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  1. There are several methods to sideload an app on an Android TV device such as the nVidia Shield including by usb, smart phone, etc. The method described below uses smb3 from a Windows 11 client. Different Android devices and connecting clients may differ in steps The nVidia Shield uses smb3 as of SE8. If your Shield isn't upgraded to at least SE8 you should do so now. 1. Enable smb3 connections on nVidia Shield Go to Settings --- Device --- Storage Click and enable "Transfer files over local network" Note the Username and Password 2. Enable SMB3 on Windows client Windows 11 comes with smb3 already enabled. Older versions of Windows and other clients may require you to enable smb. 3. Download apk from website Both the standard Android (arm7 Shield, arm8 Shield pro) and Android TV apps work on the Shield. You can choose one or install both if you like. https://emby.media/download.html 4. Copy downloaded apk from Windows client to Shield (if you prefer to host the apk on a NAS see the second post) Start File Explorer Browse Shield by typing \\Shield (or IP address) in File Explorer (use the Username and Password from Step 1) Drag-and-drop downloaded apk from Window 11 to your folder on the Shield 5. Install X-plore File Manager on Shield start Google Play Store app search X-plore Install 6. Install Emby on Shield Start X-plore navigate to the folder where you copied the apk in Step 4 Click on the apk file Select Install and click OK 7. Add Emby to favorites on Shield Home Page (optional) navigate to Installed Apps hard press the Emby icon Select "Add to favorites"
  2. Hi everyone, My first post here so I'll try my best to include as much detail as possible. Here is my Lounge home theatre setup: Nvidia Shield (2019 Tube version) > LG TV (GX) > Sonos Arc (via HDMI 2.1 eARC) The Sonos Arc and LG GX are both new to me but one thing I didn't realise when I purchased the TV is it unfortunately doesn't support DTS in any format and neither did the Sonos Arc (until a recent update) so unfortunately my Shield needs to convert DTS (in all flavours) to DD5.1. But certain videos fail to play properly. They show green screen with artefacts and stuttering and isn't watchable, however the sound is fine. I can see on the server that it is transcoding the audio as expected and the server doesn't seem to be under huge load. Server is Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM and SSD as boot and transcode drive with GTX 1660S for hardware acceleration. It can happily transcode and convert HDR to SDR (on my bedroom TV) so audio shouldn't be a problem if it can do this (pretty heavy!) task. I know that there is an Emby app for the LG TV and one of the troublesome videos does appear to play as expected with converted audio so I do think the issue is the Nvidia Shield. This is the only other supported player I have that can test all the various things such as Dolby Atmos with the Arc other than the Shield. However, the Shield goes into a HDMI Matrix which goes to 3 other TVs around my house so I don't want to stop using this but am happy to upgrade to the Shield Pro if it'll make a difference. Has anyone else had the same issue with their Shield or can offer anything else to try. Happy to suggestions but please don't say ditch the Shield for built in apps as its required for other areas around the home via the HDMI Matrix. NOTE: converting DTS (all flavours) to Stereo doesn't seem to affect the video. Just when converting to DD5.1. Thanks, Mike
  3. gerry.emm

    nVidia Shield

    ...hey guys...I have a question about the nVidia shield...I currently run Emby on a PC, porting out to 4 separate 4k Rokus in my house and it works fine...I have my living room Roku hooked up to both my Samsung 4k Tv as well as my Viewsonic DLP projector, using a 4 input / 2 output matrix...it all works fine, except for the fact that the 4k Roku does NOT support 3D movie output to my projector...so, I had to add a generic Android box, running Emby for Android to my system to achieve that...would the Shield be able to replace the Roku AND the Android box?...does the Shield run Android apps?...would you install Emby for Android on this unit in order to use it this way?...is there any ACTUAL advantage to replacing the Roku and the Android box with the Shield???...thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!!!
  4. 1st time user to Emby. Installed Emby "Premier" version com.emby.embyserver_4.5.4.0.apk on my NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro with latest NVIDIA updates. Testing with Avatar 1080p and 1080p 3D in MKV containers or file formats. (My legal ripped content. ) I am getting choppy Video stream or buffering not sure. I noticed in the attached log file that there are "Could not find codec parameters for stream" items. Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue. I ran Emby Server on a standalone windows 10 desktop (AMD Phenom II X6 109T 3.2GHz with 8GB or RAM on the same network and it has a very quick response time. Super fast! Love it! Not sure why I cannot get a smooth stream from the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Looking for any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. ffmpeg-transcode-c5befcfc-9d86-401f-9eed-779c55f5426c_1.txt
  5. ShadowKindjal

    Nvidia Runtime Docker Compose

    Would anyone be able to help me? I have a docker install for Emby currently working but I would like to use Docker Compose to further simplify the process. I noticed that the Nvidia runtime is not supported within the docker-compose.yml file but does anyone know a way to maybe incorporate the runtime with a Dockerfile? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Scenario: 12/4 Running QTS Version and Emby 4.5.2 No issues with Converting using 1050 Ti. (logs attached) 12/7 Updated QTS Version and Emby 4.5.3 Unable to utilize the 1050 Ti for converting (logs attached) Any ideas what "Encoder does not support the minimum required encoding level (HevcLevel3)" means or how to fix? *Edit* Added transcode log showing failure when un-selecting VAAPI (transcoding->advanced) attempting to force 1050 usage. Tried: Downgrading NVIDIA GPU Driver 4.0.2->4.01(Previous Version) - Reboot Downgrading Emby 4.5.3->4.5.2 2020-12-07-Fail.txt 2020-12-04.txt 2020-12-07.txt
  7. Nunobifes

    Nvidia NVDEC & NVENC help

    Hello, i'm trying to use NVDEC & NVENC on my server, but the option doesn't appear. I'm running a ubuntu server headless and i installed the headless nvidia driver but the option doesn't appear. Does anyone know anything i can do? Thanks for the help
  8. Emby Server is running on a 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro with and additional 128GB of flash on a USB 3.1 stick. All attempts to convert .ts (transport stream) files fail. The current status of the process is also inconsistently reported on the Dashboard "current tasks" vs the Conversions page. The embyserver log and a possibly relevant ffmpeg-transcode log are attached. The conversion was run by emby user "ram". I did put the logging into debug mode before attempting the transcode of "Japan Fried Chicken - Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television". The logs are attached rather than sent directly because it is not at all clear what is meant by "the home page settings row" in the context of the webUI Emby screens. I was unable to find a "new tile" anywhere in any Emby screen accessible over the net. The "Remove Download" button on the Conversions page is also misleading. It implies that the converted file will be removed, which is clearly not the case. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b2e611b9-10f3-4cf3-bb4e-e6440529ee63_1.txt
  9. EliteArmedForce

    One Piece naming, Help!!!

    I am done with naming One Piece Episodes. Previously i watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden without any headache (Thanks to this forum post - Naruto file naming) I have downloaded total of 837 episodes. Initially, it was named 'One Piece - 001 to One Piece - 837'. After library scan, both "Absolute" and "Aired" order, i get this annoying problem. This never happened with Naruto or Naruto Shippuden , episodes named S01E001. I tried naming 'One Piece - S01EXXX, One Piece - S020EXXX' etc. Moreover, i tried 'One Piece - S01EXXX to One Piece S01E837'. Yet i face this annoying problem. Device used: RPi4 & Jetson Tx2 The problem: Why their is a Specials??? Please help me,
  10. Context : I am using a very old laptop running pop OS 20.04 and docker . I have a 3rd gen i7 on this and an nvidia 740m GPU. I installed graphics driver from ubuntu repository and my discreet GPU works (image attached for clarity) because I can see kodi picking up the discreet GPU. Problem : I installed emby beta from dockerhub and installed nvidia container runtime and loaded the systemd module on it : nirjhor@pop-os ~/Downloads [1]> sudo cat /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/override.conf [Service] ExecStart= ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd --host=fd:// --add-runtime=nvidia=/usr/bin/nvidia-container-runtime nirjhor@pop-os ~/Downloads> Now when I load emby I see my intel processor but not nvidia (image attached) Docker command I used : sudo docker run -d --volume /home/nirjhor/emby/config:/config --volume /home/nirjhor/Videos/Movies:/media/movies --volume /home/nirjhor/Videos/TV:/media/tv --net=host --device /dev/dri:/dev/dri --runtime=nvidia --publish 8096:8096 --publish 8920:8920 --env UID=1000 --env GID=100 --env GIDLIST=100,44,106 emby/embyserver:beta I get the value of render and graphics by this : nirjhor@pop-os ~/Downloads> getent group video | cut -d: -f3 44 nirjhor@pop-os ~/Downloads> getent group render | cut -d: -f3 106 nirjhor@pop-os ~/Downloads> Now my question is, how do I get this nvidia card to work? I took a look at linuxserver.io and I believe they expose nvidia somehow differently, which I did not understand quite well. Adding embyserver log for good measure. Goes without saying, I have premier. For what it's worth, in my desktop computer running arch linux I followed this exact steps and now have nvidia NVENC working. So I am even more clueless as to what I might be doing wrong. Please help. embyserver.txt
  11. Hello, I am using Emby on an Nvidia Shield (server and client) with my media on an external hard drive attached via usb. I setup the libraries when I had access to internet and downloaded all the meta data and art, everything working great. I was hoping to use it as an offline media server at a remote cabin with no internet or cell phone access occasionally. I saw this forum thread and bought the "unlock" they mention I believe (can't seem to find confirmation in the app that it was purchased but I was charged $5) but there isn't much information after that point. I have not purchased the Premiere subscription as I mostly just plan to use directly on the device. Now I didn't test this before I left so was a bit disappointed when it didn't work when I got there but I figured I'd inquire about more information. Let's start by confirming it is possible for Emby client to access Emby server without internet? Do I still need to have a wifi network or can it just access it since the server is running on the same device as the client and the network couldn't connect to the internet anyway? Any suggestions/tips to get this working would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. jcbdrs

    Nvidia HW transcoding not working

    Hi everyone! I am using Emby since years now and I am overall very satisfied with it. I recently wanted to step up the game so I purchased a GTX 1650 to do some HW transcoding (I was using software transcoding). So I did that, I followed all the guide I could find on how to install the Nvidia-driver than afterward the docket integration. Because yes my server was on Docker. I could not get it to work, i had a lot of errors in the transcode logs, and under Emby --> Transcode --> Advanced - I had no options there to check. So I found out that HW transcoding on docker was not really supported so I installed the standalone app with dpkg (the last version). What was my suprise when I finished the configuration (I started fresh on a empty folder) that I still had no options for transcoding with my Nvidia card. When I check the hardware detection log, the errors showing there are exactly the same as the one I was getting with the docket instance. The graphic card is working correctly, it displays the terminal when I plug it to my screen (since it's a server, there is no GUI and I am using the onboard VGA by default). So whenever I run nvidia-smi I can see the version of the driver installed, my card is showing there as well and everything seems fine. Here is a summary of what I tried so far : -restarted the server numerous time. -re-installed the drivers numerous times and from multiple sources, so either from the non free depot, from the Nvidia website or from their depot. -re-installed fresh Emby. -used the test docker on the nvidia-smi GitHub, and it was successful, so maybe it can be because the driver and CUDA version installed on my computer are too old for Emby? -verified that the user who is running Emby is part of the video and render group. -tried the beta version of Emby via both the docker and the standalone version, exact same behavior. Thank you in advance for your help everyone! hardware_detection-63728027283.txt nvidia-smi.txt
  13. When playing playing a movie though the Shield TV, it stopped twice, needing me to return to the main Shield menu and re-select Emby. When i looked at the logs I could see that it was transcoding the DTS audio, but could not see why. The same file pays without any transcoding though Plex. I have tried another movie with DTS audio (and a higher bitrate) and it played normally The Shield is output through a Yamaha YSP-2700 which supports DTS. I have attached the main Server log and the remux logs. My experience of the Emby app on Shield is that is any transcoding (even just audio) takes place, there is a tendency for the playback to stop unexpectedly. I can see no evidence of network congestion or heavy CPU usage on the media server (windows 10, i7-3770, 32 GB ram). As with the specific movie, I do not get these issues on Plex, which makes me think it is app specific. embyserver-63716803196.txt ffmpeg-remux-83f3c07a-0aa0-48ca-851b-b7cc53903a88_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-560a2e4e-5021-4bbf-9bf7-489d9224ccc4_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-187acee7-254e-440b-a9ba-e600d9ead170_1.txt
  14. After getting prompted to update in the web app, I went and downloaded and did so and now the server won't stay active, as soon as I close out of the Emby Server App, and try and access it either through the web app or the player on the Shield it isn't there. When I go back to the Server app again and open it, it starts up suggesting it had crashed. I've rebooted the Shield etc and still the same behaviour. Was just wondering if anyone else was having an issue with this update or whether is it just something local to me. I've kept the previous installer so I could try rolling back?
  15. Hi everyone, I've been running into a few issues on the Emby Server that is running off of my Nvidia Shield that I finally have time to look further into and would love any guidance you can give. I'll include images and logs of the errors I'm getting below. Setup Server:Nvidia Shield (Shield is directly connected to router with ethernet cable) Media is stored on harddrives directly connected to Nvidia Shield Client:LG C8 TV running Emby App (TV is directly connected to router with ethernet cable) - This is the only client Problem #1: Images don't load Although the media are stored on harddrives, I have the cache, logs, metadata, and transcoding temporary files all stored directly on the Nvidia Shield. My idea here was to reduce image load times when searching media content. However after a few searching I start noticing some images don't start loading anymore (Image_1 and Image_2). Similar to what you see in the attachments, it's only a select few images, but the majority still loads. In this case for Gemini Man, only the majority of the cast and crew loaded, not any of the images related to the film itself. This however will progressively get worse to the point where none of the images will load (Image_3). In this case with Gremlins, only the text components load with no images. This has consistently occurred over the past few months. Problem #2: Server shuts down with "light" use from a single user I believe this issue is related to the first problem, since Problem #1 always occurs prior to Problem #2 occurring. In this situation (where I documented it), after the images didn't load for Gremlins, I did select "Play", and the film did not start. When I tried to back up into the movies (Image_4) and start sections (Image_5), either the loading circle kept spinning or was completely blank. At this point when I look at the Nvidia Shield, I see the server has automatically shut off (Image_6). If I turn it back on and do something similar (e.g., select/switch between media, etc.) it will consistently shut off. This is definitely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting. I have noticed this has progressively gotten worse. In the past, this would occur about once a week, but now it occurs at least once a day. Any insight would be highly appreciated! The Shield was great as a server when I first set it an year ago, but has consistently become a larger issue over time. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know! ~Q EmbyServerLog1.txt EmbyServerLog2.txt
  16. Emby Team, thanks for the great server and apps! I looked but couldn't find these questions. #1 On the downloads page of the website, it does not show what version is the current stable one for whatever app. How can I know I am on the latest and greatest? (without looking into each store such as Amazon or Google, etc) #2 Is Nvidia Shield a different app than Android TV? I see forums for Android TV and then Nvidia in that forum but not sure they are the same. #3 What is the most current version of Shield TV? I seem to get only 1.7.92g which I think is a couple years old? #4 I love the fact that most of the apps that I use for Emby support animated gifs (pronounced jif! lol) and animated webp format, but on my Nvidia boxes it doesn't work but it does on android phones (Android Mobile) and browsers. Again, thanks for a great product and from what I can tell a much more responsive dev team than Plex! Scott
  17. qazwsx10

    OLED Screensaver

    I thought I saw a previous post about this earlier, but I couldn't find it when I searched for it again (it may have been on reddit). I had read that if you have a Nvidia Shield as the Emby Client/App, the screensaver wouldn't turn on automatically when you pause your media since it's play directly on the Nvidia Shield. I was curious if instead we use the LG Emby App directly on the TV, if the screensaver would turn on if we pause the media since it is an internal app? Thank you! Qazwsx10
  18. Hey everyone, has anyone else had trouble with the emby app crashing while playing 4K content on the non-pro 2019 Shield? I've only recently gotten a 4K TV, so the problem is new (otherwise the shield has been working great with 1080p content). My normal setup is: Emby server running an i5-5250U processor with 16GB of RAM (Windows 8.1), connected with a CAT5E cable directly to my TP-Link AC4000 Router. NVidia Shield connected directly to the router with a CAT5E and to my AVR (Sony STR-DH790) with an HDMI 2.1 cable. AVR connected to my TV (Sony X900F) with an HDMI 2.1 cable. I thought my receiver may be the culprit so I've also tried connecting the TV directly with the Shield and it still crashes playing 4K content. It's not an immediate crash, it will play about 10-15 minutes (for multiple movies) and then start to stutter and eventually crash back to the home screen. If I happen to navigate (press the back or home button on the remote) while the movie is playing (during the 10 minutes window) the reaction is very slow, sometimes taking up to 15 seconds to respond and sometimes it causes Emby to crash as well. I'm at a loss of what could be wrong. The only idea that's come to mind is that maybe I'd be better off with the Shield Pro as it has more memory and (as I just found out) supports 64 bit apps. I don't use it for gaming which is why I bought the tube version and apparently there is no stock of the pro version to try. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any suggestions? I really like the Shield as it limits my transcoding but I can't for the life of me figure out why I can't play 4K content reliably. Thanks. Edit: I've browsed this forum enough to know I should have included a server log with my question. I don't have one handy but will grab one later today!
  19. abufaisal

    [] Transcoding Advanced empty!

    Hello, I have server with gpu rtx 2070 super. already install drive and add to emby docker. my issue in dashboard of emby can't see any options on Transcoding enable hardware acceleration.
  20. Hello everyone I got recently a Shield Pro which should my LibreELEC to replace. And my plan is to switch directly to the Emby App instead of using Emby for Kodi. But now I have discovered three things, that triggers a unwanted transcoding: Subtitles in the "DVDSUB" format, m2ts container and DD+ 7.1 audio tracks (is supported by the speakers). On Emby for Kodi its all fine (on the Shield). So can I do something against these issues in the Emby App? Thanks.
  21. bulineta1

    Does Emby support NVENC?

    Does Emby support NVENC and if it support how do I pass the limitations with a GTX 1070?
  22. 337Manni

    I got a surprise...

    I purchased a Dell R720 server to use as a hypervisor. One of the VM’s I plan on running will be used for Emby Server. This Dell came with an Nvidia Tesla M2070Q graphics card installed, which was a surprise. I did plan on seeing how Emby ran on the VM first and if needed I would passthrough a graphics card to take over the transcoding roll. Does anyone know how the Nvidia Tesla M2070Q would perform, or should I just sell it on and use a more suitable card if needed? Transcodes would possible max at 4 streams and I’d ideally like to start using 4k content, so assume 4x 4k transcodes. Side note, I have an MSI HD R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC graphics card in my current HTPC that should become free once the server is all up and running. Would this AMD card be a better pick for the transcoding, or should I stick to Nvidia for now? Thanks in advance for any info.
  23. For inf, I have solved an issue with .ts format files recorded from broadcasts and saved on a NAS, played through emby on a Windows 10 pc to a chromecast. I set up hardware acceleration using an Nvidia card but only direct play happened, which stuttered and then failed. Solution was to transfer files and library pointers to the pc, after which the Nvidia kicked in. Hope that helps someone. Much better for recording than Plex, btw.
  24. Hi, I'd love some help please with a frustrating playback issue that suddenly emerged on my Nvidia Shield running Emby for Kodi (native/direct paths). Native/direct sync works. Kodi very briefly shows "Working..." when I press play, then goes back to the menu, all within half a second. My quick and highly uneducated look at the log file showed some errors around demuxing, but I don't know if that's significant. Recent changes to server I imagine it's relevant to point out I've recently upgraded my OS X version on my server machine, and also tinkered with its static IP address (but I ended up returning the address to what it was before the issue) - see below for more details. I'm sorry, I realsie it would be very helpful to be clear when the behaviour started in relation to both of those changes, but I cannot be sure which of those was responsible. Native vs Dynamic The playback error only seems to happen in my preferred native/direct path configuration, so that's a pretty good hint that it's a path/network issue I guess (I'm no IT expert). If I go through the emby for kodi app and select folders with (dynamic) written next to them they work ok, but I'd love to get the snappier native playback working again. Issue on: The playback issue is only encountered on my Nvidia Shield P2897 box, which I use Emby for Kodi (4.0.5) add-on on Kodi 18.4 (native/direct paths setup). Unaffected - these stream fine When I run Emby on my Android phone (galaxy s10e) I can access and stream videos on the server fine via Emby and VLC on the phone, but I guess they use the dynamic playback mode as well. Server My Emby Server ( is running on a late 2014 iMac, which I recently updated to OS X Catalina (10.15.1). I'm sorry I cannot be specific with times, but the Kodi issues started around this time, and I saw a post about clicking on and off the sharing on the mac to get things running again, and I've done that. As mentioned above, I also changed the IP address of the server for a brief period, as my phone was taking the same IP address, but I then moved my mac back to it's original IP when I worked out how to set a static IP for my phone to stop them clashing. The server's IP is now back to the same value it was when it worked, which is the same as that in the "Shared Network Folder" in the library, and I've done Emby for Kodi database resets and resyncs to be sure the Shield has the right IP paths, but to no avail. The log is available here - I'd value the interpretations of a skilled user (scroll to 2019-11-18 at 19:16 to 19:17).
  25. qazwsx10

    Nvidia Shield Wake up on LAN

    Good morning! I saw two threads discussing this, but didn't see a conclusion to them yet (for one the last reply was from over an year ago, so I'm hoping it's been updated since then). I recently transitioned my Emby server from my PC to my Nvidia Shield. I have my media on an external hard drive that is directly connected to the Shield (I don't have a NAS yet). Although I don't mind having the Shield running all the time, I didn't want my external hard drives to be continuously running, so I have it currently set for them to shut off when the Shield goes to sleep. However, I did notice when I did that, I was no longer able to access the Emby Server. I tried the Wake Server option, and I get the following message: "Wake On LAN packets were sent to your server machine, but we're unable to connect to your Emby Server. Your machine may need a little more time to wake, or Emby Server may not be actively running on the machine." Am I doing something wrong, or does Android not have a WOL option?
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