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Found 14 results

  1. Emby has still problems with german Umlaute in file or folder path. Emby server runs on linux/synology nas and is missing these files and folder after scanning. Example: Browse by Folder, Artist "Motörhead", "Marius Müller Westernhagen" "Ärzte" Emby Version on Synology 918+
  2. Hi all, Please forgive me in advance as I am not familiar with posting on public forums. I have tried to search but have only found results for multi episode files in a single season. I have a TV Show where the episodes are only a few minutes long, and the single video file contains all the episodes for both season 1 and season 2. (It is contained in a single Volume) I know how to rename the file so EMBY detects all the episodes in a single season. Example: <Show Title> 01x01 - 01x10 How would I go about naming the file to pick up that it is episodes from two seasons? I have tried the below but it only detects the first season episodes. <Show Title> 01x01 - 02x10 <Show Title> 01x01 - 01x10, 02x01 - 02x10 If this will not work on EMBY, would there be any alternative suggestions?
  3. When browsing movies, etc, add to the "AZ" Sorting pull-down menu, an additional option to "Sort by Filename" This then orders all the movies in the raw, default way, such that they match the file system on which the actual media files are stored, on disk. This order is generally quite different to the default sort order, as movie titles are sorted ignoring the articles: A, An, The... and also some movies have different names displayed, especially foreign films. The file systems sort by the basic pure alphanumeric order.
  4. Most of my downloads for my anime has filenames with underscores, like A_Certain_Magical_Index_02 for example. The series is recognized just fine, and because the episodes are sorted into Season folders the seasons are fine, but with the filename like that it doesn't download any metadata for the episode itself. Once I replace the underscores with spaces it has no problem, but is there a way to have it work with underscores, or is there no way to fix this? Can it be added please?
  5. When IDing a movie, the "Identify Item" dialog shows the unidentified title (if not identified), which is fine most of the time. But if the movie is misidentified, then it shows just the 'wrong' title, it doesn't show the original filename. So for movies that i'm not familiar with, like foreign films, etc, it means you have to return to the previous screen, scroll ALL the way to the bottom to then get the filename from the path. Could this filename/path be listed above the "Name:" field? The filename is the source of the identity of the movie.
  6. I have content (in my case work-related seminars, workshops, etc) that does not exist in any online metadata DBs and which I'm trying to organize in a "Home Video" Content Type Library. I would find it very useful if we could populate a few metadata fields by following a particular Filename Pattern. My proposal is that support be added for the following two filename patterns (the first one is my preference, but I think some people might also prefer the second in some instances): (20190415) This Is A Title [People A+People B].mkv This Is A Title (20190415) [People A+People B].mkv (20190415): yyyymmdd, which then populates the fields Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy) and Year (yyyy). If the user enters only a partial string, such as (2019) or (201904) then the provided data still updates the corresponding fields (and whatever is not provided is left blank). This Is A Title: Populates the Title field. [People A+People B]: Populates People, ie, People A is one person, People B is another, and so on. The plus sign "+" acts as the delimiter, which enables more than one person to be indicated. The limit to how many People can be added this way would just be the limits of how long a filename can be (which is an OS-specific limit). A Title or Date (one of the two) would be required, but the People string would be optional. If someone just uses the Date (20190415) then that would populate both the relevant date fields, and it would populate the Title field, eg, with "20190415". I propose that this feature be Enabled for new Library creation (only for Home Video Content Type Libraries), but disabled for existing Home Video Libraries (so we don't mess up anyone's existing content). And of course the feature could be Enabled/Disabled via a checkbox in the Library Settings. Perhaps the Setting could be called "Populate Metadata via Filename" and there could be a link to a wiki article on Github explaining the proper syntax. However, if the Devs feel that this should be treated as an Advanced feature and disabled by default for new Library creation I'm fine with that too. Thanks for considering my request! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  7. topbanana

    Improve reporting features

    Your libraries of movies, TV, etc. almost certainly have lots and lots and lots of misidentified items, errors... 5%, perhaps more is possible... And 5% of a large collection, is a lot of items. Wrongly identified. Emby relies on the various databases on the internet, and between them, they inevitably make the odd mistake... That's fair enough. Many factors are involved, bad filenames, rare titles, foreign character, etc, etc... Some are just stupidly wrong. They're going to happen... BUT. We still don't have any tools to find them. You have no way of knowing how many errors are in your libraries. We have to rely on stumbling upon the error, or if you have an intimate knowledge of what titles you do have, you'll spot a few more of the errors perhaps. As attempted a couple of times, some of us have tried combining the grossly, needlessly inadequate 'Reports' feature (now a plugin), with data pulled from the database files with external tools. This has worked OK, but is a royal PITA, and not slick, not quick to do. But it does show you how many errors emby holds. Which might horrify/surprise you. If you want some fun, reinstall emby from scratch, rebuilding your libraries... You'll very quickly see some errors, with many more being there without you knowing. ALL WE WANT is the ability to, at least, list the path, filename, against the title and year from metadata downloaded... This simple feature, ability, would make finding these numerous errors possible, if a little bit slow to process (takes a lot of concentration to check 5,000 filenames, titles, years). Later, yeah, it would be sweet to have it highlight non-exact matches, that would speed up the process immensely. But we need the minimum now. These tools need to be in the core of emby... It's not good enough that this media database application doesn't have the most basic data analysis tool! Path, filename, title, year. Please.
  8. topbanana

    Add Sort by Filename/Path

    Now that the SortRemoveWords hack doesn't work, can we please, please just have Sort by 'Filename/Path' added to the sorting options! It's such a simple and obvious feature. I need to change the sort order to match the media files on the filesystem. But Emby sorts the titles ignoring the articles, A, An, The... Which is entirely valid, but we need to switch between either. Emby was created to help us wrangle huge numbers of media files, sorting data is such a basic feature! Please!
  9. cloudstriker83

    TV Episode Naming Incorrect

    Hi, I used iTunes before Emby and so have a TV episode structure in the form of /TV Show Name/Season 1/01 Episode Name.m4v according to https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV-naming#episode-naming-conventions it should be okay, to have episodes named just with episode number and episode name. But it's not working that way. I have the file “The Expanse/Season 2/06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” which results in Emby as an episode named “06 Paradigm Shift” with season number 2 and episode number field blank. So Emby doesn't recognize the “06” as episode number but part of the title. When I rename the file to “S02E06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” everything works fine and i have an episode named “Paradigm Shift” with season number 2 and episode number 6. Do have have to rename ALL of my tv media files to correctly work with Emby because the TV-Naming wiki page is incorrect. Or is there a problem with Emby? I attached both logfiles, one with scanning the libraries with the not working “06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” and one with the working “S02E06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” files. logfile_incorrect.txt logfile_working.txt
  10. Is this possible? I really like the Home Video type of library for content that isn't well-suited to being found in online databases. So long as the library is organized by folders, and the filenames are descriptive Emby presents the media in a useful way. Not every type of media is suited to the metadata, classified and renamed from online data presentation. The obvious next step, when one notices some organization/renaming is needed is to edit the name right in Emby Theater (or Android phone, or iOS). It is possible to edit the name, but not the filename from which the name is derived (I'm assuming Emby server creates a name from the filename, which must get stored somewhere as metadata). Really, for this type of media I don't want to get into the metadata thing at all. I would like to just use the filename and editing it from within Emby would be so useful. Editing filenames from within Movies or TV libraries would be pretty cool also, but Home Video is the obvious use case. Keep up the good work, thank you.
  11. Hi, I would like to see some additional functionality added, either directly to the server, or via plugin. I use Media Center Master for scraping and downloading tv torrents and nzb, and would really like to see this added, as MCM is becoming a pain to use, due to it's often slow response. i am currently looking into purchasing a Synology NAS, and when I finally do, I want to retire my sever altogether. Unfortunately though, I won't be able to, as I will still need it just to run MCM. Also, additional filename conventions need to be added to the server. Currently TV shows are using the following format: \\SERVER\TV\T, T (YEAR)\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA.ext And Movies: \\SERVER\MOVIES\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA.ext The Movie path is so long because MCM does not allow seperate naming for the directorty and filename, otherwise I would use \\SERVER\MOVIES\T, T (Y)\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA.ext Unless there has been an update that I have missed, where the VSO (Video Source) and QA (Quality/Resolution) has been added, as I use MCM for the renaming for this reason, it would be good to have this added.
  12. Going thru my movies and tv shows, i do sometimes find one that's been misidentified. Often it's just the year that's wrong, as the release date is often different from the year of production (stated in the end credits) which means that it gets identified as another movie by emby. Can we have a way of finding these/spotting these easier? Idea: use Reports? I'd like to be able to compare a list of the identified movie titles with a list of the filenames. So just adding a 'filename' column (perhaps a 'path' column as well) to the reports page will allow me to scan down the list and spot the wrongly identified movies much, much quicker. As a bonus feature, perhaps we could have a filter where if the title matches the filename exactly, then they wouldn't show up leaving only the films with subtly different titles, foreign titles, etc, plus the misidentified films we seek.
  13. Could we please see an option to auto-organize television based on cross-referencing the episode's title if present in the filename instead of relying solely on the season/episode number? I can't tell you how many times I some of my toddler's television shows get mixed up in the season/episode information. Right now, I'm handling those manually, sorting them through a folder that's not being watched by Emby's auto-organize feature. I've seen another feature request for the option to add multiple watch folders to the auto-organize tool... this would be a perfect merger with that feature. A secondary watch folder could be designated as the "watch by episode title" folder instead of season/episode. If not functioning that way, a check box to enable/disable the capability would let Emby organize based on episode title if present. If filename does not have title present, then season/episode # information will be the fall back for organization.
  14. I have some series with lots of episodes but MediaPortal and MB Classic is only showing the thumbs without filenames which make it hard to find an episode. After some experimenting by renaming a couple of files, I determine it was caused by the square brackets in the filename. These files had no problem in MB2. Say I have media files with tags stored as: \\fs\TV\Show 1 (2013)\ [tag1] file 01 [tag2].avi [tag1] file [tag2] 02.avi In both MB Web MediaPortal and MB Classic, file 01 would not show filename while file 02 would just show 02. MB seems to be ignoring any characters in between the 1st open and last close square brackets: [tag1] filename 01 [tag2].avi --> [tag1] filename [tag2] 02.avi --> 02 MB Server version: 3.0.5031.21343 MB Classic version: B10-3.1
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