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Found 11 results

  1. As far as i know emby is capable of extracting images from series and movies. Especially on older tv series the images for episodes provided by the moviedb are often b*******. But because they exist, emby won't extract them from the media file and take the one from moviedb. Even if i delete them, emby won't extract an image anymore. I would highly appreciate to have a button to manually trigger the extraction of an episode image from media file. The same goes for music. Often the images embedded are better than the ones provided by audiodb. I would like to have a button to choose the embedded image over the one provided by audiodb. Thanks in advance!
  2. colored icons on buttons get "hidden" when selected, while they should turn to white? sample @ halloween theme this also affects the "default" red checkmark on accent color red
  3. speedingcheetah

    On Now etc buttons not working

    The "On Now, Shows...etc" buttons/links that open the full pages on the Programs page in Live TV no longer are working suddenly. The only thing that has changed for me since yesterday is that Windows 10 on both my computers was updated to the May 2019 update build (1903). On both the web access via browser, and the Win 10 Store app, the links work fine. I have tried un-installing Theater and re-installing it on one computer....restarting both computers....restarted server software and refresh guide data,...no change. Theater version 3.0.8. First image is the normal Programs page in Theater....second image is the page that is supposed to load when u click On Now (screen-shot from web browser.)
  4. FinnyFromFlickr

    Right-click buttons don't work

    Whenever I right-click on a video or song, the buttons that show up won't let me do what they say they do. It also happens whenever I click the three dots, it still does not work. Also, the metadata manager won't allow me to save anymore. May post screen recording later if you can upload videos here (or I will post a link to the video on YouTube) to show what happens.
  5. zebo51

    Help finding controls

    I have a 2015 samsung smart tv and installed the app from the app store. I got it connected to my server and so far so good. I started playing a show and the bottom menu or status window won't go away. I have tried up/down arrows, return button, exit button, info, tools. Return exits the emby app or maybe exit does. Either way neither of those work. Right/left arrows go between FF/FR and pause/play. I have searched google and these forums for Emby App controls and buttons. I found a few post in beta release notes but I can't find a list of what all buttons should do what, does this exists? Using the Samsung remote that came with the TV. UN40JU6400 Thanks
  6. Emby Server Version 3.0.5724.6 Windows Professional Firefox 41.0.1 1) TV (Live) 2) Guide and 3) Recorded TV buttons did not use to appear on the Home screen views? Now they do. Is there a way to hide these buttons on the Home screen? While the other buttons can be customized these 3 cannot and ruin the aestheics. Even if they were customizeable I don't want them to appear as I rarely if ever use them. Thanks
  7. While testing version 590 I tried to login manually to Emby, with the manual login option. I noticed that there is no "Sign In" button so it's hard to tell if you triggered the login or not. I think I'm also facing a login problem since when I put the wrong password and press <Enter> the app will give me a message that the user or password are wrong but when I put the correct password the app is not doing anything and it's not login in either. Since there is no "Login" button I can't tell if the app is really trying to login or not unless I check the server logs. Can anyone else try to do a manual login and tell me if it's working for you? On the other hand adding a "Login" or "Sign In" buttong would not hurt I guess.
  8. Is anyone else having an issue with the "Main Menu" buttons on the Windows 8.1 app? My 2 Libraries are shown, but when i click on "(My Name) Movies" or "(My Name) TV Shows" Nothing happens. The "Live TV" button in this menu works perfectly and directs me to the correct screen, just the libraries are broken. I can see the "New Movies" and "New Episodes" on the home page and can navigate them perfectly and watch the media listed there, but I cannot browse my entire library. Please let me know if there is a fix for this! Also, When i rename the media folders to just "Movies" and "TV Shows" they work, but the separate names don't allow the buttons to work correctly!
  9. ceg2670

    Home Menu Options

    @marcelveldt I don't think I was clear about what I am trying to achieve with the add-on buttons. For instance, under the video add-on button I created there are 10 plugin videos (amazon, hulu, netflix, hgtv, etc.). As it is now when I land on the video add-on button (without clicking) the sub-menu plugins are listed across the top of the home menu bar. What I would like is to click on the individual menu buttons I setup for video add-on, music add-on, and program add-on buttons and have them open up to individual thumbnails that I can select from, rather than having to scroll through the row of plugins on the home screen menu bar. Is this possible on my end? If so, how do I achieve this? If it's not possible would you add this option? I would like a button that functions like the add-on browser button does but for a special/generic/misc ActivateWindow code. A button you can put anything into, name it anything, and it open up thumbnails (or whatever view the user opts for). Hope this makes sense. Please and thank you!
  10. I've just been trying out the "Remote" function on the server web UI to control playback on MBC. The first time I use it, there are "Play", "Queue" and "View" buttons - but if I use the play button and then browse to another video and press the "Remote" button again, the three buttons are no longer visible. Same problem on chrome and IE. Even if I close and restart the client (MBC) the buttons are still missing. Refreshing the browser (F5) brings the buttons back next time I click "remote".
  11. AaronG85

    Default Key Press Actions

    Coming over from XBMC and absolutely love the new MB3 but one thing that is getting quiet annoying is pressing on an episode brings up the synapses and was wondering if there was a way for it just to start playing? Also when you click on a TV show is there a way to default to the seasons tab and not the information tab?
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