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  1. Hi, I want to download a video from my server (for offline viewing) that has external subtitles (srt). From my web browser, I navigate to the video, go to "...More" > Download. Video file is downloaded just fine. However I cannot find anywhere how to download the srt subtitles from the server. Am I missing something here or is not really possible?
  2. So I have a couple of playlist downloaded but if I do disconnect and go to downloads the playlist doesn’t show up. It just downloads the songs, but it would be nice if we could just have the playlist ready to be played and not have to go through all the albums to the songs just to add them up next
  3. Hello, I am using Emby on an Nvidia Shield (server and client) with my media on an external hard drive attached via usb. I setup the libraries when I had access to internet and downloaded all the meta data and art, everything working great. I was hoping to use it as an offline media server at a remote cabin with no internet or cell phone access occasionally. I saw this forum thread and bought the "unlock" they mention I believe (can't seem to find confirmation in the app that it was purchased but I was charged $5) but there isn't much information after that point. I have not purchase
  4. Hello, in July last year you’ve promised us an “internet free” Apple TV iOS version. As we use our Apple TV often in our camper, it’s not always possible to watch our movies because we don’t always have an internet connection available. Can you tell us when we may expect an new iOS version that doesn’t require internet? Thanks a lot !
  5. Hello, Every time you hit the download button it asks you to select the quality type you want. Can we just have a file that is designated for offline downloading. So when someone hits the download button for a movie/show it just downloads a pre-made file. When you know you are going to be in an area where your reception will be bad or no wifi, you want to download the media ahead of time. And having the download feature just grab a file already made can really speed things up. Yes, it will take up more space but that is a sacrifice we all have to make... Pseudocode if (folder_contai
  6. Likeskites

    iOS app - Download title not working

    Hi there My server has been setup to allow downloads. When I access the server from my laptop, I can click download and it will download the title instead of streaming it. However, I would like to be able to do this on my iPad. I have the app and have "unlocked" it with the in-app purchase. When I click download on a title, it sends me to the screen stating: "Your Emby Premier device limit has been exceeded. Please check with the owners of your Emby Server and have them contact Emby support at ..." Any suggestions on what is required for me to be able to download some conte
  7. piecesofme

    Emby w/o internet (offline)

    Hello, I’m finally starting to make some good progress with my first Emby server setup. It will be used at home, with Gigabit internet on a Linux based Intel NUC. However, we have to travel several times a year and are typically gone a month or so at a time. While sometimes the places we stay have decent WiFi/internet access, oftentimes we don’t. So, we’ve been working on a way to bring some of our media along on an external HDD and still have good access to it all in a beautiful and easy UI. We already have an Nvidia Shield and we tried using it multiple ways on our last trip but it
  8. Can the "Select Server" list be made smart across all Emby app platforms, so the user can see which Emby Server is Online and Offline before connecting to a Server ? This applies only to Emby Servers already connected to in the past, so the app can use those server settings, to get the public system info of those Emby servers to populate the Online/Offline Server list. Now there isn't any indication in the Server list, which one of those, is Online or Offline. Edit: typo
  9. I searched but I couldn't seem to find an existing topic on this. I feel like this has got to be my stupidity because I can't see how no one has mentioned this before. So my apologies if this is a duplicate topic and can you please point me to the old one? In case this is the first time this has been reported, I use offline sync to my mobile on Emby a lot now that I fully switched over from Plex. If I watch something offline and then close it, then come back later to it, it does not resume and I cannot find my left off point anywhere. However, as soon as I connect to my Emby server, my lef
  10. jellelle


    Hi, I've encountered some problems while downloading media to watch offline (with Emby from the Windows Store, as the regular desktop version doesn't have this feature): 1. External subtitles don't download, which makes this feature for me useless: 1.1: I have set my preferred subtitle language in the settings, and always play subtitles. 2. No feedback about current downloads: 2.1: When clicking download, you have to dig in the settings to view the downloaded items. Maybe display them, and the download progress, under "My Downloads" on the home screen? If not, maybe a faster way to
  11. When I start Emby while offline (WiFi off or WiFi disconnected), Emby is very flaky and slow. If you press Home and then select Settings, none of those buttons work. You have to actually connect WiFi to be able to enter the individual settings screens to change such items as Playback->Enable External Video Players To reproduce on your Pixelbook: Turn WiFi off like you're on a bus w/o WiFi Start Emby Press Home Press Hamburger->Settings Select Playback Wait until time ends for the spinning disc.
  12. Lately I've been watching quite a bit of shows offline. What I've noticed is that the episodes I watch offline, don't get a watched status in Trakt, even if the database status for the episode is updated to match the watched status. I'm using the latest Emby for Android with Emby server running on a Synology NAS (while that shouldn't really matter). I have a download set so that Android app will always download 2 episodes to my mobile device and removes the watched episodes automatically. As mentioned, the Emby server is tracking the correct watched status, but Trakt isn't being updated.
  13. Coming from the Plex world because sync never works correctly there... so I'm trying out Emby. So far, much better interface, much better responsiveness. But Offline mode is a little confusing: Long version: I can sync TV episodes just fine (though I can't specify resolutions, only bandwidth?) When I later connect offline, it asks me to Select Server - which is unavailable due to my being offline on a bus Fine, I finally notice the "My Downloads" button. That's fair, I suppose. This takes me to a list of everything downloaded! Yeah! But wait... it tells me episode numbers and e
  14. So currently when downloading a playlist for offline mode, you get the songs individually instead in a playlist. So I was wondering if it was possible to fix that and download a playlist for offline in the order that it is in. So that it’s just as when online, just press and play the songs in order.
  15. Hi, The music sync performance never has been the best of the world, but it wasn't bad. It's sadly to say that since the last version the performance is horrible. Sorry devs, but I had to say it. I love Emby, but the main reasons to migrate my Plex Server was the music sync. I have to clarify that Plex Server is a fucking nightmare with offline music and Emby is the better option to do this actually. So, I have a list with the main problems with offline music: Not real sync. When Android App die and start again, songs download several times and is necessary to use third party soft
  16. mfemby

    Cannot connect to server

    Hi, Usually every three days I cannot connect to my server unless i restart it, then it works fine again for about three days. Thank you log.txt
  17. Hi! This is simple to explain, so when I sync some music keeping the "original" bitrate the cover images show in my favorite android player, but when I need to do transconding changing the bitrate (FLAC size is the reason) the cover images don't keeping into the file sadly :'( Is possible improve this? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello together, I use the emby app on an iPhone 7 and I am missing the possibility to open the app and see through my movie database when there is no connection possible. In my case I have limited the access to the server to LAN only and when I am at a friend, in the metro, at the airport or anywhere else where I don't have any direct connection, I would still like to have the opportunity to look through my current database (may with the state from the last working connection). Would be nice if you could manage to add this feature to the iOS app. Thanks Stefan
  19. Good afternoon, first of all, congratulate yourself for your good work. Quick context: My library has mp3, flac and some m4a. When I synchronize mp3 I do not use transcoding, but the flac files use a lot of space on my phone and I need to convert them to mp3. Up to here everything is correct. I have the problem when I need to set the bitrate to 320Kbps. I have tried several different test and the maximum bitrate I get is 192Kbps. These are the details of the flac that I used to test: Input #0, flac, from '01 - Lone Digger.flac': Metadata: ALBUM : <I°_°I>
  20. Hi everyone. Firstly I was to say a big thank you for getting offline working in ET. This is a feature I've been hope to use for a long long time. It always seemed to be 'sort of working', but always too much trouble, or never quite syncing correctly. I do a lot of travelling for my job, with frequent 5 hour flights. I normally just copy a bunch of videos on my SP4, but recently I decided to try offline again. I was really impressed how simply everything downloaded and played correctly. Thank you so much! This has made my long flights so much nicer, and I actually even got comments from pe
  21. Some server targets, such as the synology emby server are by design hosted on low powered hardware. Even if your server is running on decent hardware, there are use cases for this. I would like to have a way to offload and load balance transcoding tasks to other hardware. Building a transcoding client would allow this. load balancing could be done across the transcoding clients, and one or more could be co-hosted with the server to handle some transcoding there. It would allow availability of the server and clients needing transcoding. I saw a thread briefly discussing this from 2015,
  22. Has anyone else had the issue of Emby downloads on Android never fully completing successfully? I've been troubleshooting this on and off for almost a year now and would love to get to the bottom of it. On any 4G/LTE network or WiFi that is not my home network, Emby will constantly reset a download, never fully completing most of the time. At home, so long as I'm on my WiFi, it works like a charm. Halp!
  23. Hi, I get this message when attempting to click Sync on either my Emby for Android Mobile device or from a web browser on a PC. Here is the message & the list of devices. Is this feature not yet implemented or does it have a pre-requisite I am missing?
  24. Greg Prz

    Android App needs some lovin

    Hello, I know the technical reasons for the following issues have already been discussed but I was wondering when will they be fixed? Emby on my android phone running Marshmallow is pretty much useless at this point I might as well uninstall it. I definitely would not have bought the premier version if I were looking at it today. The big issues I see are: 1) Lack of External SD Card support. Mega Huge, Monstrous even, in my book. I can't even use the old work around of syncing to the external card and then using a 3rd party player anymore. 2) HTTPS doesn't work over wlan - me
  25. AdilMahboob

    Offline Mode

    Hi all, I have just started to use the synchronisation functionality available within Emby and noted a couple of points that render it almost unusable as a solution for my scenario! I use the Android app on my tablet and, as expected, the items that have been marked for synchronisation do copy down to the device correctly. The first problem is that they can only be copied to internal storage which means there is a severe handicap on the space that can be used. I tried to change it to SD card; however, it would seem the app is not requesting the appropriate permission (an example of an
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