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Found 8 results

  1. Coming from a Windows Media Centre setup I have emby setup on a HTPC directly connected to my main living room PC and running theater. As such Theater is running in TV mode and we primarily use a remote to navigate. While I am a fan of the web app and the version running on our Roku the supposed flagship windows app does feel very rough around the edges. Here our our thoughts on using Theater for the last month and where we think it could be improved from a usability and flow point of view. Note this is all about Theater for windows and in TV Mode. First thing, when launching Theater I
  2. Have enjoyed for the longest time the Throgsoft themes busing MB 2.6 with WMC and have finally reached the point of building a new HTPC for my home theater and now ask to be so kind and please steer me into the correct direction by answering a few of my concerns and unknowns. 1. I have a QNAP 253Pro that handles a Plex server just fine but would like to switch to EMBY. I know how to get the EMBY server installed on the QNAP NAS. Can the Plex server and EMBY server coexist on the same NAS but only one be used at any given time?2. All my content is on two UnRaid servers with all the needed
  3. HI, I have a curious question. My synology NAS is offline due to failed HDD, so I setup a server2 user account on my windows office PC, and use this as the server for a smaller selection of movies and tv shows that are backed up on this pc to my main htpc rig in the living room. I shut down the emby server on my htpc and let emby connect to the office pc.These are both on the same gigabit lan. The htpc when using the emby server would be the local host and all material was situated on my synology nas, would direct stream everything. However, now while using the server of the office pc, a
  4. wiretap

    Nvidia SHIELD Console

    http://www.wired.com/2015/03/nvidias-new-shield-superpowered-set-top-box-4k-era/ This looks very promising. If we could get MediaBrowser for Android ported onto this, it could be an awesome gaming console / HTPC. Let's hope the device can be sideloaded or support other Android apps natively. Looks like it already has Plex pre-loaded according to Nvidia's webpage. http://shield.nvidia.com/console
  5. Hey guys so I did a quick review of the zotac box. Great little htpc, let me know what you think and if you have any questions!
  6. RobsterUK

    Transcoding question

    I'm not sure I've quite got my head around the transcoding, direct stream, direct play config from MBS. I've searched, and read a few threads about transcoding. But everyone asks slightly different questions. Usually related to Android, iOS or Roku devices. So i'm going to ask my own questions. I'm still researching MB3 before making the jump from MB2. At the moment I'm not concerned about using mobile devices (phones or tablets). Will be installing MB3 server/classic on my HTPC & media is stored on a NAS. If I use MB Theatre on a Win 8.1 laptop (doesn't have WMC) with the
  7. swhitmore

    Intel’s NUC 2.0 leaks

    I thought this was interesting. I love my NUC. The next generation will definitely be something to look out for. Intel’s NUC 2.0 leaks: The next unit of Steam Machines and home theater PCs
  8. Background I'm considering a new Intel NUC to install MBS and MBC (and eventually MBT) all on windows 8.1. The new NUCs come with a built in IR receiver which apparently works with a Microsoft Media Center remote. My current HTPC is running Win 7 with Media Center and MB2 and I have an original microsoft IR receiver. I use a Harmony One remote. I'd like to keep both PCs in the same room, using the old Media Center just for live TV recording and using the new NUC for everything else. Question Is it possible to control two separate HTPCs with the same remote? I think I'd n
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