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  1. A couple weeks ago I noticed a bunch of missing cast and crew data completely missing on a bunch of newly added movies. I figured it might just be some temporary glitch so I manually selected "refresh metadata" which did not retrieve the cast and crew so I selected "Identify" and that did add the cast and crew info. A week or so later I looked at a few of the movies I "identified" and the cast and crew were missing again. I looked at my settings and thought I would try UN-checking the option "Automatically refresh metadata from the internet" AFTER I manually updated the titles missing cast and
  2. Hi all, I have run into a rather weird issue this evening after reviewing my hardware encoder options. After seeing a remote user connecting and playing a media file that needed to be transcoded due to global bit rate limitations, I noticed that it was streaming at a rather low bitrate of ~900kbps when the global limit was set to 2.5mbps. My upload speed is more than capable of achieving this and has done so without issue in the past. I hopped onto DSM to see what was up and found my CPU usage was spiking to 99-100%, which was causing the slow down. This has never happened befor
  3. Feature request for Auto Box Sets & the Emby server to show missing collection items / placeholder images for what we don't have that is part of a collection. http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/22732-auto-box-sets-show-missing-collection-items/ Thanks, hoping to see it worked out.
  4. I used to be able to delete multiple recordings at the same time... a feature that seems to be missing for me the past few weeks (probably since most recent update). Current Server Version: ... with an Emby Premier subscription Below is a screenshot where I selected all the episodes of a series. Clicking the three dots in upper-right corner I expect to see the option to "Delete" but all I see is: Add to Collection Add to Playlist Download to... Mark Played Mark Unplayed Refresh Metadata I don't believe it is a permission issue because I can delete the files individually.
  5. I'm having a strange. I have a copy of a Dick Tracy tv show from the 30s. Its a 15 episode series and it shows that it has 15 episodes on the main icon for it but when I go into the show folder in Emby it only shows as having 12 episodes. It's the same for mobile and PC web. Originally the naming of each episode was labeled as chapter 1, 2 etc. I changed that to s01e1, etc to see if if this was a fix. It was not. Any suggestions or advice?
  6. Hey Guys, I am still trying out emby and in the middle of changing over from plex. my question is to find out why my libraries are not showing up properly. i have 2 main folders (movies) and (tv shows) these both work fine how ever i have another folder within my movies directory (movies 4k) which isn't working properly, no movies are showing up but the folder icon on the top show there are movies there. really stuck on how to fix this as i want 1 main library for all movies and then sub folders to other types like 4k movies etc. any help would be grateful. thanks guys
  7. Is there a way to fix these two eipsodes? more episodes are there but form some reason they are missing.
  8. In the least couple weeks my Skip to Next or back to Previous file buttons have gone missing on all file types. Both in Chrome and Firefox, and both on this PC and on the host PC when I test playback. I have tried to install on top with a fresh copy of Emby with no changes. How can I get my buttons back?
  9. I'm having trouble getting Dukes of Hazzard s01e12 added to emby. All the rest of the episodes display fine, just this one episode won't Here is what I see in Emby & the folder structure: Link for nfo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/67ee7eyiztaf59c/The%20Dukes%20of%20Hazzard%20-%201x12%20-%20Route%207-11.nfo?dl=0
  10. In my music collection I have albums that start with "..." For example, the Britney Spears album "...Baby One More Time" or the Phil Collins album "...Hits" Recently I've noticed that those albums no longer appear in Emby. I have tried removing the three dots at the beginning of the folder name and then Emby sees the folder again. I know it has not always been like this but I also don't know when it first began. My guess it was with the release but I can't say for sure. My folder structure is Music>Album Artist>Album I am currently running Emby
  11. monkeyslapper

    Missing Feature / Little Tweak

    Hi There guys. I am try you android tv version of emby. I am actually enjoying it. Thanks for this great product. I am not sure if this a feature or not. Favorites on the Home screen? Either on Android or Emby home screen? IS here a way to turn off the side bar on the left screen. It seems redundant. Search for emby tv works well, but it seems to show Actors first then / tv / movies. Can we have it show Movie / TV / Actors? One off question. Whats happening with 4K HDR Transcoding. Do we have resolution to this or this one of the situaton that its just not going to happen?? Once
  12. I've just installed Emby for WMC on a new build and all of the free themes are gone? Well, apart from Chocolate anyhow. The only themes available are the Premier ones at $10 a pop. What happened, are you giving up on WMC users? If anyone can upload their free themes from their Computer it would be most appreciated!
  13. Hello, since 4.0 I am missing the ability to filter for missing episodes in the TV-Episodes-Search... Has this been removed? If so, I would like to request, re-adding the feature. Using the Reports plugin for finding missing episodes is possible but the sorting for dates is totally useless (sorting by D M Y, and in that order). greetings ben
  14. wrkilu

    Multi-part items

    Hi, I have video files in some folder which are in fact different series files. There are exactly 42 video files but in collection there are only 40 First from below it is but second not. -rw-r--r-- 1 loocek loocek 63326208 lis 8 2007 'camera.cafe.II.02a.[dvb-RIP.by.Brzydal].(osloskop.net).avi' -rw-r--r-- 1 loocek loocek 66660352 lis 8 2007 'camera.cafe.II.02c.[dvb-RIP.by.Brzydal].(osloskop.net).avi' The same here, first it is , second not -rw-r--r-- 1 loocek loocek 734334976 sty 4 2008 big_cd1.avi -rw-r--r-- 1 loocek loocek 733626368 sty 4 2008 big_cd2.avi Why ? I
  15. I've noticed in the last couple of days that the Live TV section on the home screen doesn't display. The Live TV library icon under "My Media" shows but I have Live Tv set to show in Home Screen Section 3, but its showing the "Latest Channel Items". I don't see the Live TV section no where at all. Note: I do have a thumbnail scheduled task/job that is still In Progress (in case that's making a difference) server log 12-6-17 (12am).txt server log 12-7-17 (12am).txt server log 12-7-17 (859am).txt
  16. Good morning, after updating from 3.3x to 3.4 via dpkg I am missing several pictures. There are some folder pictures missing and a lot of pictures from media inside of all folders. Never had this problem before after an update. How to proceed from here? EDIT: Testet via different browsers and accounts, cleared cache of all testet browsers. EDIT2: Found several "Error ImageProcessor: Error encoding image" in server log. See attached. included server log.txt (changed url, private and public ips). Thanks in advance Soki Log.txt
  17. Hello, new to Emby and I added a folder of photos (in sub folders) to my photo library but many of the sub folders' images are not showing. The folder names are shown and when I go into them I see placeholders for each image but no images. If try to open an image, I get the broken/missing image icon. Some folders seem to show all of the images just fine. I cannot seem to figure out a pattern as some some old and some new images appear and both JPGs and CR2 (Canon RAW) images appear. Thanks!
  18. naeyaert

    Emby Theatre Tiles Missing

    Hello Emby I started to notice something weird over the past few weeks with tiles on my home screen missing on each library. The weird thing is, the missing tile is always the 4th image from the left. I have uploaded two screen shots of my setup, one on the "MY Movies" screen and one on "KIDS Movies" which shows the missing tiles in the yellow outline. It is ALWAYS the 4th tile on the screen. When I select the movie and the exit out, the image loads fine. It's almost like I need to refresh just that image on the 4th movie. Can you please let me know how to fix this as
  19. jasonwilliams

    Ghost Playlists?

    Hello Community, The drive in my server recently crashed, but thankfully I have been using the Backup plugin, so restoring my config was easy. Everything is working perfectly, but I panicked when I went to play a music playlist, and they were all missing. I created a new playlist, and suddenly all the playlists reappeared. Relevied, I deleted the playlist I just started and all the playlists disappeared again. When I create a new playlist, the others appear, but only when I navigate to Music --> Playlists. If I use the hamburger menu and navigate directly to Playlists, they do no
  20. Hello, As you can see in the screenshots below, something goes wrong with the ID3 tags when browsing the Emby server using UPnP/DLNA. The song artists are interpreted as album artists, and for the songs some ID3 tags are missing. The tags are correct on the server though. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi! As the title says I'm missing some chapter images after I have extracted them with the option in server settings. I don't know if it's file specific but some files have all images showing and some have only a few. The strange thing is that none of the movies as what I have seen have zero images. There are always at least one image extracted. So it seams that the extraction is working as it should but for some reason not all of the images are showing. I attached an image so you can see what I mean. I'm new to Emby so I don't know all the tricks yet but find it strange. But maybe
  22. Ok, this a weird one. I was doing some house cleaning on my server and went to the report tab to see in I was missing any episodes. (I do this once a month to see if maybe I missed a recording some how, it's happened) I noticed that I had a more than a few. Like 10-20. I was like huh? So I stat looking into them to see what they are and when they aired and all but 1 were for episodes that haven't even aired yet. How can they be missing if they haven't aired. My first thought was I had ticked the box that inculcated missing episode be displayed some how. It wasn't. It's not a huge deal but can
  23. Hi, Before I was using Emby, when I'd use Kore to control Kodi, if something was playing, the Kore app on my android device would show the backdrop, poster etc within the App. Now after setting up Emby and using it within Kodi, the Kore Remote no longer shows the poster or the backdrop within the App. The cast pictures and preview image are also no longer showing in Kore. Within the folders for each TV Show/Movie on the media server I can see the folder.jpg and the backdrop.jpg and they display fine within the web access to Emby and within Kodi. My guess is that Emby is storin
  24. lardners

    TV Episodes Disappering

    Hello, I've just noticed that certain seasons of my TV shows are suddenly showing as blank (both on WMC and via Browser), in that no episodes are listed. I haven't changed my folder structure, all the files are there so I can't figure out why it's happening. My folder structure is G:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\Season 1\01X01.mp4 Breaking Bad for example looks like this for all the seasons: If I do a refresh, it restores the episodes but they disappear again a few minutes later.
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