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Found 11 results

  1. For e.g. if I wanted to change the color of the top bar containing "Movies" "Suggestions" etc from Grey to Black, could I? I mean like by modifying one of the files in C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Theater or by tweaking any other file contained in another folder?
  2. Hi Emby I've been a long time users - love your app. Quick question, I recently ran into a weird problem where my Emby Theatre showed a blank screen after launch by the screen saver worked perfectly. For some weird reason I could not get Emby Theater to show my library but I could connect via any other device and stream so the server was working perfectly. I then decided to reinstall and now Emby Theater looks quite different - with cut down options on the setting screen. Has something recently been overhauled? My current versions are:- Server - Windows Emby Theater 1 .1.257.0 The interface looks quite different with a big green block around each movie as you navigate. I also notice that the window in EMBY Theater has a white ribbon on the top - like it's in a window. Can that be removed as it looks horrible on my big screen (I'm running a PC into my LG TV) Thanks for the help - Rob
  3. I upgraded our router from a Google Onhub to a Orbi AC3000 (to help with connectivity on the other end of the house). After upgrading I did notice the connecting Host IP changed from to I tried updating the address and connecting to it on my Nvidia Shield and Android phone, but it didn't connect on either. However, when I type in the IP address with the 8096 Port on the Windows computer the server is housed on, I'm able to connect just fine. Just in case if it was useful, I did include the most recent server log. Any help is absolutely appreciated! Hoping to get this resolved before the wife comes home! Thank you! EDIT: I forgot to mention I did go into my Windows Firewall and did the following steps (to Port 8096): https://wiki.mcneel.com/zoo/window7firewall server.txt
  4. stingwraith

    How to edit FFMPEG command line

    Hey, I've looked all over the forums for an answer to this, even an indirect answer to no avail. I would like to use more settings than the ones on the web portal for transcoding(i.e.: changing framerates, etc.) with FFMPEG but can;t find any documentation on how to edit the ffmpeg command parameters. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Playlist - Make the change of order in the playlist can be permanently saved
  6. Hi, I will be brief, I want to suggest a new tool or option to change the subtitles while seeing the movie/tv show/etc.. Nowadays, when I add a new file to mediabrowser, it downloads the subtitle automatically and that's a great tool, but sometimes it download a wrong version and its desynchronized so I have to go to the server and to the metadata manager and choose the file and select the sub option and then download the second option which is mostly the correct one (if it's not the first) So my idea is, why can we get some option to download the second sub directly in the player or with fewer clicks. Also be able to do it on the Android, AndroidTv app and WebClient. These will make Emby really better for us, the users who use subs. Thanks in advance
  7. jins.ssu

    Change port 8096 by a subdirectory

    Hi, I would like to change the access door to a sub-directory. Example http://myaddress.com:8096 to http://myaddress.com/emby It's possible? thank you
  8. Well done! I think it's great when people fork the code for side projects
  9. coldiak

    Old movies as new movies

    Hi I have my movies on 4 drives, on my primary drive i have the new movies, sometimes i move the oldest movies to another drive to make space to new movies and delete oldest movies from other drive The problem is mediabrowser shows me the oldest movies moved as new. The movie is already on the catalog but when i change to another drive are showed as new. Any advice?
  10. Hi Team, I had a look through the forums to see if anyone had posted this yet and I was unable to find it, so I'm posting here. Apologies if it's already been suggested and rejected etc. As I'm working with files from multiple sources, each file has different audio stream and subtitle configurations. Whilst I have configured the default codec preferences to cater to the majority of films, one little first world problem annoyance is having to leave MBT to change the audio stream or to adjust subtitles. You can change these media options in the web-app version of MB, but the same functionality seems to be missing (or not yet added to) MBT itself. Thank you for your consideration mattispantone81
  11. 1) The Media Browser bookmark icon is sporadically changing. I've tried to determine what action may be causing it to change but I cannot, I just notice that from time to time it does. Could Media Browser be causing this? (P.S. I am using Firefox 31.0) Screenshots: 2) Is the MediaBrowser tab icon the correct one? It does not appear to fit in the allotted space. Thanks
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