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Found 52 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I forgot the password to my admin-level account on my Emby Server (not Windows, but the actual Emby Server app itself). When I choose "Forgot Password", I enter the name of my account, and am presented with "Please contact your system admin to reset your password". Any way around this, or do I need to uninstall Emby and re-install from scratch?
  2. Hi, I have just install the Microsoft Store app, and can not sign in using emby.media/pin. I get the error Invalid username or password even though both are correct, and can sign in to Apple TV app and web app, as well as from my organizr dashboard.
  3. Android TV does not remember the login info after closing app. I'm using an Nvidia Shield TV 2017
  4. Hello, I would like to be able to create a xxx section in emby that would ask for a password to read the content or even more, to be able to open the file before seeing the images of xxx movies
  5. Morning, I have three users setup on my Emby server (Debian). Two are humans who need to log in or they cannot gain access. The third is a ghost account to allow DLNA access on my LAN. My problem is that although I've setup the DLNA user with a password, if I use a mobile connection to my server web interface to simulate WAN access, I can enter only the username and login without a password. This is potentially a major security hole. I've checked the settings against the human users and they are identical, plus I've restarted the server just in case something didn't take. To troubleshoot, I created a fourth user identical to one of the humans, but without a password. As expected, a remote connection can login with just the username. I then set a password and you can still login without a password. It's as if the password is ignored. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Hello and new I installed emby on my open media vault nas was working good now when I try to log into emby server on NAS or log into app on phone or TV , system says invalid username or password , if I try to change password under forget password nothing happens can anyone help
  7. cseiler

    Forgot Password Issue

    @@cayars Using version on Windows 10. I thought I knew the password, but I haven't used it in a while since it has always just recognized me. So when I try the password remotely, it doesn't work. When I clicked the "Forgot password," it prompted me for user name which I entered. It then told me to do it on the local server. I tried from local server, and it told me to open the file saved in the appdata folder. I open the text file. I go to the URL. It prompts me for PIN. I enter the PIN. It says Passwords have been removed for the following users. To login, sign in with a blank password. It doesn't say which following users. But I click on the "Got it" and takes me to login. I try to log in using nothing as the password and it says "Invalid username or password. Please try again." I've tried several times and the process is always the same. What am I missing?
  8. irishfrog

    Password Reset Not Working

    Hi I setup android user that needed a password now if i log into server on the server none of the users wanna work Tries rest password but still im getting error username or password incorrect I am unable to get into server at all but the wmc pc can still see server and works fine
  9. hello, wondering if anyone could help me, about password. when I'm open emby app on my nvidia shield asking me my own password, before I open my own sever, I do using hard wired connection, with win10 pc for server, everything is working fine. but would like to remove the password which is pretty annoying. each time to type the password in..
  10. Betelgeuse

    Password access

    I would like to see a setting for adding a password for server access. Like on Netflix, you have to give a username and password for access. Password for individual users should be optional. I can't see this should be a big deal to implement. Settings for this access should not be connected to the forum account. Simply create a user/password in the server interface.
  11. Fonseca.Shawn@gmail.com

    Shares with passwords

    I am new to Emby and I have been using plex for a year now. Why can't Emby see my mapped network drive on my server? When will Emby let you add a network drive with a password? I have looked around and it seams this question has been asked a lot over time.
  12. I'm going to attach pictures but Enmby android TV clients fails to remember password and it seriouly annoy and certainly takes away from the user experience. Who the hell wants to keep having to login on a remote with no qwerty all the time. So unless the account is deleted or disable the client needs to remember the login forever and until the end of time, right now it only remembers for about a day I don't know what the trigers are that pushes it to stop remember but this issue is 100 percent reproducible as a friend of mine with same equipment is having same issue as well. other than what i provide don't ask for any further information as I have other things to do and don't have time to do any follow ups. Just test and fix on your own.
  13. mediacrypt

    Emby admin password forgot

    Hi team, I setup password for my admin user login. but when try i login, it didn't accept my passwrord. Hence tried to reset password i got a promt to check for the following location "/var/packages/EmbyServer/target/var/passwordreset.txt". I got the below detail I can see the below detail in the txt file ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://localhost:8096/web/forgotpasswordpin.html Enter the following pin code: 7960 The pin code will expire at 31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But i remember my Pin, need to reset only password. If i remember correctly i can use the pin to login when i'm inside network but required password if i'm trying to access emby out of the network.Please advise. Thank you.
  14. TempEmby

    Unable to reset Emby.media account

    I am unable to reset the password to my emby.media account. Further, my emby server stalls with the activity circle spinning and spinning when I click on "Profile". I found myself unable to login and the password reset email never arrives. I don't know if I misspelled my email address during account creation. It's doubtful but not impossible. user: sovereignman email: sovereignman@tutanota.com Please advise.
  15. Hello all, Just wondering if there is any current functionality (can't find any, but I might not be looking hard enough) or plans for any future functionality to be able to whitelist an IP prefix for passwordless auth? Want to make dad's life slightly easier so he doesn't have to enter passwords in on each of his Fire TV sticks! Look forward to hearing back! Cheers, Jack :-)
  16. Hi, I use emby on my AppleTV (4th Gen). Now I would like to protect emby from being started without a password. The problem is this: Unless I manually log off before closing the app, it can be started without having to enter the password for the last used user account. It automatically starts with the user account that was used last. On iOS, it is different. There I can uncheck the "Remember" box and then I always have to enter the password again whenever I re-start emby. This is what I want on my AppleTV, too. So, how can I password protect the start of emby on AppleTV without having to log off every time before closing the app? P.S.: It seems like when I wait long enough, the app auto-closes or auto-logs off in the background and then I have to re-enter the password. But this doesn't happen immediately as I would like it to.
  17. Hi, I've been trying, and failing, to change the password of a user on my server via my admin account. As far as I know this should be possible, but every time I try it ssays that the username/password is wrong. I assume this means the "old password", but it is not a reasonable assumption that I should know the password of other users when they can set these up themselves, also it does not work with my passsword, I've checked.
  18. Qlan

    Profile Login with iPhone

    Hello emby team, Since iOS 11 it is now possible to provide keyboard input for your Apple TV with your phone or tablet. This is an awesome feature for logging on to Emby for password protected profiles. There is however one little snag, once the password has been entered it is not possible to press the enter key to trigger the login. You have to manually move the cursor to the login button and press it. Is this a limitation of the Apple UI or would it be possible to implement this function in the Emby app? Thank you!
  19. Yes I'm the admin but the issue is that I can create users but I can't create the password in the Admin dashboard on local machine/server. So rather than trying to explain is easier for both of us just to view a screenshare. So here' the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11Rk9o4u_CMAw06ZKv00cRBHD3xVJepzz
  20. Hi, I will like to know if in future updates you guys could add this feature "password for a specific folder" I have one folder with wallpapers: nature, cars, but also adult one.. so... will be nice to have a password. So everyone will see the general folder "wallpapers" and access to all sub-folders (cars , nature etc. , except "Adult" folder where you need a password.) Regards, Spirit
  21. When I invite someone to my server and they link their emby connect account the password from their emby connect isn't the same as the one on the server. In fact, if they set no password on the server ANYONE can log into their account without any password and access all media on the server! Is this expected behavior? Seems completely insane to me! Why do I have to set passwords for users who already have passwords for their emby connect accounts? Is there a way to disable login without access to their emby connect account?
  22. Stuke00

    Roku beta password issues

    I am completely new to Emby, and I am checking it out with the new Roku beta client. I setup my account with a password and an easy access PIN. I could not get the PIN to work on the new Roku beta client, it kept prompting me for my password. Since that was such a pain to enter in my password each time, I went on the server and "reset it" and did not set a new one. The Roku beta client however keeps prompting me for a password. I am able to authenticate by leaving it blank and just hitting enter. It seems the Roku client does not realize I no longer have a password initially because it brings up the password prompt. So there are a couple follow up questions I have. One, how do I get the PIN to work? The Roku is on my local network. Two, what is stopping someone from manually entering in my server IP and logging in to any one of my users? I have 5 users created currently, do they all need passwords? Thanks!
  23. hi all, hope this is the right place. i am running emby-server- (doesnt matter, happened on more than one version) using pkg on a freenas-9.10 server. i noticed that when i set a password for a user using the webinterface i get access to another field for local network login offering easy-pin-access stuff. nice. if i check the box for that it works as intended. if i disable the password for the user again by updating it to an empty one the field for local pin access goes away but is still active. meaning that i still see a little lock symbol next to the user on my fire-tv and need to enter the easy-access-pin to login. since i disabled the password i'd expected that all login restrictions would be gone now. if you feel like this is a valid point please look into that. thanks for making a great tool & product! edit: solved
  24. deallier

    Invalid username or password

    hi my emby server has updated itself to Version today and now if i creat a new user and then give them a password it says (Invalid username or password. Please try again.) but this is a new user account and a new password and it has just started today after the update please help
  25. thatoneguy99

    Use Emby connect as password

    Hello everyone. It's thatoneguy99 back with another seemingly easy problem that I can't figure out. Long story short I have finally figured out nginx and reverse proxy. I have it setup for domain/emby. It works great... Now I have users that are connected through my server with Emby connect. If I go to my URL (domain/emby) I can log in as those users without having to enter a password. What I would like to do is only grant access to those users once they have signe in with their Emby connect information. I don't want them to have to create a password, I just want them to be able to use their Emby connect criteria. I don't want anyone without an Emby connect account, in which I have added that Emby connect account to my server. I don't want to hide this user from the log in screen either. Is this possible? Am I explaining it clearly? How do I lock down these user accounts, without making them create a password from within Emby, and letting them use their Emby connect account as their login? Anyone else that should happen to stumble across the server should have to either create an Emby connect account, or know the Emby connect login information of a user I already granted access to... Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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