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Found 8 results

  1. janth

    Automatic Updates

    Hi all, Wondering if I can get some help with an issue that has been plaguing me for a little while. I currently have Emby installed on a Windows machine in which it runs as a service (created via NSSM from memory, was a long time ago). One of my key use cases is that I turn on my machine and Emby starts up in the background and just works, however on occasion when it tries to update, it fails. A by product of this is that the zip file remains in the updates folder and the server crashes because it doesn't start if there are any pending updates. (Or so I assume?) Has anyone dealt with this issue before and / or have thoughts on how to fix it? I apologise if this is a duplicate, I did attempt a search, but I couldn't find a match for any keywords I thought applied. Any and all help would be appreciated! Cheers!
  2. Love this thing so far! Only issue is that it will not 'play next episode automatically' using the Roku app. I do have it set to do so, it just doesn't. Any ideas? TIA
  3. KurtisEagles

    Disable automatic subtitles

    Trying to download forced subs so I can enjoy the foreign language parts of The Mummy (1999). I can search subtitles no problem, but encounter an error trying to download them. Check the plugin settings, disable VPN, check my login info on opensubtitles.org only to find that I hit my maximum download limit. Puzzled, I click my opensubs account to find it downloaded subtitles for my entire tv library. Not newly added content, but a subtitle file for every episode of King of the Hill and every other tv show in my library. In easy to understand language, how do I turn this off? I don't want my IP banner from opensubs and I'd rather just have manual downloading for subtitles. How long do I have to wait for my limit to reset so I can watch my movie?
  4. Don't you hate having your nice library ruined by a stray episode with the title "Episode XX" or "TBA" because that data wasn't available at the time it was scanned in? Well I may have a solution that uses python, emby api, and scripter-x to collect these episodes and automatically refresh their metadata until an actual title is found. Check it out here https://github.com/stummyhurt/noTBA-scripterx
  5. Hello guys! I installed emby service at Windows10 ltsc. I hardly ever shut down this system, because this system must be available when i need it. So there is a problem that emby service will be closed automatically with no reason. And i can confirm that my memory capacity is enough. Is there anyone can find the solution for this problem? Thanks!
  6. hugo.lapointe

    Automatic authentification

    Hi everyone! I'm using the Emby Server on Linux with more than 5 users. Iis it normal if I always, at a constant interval, request for authentification. After the user authentification, no activities is done. I seem like a automatic authentification for the client application. If this is normal, is it possible to mask the authentifications from the manager? Thanks you.
  7. While trying version 590 I noticed that if you login with a user and save its password so the next time you open the app it will automatically login to that user and afterwards you hide the same user from the login screen the automatic login will not happen. Is this the expected behavior? Repro steps: Login with a visible user and remember its password Exit the app Lauch the app again and it will automatically login with the saved username and password. <-- Correct Exit the app again. From Emby server configuration, hide the user that you used for login to the Samsung app from the login screen and save the configuration. Launch the app again and this time automatic login will not work and you will be presented with the list of users that remain visible and the manual login option. <-- Incorrect? I would expect that once you login with a user and remember its password, hidden or visible you should be able to relogin with that user in the app again automatically. Also by making the user visible again, auto login will start working again without touching anything in the app. Thanks
  8. kingy444

    Automaic BoxSets Location

    @@ebr I wasnt sure if this was possible or should be moved to feature requests but I would like to be able to move the default location of the Automaic BoxSets from %appdata%\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections to a custom location. Is it currently possible or could you build this in ? Would expect too much work from this. If you are swamped with other requests I am happy to look at it just couldnt see the code up on github
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