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Found 7 results

  1. captainchadl

    Apple TV App blank without internet

    Hello all, This is my first post to the forum. I have had my Emby server up and running in a jail in FreeNas for about 2 months now (Emby Version Last week the internet went out for an entire day, but I was not able to watch movies from the server on the Apple TV. I could however view them in my web browser on my laptop by going to the local IP address of the server. The problem was when I tried to open the Emby app on the Apple TV the screen was just white. I assume that this application loads from the internet, so that is why the screen was just white. Although I could be wrong. Is there any device I can purchase that will run the Emby application when the internet is out other than my laptop? I tried a Roku Ultra, but It would not connect to the server when I disconnected the modem to simulate an outage, but I could still access the Emby server through the browser on my laptop. Thanks in Advance, Chad
  2. Hello, I am using Emby on an Nvidia Shield (server and client) with my media on an external hard drive attached via usb. I setup the libraries when I had access to internet and downloaded all the meta data and art, everything working great. I was hoping to use it as an offline media server at a remote cabin with no internet or cell phone access occasionally. I saw this forum thread and bought the "unlock" they mention I believe (can't seem to find confirmation in the app that it was purchased but I was charged $5) but there isn't much information after that point. I have not purchased the Premiere subscription as I mostly just plan to use directly on the device. Now I didn't test this before I left so was a bit disappointed when it didn't work when I got there but I figured I'd inquire about more information. Let's start by confirming it is possible for Emby client to access Emby server without internet? Do I still need to have a wifi network or can it just access it since the server is running on the same device as the client and the network couldn't connect to the internet anyway? Any suggestions/tips to get this working would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. RobbyBobby

    No Apple TV if internet down?

    My fibre broadband went down on Sunday (long story) and I could no longer stream Netflix, Prime, Sky etc on my Apple TV. But -- thinks to self -- fear not, I have my Emby Library to enjoy ... Only I didn't! The Emby Apple TV launched and presented the message (below). The iPads worked. I wondered if there was a way to get the Apple TV functional when the Internet is offline? Note 1: I didn't snap the above photo at the time, I just pulled the Ethernet cable out of the back of the Apple TV a moment ago and took the snap. I *think* its the same message. Note 2: The Apple TV Plex app wouldn't function either.
  4. So, i've set up Emby, and it seems to work fine over the internet. I can play to my tv, and i can access it as a server. Now, i just can't seem to figure out a way to acess it without the intternet? Is this possible? I have an old modem/router connected to my desktop. NO internet. I'd like my tv to be able to log into the WLAN and to be able to access and stream my files from there. Quick question: Does anybody else find that they can't navigate their media via their tv remotes? forward/back/pause?
  5. I recently built a HTPC for my parents who have no internet. All is good and I love Emby. The problem I am having is when they launch Emby for media center it does not find the server that is on the very same HTPC. I was able to log in manually, but my parents are elderly and very tech impaired. I wanted to set up a simple one click and "boom" there are the movies and tv shows to choose from. Having them have to go through the manual log in steps every time they want to use emby is sort of making difficult for them something nice I was trying to set up for their entertainment. Any suggestions? I had hoped that once I manually logged them in it would remember the settings...No luck. The main dashboard page showed no in home access url since there is no network connected. Tried binding to a local network address and still no luck. Any help with this would be very helpful. Yes I realize Emby is designed to be used on a network etc, but there should be a way to use it otherwise. Would simply connecting a router do the trick? I mean there would still be no internet, but would that at least establish a network so that emby classic would log in automatically?
  6. My ISP is upgrading their backend, so for the last few days, my internet has been in and out. I discovered that if I try to use a feature requiring Emby Premiere while my internet is down (or once where just the emby.media webpage was down), it fails, and tells me I need to go buy premiere (I have a lifetime sub). Can you have the server cache premiere status, so if there is a transient internet outage, I can watch my local content through Emby Theater? Maybe have it validate Premiere membership status when the server starts, and then only re-check right before the subscription is about to end. Honestly, even if it would check every 24 hours, that would let me use it 90% of the time the internet is out. But having it only check on startup and then again before a subscription is about to expire would be even better.
  7. I have installed MB3 on a laptop for testing. When connecting the laptop to DSL router MB3 works fine without any issues. HOWEVER MB3 does not work when connected to a 3G/LTE Router (Netgear MBRN3000). I have tried with the port forward on the router however the 3G/LTE service provider do not allow port forwarding. How can I setup MB3 as standalone and not connect to the internet. Everytime internet is offline MB3 tries to connect to the following site. http://www.mb3admin.com/admin/service/MB3ServerNotifications.json http://mediabrowser.tv/ http://www.mb3admin.com/ and all the devices can’t communicate anymore. Any ideas? Attached also the log server-63543506328.txt
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