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Found 10 results

  1. From browser Bangla subtitle working fine, but in Emby android app it's not working. I think this is Bangla font issue from Emby Android app. How can i solve it? I added two screenshots from Browser and Emby Android so that anyone can understand the problem. Thanks in advance. 🙂
  2. iBoss

    Issue in Font Style

    Hi, Please see the attached image "issue.png" .. it will explain everything I have attached the ASS file for the test I have attached the transcode files for: iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Android mobile The Log is attached Server: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS Emby Version iOS,Apple TV and Android Mobile: latest update Android TV: 1.6.79g subtitle.ass.zip iOS.zip Android Mobile.zip Apple TV.zip Android TV.zip embyserver.txt
  3. MrSmile

    Persian Subtitle font problem

    Hi thanks for your nice apps. android app have problem with Persian subtitle. this font is bad and some alphabets doesn't show correctly (like what you see in the attached photo) we have bad font in the web and TV too. but they can show all alphabets Please change this fonts, I suggest to use "B Koodak" font for Persian subtitles as default. it's most popular font for subtitles in the Persian.
  4. ayoubmst7

    Change Subtitle Font

    hi, I Start using for while now and the subtitle font looks terrible on android mobile. a lot of letter don't shows up, if somebody knows how to change the subtitle. please let me know how. Ps: I am using emby on windows, and the problem i have with Arabic Subtitle Best Regards
  5. Hi .. empy web using Google Chrome: the ASS subtitle style works on both but .. I have installed the same font that used at the subtitle on Win 10 and macOS. Chrome macOS shows the fonts correctly Chrome Win10 shows different font Please see the attached screenshots for both. ----- emby Version Lunix Ubuntu server 16.04.5 Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Windows 10 64bit Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) - macOS 10.14.4 logs files are attached Thanks log_mac.zip log_win.zip
  6. Hi, I tried to play this video by using the Emby App in Nvidia Shield and also on web client. http://www.opfans.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/891.torrent And I enable the "Burn in SSA Subs for Formatting". The Emby server will transcode the MKV file and burn the Subs. But it will NOT use the font which embedded in the MKV file. Here are the screen shot with the expected font in other media player: And here is the actual font in the Emby app: Emby server version: Emby app version: 1.7.43g
  7. My cheap phone has a 4.7-inch display with 540 x 960 pixels. On the Android player I can read the text like artist, album and song title fine from a foot or so away, but when the device is mounted on the dash about 2.5 feet or so, I have more difficulty reading the text. Would it be possible to include a font or text size setting? I just need it for artist, album, and song, but more customization is better. I'm fine with more space between objects, cut-off text, or wonky screen effects due to this, but it would mostly improve usability for me and I'm sure those people who want to use it as a car player. Android TV app is not an option as I can't mount the phone horizontally, plus that interface is not optimized for touch. Thanks as usual for the impressive and ongoing development.
  8. arrbee99

    Font brightness TV series

    Am just wondering if there's a particular reason why the font / text on this kind of page is less bright than on this kind As if not I would prefer / find it easier to read the brighter version.
  9. Hi Guys, I am running Emby and Plex on the same Ubuntu 16.04 Server and using the same media files and am running into this issue. Compared to Plex These are using the same media file and same subtitle file. What this appears to me is that Emby is not using the fonts on the Linux box and assuming everything is in default language. Both of these are set to direct play and not transcoding. Is there something I need to so in order to install alternate language fonts in there? My wife is Thai, so she wants the Thai subtitles and I prefer Emby over Plex. All I could find in the log files was a whole bunch of this in the transcode file while I was testing stuff: [Parsed_subtitles_1 @ 0x837460] Glyph 0xDC0 not found, selecting one more font for (Droid Sans Fallback, 700, 0) Seems like it is not finding relevant items and falling back to Droid Sans Font. Been searching and googling for a couple of hours.. come up with no fix so far. Can Anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks PS: On a side note.. anyway to get the auto subtitle downloads to store in the actual media folder like the artwork? Even with the setting set to store in media files... it keeps it in the /var/lib/emby/metadata/... section
  10. AdrianW

    Fonts not anti-aliased

    I usually play around with MBT on my personal PC connected to a 2560x1440 monitor. MBT looks great at that res. I've tried MBT a few times on my HTPC connected to a 1080p TV, and the text always looks bad - as if there's no anti-aliasing being applied. If I switch from full screen to windowed then the text looks fine again - even if I stretch the window as close to 1920x1080 as I can. I change the desktop res of my regular PC to 1920x1080 and the test still looks fine - it's only on my HTPC with my TV. Note: all other text on my HTPC/TV looks perfect (Windows Desktop, Media Center, MB2, etc). Fullscreen MBT on my HTPC: Windowed on my HTPC: Here's something weird I noticed when putting MBT into windowed mode - I get the normal MBT window, but there's an additional offset smaller black window behind, if I move the MBT window the offset window follows along but at about half the speed: That secondary window is the video window - here's what I get if I play something: I'd obviously normally use MBT in full screen mode - so the main problem here (at least for me) is the poor quality text. Note: I don't have either of these issues on my regular PC.
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