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Found 10 results

  1. Is there a way to set a default version of a movie when offered from a Server? The server I use sometimes offers up to 4 different versions of a movie such as '4K' , 'FHD', 'HD' and 'SD' which the original files have been encoded for various reasons. I would like the Apple TV client device to default to 'HD' (which is 720p AC3 MP4 direct play) when it is offered from the server. If I do not select it, I sometimes mistakingly choose '4K' as it runs in alphabetical order on the menu and this does not play for me. Is this possible to choose a version?
  2. reederda

    Grouping results in duplicates

    Hi all, I'm attempting to use Emby's "Grouping" feature to combine two versions of a video into a single listing. However, when I do this I instead am left with two listings, each showing the two versions (see attached screenshots). I've tried rescanning the library, but that hasn't helped. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  3. It would be nice if the selected movie "version" will be respected when clicking the download or sync button. I have two versions for every movie, one for the (big) tv's and one for mobile devices. Now my Android device downloads the biggest file no matter which one I've selected.
  4. CtrlAlt7

    New version Update

    I was just wondering with Windows 10 around the corner can we expect the new version of Emby Theater to be released soon? Last I heard it was still in alpha testing which was sometime ago. Just thinking ahead as I currently use Emby for WMC and will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 as WMC is dead.
  5. I've seen similar posts before, but they mainly have to do with the auto-selection of movie versions where the resolution is the primary difference. I use multiple versions for such things as extended versions, director's cuts, various edits and so on. The multiple version feature could use several improvements in this regard. 1. The ability to select the DEFAULT version. For instance if I feel the Director's Cut is the definitive version, I would like to set that version as a default which will come up on the clients as the first or default selection. In other cases, it might be the Theatrical. Some movies have several versions like Dawn of the Dead or The Wicker Man. It would be great to assign a number preference to order these. 2. I would like to see the display of the Run Time and Ends At dynamically change to reflect the currently selected version. One version can be much longer and I would like to see those times reflected in the display. Thanks. P.S. Thanks for allowing us to use embedded track titles again in the display. I spent a lot of time curating these and marking commentary tracks, etc. So it is great to be able to display that now.
  6. nicheplayer

    Upgrading OS on VPS -- which to choose?

    Upgrading from Debian Wheezy to something newer and am looking for advice/thoughts on which Linux distro would be best for running emby server, sabnzbd, etc. Just go for Ubuntu 18.04? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I'm running beta version 3.1.2 and emby server notify me of 3.1.5 available but apt is not updating the package. When I crawl the repository at " http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/Debian_8.0/"I can see that stable number version (3.1.5) is higher than beta (3.1.2) . Beta is not available any more ? Can I switch to stable on the fly or I will have to do a clean new installation ? thanks EDIT: really strange, I am not with emby-server-beta but with emby-server btw apt is not updating the package. dpkg -l | grep emby-server ii emby-server 3.1.283~beta-13.1
  8. ddywz

    Emby Theater version

    I use Emby Theater on my windows 8.1 laptop to connect to my Emby server in the same LAN. Going to settings on the "Emby Theater" on the bottom I see version 2.5.26. Where do I see the version of Emby theater on the download page? It says only Download Emby theater and it just downloads a setup.exe file. How do I know when a new version is out? Why the version is not posted on download page? Just curious. Thanks,
  9. msavazzi

    Issue with update - dashboard

    Team, sorry to bother but I just installed Emby following the intructioins on the website on my QNAP and on the dashboard I do get: Version 3.0.5724.6 Emby Server is up to date A new version of Emby Server is available! Version 3.0.5786.0 is now available for download. Update Now Please shutdown the server and update manually. The problem is that if I follow the link it sends me back to the instructions to install the QPKG (as I did)!!!! So how do I upgrade? M
  10. Release Notes: Version 3.0.307 Fix song display in Chocolate Fix Chocolate recent item posters not respecting show tick option Fix Yahoo weather (thanks Throg) Properly handle not being able to get Connect PIN Improve streamed music display during playback (thanks Softworkz) Fix genre buttons on detail page Version 3.0.302 More top level view configuration options Version 3.0.299 Compatibility update Version 3.0.298 Compatibility update Restore Legacy folder browsing Version 3.0.292 Compatibility update Version 3.0.283 Fix books not showing in User View mode Fix a crash with a null content type Fix blue screen if cannot locate server on brand new install Change branding Performance improvements - especially with TV libraries Fix details page not showing for episodes Version 3.0.266 Stability improvements for extenders Version 3.0.262 Fix backdrops on top items Recognize more local networks Allow star ratings on series Fix some channels crashing with new server Version 3.0.258 Add MB Connect feature (warning - MBC may not function well on low-bandwidth connections) Display the same user views as the web client Performance enhancements Compatibility with the new Vox Commando plug-in Indicate forced subs in all caps in Chocolate Wrap list view in Chocolate Fix delete button overlapping next button in Chocolate Retry server connection if configured to specific server to allow wake-up time Fix active backgrounds with Box Sets/Collections If you use GameBrowser, please see: Gamebrowser Guide - MB Classic setup, read this Version 3.0.243 Performance improvements with indexes Handle non-Latin characters in machine and Windows user names Add h.265 media info icons Version 3.0.238 Fix crashing on multi-part items Allow streamed content in MPC-HC and VLC Sort by User (IMDb/tmdb) and Critic (rotten tomatoes) ratings More remote control improvements Allow auto login with a hidden user account Display an appropriate message when access is denied by schedules on the server Fix problems with using the same user account on multiple extenders of the same host Implement Theme music and video backdrops natively (plug-in no longer required) Reduce network traffic with the server Audio media info icon will now align with default audio track instead of just first one Expose options for the size of images retrieved from server (can be used to improve extender performance) Add an indicator and update button when an update is available Add clt-shift-f and ctl-shift-b as shortcuts for skip forward and back in custom player interface Re-write image caching to be much simpler and perform better Remove redundant missing and un-aired episode options (these are in the server now) Version Improved and expanded remote control capabilities Fix favorite only filter not working Improve reactions to new items being added during session Fixes for changes to photo support on server Fix some freezes when MBC is left open while using other components in WMC Add periodic image cache clean up 24 hour clock in log Ensure playlists display in proper order Play intros in custom interface Fix box sets collapsing in playlists Fix Tune-in playback Fix Manual log-in with passwords Improve streaming Force all streamed items to play in internal player Version Support new server security model Support server playlists (cannot manage, add or edit from MBC yet) Fix "Play All from here" on music not using the WMC player interface Enhancements to Chocolate theme including new colored icons, 3D indicator and much easier sorting in all views Add multiple item support to new player interface . Can now see how many items and skip to the next one. Add overview display to new player interface Add remaining time to new player interface Add option to display pause indication Remove the auto configuration of MPC-HC in external players (was not working consistently) Ability to delete content is now governed by the server-side user option instead of one in MBC (no longer have to be an Admin to delete) Add manual log-in ability (now can access hidden users in MBC) Version Force static streaming of trailers and podcasts Recent items for channels Back hides the overlay in custom player interface Red watched indicators Remove backdrop rotation restriction while playing video (allows backdrops to rotate during theme music playback) Fix local/remote determination (was not recognizing all local addresses) Zoom modes in custom player interface (ctl-shft-z toggles) Fix for server auth change Move weather configuration to MBC (no longer in the server) Fix chapters and actors not loading properly Option to not show overlay in custom player interface on mouse movement Allow screensaver/sleep on extended pause Allow intros on multi-part items Pause/unpause on mouse click in new player interface Fix problems when there is no internet connection Fix skipping in DVD rips Version Auto Logoff - MBC will now automatically log out of the current profile after a period of activity. Can be disabled and the time-out adjusted via config. New watched indicators match up with other clients Better streaming support - you can now configure max bandwidth and other parameters related to streaming content when not on the same network as the MB server New Jump In List (JIL) selectors in most views Fix missing thumb images for genres Brand new modernized and more functional playback interface. Support for new "Channels" - these will appear on your EHS along with your media folders Fix unwatched counts on seasons and series not updating after playback Add remote messaging support A tiny bit of fun in the Chocolate detail screen Add overscan adjustment to advanced config panel Several other minor improvements and adjustments for changes in the server Version Make exit menu optional Version Support multi-part videos Add shortcut legend Add new exit menu Version Fix minor issues with some external players Implement new remote control commands for upcoming server Performance improvements dealing with Actor Index and "Hide Empty Folders" Version Update Chocolate to be sure it is properly in the package Version Re-check before attempting playback of items marked offline - in case they have come back online since the last library scan Version Support External Disc type Option to collapse movies into box sets in views Make spinner buttons more responsive to available options Display date taken on photo slide show Fix backdrops on individual songs Separate index by performer into letter-based folders (performance improvement) Allow for larger overviews in detail page (chocolate) Basic touch support Fix List scrolling issues (chocolate) Fix subtitle and director display problems (chocolate detail view) Version Minor bug fixes Version Mark intros watched so intro plug-in can favor un-watched ones When sorting series or other folders by date added, it will now sort by date of latest content Several improvements to Chocolate theme Add "Also Here" capability to allow multiple users' watched status to be updated Remove plug-in update/install from configurator (now only in MBC) Improve performance of bringing up all items from a particular director Fix Jump In List (JIL) for indexed folders and TV series Add Rotten Tomatoes score Add support for movie "Special Features" Enforce only a single instance of MBC (if you jump out to another part of WMC, when you come back it will be right back where you left it) Improve BD folder rip playback (requires LAV) Show either season or series images for episodes that don't have them (future episodes) Fix bug that would cause an incompatible version of a plug-in to be installed via "Update All" EXPERIMENTAL - attempt to stream content if we cannot directly access it (not recommended) Navigate directly to genre or director from detail screen in Chocolate Version Compatibility update for upcoming server Version Plug-in management inside MBC Server and log-in configuration inside MBC Fix unwatched counts not updating after playback Version Make Chocolate the new default theme (old default renamed to "Classic") Add Filtering by unwatched and favorite in any view Fall back on production year if release date is not available for sorting Delete old log files periodically Performance improvements Only show photos in the photo slide show (ignore any videos or other content in the same folder) Version Better refreshing of recent lists when things are added/removed Respect the "Hide User" setting in the server Add a notation that our special VLC external profile only works with the older version. Use generic instead Restore the Hide Empty Folders option (but if things are slow, try turning it off) Increase default server communication time-out and make it configurable (Advanced tab of config page) Eliminate duplicate items in search results Handle errors from TMT better Support TMT6 for resume setting Respect the plug-in update level (bug previously delivered all updates regardless of setting) Fix some hangs/performance issues after playback of some items Include Adult Videos in Favorite Movies Sort by Year now sorts by entire date instead of just year (for items released in same year) Fix play menu showing no options for index folders Sort specials inside seasons properly Stop WMC screen saver from engaging during a photo slide show Fix Index folders not respecting modified sort names Version Remove "Hide Empty Folders" option. Caused performance problems. Add switch user profile functionality. Allow a re-try if we can't find the server on start-up Version Add support for Chapters (availability will depend on theme) Modernize start-up screen Scroll properly when there are more than 4 users Version Fix missing/unaired items breaking folder playback Re-style the PIN page Add WOL option for server machine Version Fix wrong premiere date in UTC+ time zones Fix music resuming if played before in same session Update configurator icon Be sure IBN images refresh when changed Support Photos directly in the core (no longer need MBPhoto Classic) New, modern login screen Support for Missing/Future episodes Version Fix Indexing - this was completely re-written and before complete functionality can be restored there will need to be a new server release as well. Fix default screen saver Update help links in configurator Store all display preferences on the server (this may cause you to have to re-do some prefs) Support new server features Support for upcoming Intros plug-in Fix volume OSD lag issue (but this limits some of the remote muting display capability) Add optional Music Album view Version Update art assets Eliminate empty requests to server Fix context menus for podcasts Implement favorite books and games Various performance tweaks Fix generic external players not marking items as watched Version Update SQLite (for win 8.1) Add AdultVideo recognition Attempt to fix some items won’t play after others Support for upcoming podcasts Implement new server remote control features Fix some display prefs not saving Possible performance improvements on some themes Implement ability for watched list to be “in-progress” Fix some issues with IBN backdrops Properly trap errors when deleting something Ensure RAL is updated after change Version Fix network logos not showing Fix collections not showing or crash on WTV files with bad run times Fix crash if server delivers unknown folder type to MBC Fix playback reporting not always consistent (affected Trakt)
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