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  1. As I mention in a related post, I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! It would be awesome to extend this functionality to TV Series as well. Specifically to add support for many/all of the same folders supported for Movie Extras, eg, extras specials shorts scenes featurettes behind the scenes deleted scenes interviews trailers As well as any additional folders that get added in the future (eg, hopefully Galleries). Support Placement of "Extras" Folders Within Each Season Folder, Plus A Naming Scheme to Link A Particular Extras Folder with a Specific Episode (eg, "\Season 1\E1 - Deleted Scenes\" for episode 1 deleted scenes): I want to clarify that it would be great if these various "extras" folder types could reside within each Season folder. So for example, within a Season 1 folder we could then have an "Extras" folder, a "Deleted Scenes" folder, a "Featurettes" folder, etc. And furthermore, that we could designate a particular folder to refer to a specific episode (eg, "\Season 1\E1 - Deleted Scenes\" for episode 1 deleted scenes). See more below, particularly why I think this would be so useful: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/55915-emby-server-theater-additional-extrasspecial-folder-types-for-tv-series-similar-to-movies/&do=findComment&comment=587195 Thanks for your consideration! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  2. I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! I would like to propose an additional folder: "Galleries". Within the Galleries folder the user would place subfolders (only one level of nesting) and each subfolder could contain any images the user chooses. Then, Emby would display the subfolder name as an Extra (in Emby Theater) and opening that extra would launch an image gallery of the containing images. For example: Movies\Disney\The Sword In The Stone (1963)\Galleries\Scrapbook Movies\Disney\The Sword In The Stone (1963)\Galleries\Film Facts "Scrapbook" is what would be listed among other Extras in Emby Theater, and the Scrapbook folder contains various images to be displayed in a slideshow that the user can navigate with their left/right arrows. This feature request is motivated by the following related post: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/55912-video-ts-folder-no-longer-recognized-in-movie-extras-folder/ Basically, sometimes there are extras such as image galleries and text content which are only available via the DVD menu. I have found that I can use FFMPEG to extract all the frames from a video file, and so use that on the appropriate VOB file from the original DVD. Then I can use VisiPics to delete all the duplicates, resulting in content I can then sort into folders (eg, Concept Art, Storyboards, etc.). All I need is for there to be the above support for a Galleries extras folder, which could contain multiple subfolders (only one level deep), each containing images to be displayed as image galleries in Emby Theater, etc. Thanks for your consideration! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  3. EDIT: I finally made my own version inspired from emby theater, it's still on progress.. You can try it by using this css: @import url('https://opiu.ms/css/netflix_login_page.css'); @import url('https://opiu.ms/css/home_theater.css'); It is also compatible with Emby Dark Themes
  4. speedingcheetah

    Install blocked.

    Is Emby Theater software dead/ no longer updated to work on modern Win 10? I havn't used Theater in a few years, but recently want to compare it to the Win Store app, see if anything is better between the 2. But I get "Your administrator has blocked this application...."Security warning. Will not install, even though I am an Admin and I have tried running the Setup as Admin user anyway.
  5. Using the Colibri browser, I logged into Emby using the remote (wan) access and am ported to the Theater session with the very nice Theater visual screen however, when I open Music, the list of options I get are: Suggestions Albums Album Artists Artists Playlists Genres Although my session is considered Emby Theater, I'm using Linux Mint 20, Colibri browser. If I use Chomium or Firefox from the same system and remotely log into Emby, I get ported to the same Theater session, however I do see the "Songs" option however I also get the same visual theme (Dark theme) that I get when logging in locally, not the Theater visual I get using Colibri. Server log attached. embyserver.txt
  6. brainfryd

    Font changed ??

    Hi Guys Just wondering if this is my system or something to do with Halloween theming but the 'Title' fonts seem like they are missing on my system for both the web app and Theater V3.0.11 as per pics below... its just a bit bland without the right fonts. Web App Main page Theater Main page Theater Recordings Do i need to have a certain font installed in order for these items to display correctly? It's not a big deal, especially if just the holiday theme... Regards Brett
  7. WhiteGuyTranslating

    No Wake Button After Update

    So I was having trouble waking my server from Emby Theater on my Windows systems for the past few days. I can wake the server with no issue using magic packet and MC-WOL application I've used for years now. I thought maybe Windows Update messed something up (I know there was a big .NET patch) so I uninstalled the desktop app and the Windows Store App and reinstalled. Now, from both apps, the Wake Server option is gone. Only Connect and Delete. I've reinstalled the EMBY server software but not a fresh uninstall/reinstall. Has anyone experienced this yet? I don't mind going back to using the 3rd party application to wake the server but it's really been nice to use just one (why I finally made the switch from WMC to Win10/Emby Theater). Let me know if this is an issue or somehow (on all three of my machines) just my problem to figure out. theater-63734345566.txt
  8. I'm having the issue mentioned in the title. Emby Server x64 Portable on Win 10 1803. Emby Theater 3.0.5 on Win 7 x64 This does not happen on the Web App, iOS devices or ET on rPi, Just on the Windows 7 ET. Normally between 1 and 2 minutes the file just restarts back to the beginning again Last happened around 20:29 tonight Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eivx960s4khhzre/embyserver.txt?dl=0
  9. Hello, I'm having an issue whereby emby theater will switch the TV to HDMI port 1 when its launched and emby theater won't receive the CEC (pulse 8) input. My understanding is that this is because the libCEC software rolled into emby theater is defaulted to HDMI 1 with no option to change (that I can find). A semi workaround is to launch libCEC tray before emby theater starts and set the correct port in the setting panel there (port 2 in my case) and then run theater. I say this is semi workaround because upon turning the TV/AVR off (not the PC) it reverts to being broken (thinking its on HDMI 1, from what I can tell). And I have to reboot and start again. I'm running emby Theater 3.0.11 on Windows 10. I'm unable to plug into HDMI 1 on my TV as it doesn't carry ARC sound. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both emby and libCEC. Is there anyway to change the default port libCEC in emby looks for, a config file or anything like that? I don't have this issue with Plex or Kodi as they have the hdmi port setting in the apps. Threads that have helped me so far; Chap had the same issue, was able to set the correct setting in libCEC and it stuck; Link Same again, and hints at plans to add the setting in future releases; Link Thank you for any help.
  10. CtrlAlt7

    New version Update

    I was just wondering with Windows 10 around the corner can we expect the new version of Emby Theater to be released soon? Last I heard it was still in alpha testing which was sometime ago. Just thinking ahead as I currently use Emby for WMC and will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10 as WMC is dead.
  11. I used the search to find and set a recording for Beauty and the beast, which is being shown on Christmas Day on BBC 1 After picking the correct showing from the search results (I really wish the channel number was shown so we know which one is being shown on a HD channel, +1 etc) I was sent to the details screen where I could set it to record. Underneath though I was shown extras from a movie in my library, totally unrelated to the searched movie (see screenshot below) I tried this in both the web app and Theater. If I searched for a music artist or tv show it did not appear.
  12. As there are apparently no keyboard or remote keys for being able to change channel (as mentioned by Luke on this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/79408-what-are-the-keyboard-shorcuts/ ) Can I please request that these be added as a matter of urgency. Theater for windows/xbox does not have a guide overlay and without being able to use channel up and down buttons means you have to back out of the stream, back to the guide and then select a channel from there and wait for it to start. Basic 'feature' that any set-top box should have is a up/down channel button. Whilst you are there can a shortcut be made to quickly switch users, or at least bring up the settings strip menu you normally get when you navigate and click your profile picture. At the moment to switch user you have to have a minimum of 5-6 click of a remote or keyboard to be bale to navigate there.
  13. Per this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/81042-tv-mode-home-screen-vertical-scroll-of-libraries/ Please consider adding the ability to be in TV mode with vertical scrolling of the list of libraries. Why: Other than preferred esthetics, I use a Logitech K400 keyboard/mouse combo to control the system, displaying on a TV. The mouse portion of the keyboard is a trackpad. It works great for moving around the screen, but I cannot use it in any fashion to scroll right on the screen. I have to use the keyboard arrows to manipulate the interface. Not terrible by any means, but not intuitive particularly for users who don't know that they have to arrow down to the library row first, or they're instead moving left and right on the top row (Home, favorites, user icon, etc) and get confused as to why the library list isn't scrolling. Basically, I would like the icon size of the first picture because of distance from the TV screen, but the layout of the second (desktop mode) picture for the home screen for ease of use and being able to see a larger set of libraries all at once instead of having to scroll. I don't think this is a duplicate as I'm specifically concerned about the home screen, but it's possible I didn't quite understand some of the other feature request posts. Thanks for considering!
  14. Coming from a Windows Media Centre setup I have emby setup on a HTPC directly connected to my main living room PC and running theater. As such Theater is running in TV mode and we primarily use a remote to navigate. While I am a fan of the web app and the version running on our Roku the supposed flagship windows app does feel very rough around the edges. Here our our thoughts on using Theater for the last month and where we think it could be improved from a usability and flow point of view. Note this is all about Theater for windows and in TV Mode. First thing, when launching Theater I have to click the icon twice, first time my mouse cursor will show a progress wheel for a brief time but then nothing until I double click it again. Main Home Screen: Seems to be a lot of wasted space in TV mode, perhaps bunch things together more? Have a highlight colour around current selected item, can be hard to see which button or item you have selected. Perhaps it can have some animation such as a pulse? The 'On Now' section is a bit of a mess. It seems to show random channels and more often than not channels that are off air or are radio stations! As discussed in this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/79285-hide-from-on-now/ 'Smooth Scrolling' using a remote to scroll down the home screen means the next row kind of jerks up rather than smoothly scroll like other apps such as Kodi. I tried to use the horizontal instead of the vertical layout and it looked even more unfinished, missing logo in top corner, strange dark backgrounds to icon buttons and again lots of wasted space. Live TV: I was a little perplexed that there is no way to use a remote or keyboard to change channels up or down while watching Live TV as confirmed in this thread I started: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/79408-what-are-the-keyboard-shorcuts/ a basic feature of the TV experience I would have thought. No mini guide or channel overlay like in other emby apps. Recordings: When searching for recordings show channel name and/or number with results. I have both HD and SD versions of the channels in my guide but usually prefer to record in HD but you cant tell from the multiple search results which channel they are on without going into each entry. Luke said in my feature request thread here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/79360-search-for-tv-shows-to-record-shows-channel-details-and-episode-details/ that they hoped to show the episode as a merged item that when clicked took you to a screen listing all the showings for you to choose. If you agree it needs changing then please reply in that thread. Screensaver: Great to see the photo screensaver but it's a little bare-bones at the moment. All pictures are zoomed in to fill the screen, even portrait ones, there are no transitions or pan& scan effects and at the moment no way to restrict it to a certain library or exclude certain folders. Hope this is expanded on as it's getting rolled out across the other apps at the moment. Music: The music OSD has seen some changes on the web front end and work is ongoing as discussed in this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/78512-43015-new-audio-osd/page-7 I replied in that discussion my thoughts about theater in this post: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/78512-43015-new-audio-osd/page-7&do=findComment&comment=812575 where I point out how hard it is to add a single item to the current now playing list, how easy it is to wipe all your previous choices and how hard it is to get back and view the playlist. What do other people think? Finally logging out and switching user, it's at least 6 button clicks to go up to the top header bar and click along to get to the user button and select log out. Is there anyway this can be the first option in the user menu rather than 3rd or 4th? It really is a pain to switch users. I really am a fan of emby and it seems to be evolving every day, I hope that the above suggestions resonate with others and it would be great to hear the devs and other users opinions.
  15. Next Chapter and Previous Chapter are now missing, or replaced by inappropriate functionality for video playback, in Emby Theater. Next/Previous Chapter are two of the four basic transport control tools for video. Skip Forward / Backward enable the user to skim around (and provide a substitute for conventional fast forward and rewind). Next/Previous Chapter enable the user to jump quickly and precisely between major points in a movie (and perhaps in TV shows if so authored). They replicate the behavior found in every DVD, Blu-Ray and UHD player for playback of physical media. These chapter locations come by default in all media I've bought, so I've come to rely on this feature. There's some indication that Next/Previous Chapter were removed from Video playback, and now only work for Audio. That goes against user expectation, is a fundamental feature loss from how Emby Theater worked just recently, and is contrary to Emby's documentation. I trust the normal behavior can be restored expediently. Thanks. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Keyboard%20and%20Remote%20Support control-f: next chapter or track control-b: previous chapter or track
  16. So I think I am having a similar but not exactly the same issue as the one about blank/black screen on start: Theater loads and connects fine, but if I let the Emby screensaver start (either the logo or backdrop) I have to use the mouse to "wake it" before I play a movie or else it just plays UNDER the screensaver - and since it is a dedicated Media Center computer that means VNC - where it didn't do this before (about the same time that thread was started, somewhere in August). Also at the end of playing a file it looks like Theater doesn't stop/close the file or player. It sits at a black/blank screen instead of going back to the front page of Theater. If I play another file while on that post-file black screen there is no problem, it just switches the player right to it and goes. This behavior is NOT seen when using the browser, only Theater. I tried the solution in the other thread anyways and it didn't work. It is almost like Theater isn't sending the proper end signals (screensaver and file/movie)...?
  17. jasonwilliams

    Music Playback Party Mode

    Hello, I've heard this is hard to do, but I also think it would be a game changer for the platform if it could be done - essentially synchronize music playback across instances of ET. One of the big advantages to a system like SONOS is that you can have music playing in multiple rooms and I use it all the time. If we could have that in Emby I'd be willing to help finance the dev! Jason
  18. I have Lifetime Emby Premiere license on Windows 10 running Emby A storm came through, and my internet provider was swamped with ticket, thus I was without Internet for 6 long days. My Emby Theater Windows app stopped working almost immediately on on the same box the server is on, and my living room PC, a Windows 10 couldn't use Emby Theater within 48 hours of loosing internet. I understand the need to protect assets, but this isn't right. I read in a different Emby forum, that the Emby server needs to check in at least ever 30 days, but that is not the case with my server. Please fix this. I love your software. It is bad enough when internet access is lost, but at least i have Emby...except i don't, and I miss the extra functionality i paid for. I am grateful for your team and all your hard work. Thank you.
  19. Somewhat related to this prior request ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/44010-emby-theater-external-player-custom-messages-particularly-for-media-stubs-and-tags/ ) it would be nifty and useful to add support for the Kodi Media Stub embedded data, which would then be displayed when a user tries to Play a Media Stub item. From http://kodi.wiki/view/media_stubs <discstub> <title>Alternative Title</title> <message>Message to be displayed</message> </discstub> Thanks! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  20. Hello Emby I had a similar issue a while back and I was told that my version of Emby Theater was not up to date as you turned off you auto update and I needed to manually download and reinstall. I'm having issues playing Trailers again - it was working perfectly not long ago and if I use the WEB interface the trailers play perfectly. It is only when I use Emby Theater that Trailers don;t work. All I get is the revolving circle forever. I am running Emby Server and Emby Theater version 3.0.1 It's super frustrating that things work perfectly and then don't without any changes to my system Can some please advise what I should do to get this stable? Many thanks Rob
  21. I am wondering what is best for raw quality of the video streams, local files and live tv playback, among the available options to use Emby on PC. Theater (standalone software) uses MPV Theater (Win 10 Store app) uses WMP Web browser (Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Opera) uses http streaming? A long time ago, i was using the stand alone Theater software as it had Madvr, but that was discontinued I would think that a dedicated software app would be "better" than web streaming in browser. In my basic quick "tests", I have noticed that the Win 10 app UI seems to be a tad faster and smoother, but it sometimes has issues playing some file formats at times. It also will obey my Nvidia GPU settings, such as the Edge Enhancement (sharpening) and other color settings i can toggle in the Nvidia Control panel. The standalone MPV based Theater software, has some settings for Hardware Acceleration, and it playback seems smoother than W10 Store app, but, it doe snot obey Nvidia GPU settings, no matter what settings I set for HWacc etc. (i think i need to use DXVA for it to do that?) Web browser streams....i do not know much about how that works, just that it sees to vary with each browser. Some will force transcode, others will do direct. Edge seems to be the "best" for overall media playback compatibility, but that browser I find to be unstable in general. Playback in the other browser....all look the same to me. (For Live TV, i tend to use the stock HDHomeRun app, as the video seems to have a tad better clarity as it is a direct stream from the hardware tuner. I am not sure what player that app uses though...don't think it is MPV. If i had to guess, WMP. It is also much easier/faster to browse and switch channels via its guide sidebar during live playback to view what is on other channels, something Emby does not have.) Anyone want to comment on their experiences or preferences on how they use Emby on PC.
  22. speedingcheetah

    Theater for Linux?

    I am wanting to dump Windows and move to Linux. (already done so for Emby server system). Is there Emby Theater for Linux??? Theater on Windows is very nice, especially now that I have got the mpv.cof thing figured out. But, so far, all i can see for Linux support, other than the sever will run on it, is web browser playback option....
  23. I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! I would like to propose an additional folder: "Easter Eggs". This would be intended for content that is usually hidden somehow within a DVD/Blu-ray menu (eg, Incredibles 2 Easter Egg List). What would be nifty about having a folder designated for this content is that then perhaps someday someone could write a plugin that would handle this content differently in how it is displayed in Emby apps, somewhat approximating the original experience of hunting for easter eggs in the DVD menu (eg, maybe a movie with easter eggs would display a special icon, and that would clue the user into needing to hunt for a link they could navigate to, but which was hidden somehow, in a similar fashion to how this sort of thing works in DVDs/Blu-rays). Now admittedly this is very much in the "nice, but not necessary" category. But it's a fun idea so I thought I'd put it out there for folks to possibly vote on if they're interested. Also, note that just as with the Galleries folder feature request, I would want this to also be available to TV shows, as noted elsewhere. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  24. Steverido

    Post Installation Issues

    I have installed the latest Theater and I am getting a couple of strange things happening. Connect to the server once and then it seems to crash. I have to ctrl, alt del to shutdown the server and restart it. If I try to open up the server settings, I can one time and then I get can't connect to local host meassage. Windows 10. Latest. When I do open up Theater I have to manually connect to my server. When I go into settings to select a theme it has a statement this feature requires an active Emby Premiere subscription. I don't have a subscription because I already have a Lifetime Emby Premiere plan. Trying to play around with Theater as recommended by Luke because of issues with Emby for Windows Media Center. Added logs and screenshot. You will notice that the logs are picking up a Roberts DAB radio. It connects to my router. Not sure why it is showing in the logs or if there is any relevance to this issue! embyserver.txt embyserver-63681706321.txt theater-63681706950.txt
  25. This is not a huge deal, but I'm curious if there is any way to remove or exclude a particular movie from showing up in the Recent/Latest lists (including removing it from showing up in these lists via the API)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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