistance and advice will be highly appreciated Thank You
  8. Hello! I just have a question about updating my Synology NAS and if it is safe to update it to the new DSM 6.2.2-24922 update 2 with my Emby Server running on it. The DSM update was just released https://www.synology.com/en-us/releaseNote/DS918+ on the 4th of July. The only reason why I ask this is because I've updated, restarted, and shutdown my NAS is the past, and I've often gotten times where I could not run Emby after the update, restart, or shutdown was complete, but I don't know if it could have done something with this https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/73984-emby-on-synology-ds918-won’t-run-after-restart-shutdown/ that I posted a little while ago and solved the issue on. So, since my NAS just received the update as of today, despite it being released on the 4th of July, I have yet to download and install it because I want to know if it is safe to do so for Emby and my NAS so that I don't have the same problem like I did before in the past from the second link I shared above. Plus, what to do (precautions) before I download and install the update on my NAS for the Emby Server. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. nick114

    new ideas

    new ideas for TV boxes 1. live TV in the top right corner of the guide 2. custom buttons for remote like page up and down to do channel up and down and the number keys to work and change channel when number is pressed and a record button as well try and make emby this fast at switching channels and the buttons 3.fast forded like 2x 5x 10x faster same with rewind watch all of this video 4. make live tv faster like 1s to 3s to load if you can 5.up converting on client end like what virgin media does but do not need it 100% but will be good 6.all so can we have reminders for the live tv what says do you want to switch channel and have the info of the show i will like to see them on emby as we are in 2019 but i got to MIT i do love emby keep up with the good work emby
  10. Wurz3lbert

    New Movies List not working

    Hi there, i just noticed that there is a official forum of Emby and thought lets give it a try! First of all i want to thank you for making this wonderful software and i love to pay 5€/month for the premium features hoping this will support your work a little bit. Now here is my problem: I am running the Emby server on a maching with Ubuntu 16.04 on it. Recently i updated to the new Emby version After the update has finished ive seen that my "New Movies"-List is showing some weird films that have been in my library since long ago. If i am now adding a new film, it is definitely added to my library and i am also able to search and find it in Emby. The problem is that the "New Movies"-List will not update for me any more, it is still showing the same (old) movies that are not even the ones that i added short before i updated to v4.0.0.2. I tried to switch between the options under the advanced tab of the library settings in the server manager where i can choose between the date of the scan or the date where the file was created. Unfortunately this did not have any effect and there are still the same old movies showing up in my "New Movies"-List. Im hoping to get some approaches that i could give a try and looking forward to it! Thanks for your help and kind regards!
  11. This is not a huge deal, but I'm curious if there is any way to remove or exclude a particular movie from showing up in the Recent/Latest lists (including removing it from showing up in these lists via the API)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. fisticuffs

    Plex Refugee

    Just wanted to say hi to the community. I’m moving away from Plex due to their terrible design decisions as of late, removal of features, and general apathy toward their users’ concerns. Their recent Roku release is causing a huge backlash, so I imagine more refugees will be popping in soon. Looking forward to migrating over completely and possibly working on some plugins as extensibility was a huge deal for me, and Plex took that away.
  13. When i add say 15 new movies to my library folder, they don't appear in emby for ages! Only one new/unidentified/posterless movie shows up (old bug, all 15 new/unidentified do show up in folders view). Only after ages do they appear, with all the metadata and images. Can we have a button, perhaps just on the dashboard, that instructs emby to: * Immediately halt any other processes, scans, etc. * Scrape the library folders for new media. * Show these discovered new/unidentified/posterless movies in the 'Latest Movies' view (as it used to before the bug/change a while ago) * Systematically acquire all the metadata, images, etc. for each new item. Then emby will show up the new media as quickly as the server, internet connection will allow. Now the new can be watched, organized, edited, checked, etc.
  14. GuruBaron

    Missing Emby Service

    This morning a friend of mine wanted Emby on his Windows 10/64-bit home system. So I download Emby Server Stable and install without problem. But there is no Emby service. It works in application mode just fine. I have done this a dozen or more times in the past on other computers, always with a service installed automatically. This is brand new HP system, only finished windows updates and antivirus, 12G memory. Have tried re-downloading & re-installing Emby Server, turning on and off the Emby "Run server at startup" option and multiple reboots. Still no Emby service. Any help?
  15. cajacontrol

    Great if Emby do this:

    Hi developer that would be great if emby should play a short video promo in background en every movie like this https://www.repelisplus.com/ thanks so much congratulations excelent software
  16. jdfisher

    XMLTV Previously Shown

    I have been using Schedules direct for a year now, and am looking into moving toward something free. I am currently trying to get XMLTV working correctly. I have used zap2xml to download my wanted guide data to xml (attached), mapped my channels manually, and the information is populated into the guide successfully. The problem I am running into is what it is marking as new or repeat in the guide, especially repeat without an original air date. Looking in the xml <previously-shown start="20161127000000" /> designates a repeat showing with the original air date in the start= attribute But if where I am pulling data from doesn't know the original air date it just comes through as <previously-shown /> For the ones that have start= attribute, they are working correctly and it shows repeat in the guide If it doesn't have the start= attribute, then it is showing up as New in the guide New episodes that are designated as <new /> work correctly as far as I can tell xmltv.xml server-63615756427.txt
  17. Hey guys, The new theater refuses to open when my pc is offline. I simply get a big black screen. Looking at the logs it seems to be task connecting to github for updates and failing - which is halting the entire startup process? I tried messing around in the config files, turning some autoupdate directive to false. This did not help. But it also appears that the new theater doesn't clean up the remnants of the old theater very well, so maybe those configs are unused? Either way, log file is attached. I can confirm that theater opens without complications or hiccups when online. I have another folder "C:\Users\Tarn\AppData\Roaming\Emby Theater". Is this a remnant from the old theater? Can it be cleaned up? TIA Tarn theater-63593573973.txt
  18. CtrlAlt7

    New version Update

    I was just wondering with Windows 10 around the corner can we expect the new version of Emby Theater to be released soon? Last I heard it was still in alpha testing which was sometime ago. Just thinking ahead as I currently use Emby for WMC and will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 as WMC is dead.
  19. Hello all, I'm new to emby and trying to figure out a couple of things. Last night I downloaded the emby server for windows and then this afternoon I seen a video on how to configure emby with Kodi (xbmc). https://youtu.be/4jp4m-Zkkuo My first question is...Is it OK to remove the windows server and download and install the emby for kodi without any harm? My second question is ... is there any links or tutorials on setting up my emby server? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. BG
  20. CtrlAlt7

    MBT new release/overhaul

    I understand that MBT is under a complete overhaul, is there any ETA available on this? If not is there an early release I can get a hold onto?
  21. So I have a ton of TV Shows that are stuck on 'New'. It's been like this for a while now. I never really took much notice, but I'm sure it's not right. I checked the 'Date Added' and none of them are recent. Most are from years ago.
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