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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there. I'm using Emby for classical music. After few weeks, some features could be appreciated. I'll post in different topics to make it more readable. First : It looks like there's a limit in 30 songs displayed by album. Would it be possible to allow users to modify this or including multi-pages navigation for lists with 40 or more songs ? Thanks, EtPv
  2. server v4.5.0.6 plugin v1.5.6.0 - search to add new series/movie is not working there is not even a ("failed") entry in the log file - movie "detection" is also "broken" they get recognized as series - the list of files to organize does not get refreshed after an organize action, as it used to you have to refresh the whole page to see new items
  3. frandan

    How to Recover Movies list

    Good morning, first of all best compliments for your fantastic software. I had a hard disk failure. In this disk i had part of my movies collection that i had previously backuped on another disk. There is a way to recover the movies list that was recognized by emby? So i could rebuild my movie library at the same state before disk failure. At this moment Emby runs correctly on another disk and it never stopped working I tried with local.db but i couldn't find the complete movies list Thanks in advance
  4. Wurz3lbert

    New Movies List not working

    Hi there, i just noticed that there is a official forum of Emby and thought lets give it a try! First of all i want to thank you for making this wonderful software and i love to pay 5€/month for the premium features hoping this will support your work a little bit. Now here is my problem: I am running the Emby server on a maching with Ubuntu 16.04 on it. Recently i updated to the new Emby version After the update has finished ive seen that my "New Movies"-List is showing some weird films that have been in my library since long ago. If i am now adding a new film, it is definitely added to my library and i am also able to search and find it in Emby. The problem is that the "New Movies"-List will not update for me any more, it is still showing the same (old) movies that are not even the ones that i added short before i updated to v4.0.0.2. I tried to switch between the options under the advanced tab of the library settings in the server manager where i can choose between the date of the scan or the date where the file was created. Unfortunately this did not have any effect and there are still the same old movies showing up in my "New Movies"-List. Im hoping to get some approaches that i could give a try and looking forward to it! Thanks for your help and kind regards!
  5. CBers

    Feature Requests list

    This is a compiled list of Feature Requests, from the main thread with links back to the original requests for further information. 01. Help Page - Make a proper page of it, link in Tools menu and have it page dependant - link 02. Multiple episode files - link 03. Rotating backdrops on Music - link 04. Album art does not change when scrolling to down to a new album when under an Artist. App lists all songs from all albums, but only displays the first Album art when scrolling down - link 05. When under Artist the album name is not displayed on the top under artists name like it is when in Album Artist - link 06. can the app be changed to display individual albums once clicking on an Album Artist or Artist and then the songs once you click on the album. Nested like it is on the web - link 07. support for multiple episode file naming - link same as 2? 08. warning message to avoid deleting server accidentally - link 09. add the ability to play multi-part movies - link 10. add an "Upcoming" header under TV like in the webclient - link 11. move the Log from Settings to within the list of Menu items - link 12. Add option to save Log to a txt file on USB - link 13. Any plans to consider cast filmography redesign - link - link 14. Add the language of default audio track on the info screen of a movie - link 15. allow users to login with short PINs instead of long passwords - link 16 . add the time and studio - link 17. Add transcoding of ATMOS / TrueHD 7.1 audio - link 18. Is it possible to use the Remote Play/Stop button when playing music - link 19. High quality images. The images are low quality and a little grainy - link 20. add the shared session feature that Kodi Emby plugin has - link 21. Trailer support - link 22. having a quick way to mark a whole season or a whole show as watched would be great - link 23. Add Live TV - link 24. In the music player it would be nice to be able to see a list of any tracks that have been queued, or the results of the auto mix - link If the developer(s) feel that a Feature Request is not possible to be added, or has been completed, then I will strike-through the line above and add a comment. I will lock this thread, but will add to it as more Feature Requests are made and accepted by the developer(s). .
  6. gquayle

    MBS,MBT - Watch Wish List

    I would like to be able to tag movies as "watch next" or "wish list" or "watch queue" something like that. And then have a filter that shows me all of the movies tagged in this list. I have a lot of content in my library and often see something that I want to watch. I also have young kids, so that I rarely have time to watch. By the time I get to sit down to watch a movie, I have forgotten what it was that I wanted to watch. A custom metadata tag would do the trick and the ability to set custom filters. I can just use that for my use while others can use it for their needs. Just a thought...
  7. Hi: I'm using Media Browser on my Lumia 920 with Developer Preview 8.1. Media Browser has worked flawlessly up until about two weeks ago when, for no apparent reason, one recorded show stopped appearing in the list of all recorded items. Earlier, I had changed the name of the recorded show and added my own episode # to make it easier when viewing on my phone (rather than Seinfeld_TBSHCHB_2014_07_05_17_00_01, for example, I changed it to Seinfeld Episode 23). It worked for two weeks (I could see the show in question) but three weeks ago, it disappeared. I tried refreshing, cleared the logs, etc but the show won't reappear. I've done the renaming for other shows and it's worked fine. Any idea on how to get this one particular show to reappear? Joe
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