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Found 9 results

  1. Samsung Model: UN48H8000 Samsung Firmware Version: 1400 Samsung Emby Client version: 0.122 Hello, At or around the time Emby Server updated to, episode listings disappeared when using Emby via Samsung TV. It continues to work properly when using Emby via Chrome browser. I am fairly confident that folder structure and episode naming are correct as prior to the update mentioned it was working without issues on all devices. I initiate the Emby app on the Samsung TV. I then select "TV Shows" and get the listing of shows, as expected and as intended. I select a show and am
  2. Noustaa

    TV Time plugin for Emby

    Hello Everyone, i would like to ask plugins devs the following question: There is an existing KODI addon for TV time available here: https://github.com/alxlaxv/script.tvtime/releases Are Kodi addons and Emby plugins more or less similar or are they totally different ? Would it be easy to develop a plugin for Emby taking kodi Addon as an example or do we need to start something totally new from scratch ? I don't know anything about plugin creation, is it easy to learn ? Do you know how much time did it take to create Trakt.tv plugin ? Thanks in advance ! Regards
  3. Hi relatively new to Emby coming over from Plex. Thank you for a great usable product that just works. So I'm not sure this is a new feature request or more a just trying to understand how listing shows works. So first, I am using Emby as a DVR on Unraid and currently using the Beta version. What I am looking for is when I select shows by clicking Guide then Programs and then Shows, that it then just lists on one thumbnail of a show that are upcoming for the next two weeks (or whatever guide data time you have). I have played with the filters and I think what I should see with
  4. Rename 'MOVIES' menu option to "A-Z" and 'Shows' under TV to "A-Z" to make it more obvious that what the option is!!! An A-Z picker. Also the Roku way to show the A-Z picker is visually nicer, maybe an option to show horizontal preview per letter or current all letters on scrolling page.
  5. Hey, I have recently organized my film-related files in on my external file system into genre categories and wish to do the same with television shows. Is this possible, as I can't find any material on how to accomplish this. Any help will be great. Thanks.
  6. softworkz

    New Plugin: TV Maze Metadata Provider

    Hi, this is a new metadata provider plugin for Emby, supporting TV Series, Seasons and Episodes as well as Season-Images. The data is retrieved from http://www.tvmaze.com/ The plugin should operate pretty stable, I've been running the code for a few months now without problems. But what's the benefit, now? Well, you got to make your own decision about how useful that additional data could be for you! Metadata handling in Emby is not a very transparent process. To compare the different metadata retrieved by the installed providers, it's probably best to use the Metadata
  7. ytwatcher

    How to see list of Show episodes

    Hi, New here, so please bear with me. I couldn't figure out which is the right forum to post in. I don't know what the difference between MB Theatre and MB Classic is; which one(s) I have or don't. I installed MB Server on Windows 7 and I point my browser at that to watch media, usually from Windows machines. How does a person get the list of episodes available for a TV Show when looking at the show's page? With a navigation path of "Home > TV > Shows > {click show}" I see a backdrop picture, some buttons to vote up/down and favourite the show, and 3 buttons beneath that
  8. Luke

    TV Naming Guide

  9. There's four of us in the house - and different groupings of us watch different shows together. (note: we use MBC) So, for example * my son and I like to watch a bunch of shows together * my son, daughter and I like to watch a different bunch together * all four of us watch a few other shows together * etc I'm not overly concerned about getting watched status for everyone recorded correctly - as long as the major user (usually me) is up to date then that's fine. What I am interested in though is some way to filter shows by the group that has sat down to watch a few shows togeth
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