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Found 9 results

  1. reederda

    Grouping results in duplicates

    Hi all, I'm attempting to use Emby's "Grouping" feature to combine two versions of a video into a single listing. However, when I do this I instead am left with two listings, each showing the two versions (see attached screenshots). I've tried rescanning the library, but that hasn't helped. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  2. It would be nice if the selected movie "version" will be respected when clicking the download or sync button. I have two versions for every movie, one for the (big) tv's and one for mobile devices. Now my Android device downloads the biggest file no matter which one I've selected.
  3. CtrlAlt7

    New version Update

    I was just wondering with Windows 10 around the corner can we expect the new version of Emby Theater to be released soon? Last I heard it was still in alpha testing which was sometime ago. Just thinking ahead as I currently use Emby for WMC and will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 as WMC is dead.
  4. I've seen similar posts before, but they mainly have to do with the auto-selection of movie versions where the resolution is the primary difference. I use multiple versions for such things as extended versions, director's cuts, various edits and so on. The multiple version feature could use several improvements in this regard. 1. The ability to select the DEFAULT version. For instance if I feel the Director's Cut is the definitive version, I would like to set that version as a default which will come up on the clients as the first or default selection. In other cases, it might be
  5. nicheplayer

    Upgrading OS on VPS -- which to choose?

    Upgrading from Debian Wheezy to something newer and am looking for advice/thoughts on which Linux distro would be best for running emby server, sabnzbd, etc. Just go for Ubuntu 18.04? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm running beta version 3.1.2 and emby server notify me of 3.1.5 available but apt is not updating the package. When I crawl the repository at " http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/Debian_8.0/"I can see that stable number version (3.1.5) is higher than beta (3.1.2) . Beta is not available any more ? Can I switch to stable on the fly or I will have to do a clean new installation ? thanks EDIT: really strange, I am not with emby-server-beta but with emby-server btw apt is not updating the package. dpkg -l | grep emby-server ii emby-server
  7. ddywz

    Emby Theater version

    I use Emby Theater on my windows 8.1 laptop to connect to my Emby server in the same LAN. Going to settings on the "Emby Theater" on the bottom I see version 2.5.26. Where do I see the version of Emby theater on the download page? It says only Download Emby theater and it just downloads a setup.exe file. How do I know when a new version is out? Why the version is not posted on download page? Just curious. Thanks,
  8. msavazzi

    Issue with update - dashboard

    Team, sorry to bother but I just installed Emby following the intructioins on the website on my QNAP and on the dashboard I do get: Version 3.0.5724.6 Emby Server is up to date A new version of Emby Server is available! Version 3.0.5786.0 is now available for download. Update Now Please shutdown the server and update manually. The problem is that if I follow the link it sends me back to the instructions to install the QPKG (as I did)!!!! So how do I upgrade? M
  9. Release Notes: Version 3.0.307 Fix song display in Chocolate Fix Chocolate recent item posters not respecting show tick option Fix Yahoo weather (thanks Throg) Properly handle not being able to get Connect PIN Improve streamed music display during playback (thanks Softworkz) Fix genre buttons on detail page Version 3.0.302 More top level view configuration options Version 3.0.299 Compatibility update Version 3.0.298 Compatibility update Restore Legacy folder browsing Version 3.0.292 Compatibility update Version 3.0.283 Fix books not showing in User Vie
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