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  1. Host OS:openwrt Kernel Version 5.4.108 Docker:20.10.6 (API: 1.41) emby server:docker Feature Request: 1:give an option to use host memory as cache folder and can set an memory size limit,when cache run out , clear the oldest transcode file. 2:give an option to only allow iptv transcode. reason: 1:As most of client device such as iphone、android tv have very powerful cpu and do not need transcode,I only need transcode when watching IPTV. 2:My host os installed in an ssd drive with a data write limit and transcode produce mass data write.
  2. Hello, running Emby 4.5.4 on a QNAP NAS (installed the QPKG). I do have a large collection of photos. They are organized as follows: photos - album-1 |_photo-files.jpg - album-2 |_subfolder-1 | |_photo-files.jpg |_subfolder-2 |_photo-files.jpg For one folder, the thumbnail generation is way of . e.g. 15000ms vs 50ms in other folders Here is a log snippet of the "bad ones" after enabling debug logging - there are a lot of those entries. 2021-01-20 12:23:28.818 Debug ImageProcessor: Image encoding to /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/EmbyServer/programdata/cache/i
  3. nosachov

    Thumbnails and cache OpenSUSE

    Hi Everyone. Problem: I got a trial emby on an OpenSUSE server. All looks good except the thumbnails usage. Every time I enter some folder thumbnail images are downloading again and it causes a 100% or high CPU usage. Already looked for a solution on the forum but can't find it. VM Hardware: 4 CPU Cores. 2 GB RAM. External mounted NAS with photos and videos of high resolution (~1TB). Also I use Nginx. Config: server { listen 80; server_name media.domain.com; root /var/www/html; return 301 https://$server_name$request_ur
  4. Hello! It would be very nice if I could make Emby cache the Subtitles from MKV files when added! Also - As a bonus, maybe some way to activate it for already added media - Sometimes it takes a little while, so it would be nice if I could do it manually a litle while before I would like to see the Movie. Is there any possibility this could be added? Or would it be hard to make? Best Regards Jonatan
  5. Starting yesterday, my Emby Classic running on Windows 8 Media Center was missing some movie cover images. When attempting to open the movie missing the covers, Emby Classic hung. Had to close Media Center to gain control of the computer again. Later I found out that the Emby server (running on different hardware) was crashing each time I did this. I would have to force quit the Emby Server and restart it. Emby seems to work fine from every other app and the website. I am able to repeat the issue any time by using Emby Classic for WMC for anything so it has become worthless. I am able to use E
  6. Loki93

    How to clear metadata cache

    Hello everybody and happy holidays, I'm looking for a way to manually clear the metadata cache. I want that because the tvdb scrapper gets outdated (wrong) episode information (episode title, description, airdate, etc.) from cache based on the correct filenames. As it seems the scrapper refers to the S00E00 part of the filename and ignores the following episode title (e.g. "S03E14 - Zwei linke Hände.mp4"). The result is, that "S03E14 - Zwei linke Hände.mp4" is displayed as "Glaube versetzt Berge" which is S03E20. I recently changed some information (episode numbers) in the tvdb databas
  7. jeffshead

    Emby for Kodi settings do nothing

    On my Nvidia Shield... Since updating Kodi to 18.5 and Emby for Kodi to 4.1.16, none of the EFK add-on settings do anything. For example, nothing happens when I click on the "Repair Library" option. Also, when starting Kodi, I no longer get the little pop-up that says, "Welcome user". Everything worked just before the updates. Another ongoing problem (the reason why I wanted to repair the libraries) is that artwork goes missing for a lot of the TV episodes so I periodically have to repair the databases. Its been doing this since the last couple of releases. How do I troubleshoot/fix th
  8. Hello, I have a problem with web interfaces, both in firefox and chrome on windows. In particular when I open emby from browser it often shows an older cached session, meaning that the next episodes to play and the one to be resumed are older. If I clean the cache, things get back to normal. Still, it happens all the time and I cannot keep clearing the cache every time, is there a way to prevent this from happening? Thanks, Alberto
  9. riothamus

    Safe to dump the cache (periodically)?

    Hi all. I have had the same Emby server running for well over a year now. I've noticed that sometimes when I click on a letter in any of my media libraries (which are all from different directories) sometimes the images wil not show, or the server will hang trying to filter down to my selection. Every once in a while, when I watch the log during these instances, I do not see any error messages show up. Instead, the server daemon will restart itself. Since I have had this running for quite a long time, and I have made additions, removals, and moving some media around, I wonder if per
  10. Hey guys, I was just trying out Emby to see if it fits my needs, one of the things that attracted me was the Live TV and being able to run IPTV on it. I run the emby docker in Unraid, so my experiences are in that. I got a warning my cache drive where app data is stored was gettin full so I was a bit shocked ( I normally use about 40gb out of 256gb) and I then realized Emby's /EmbyServer/cache/temp was taking up 140GB. Since the directory was owned by deamon:deamon I was not able to delete the temp files through network, so I had to SSH to do that. After testing I realized that the
  11. Just trying to verify something here. It is my understanding that Live TV, while being recorded, is recorded to the Transcoding Cache Folder and is later moved to the Recorded TV Library folder. This would imply that I could create a Ramdisk and identify it as the location for the transcoding cache, which has the potential to provide 2 benefits. First, and most important to me, it would reduce the write activity on my expensive m.2 NVME drive, which has a finite number of writes. Second, DDR4 RAM is quicker than even Gen3 X4 NVME storage, so I may perceive a performance improvement as
  12. hofstra

    qnap 453be increase Emby performance

    hello forum, im running emby premiere version on qnap 453be 8gb ram 2 3tb hdd in raid 1, hardware transcoding enabled ( va api). internet speed 175 down 15 up emby runs great for local clients, remote cilients can take up to 10 seconds before the stream starts then works great. iptv and dvr don't load as smootly , 10 seconds minimum before stream starts sometimes longer but then streams perfectly. what would be the best performance upgrade, i currently can only afford to do one of the following: -buy another hdd and change from raid 1 to raid 5 - buy 250-500gb ssd and a
  13. I've specified a specific directory for cache, metadata, transcoding etc. The server is not using the cache directory specified for storage. I'm using Emby Docker version on Unraid. I've specified it to use path /mnt/Emby/transcode/cache Looking at that path there's around 350M of data in it. So Emby is writing to it. But the majority of my cache is in the default location /cache/ as this folder is around 600M. How do i move all the cache from /cache into the specified cache. I don't know why there is any cache there as i moved the cache location when i first setup the s
  14. admin.nxpoint@gmail.com

    [Feature Request] Playback Setting

    Hi, I would like to propose a some new features, at least for the web interface. 1. Ability to setup the keyboard shortcuts. - not all can use the default shortcuts, there might be other system shortcuts that get in the way. - a method to setup your own could really make a great difference 2. Setup and define the local cache size [if there is any local cache for browser play] - it will incredible to be able to setup the local cache size for playback
  15. How do I delete the Emby Theater cache so it will rebuild from scratch its cache of metadata images? I searched and couldn't find the answer. ET is not showing some images -- some posters are missing. They show in the server web view, so I think it's a Theater problem. I want to just purge its cache and start over rather than trying to find and fix individual movies / shows. Short of uninstalling ET, I don't know how to purge its cache.
  16. Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere.... All I need is a simple explanation of how to refresh my entire database in one go (if possible), and whether this can be achieved by a simple restart, an option in the menu, or by deleting a cache folder? Clean install? Or other method? Obviously I'm new to all this... My problem arises from originally having MB set up wrong, and now that it's configured the right way, I'm still left with some oddly incorrect metadata and am trying to find a way to simply refresh (rewrite) it all. For example, all of my "sort
  17. Hello I've just noticed that movies I am adding to my library are not downloading any metadata. I have the option checked to store the metadata with the media file itself but that option has actually not worked for a while (but metadata was still downloading). Recently my c: drive was completely full and I suspect that may have played a role in preventing any meta from downloading but I have cleared some space and now even if I scan for new files or manually refresh metadata nothing happens. I also chose another location for the cache but that did not seem to resolve it. I'm actually not sure
  18. My server console for some reason has stopped reading the image cache when it loads in the browser, this occurs on the physical machine or if I connect remote via a web browser; IE, Edge, or Chrome, all behave the same. Oddly enough only sets/collections displays, movies, TV, etc do not, regardless of setting them to poster, banner, etc.. The metadata is there as they have displayed in the resent past. I can go to the cache folder on the server (it's default location) and I see the images and a properties of the folder revel there are indeed enough files to correspond with the amount of med
  19. I'm sure there are a few users out there using Emby and unRAID and wanted to see what others are doing. At this time, I'm running Emby and unRAID on separate boxes. The hardware I have for unRAID works good as a storage server, low cpu use, lots of drives, my Emby server (Windows), is more powerful, but less drive expansion at this time. At this time, I'm not interested in building up a new unRAID box and installing Emby via Docker. The problem I'm seeing is inconsistent playback, library management that I'm most likely contributing the unRAID spinning down the disks when not being us
  20. I cannot get used to how slow artwork loads and how it doesn't load in the background it has to wait for me to browse the media. Is this normal functionality for emby? It recently asked me to rebuild my library and it's a pain to have to recache all the episode thumbs. they take about 10 seconds to load into kodi on my openelec inter i5 nuc. Prior to emby this was nearly instant, I'm I doing something wrong? TIA!
  21. Crossfire0mega

    keep getting kicked back to login screen

    Hello, I have a newly installed EMBY server running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 x86 server. I have gone through the install process and I was just trying to setup the media locations which are local directories and whenever I try to enter the location in it kicks me back out to the login screen. I have only one account setup and I created the local folders for my media with the same account as for emby. I also tried to change the server cache files path from the default under advanced settings and the same thing happened, kicked right back out to the login page. I don't know what's causing this, any hel
  22. So i did a clean format/reinstall of my laptop. so put Emby on with a fresh install... but then copied over everything from the backed-up \Emby-Server\data folders, including all the images, etc... But i deleted the library.db & refreshinfo.db so the library would rebuild... Does the server use the images that are already downloaded, or does it just download everything a fresh and overwrite whatever's already there?
  23. Tanamur

    Cache file cleanup failed

    Hi there all, I have my emby server set up on my local server but have the ImagesbyName and Emby folders set up on networked drives. The cache is local. I keep getting the message "Cache file cleanup failed" The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error Emby Server Version 3.0.5621.4 is running on a Windows7 64 bit machine. Nothing special but this has just started happening. The C:\Users\Tanamur\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\cache tells me there is a problem. Any suggestions or should I just delete the cache folder and rbuild? Thanks in advance
  24. I have been trying to find a reliable, private, photo sharing application so I can move away from Dropbox or OneDrive. I have too many family photos to send them there but the interface is pretty decent and fast. I was giddie when I found that MB supports photos, too! I am new so I didn't catch this at first. So my problem right now is I have a lot of photos and browsing is very slow. Thumbnails are taking forever to show up and then downloading a photo to view takes ages. Is there already an option to pre-cache the thumbnails or is that done each time someone loads an album? Or, is i
  25. gillmacca

    Cache location question

    I run my media on a readynas nv+, and due to the server software not currently being compatible for this server, I am running the server on my laptop. I currently have my cache in the default location, but was wondering if I would see any performance improvement by moving the cache to the readynas
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