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  1. Well, I was cleaning my computer and I removed emby, emby server, media browser and kodi. I went back to the same download and installed it but now it will not allow me to access my server. Also my notification area icon will not work. I right click it and try to access Configure Emby and it wont do anything. I have tried to also log in with my IP. Any suggestions. I'm posting a screen shot of where i go if I log into the forums and click on Web Client. Your help is very appreciated. BG
  2. I keep on having to login mostly after refreshing the page and or going back. Sometimes I need to re-login multiple times a minute (Not like I'm away for an hour). I have attached my log in the bottom, I'm running Firefox Nightly 41.0a Additional Notes: Using Local IP Fresh Install No Easy Pin Code Also sometimes requires me to enter password again after logging in. 2015-06-14 06:36:23.2359 Info - UserManager: Authentication request for blaize9 has succeeded. 2015-06-14 06:36:24.9708 Error - HttpServer: Error in SharpWebSocket: An exception has occurred while receiving a message.. Exception.Message: Internal error (no progress possible) ReadInternal 2015-06-14 06:37:24.0238 Info - UserManager: Authentication request for blaize9 has succeeded. 2015-06-14 06:37:25.8414 Error - HttpServer: Error in SharpWebSocket: An exception has occurred while receiving a message.. Exception.Message: Internal error (no progress possible) ReadInternal emby-error.log
  3. Just a small snippet of CSS to share- I'm sure (very sure... )there must be a better way to do this, a more precise way.. however... for a CSS noob like me this quick/dirty addition did the job. Basically, I wanted to disable (or just hide) the "Last Seen" for users on the login page. I was able to do that using this: .cardText:nth-of-type(2) { visibility: hidden; } BUT - the downside to this is that the usernames under "Users" in the server administration share this same field. So those will not be visible either. You can see them again if you remove the code under Branding. You can still see the user's name if you click on the picture and go to the administration section for them. I personally just assigned a unique picture to each user so I could recognize them without names, but it's something to keep in mind!
  4. RedStripe

    Cannot set password

    Just updated server to Version 3.0.5518.7 Attempted to set password on the Preferences->Profile screen and the Dashboard->Users<username>->Password screen. Password does not include any special characters Cannot set password. Receive message "Invalid user or password entered." Thanks, RedStripe
  5. This has been discussed a little before quite some time ago. Difficult to search for so not sure on current status... I'd really like the option to login as multiple users at once. E.g. watching something with my wife. Both users are watching so both should get updated to watched (and synced with trakt etc). Should be easy to sign out a particular user e.g. one users signs out half way though a movie and the user finishes it - it's watched for one and resume (from when the logged out) for the other user.. Also when multiple users are logged in, when looking at things such as 'unwatched movies' it should display movies unwatched by both users. This really would be an AWESOME feature, probably at the top of my list. I'm sure it'd have an extremely wide appeal - how many MB users are watching TV alone...
  6. I use complex passwords for accounts to secure external access for all accounts. However, I do not need anything as complex at home, as I only wish to keep the Kids off of the Adult accounts. I have a Kids account that I have set to Allow Local Access without Password. However, I would like to still retain security locally running MB Theater without having to pull out a keyboard or some super special remote. An alternate PIN for local access would be a blessing. Current: User- Remote: Password Local: Password/No Password Proposed: User- Remote: Password Local: Password/No Password/Alt PIN
  7. TheRealScottR

    Server - IP snyc via login

    I'd like to see server IP associated with a user login. As the IP changed, it would be associated with a login. So, when logging in with the client, it would look at the currently associated IP, and automatically connect. Then I could eliminate any static IP third party solutions. It would be easier for the Newby to manage as well. It would just work. No configuring.
  8. Oh that would work, however we both use the HTPC with MBC (and that is our most used device) and the Roku so auto-login would be quite a hinderance there.
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