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  1. onehans

    Panasonic tv wont play transcoded MKV

    after struggle i found a way to play probably all video in my library via DLNA( the ones i have checked works ) i have two panasonic tv one old probably 7 years and one new just bought. profile that works for me on both tv is in transcoding tab TS, h264, mp3 it has to have option "enable M2ts mode" ON and other two off in advanced, and i removed MOV profile as well as DTS and AC3 from all profiles since they will not work on panasonic. now the problem 1. i have is that this tvs will play subtitles only on MKV container and as i said it wont play if i change TS to MKV. problem 2. is i cant pause or rewind for some reason despite trying options in advanced tab of profile and all posible combinations of MKV TS MP4 AVI my setup is QNAP 253 PRO and EMBY Version my server is on intel and im using ffmpeg binary static 3.2.2 pls help
  2. Nick D_CA

    Adjust Overscan on Xbox One

    Is there a way to adjust the overscna on Emby Theater for the XBox One? The text and images are cut off by the edges of the screen. My TV does not have any options for adjusting image size, underscan or overscan. I could not find any options on the XBox either that would help. The Emby MCE add-on has these options and they work great, hoping that there is something similar you can help me find. Nick
  3. This is just a quick heads up: I have the Movie and TV Theme Song/Video plugins, and I found that if movies weren't in their own respective folders, things like themes and backdrops were shared between items. For instance, all of my films had the backdrop for "The Sword in the Stone (1963)" before I moved my media into individual folders. After the move I had to rescan the library. In the absence of those plugins, if media was not using individual folders, I observed that each asset (like posters, etc.) had the film name/year prepended which works fine until you use plugins like the ones mentioned above. Is it considered a best practice to put media in their own respective folders? If not, why not? If it is, is that mentioned somewhere in the documentation? Going to the "Movie naming" page on Github doesn't mention that when you are preparing your library, you may want to do use individual folders to ensure a smooth transition.
  4. Is there a way that Emby can run a script after each TV recording is done? Here's what I'm trying to do, running Emby in a Freebsd jail I would like to pass the file name and location of each completed recording to a script. The script would then run comskip to remove the commercials, I'm not running windows so MCEbuddy is out.
  5. schmitty

    Hiding empty TV series

    Hello, I have a few TV series I've added to my library, but at the moment, have no media in them. Is there a way to hide these items in the library until I have media to put into them, or am I best to just delete them until I have the media?
  6. manicjonah

    Default TV View " Unwatched "

    Is it possible to set the default TV view to Unwatched? If so, how? Thanks, MJ
  7. I am seeing that some of my TV shows are not available in the Library - more than 50% of shows are not shown. Yesterday I deleted the TV media library and then readded it. During scan process I saw the missing shows appear, but then they disappeared again by the time the scan process completed. I didnt yet go forensic on the logs... but first checking if anyone knows why shows might not be showing up in the library. I have checked permissions and my user has access to "all libraries". Thanks in advance for any pointers.
  8. I freaking love PseudoTV on Kodi, in my bedroom it runs 24/7 - I would love it if there was a native plug-in for it on Emby so I could just run it without Kodi on my FireTVHD. Or something similar where I can assign which shows/movies to play in a random order with a "channel" interface. Does this already exist and I'm out of the loop?
  9. David Martin

    Android TV Box?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new android TV box and I was wondering has anyone got any recommendations as I'm kind of spoilt for choice to be honest... I've got an amazon fire tv and a fire tv stick and I'm looking to buy something without all the amazon stuff. Thanks, David.
  10. Hi Guys, I recently picked up a Amazon FireTV Stick, which is great but wish I had something better. Its wifi only, I got it connect to my Asus RT-n66u router (Full Signal) and I have issues with playback sometimes stops and I have to start it again does it alot more on youtube app then emby app though. I have most of the time watch emby with no pausing and but youtube it does it atleast once, Its done it 5 seconds on to youtube. I've tried 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The interface isn't the fastest either, quite sluggish even if you just using it for Prime TV. I wondering what Android TV box is best. I have seen the cheap quad core things but they never as good as you think, poor android builds(not optimized). The Nvidia Shield quite nice but expensive as you have to buy a controller as well as the unit. What do you guys recommend?
  11. I've seen a few other posts that resemble this issue, and rather than hijack those threads I figured I should post my own. A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my TV shows was listing every episode in every season twice. After a bit of poking around, it looks like about 50% of my TV shows are doing this, the others still show up fine. My TV library only pulls from one location. Looking at the details of the episodes that are duplicated, it shows that the path is exactly the same, other than the server name being capitalized in one and not the other. Also the "added date" is different. I tried removing my TV library and re-adding it, but all this did was make a few more TV series have the duplication problem that weren't having it before. This may be why the added date is different now. At this point I can still watch TV, but it's annoying to have my episode lists all messed up. Is there any insight into what is going on? I will post screenshots, and attempt to post the latest log file. But the log file is over 10MB, so not sure if the forum will allow me to post it... Metadata manager for one Episode 1 Metadata manager for the "other" Episode 1 How it shows up in webview How they show up in WMC Library...only one file path Path substitution...seems correct to me EDIT: yeah, my log file won't attach...file size is too large. Is there a way around this?? Thanks!!
  12. Fallen Archangel

    Hardware needed for live TV?

    Hello, I've been running an Emby server at home for quite a while, but I've never set up live TV. I have Cox Communications, with a box beside my server (Running one Windows 10). Could anyone like to a guide or something? I looked around but I guess I don't know the correct search terms to use because I'm not finding anything related to this. Update: Somehow I missed this, sorry. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Live-TV
  13. FordGT90Concept

    Android TV recommended remote?

    I have a Leelbox with Amlogic S905 chip and it came with a remote that isn't satisfactory (doesn't even have a play button!). It has Emby Android TV installed and works great. Any recommendations for a third party remote to use? Specifically, I would like play, record, jump forward, jump backward, fast forward, and fast backward working. I was thinking a Logitech Harmony 650 for my main home theater then something cheaper for the other TVs (open to suggestions).
  14. sempreceibe


    Antes de nada presentarme y agradecer vuestra ayuda en esta primera pregunta de novato. Tras añadir la Epg de movistar y activar el pluging de TVheadend con la última beta, me actualiza todos los picons y casi todas las películas, importando los metadata. El problema lo tengo con las series. Aunque tengo activado Themoviedb y buscandolas en la web aparecen, ni con la busqueda manual ni poniendo el id me las actualiza. Me explico, si voy en cualquier capítulo de la serie a editar y despues a Identify siempre se queda buscando. No me hace nada. Se queda siempre buscando... La serie aparece en Themoviedb.org Y si intento poner el ID manualmente no funciona lo pruebo y me carga una dirección tipo themoviedb.org/movie/ID En cambio de pongo cualquier ID de una película y actualiza correctamente. ¿Sabéis si hay que configurar la EPG de alguna forma para que el Emby distinga entre peliculas y series en Live TV? Lo digo porque eso se lo puedo añadir en un script que tengo para importar el xml de la guía. Lo raro es que me detecta todas las series dentro de Movies. Y las series que no me detecta dentro de Movies no me deja colocar el ID de Themoviedb,org Adjunto el archivo de log de cuando no me encuentra la serie. server-63594892800.txt Muchas gracias por adelantado y saludos.
  15. Blueeyiz702

    Folder Icons Main View

    Just wonderd if there is anyway to get rid of episode count in blue and arrow at bottom. Trying to see how this looks with custom folders instead of poster showing.
  16. I have installed Kodi + Emby on a Sony Bravia TV (Android TV OS) The problem is, the Incremental Sync only runs when the app is first started. When an AndroidTV device is turned off, the system stays "awake" for 5 minutes - after this time, the network is turned off and the device goes to full sleep. Kodi is still running, but unable to receive new content broadcasts from the Emby server. So then when the TV is turned back on, the library remains out of date unless you fully restart the Kodi app or go to the Emby addon and select Manually Sync (but this is slower than restarting, and not 'incremental'). I don't know if the Emby addon can detect when the device leaves sleep mode or when the Network connection becomes active again - so the only solution I can think of, is to be able to manually trigger an incremental sync via hotkey. So I just need to know if there is a command in the Emby addon to trigger the incremental sync. I've done similar things with other addons, such as "<a mod="shift,ctrl">RunScript(script.audio.profiles,0)</a>", so it should be possible. Does a command already exist, or can one be added? It's the only inconvenient thing about this setup. Thanks.
  17. Hello guys. I've noticed that in the TMDB query for TV there are two problems: 1. Parental Ratings is not being returned and used. 2. My country's metadata is not being queried (I use pt-BR, working OK for movies) Today query: h t t p://api.themoviedb.org/3/tv/1988?api_key=###API_KEY_HERE####&append_to_response=credits,images,keywords,external_ids,videos&language=en&include_image_language=pt-br,null,en Correct query: h t t p://api.themoviedb.org/3/tv/1988?api_key=###API_KEY_HERE####&append_to_response=credits,images,keywords,external_ids,videos,content_ratings&language=pt-BR&include_image_language=pt-BR,null,en Thanks!
  18. Movies > Genres > Animated When I am in the above category on the ATV (or any genre folder) it also lists items from my tv shows. Is there any way that I can turn this off? When I am in movies all I want is movies not tv shows as well.
  19. anderbytes

    Bug fetching metadata for TV series

    @@ebr and @@Luke, Since latest stable a few days ago, I've been having problems downloading metadata for TV series. Movie metadata is downloaded correctly from TMDB, but when an episode of anything is searched, it doesn`t find anything anywhere, and the easier way to see the result of that is that the episode title becomes exactly the media filename. Here's the part of the log where it tries to search for episode metadata 2016-03-28 22:07:24.0516 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST https://server.mynas.com:8920/emby/Items/00465cf143c89d390a7aa97082201cae/Refresh?Recursive=true&ImageRefreshMode=FullRefresh&MetadataRefresh$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.1896 Debug App: Running FFProbeProvider for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBDL-72$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.1955 Debug MediaEncoder: /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/emby/ffmpeg/20160215/ffprobe -i file:"/media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3499 Debug App: Running TvdbEpisodeProvider for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBD$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3513 Debug App: No series identity found for The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBDL-720p.x264.AAC-DeeJayAhmed 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3513 Debug App: TvdbEpisodeProvider returned no metadata for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3513 Debug App: Running MovieDbEpisodeProvider for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.W$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3539 Debug App: MovieDbEpisodeProvider returned no metadata for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3539 Debug App: Running EpisodeNfoProvider for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBDL$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3556 Debug App: EpisodeNfoProvider returned no metadata for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3556 Debug App: Running EpisodeXmlProvider for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBDL$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3566 Debug App: EpisodeXmlProvider returned no metadata for /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.3934 Debug ProviderManager: Saving /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBDL-720p.x264.A$ 2016-03-28 22:07:24.4137 Debug App: Saving /media/f32939a5-f612-4c8d-aa32-3ae82b0f0742/DISK/REPOSITORY/SERIES/The Walking Dead/Season 6/The.Walking.Dead.S06E15.East.WEBDL-720p.x264.AAC-DeeJayAhm$ I need to remind you that: 1. Because I'm in OMV I couldn't participate in Beta, so this could have passed (only possible after Mono packages will be available for Betas) 2. My metadata configurations are set to download Portuguese (Brazil) info Before latest 5910... if no metadata for my exact country is found, it would fall back to english. Another detail is... before 5910, correct metadata translated for my country was being downloaded, or maybe it was pt-PT and I didn`t noticed the difference (I would have to dig deeper in providers to confirm that) Expected when trying to download TV metadata: 1. Download my country's metadata from any provider, or else 2. Download pt metadata from any provider, or else 3. Download English metadata from any provider
  20. Hi Guys, For the last few days the manual override feature in auto-organise seems to have stopped working for me. I can go into it and select the show, the season and episode number, but when I click OK nothing happens. The screen doesn't close, the episode doesn't get sorted. The button just lights up as if it's been clicked, but then goes back to green again. I couldn't find any other topics about this, but I'm sorry if this has been already reported. Love the product guys. Cheers Server Version 3.0.5895.0
  21. Seeing the Poster (Screenshot) helps me see what episode I am up to at a glance from the home screen for any given TV Show. The new ET defaults to the Thumb view for the season (or show) which doesn't give this detail until you navigate into the next level down for the TV Show. Also not all shows have Thumb views, which results in a mixed bag of Thumbs and Poster views on the home screen which looks a little messy. I would like to see an option added to change your default preference between Thumbs and Poster views for areas on the TV home screen like latest episodes or next up episodes (perhaps an independent option for each?). This would allow me to customise it to my personal preference and get more information directly from the home screen. Many Thanks!
  22. tarnalcock

    Mixed Folder Conundrum

    Hi Guys, I am struggling a little with something. Previously I had a catch-all folder for documentaries (movies & series). I would just have a "movie Title (year)" folder for each movie and a "series title" folder for each series in said folder. Suddenly it would not add series anymore, nor recognize episodes in my auto organize folder. This was mixed content. So I tried emptying the folder, removing it from the library, re-scanning and adding all the stuff again. Once again all of the movie-type documentaries were recognised and scraped automatically, but the series were not. In order to remedy this, I have created two separate folders: Documovies/ Movie 1 (year)/ Movie 2 (year)/ etc.. TV Documentaries/ TEDTalks/ BBC Documentaries/ etc.. Instead of using mixed content, I now have each set to the relevant type (Movies/TV). However this is really messing with my OCD as I now have two sections in the emby web frontend containing documentaries. SO, can I group these somehow and only display "Documentaries" as the "folder"? Also another issue I have is that with BBC Documentaries, for instance, I only have a few interesting episodes but the display shows every single season and every single episode. That equates to thousands of episodes clogging up my front-end when I maybe only have 10 or so. For my normal TV series I have set it to show me missing and unaired episodes so that I can keep track of such, but it really isn't necessary for the documentaries. Is there any way that I can enable/disable this at the folder level?
  23. Hello and many thanks in advance for any support, I reinstalled Emby Server a few months ago and recently noticed after reinstalling Emby for WMC (this IS a server question, I promise) and browsing that my episode thumbnails for new additions are not consistently auto-downloading and many old shows are now missing the thumbnails (episode thumbs for Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm are now completely gone and I specifically remember seeing these when browsing clients in the past). This behavior is visible in the web client and other clients (WMC, Android). I have all of the expected server settings activated (download artwork from internet, save artwork in folders, all metadata services checked, download chapter images, etc.). I do have a custom metadata path, but that has not conflicted with the save artwork in folders for movies and *some* tv episode new additions, thus I don't believe this is a permissions issue. I have also tried to manually download thumbs with very limited success. First, trying to update an entire tv show at the series level (not season or episode) rarely works. Even when get all the way into a specific episode and manually attempt to download that image, after clicking the download icon, no image shows up (even though there is no longer a red "missing image" indicator next to the episode in the explorer tree) and Windows Explorer shows nothing has been downloaded or saved. The only way I can get thumbs to show up is if I literally save each individual image online and drag and drop into the season folder--but this requires matching the naming convention and is ridiculously time consuming. I have searched all the other forum topics and even attempted to remove a series, scan library, re-add series, re-scan, etc. to no avail. I've also read about turning off the realtime monitor, but this doesn't seem applicable and also seems burdensome to have to modify the timestamp on every episode missing thumbnails. I do believe, however, that part of the issue stems from Emby only auto-downloading new additions on scans, however (and not generating thumbs for missing, albeit old items, even with manual attempts at series, season or even episode level). I also prefer not to use MCM or another scraper/server frontend when Emby already has these capabilities and they DID work for me prior to the most recent reinstall. I've included photos of my approach, but it's pretty straightforward. Please help! P.S. I'm happy to add log files if requested/appropriate

    Add new TV show to upcoming

    Hi, Is there any way to add a new TV show (Legends of Tomorrow - to premiere in Jan) to the 'Upcoming' list? Is it a feature I am unaware of so far or is it something that could be added. This way I could see when all my shows I am waiting to see that haven't aired yet in the Upcoming section. Thanks and keep up the great work. Kianiji
  25. Hi, since the last updates (3.0.5768.7 and 5781) my library is acting strange. All my TV content type folders have stopped displaying content. By reading other threads I discovered that a grouping option had been enabled and affected the way my folders were being displayed. I unchecked those and now I can see again the list of TV shows in my library. Unfortunately, it only shows me subfolders and not individual episodes that are located at top level folder anymore. Before I could see both. If you look at attachments, any episode contained in a folder (per tv show) will appear if I browse to that show. But any new episode that hasn't been classified yet in a sub folder doesn't appear anymore in the list of available episodes. Therefore Heroes reborn episodes won't appear at all in my library. Is there an option I can set to have a view again with folders and individual files? Thanks, Tony
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