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Found 14 results

  1. "碧蓝之海" is the chinese title for the show Grand Blue (anime). I found that chinese word "碧" causes wrong spacing in web interface in title but not in description. Andriod app is tested to be free of error. This bug is not the first time I've seen (in episode tiltles of other shows from time to time), but as the title for a show, it bugs me more. What is the reason for this bug and it there a way to fix it? Below are the screenshots from web client for demo. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hawkwinter

    Subtitles: Baked-in? How to stop that?

    So, I find when I'm watching content with subtitles in the web app, it seems to be encoding them as part of the image, rather than text on top. Unfortunately, for the content I'm watching, none of the default subtitle styling options are very legible. My usual go-to fix for this sort of thing would be to open up stylus and restyle subtitles to have a thick black border, or straight up put the text in front of a black box like I have it doing on the android TV app. But with it baked right into the videostream, I can't add a stylesheet to fix the subtitles to make them more legible. Is there a setting for me to tell it it not to do that, and put the subtitles on top as actual text? Where would I find that setting? Thank you.
  3. Hi, The delete confirmation dialog has the buttons and colours reversed depending on if you're deleting a single file or if you're deleting multiple files. This constantly tricks me up due to muscle memory and my brain thinking "green button does this". Can they be made a little more consistent, or is this by design..? Examples from Emby Theater (v3.0.15) below, but the same is true in the Webapp (and possibly other apps). Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just installed emby and I mostly view my media via the webapp on my mac. I love the filters and the sorting options but I was wondering if its possible to show the IMDB ratings on the covers in the grid view of the library. For example : What my webapp now looks like : Thanks!
  5. elpoolet

    Browser DirectPlay Codecs

    Hi Everybody I looked for it a bit, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it. I'm looking for the list of codecs and file formats that each browser can read by DirectPlay and ones causing DirectStream. I need these because I use Emby at home and I only play my stuff on my TV that support almost everything but not my computer (when I'm in my bed) that plays via browser (Chrome). Is there someting there that I missed ? The best solution would be a compatibility matrix like that Video Codec Sound Codec Playing x264 MP3 DirectPlay x264 AAC DirectPlay x264 DTS DirectStream x265 all Transcode Cause, untill now, when I download someting, I re-encode Audio with AAC, and video to x264 to ensure DirectPlay will occur, but is there a better Audio Codec ? No matter the bandwith here, cause all plays occur via LAN or WiFi... Many thanks for your answers
  6. Hi guys, One of my user notice me that when he goes to MOVIES - SUGGESTIONS and he clicks on the download button near LATEST MOVIES, he had access to the DOWNLOAD TO page and he can push everything he wants to any device registered in the server. is there a way to mask the DOWNLOAD TO options to users or anything else to force user to synchronize, if we wants to, only on his own device ? webapp seeams to be the only bug, on the iOS app the same download button send to the DOWNLOAD page thx
  7. sebasmiles

    Issue with Chrome

    Server: Unraid 6.8.2 Running docker version of Emby. M/B: ASRock B75 Pro3-M CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1225 V2 @ 3.20GHz Memory: 16 GiB DDR3 Kernel: Linux 4.19.98-Unraid x86_64 Problem: When using chrome and playing this specific file, it loads for a long time, then plays something for a fraction of a second and goes back to main menu. I tried re-starting chrome, yet the issue persists. I tried watching the same on firefox on the same system, and it worked just fine. Normally I would just go and try to get a different version of the file, but figured best to post here in case it may be a more widespread issue. Other files seem to be ok. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-4676798a-da55-4289-b8c5-736aacafdfc1_1.txt
  8. I used the search to find and set a recording for Beauty and the beast, which is being shown on Christmas Day on BBC 1 After picking the correct showing from the search results (I really wish the channel number was shown so we know which one is being shown on a HD channel, +1 etc) I was sent to the details screen where I could set it to record. Underneath though I was shown extras from a movie in my library, totally unrelated to the searched movie (see screenshot below) I tried this in both the web app and Theater. If I searched for a music artist or tv show it did not appear.
  9. Browser: Chrome App: Emby Web Problem: This isn't a big deal for me, but its just odd and figured its best to report it. If you look at the Capture.jpg, you can see a bar across the middle where the screen and even the resolution seems offset. Its basically like the top and bottom half of the screen aren't rendering at the same time. I tried with Edge and didn't experience this problem (remux file attached). At first I thought it might be because I use Muximux, but opening the window direct yielded the same issue (btw. on a related note, if you use muximux it shows as transcoding but using a dedicated window actually goes as direct streaming, not sure what triggers the difference). What I think are both remux logs are included for those but I'm not 100% certain (so there are actually 3 that I found, probably hit refresh at some point). ffmpeg-remux-2d17a94d-f18f-49b8-9796-996a772db2f7_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-775f39dc-0e71-4261-ab40-25f712995e58_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-49d226fe-a5aa-42f8-b335-7077b0f3a2a2_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-23eac18e-822e-4431-8ebb-c38fabc01020_1.txt
  10. Hi, I upgraded Chrome to 74.0.3729.108 (newest stable for macOS) and subtitles aren't showing in Emby Web App. Previous versions of Chrome is working, as well as Firefox and Safari. Been running Emby on FreeBSD 11.2 a long time (same version before and after subtitle problem). Any ideas?
  11. Silva2208

    Safari playback

    Hi, I was testing which was the best browser for Emby and during my test I've encounter an issue with Safari. It seems that I can't see any content with Safari. It keeps showing me this message : No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. So my first guess is that transcoding is not enable but everything seems ok for me. I was testing that on the latest version of MacOS and my server is under Docker latest Emby image. Does anyone have the issue ? Thanks
  12. _ls

    Emby Connect source code?

    Hi Emby users and devs! I've been using emby for about a year and I have been unable to find the source code for the emby webapp anywhere! is this code available? does it have a license? where can I find it? Thanks.
  13. My chromecast does appear, however when I select it, the emby interface just spins for a bit (the multicolored spinning circles), and the device seems to respond, but then fails. I've been using it for about a year now without issues but it failed over the weekend. I used it on Saturday (March 10th) without any issues and it wouldn't work at all on Monday evening until now. My chromecast is not what I would consider a typical chromecast device. It's a Vizio M50 smartTV, which actually has a chromecast built into it (ie not a dongle that just plugs into it). I have tried from the chrome browser on my MacBook Pro (web interface), an Android tablet (admittedly running an older version of android), an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 5s, all of which are using the newest released version of the app of their respective systems (Android and iOS). They all do the exact same thing. If the TV is powered off, starting chromecast will trigger the TV to power on (which is as it should, and is really nice), and normally it would then show an information screen that corresponds to what I'm looking at in the app, however the TV just shows a black screen. After about a minute the spinning circles stop on emby and the TV goes to the google wallpapers (a default when you don't give it anything to cast). I have power cycled the TV (completely unplugged it from power), the computer that emby server is running on (windows 10; full system reboot), the router (also full power removal), and all of the devices I've tried. Other than that, emby does seem to be functioning, meaning that it will play in the browser or app on all of the devices listed, it just won't cast it. I think I'm in the correct place as it doesn't seem to be tied to any one device or app. I do not believe I changed any settings between Saturday and Monday in emby or on any of my devices. My log files are attached, in which I replicated the issue at least twice. I did enable Debug Logging before I tried it the second time. I think this is the correct location of the forum as it doesn't seem to be related to playback or the apps, just to the chromecast functionality itself. Feel free to move it or ask me to post if it's not
  14. Hi! First post so bear with me. Trying Emby for the first time, coming from that "other" server. - Clean install, version - Every transcoder setting is default with throttle ON. Force transcode on the webclient and transcoder just keeps going, using 8 threads 100% and no throttle until movie/episode is done transcoding. Been playing around with the preset and crf setting and it does not make much difference cpu-wise. This is exactly the reason I'm trying Emby now as that other server currently has the exact same problem with their new web client and devs. are looking in to it. Is this a know "bug" ? Regards.
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