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  1. Just a little bug I noticed in Auto Organize. Some shows are listed with a year (for example "Titans (2018)" or "Doctor Who (2005)"). When adding episodes from such a show for the first time Auto Organize creates the folder-structure with the year added two times: "./Titans (2018) (2018)/Season 1/....".
  2. server v4.5.0.6 plugin v1.5.6.0 - search to add new series/movie is not working there is not even a ("failed") entry in the log file - movie "detection" is also "broken" they get recognized as series - the list of files to organize does not get refreshed after an organize action, as it used to you have to refresh the whole page to see new items
  3. cyberrep


    Dear guys, Is it possible to add an option to auto organize Movie name %mn Movie name Origina Movie name %mno Original Movie name Because I would like to save translated name and original name like Guerra nas estralas (Star wars) (1983) Acctually Movie name rename to imdb pt-br (in my case)
  4. Previously Posted in Wrong Forum: I love the functionality of Auto Organize, but I'm running into an issue with shows that contain a period in the name. I've tried looking into the forum, but my searching has come up empty. When Auto-Organize moves an episode for a show with a period in the name, the folder name for the series gets screwy. For example, I am trying to sort through an episode for Mythbusters Jr. It tells me it has successfully sorted the episodes, but the series folder name is wrong. Instead of ending up in a series folder named "Mythbusters Jr." or even "Mythbusters Jr",
  5. server: trying to create new series always throws this error 2019-07-15 22:28:28.283 Error HttpServer: Error processing request *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\***USERID***\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll -noautorunwebapp Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///C:/Users/***USERID***/AppData/Roaming/Emby-Server/system/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 8 Program data path: C:\Users\***USERID***\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\progr
  6. charlesk

    Auto Organize - Movies

    I've just noticed that Auto Organize now works for Movies too. Not sure how long that's been there, but sounds great. My question is in regards to the watch folder. Is there any drama if I use the same watch folder for TV and Movies? or should I keep them seperate? Will the app be able to recognise a movie vs a TV episode?
  7. geno27

    Auto Organize Error:Null

    I've been getting an error while using the Auto Organize for TV Shows. I'm using Windows 10, Server but this has been happening for awhile. It seems to be a few random TV series. Some of these series, such as Bar Rescue in the example below, used to work fine. Auto organize fails to recognize the series for an episode, so then I try to match it manually. After selecting the series name from the list and hitting OK, I get an Error:null message. I have attached a log file below. embyserver.txt
  8. Emby Server v4.2.0.9 beta Auto Organize v1.4.4.0 as you can see extracted movie name includes now the whole path, so it will never find any result media type "movie" also does not get preselected in identify popup any more series name still gets separated correctly 2019-06-02 14:47:47.173 Info App: Sorting file D:\SORT IT BITCH !!\video\Deadpool.2.2018.Super.Duper.Cut.mkv 2019-06-02 14:47:47.177 Debug App: Extracted information from D:\SORT IT BITCH !!\video\Deadpool.2.2018.Super.Duper.Cut.mkv. Series name Deadpool.2, Season 20, Episode 18 2019-06-02 14:47:47.202 Warn App: Unable to f
  9. Hi team - think I'm having an issue with old cached/stored settings for Auto Organize which I can't seem to "purge". Emby Server: MacOS version Auto Organize: Version 1.3.9 Background: TV library path was changed. Was: /Volumes/Recorded TV/ (a mounted folder via MacOS Network) Now: /Users/[username]/Library/Containers/nz.co.pixeleyes.AutoMounter/Data/Mounts/Cube/SMB/Recorded TV (a mounted folder via a third-party tool) All other aspects of Emby have been working without issue - playback, deletion, subtitle download, etc. Problem: When I go to Auto Organize, I have a bu
  10. Hi, I'm recently upgrade my storage system to RAID 5 and also change the main media folder name. For example, previously TV Shows were located at F:\Fernando\Series and now at F:\Media\Series. All old libraries at Emby were deleted and added again just in case, but Auto Organize still looking into the right watched folder and moving files to the old structure. I removed the plug in several times and also restarted Emby server every time just in case. Also checked settings for Watched folders and Default Series library at Auto Organize settings and everything is pointing to the new structur
  11. marauder

    Auto Organize Help

    I'm trying to setup auto organize on my Movies folder. I can't seem to get it to work. My movies download to the temp location: /Media/TempData/TempMovies I want them to be moved to /Media/Movies/ I've told it to create a subfolder per movie and gave it the pattern(%mn (%my) as well as the movie file pattern(%mn.%ext) and tell it to move and delete empty folders. When I run organize it fails for every movie in the folder. It always has the same error : Unable to find movie in library matching name For example: I have /Media/TempData/TempMovies# ls Raiders.of.the.Lost.Ark.1981.720p.Bl
  12. When I attempt to manually enter in the details of a show, auto-organize will pop up with "Error: null" as seen in this screenshot. Here is an error report I found in the log. emby.txt
  13. After a server upgrade to version and Auto Organize version 1.2.8 the plugin no longer renames the files correctly but uses the name of the file in the target directory. Before, the file would be renamed and if there were other files present in the target directory, the video file would be overwritten and renamed and all the other files would be renamed with the new name while leaving anything following the original filename intact. "Series.s0e01.NoTitle.Junk_Information.mkv" would become "Series - 1x01 - Title of the Episode.mkv" and "Series.s0e01.NoTitle.Junk_Information.tr
  14. It is scanning the folder: m:\new tv\Nash Bridges\Season 1\S01E08.mkv The series name is clearly there prior the the season 1 folder. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Fernando

    Emby Server line command

    Hi, Is there any chance to force an auto organize call from a line command? I´m askin that 'cause some bitorrent clients has the option to run an external program on torrent completion and I´d like to organize them immediately and not have to wait to the schedule time configured in Auto Organize schedule finally start or set it to often. Thanks.
  16. I'm not entirely sure when this started as I don't use Auto Organize daily, the Activity Log page is blank showing a spinning circle as if it's gathering data. The Smart Matches page is also blank with the same spinning circle, however, the tv page allows me to see and change the options. Note that I can still see the spinning circle on that page as well. I have version and server version I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the plugin to no avail.
  17. Hi, New to posting in the forums, and have done my best to try to find an answer somewhere but cant find any information how to solve my problem. I have used the automatic organizating feature to give my media the correct names and to store them in an ordered fahion. I use emby server running on a windows 10 PC I used to store all media on a NAS on my network, but as the storage space ran out, and since i also needed to upgrade the NAS to be a bit faster i invested in a new NAS and decided to move parts of my data to the new location. I moved all data concerning TV to the new
  18. AJNinGA

    Null error during organize

    Emby Server Version Several TV Shows fail during Auto Organize. When observed, I will attempt to fix the issue by clicking on the folder icon "Organize" for the failed show. After selecting the appropriate show from the Series drop-down menu and clicking OK, I receive an error pop-up from Emby labeled "Error:Null". I click on "Got it" and I am returned back to the Organize window. After clicking back to the Auto Organize screen, some shows proceed to become organized, however some continue to show an error in the organize screen. emby_server_1711220917.txt
  19. Vertax

    Auto Organisation Bug

    Hey guys, i think i found a Problem with the Auto Organisation. Emby looks my Download Folder for new files to Auto Organize them, but there is a problem with automatic Archive extraction. Some Media Files are in packed Archives which will automatic extract. Emby starts to copy the File before its completely unzipped. The result is that not the complete file will copied and Emby remove the Folder while the extraction is still in Progress. I think a simple solution would be to check if the file size is changing in a period of time of 2 sec before the copy process starts. A seco
  20. Live TV Auto Organize has not been working for quite some time. Organize for downloaded shows in a watch folder works fine. They never seem to get sent to the organize feature and do not show in the organize logs.
  21. computerprep

    UI issue in auto organize pop-up

    See screenshots below. Just a little tweak necessary after the latest Android Mobile app. Can't confirm whether this looks the same in WebUI right now. Someone else will, or I'll reply/edit after my next failed file appears. Padding/margin seems to be based taking a backseat to the width determined by the length of the filename string.
  22. Auto organize details missing in landscape mode. Can't force organize files or delete them, only click the name for report.
  23. Ok. I've been getting weird results. at one point emby did auto-organize as advertised and even removed the empty directories. Lately I have been getting (snippet of log file...) Start here------------------ 2016-04-10 18:13:57.1328 Info App: Sorting file \\mitch-desk\freshplex\finished-dwnloads-4-emby\Madam Secretary\Madam Secretary.218.hdtv-lol[ettv].mp4 2016-04-10 18:13:57.1818 Debug App: Extracted information from \\mitch-desk\freshplex\finished-dwnloads-4-emby\Madam Secretary\Madam Secretary.218.hdtv-lol[ettv].mp4. Series name Madam Secretary, Season 2, Episode 18 2016-04-10 18:13:
  24. I have a few episodes of a tv show that are considered "Specials" during the TV Series Season. Since these episodes don't have an episode number in TheTvDb they do not Auto Organize. Is there a way to get these episodes detected since they do not have an episode number? Maybe on the Episode name? If none of that is possible what is the best way to organize these episodes in the Season to display correctly in the emby clients?
  25. Could we please see an option to auto-organize television based on cross-referencing the episode's title if present in the filename instead of relying solely on the season/episode number? I can't tell you how many times I some of my toddler's television shows get mixed up in the season/episode information. Right now, I'm handling those manually, sorting them through a folder that's not being watched by Emby's auto-organize feature. I've seen another feature request for the option to add multiple watch folders to the auto-organize tool... this would be a perfect merger with that feature. A
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