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Found 9 results

  1. FordGT90Concept

    Local Guest Account

    It would be nice if there was a local guest account (external access forbidden) for temporary users. For example, someone that's visiting that just wants to turn on a football game. It shouldn't save preferences (or just delete them on log off) and as a matter of rule, is read-only. Basically think "do no harm" access level. It would also be nice to be able to enable/disable this guest account quickly (e.g. visitors coming over). I would also use it for testing purposes so, for example, testing early afternoon, Emby doesn't get the impression I like watching soap operas.
  2. Hello I make hobbie-like AMV and FMV and would like to publish them on my Emby server so that everyone who comes to the login screen of Emby can watch this content without login. Is this possible with Emby?
  3. Hello, I've been with Emby a couple of months now. And I like it. But I have always had trouble with the login page. All of the accounts except my account (admin) can never login, if they are shown at the login screen. When they click on their name there is always an immediate prompt that says somehting like "log fail, wrong username or password. please try again" I always found that a little strange since these accounts don't get a chance to type in any password. So up until now I just told everybody to click on login manualy and so on. For me it always works. Ican klick on my icon and I get asked for my password and I can sign in without any problems. At the beginning I always thought my users just forgot their passwords, since a reset usually helped. But today I was trying to setup a client with a user I created myself. But now I can't even login with this new user manualy. I am sure I have the right password because I can sign into the forums with it. I always get a message that tells me to make sure I have proper connection and so on. But I do since I can also sign in with my admin account from this client. I have these problems across all the client I use (Theater desktop, firetv, web app, android, ios). I always check on the dashboard if the users are there and I can also see the failed login attempts I just don't know how to fix this. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. SofaPilot

    Question about Guest accounts

    New guest user doesn't appear on users page I created a new guest user that doesn't show up on the users page. This user also can access my entire library. How do I remove that invisible user? (I'll call the invisible user "Phantom.") New, invisible guest user is acting like an administrator It got stranger when I then tried setting up another test user (I'll call "Test2") to try to reproduce the problem. I invited the Test2 user to my server, but this time a "pending invitation" tile appeared on my user page as expected. However, the invitation email that Test2 received said that "Phantom" "has invited you to share their media collection through Emby!" That's not right. "Phantom" didn't make the invitation. I don't even know Phantom's emby connect password. How do I delete users and revoke administrator rights? How do I determine what users have access to my server so I can remove some of them if they don't appear on the users page? Ack! This reminds me of the time my wife asked me which bra I liked on the maidenform.com site, and I clicked "like" on a leopard print bra thinking it meant "save favorite", only to have Facebook post my selection to all of my Facebook friends. Embarrassing! Similarly, my "Phantom" friend currently has access to all of my home videos and surveillance cameras.
  5. I am having a major issue with the Fire TV Stick (It's also happening on the Nexus Player app). I recently added my sister as a guest account to my server, but on her Fire TV Stick, whenever she chooses "Login with Connect" after entering the pin on her computer using HER USERNAME AND PASSWORD, she is given the "choose a user" screen on the app. The major issue here is even though she used the pin with HER account, she is unable to launch the app using her account. It always gives the "Invalid Username or Password" error. She CAN however, click on MY username (the admin account) and the app works perfectly. This is a major issue, as I'd like to add more guests, but absolutely can't if they all have immediate access to my admin account, and not their own when using a Set top box. The app works perfectly under her account for Android, as well as the web client, but there definitely are some wires crossed when it comes to the pin sign on for the box apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. I recently shared access to my server with my sister. First guest account for me. She set up an Emby Connect account and I invited her to connect. All is good so far. Last night she streamed her first movie and everything went great from her end. However, there appears to be a mixup in how the server recognized her; as her watching the movie affected the watched status for my user account. I had not watched the movie yet, but now it shows as watched when I browse my movies locally. More Info: My main local user account is Dustin. My sister's account is jennfike. I have my server connected directly to my TV and use either Emby Classic or Emby Theater to watch movies. Still trying to decide on which as I am having problems with both, but I'll leave that for another post. My sister is using an Amazon Fire TV Stick. I do not own an Amazon Fire TV Stick. She watched the movie "In Time." I have not watched it yet. She could not have logged in to my account as she does not have my password. When I browse movies, it now shows as watched on my Dustin account. In the Devices panel screenshot, you can see the second device listed is my sister's Amazon Fire Stick, "Amazon AFTM." It shows "Last used by jennfike." So, it recognizes that she was the one logged into it. If you look at the Dashboard screenshot, under "Recent Activity" you can see where she was watching the movie, circled in red, (looks like she may have stopped watching for a little while and then resumed). However, note that it says "Dustin has started playing In Time." NOT jennfike. The screencap from browsing the movies under my account (via the web app in chrome) shows that the "In Time" movie now has a "watched" check mark. Is this the intended behavior? Or should we have separate watched statuses? I have also attached the server and transcoding logs. EDIT: Server version = 3.0.5675.1 Not sure what version of Emby she is running on the Fire stick. But she just installed it yesterday, so I assume the latest. server-63574675200.txt transcode-0a90da10-4b17-44d8-9f27-4e8e8d96afeb.txt transcode-3ce14306-68d9-4f68-b5bf-1094da4728cb.txt
  7. fingermouse_irl

    Unable to invite guest account

    Hi guys, New Emby user here. I apologise in advance if this isn't the correct forum to post this issue in. I'm using a Mac as my server. I can connect without problem on my local network and while on 4G through Android. I'm having problems with the Guest Account feature. I set up a new Emby account for a family member earlier, and had them confirm their registration. I've tried numerous times to add them as a guest, but nothing happens when I click the 'Send Invitation' button. I've tried this in a few browsers, and both on my Mac and from my phone. Anyone have any idea what might be going wrong for me? Thanks
  8. One useful feature would be to create a temporary link to allow guest access to only one file for a limited time. This link could be emailed to a person or persons and allow them to access to stream only that one file. The link would allow them to see only that one file and stream it for a limited time. After the time expires the link no longer works. Access would have to be something simple, not going thru Connect or any extra steps except maybe putting in an email address and agreeing to some terms and conditions. We have friends that occasionally ask to watch tv shows we have recorded on our HTPC. I thought about creating temporary guest account with access to only a single folder/file but would require disabling it and tedious task of managing a number of accounts. Sorry if this has been asked in the past... I thought about this when at work and making a temporary FTP email to share large files to a client. Maybe something like this could be done for Emby streaming individual files.
  9. 337Manni

    Disable Watched Status

    I have setup a “Guest” user and give them access to my Movie & TV Shows. This user account will be used by all of our family & friends who stop over. I would like to disable the watched status for this account. Is this possible? Kind Regards, Lee
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