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Found 9 results

  1. EZEd

    Pluto TV xml guide resource

    I've got the Pluto TV m3u stream working inside of Emby and the channels show fine (for the most part). I initially loaded a corresponding xml guide file to accompany but because Pluto doesn't do a 1 or 2 week guide outlook (guide is only good for 8 to 24 hrs) I don't think it is updating very well. Many of the channels do not show guide information for what is currently on. Is there a good (or better) source for the xml guide to Pluto TV that someone might have found or available? Any info would be helpful. Thx
  2. marcsimus

    Multiple Guide Data Proviers

    How does Emby handle having multiple guide providers? I've already added a XmlTV provider and made sure as many of the channels as possible are mapped correctly. But of course, guide data for some of the channels is still missing. So I want to add an Emby Guide Data provider. But I know that when I add a provider Emby will try to auto map the channels. If I already have a channel, let's say channel 1, mapped correctly but the Emby Guide Data auto maps that same channel incorrectly, will that break my existing (correct) mapping? If the same channel is mapped in each of the included providers, how does Emby decide which provider's data to use? I'm hesitant to add another provider if there's a risk that I'll break the mapping I've already done. Furthermore, using the channel 1 example above (the channel is mapped correctly using the XmlTV provider but mapped incorrectly using the Emby Guide Data) what happens if the Emby Guide Data doesn't provide that channel at all? If the auto map did map to an incorrect channel but there is no correct channel to map it to, what then? I see no way to just clear out a mapping, so if there is no correct mapping to change it to I think I'd be stuck with an incorrect mapping. In summary, if the same channel is mapped using multiple guide providers, but at least one of those mappings is incorrect and can't be corrected, what happens? Which provider will Emby pull from?
  3. So I recently ... well over the holidays... so I guess that is still recent... setup an HD HomeRun Prime with a CableCard and for the most part all is working flawlessly.. but there are a few channels I don't see in emby, but I do see through the HD HomeRun app (which is hideous, thank you emby team for making a much better interface). I'm sure there are other channels, but the 2 I can't fine are 83 and 583 covering FS1 on FiOS. I get FS2 and other DRM channels that are viewable on the HD HomeRun, but not these two. The automatically selected "Emby Guide Data" for my zip code seems to be: USA-VA65087-X can we add 83 - Fox Sports 1 583 - Fox Sports 1 HD thanks.
  4. I just rearranged my channels and now I want to change the Guide Data but it won't let me erase it, I just can swap it by another channel from the same provider. But what if I want to change provider as well, it wont let me do it as it stays on and now I have two different providers mapped for the same channel. Also, it wont let me erase the mapped guide and leave it blank. I rather have it blank than mapped to a channel that is not the correct one. Please help.
  5. I think this is due to the latest update to 4.0.1, but suddenly, some of my IPTV channels (only a handful) have stopped populating the guide info even though I checked the epg.xml provided by my IPTV provider (Vaders) and there is EPG data for those channels. Specifically they are ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. IPTV is on one tuner and regular antenna tv through hdhomerun is on another tuner getting its EPG straight from Schedules Direct. No issue with the hdhomerun tuner or its guide. Is there suddenly an issue with having the same channels listed with different tuners and different guide providers? Or do they ultimately all have the same XML ID which is causing a conflict? I can't tell. All I know is that everything was working well for about a month and suddenly no more guide info for the IPTV channels that have an equivalent channel on another tuner. I am not sure where emby stores the EPG data it pulls from Schedules Direct. I would like to compare XML data and see if I consolidate this all somehow. Should I try disabling the antenna tuner and its guide? (I only use it as a backup if IPTV is not working because aerial reception is garbage) Any advice on a resolution or suggestions on a better setup would be appreciated.
  6. eddykim3

    HDHomeRun guide data

    The HDHomeRun will provide 4 hours of guide data for free. Any chance that can be implemented in Emby? HDHomeRun DVR subscribers get access to 14 days.
  7. Hello all, recently made the move to emby after evaluating plex and emby side by side, still toggle back and forth but prefer emby. However on the NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV when viewing a program's information from the guide it doesn't show the season, episode number or air date - which the apple tv does show by calling it "Released 3/19/2000". The app on my android phone, emby theater, and the web interface all show this information. Is this a known issue or am I missing something? Thank you in advance. I've attached 3 images of the program information displayed on each device, the file name being emby_device.
  8. jdfisher

    XMLTV Previously Shown

    I have been using Schedules direct for a year now, and am looking into moving toward something free. I am currently trying to get XMLTV working correctly. I have used zap2xml to download my wanted guide data to xml (attached), mapped my channels manually, and the information is populated into the guide successfully. The problem I am running into is what it is marking as new or repeat in the guide, especially repeat without an original air date. Looking in the xml <previously-shown start="20161127000000" /> designates a repeat showing with the original air date in the start= attribute But if where I am pulling data from doesn't know the original air date it just comes through as <previously-shown /> For the ones that have start= attribute, they are working correctly and it shows repeat in the guide If it doesn't have the start= attribute, then it is showing up as New in the guide New episodes that are designated as <new /> work correctly as far as I can tell xmltv.xml server-63615756427.txt
  9. For several days I have been seeing some odd behavior with the guide data. In the web UI, in Live TV when I select a channel from the "Channels" tab (or link at the top) to look for a movie or program to record the guide info is not matching (totally incorrect - not even close) what I am seeing in WMC or what I am seeing when I select the "Guide" tab (or link at the top) and then choose the date I want to look at from the drop-down menu and then use arrows to find the correct channel and time (this method will give the correct info and is how I am currently working around the problem). It seems to be consistent across all channels In that the "Channels" tab in Live TV gives incorrect data and selecting "Guide" then date and using arrow keys provides correct data. Also am noting that the number of days of guide data listed for each channel (when using the Live TV "Channels" tab is also in consistent some are 6 days, some 8 days etc (all of it incorrect) but none are listing 14 days using this method even though the correct data is available. On the plus side it appears as though everything series wise I have added as well as those movies I choose to record are appearing in the schedule and recordings are taking place - so that part is working and I am LOVE LOVE LOVING it!. I am not sure if attaching the logs will be of any use to you but I have done so. If there is any other info I can provide I am happy to do so. This is Version 3.0.7100.0. Using Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m(can't seem to get it to work with Firefox) on Windows 7 Pro SP1+ x64. I am not certain how long this has been happening, for at least several days that I am aware of. Thanks for taking the time to read and any help you can provide! server-63609381706.txt server-63609437369.txt server-63609480749.txt server-63609494400.txt server-63609553194.txt server-63609580799.txt server-63609639940.txt server-63609667199.txt
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