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Found 13 results

  1. I have Windows Media center installed and had the current version of Media Browser Classic installed along with emby server, but wasn't satisfied with it. I had structured my media folders based on how the old MB worked with configurator (using folder.jpg and backdrop.jpg for poster and fan art) Since I have other PC's that run Windows 7 and use MB version 2.6.2 none of the movies on my Windows 10 PC have any viewable art (when viewed on a Win7 PC with MB 2.6.2) because the new MB Classic uses poster.jpg and fanart.jpg instead of folder.jpg and backdrop.jpg I would like to know if there is anyway to be able to change the naming scheme of movie art so that the latest version of MB Classic will download images with folder/backdrop names instead of poster/fan art I don't like having to have the server installed as I don't stream anything and would prefer the configurator for setting paths and icons over the web server interface. I still have all the original files related to version 2.6.2 (both in .exe form and backed up from an install even all the .dll files so program data folders and all that are there) Is there anyone that can help me figure this out? or do I need to give up and revert back to Windows 7 (everything just worked on Win7 now it's all a nightmare on Win10) Also on a side note I noticed that the current MB Classic wouldn't find any art for a lot of movies and has left my interface looking unfinished when browsing movies.
  2. I'm having the issue mentioned in the title. Emby Server x64 Portable on Win 10 1803. Emby Theater 3.0.5 on Win 7 x64 This does not happen on the Web App, iOS devices or ET on rPi, Just on the Windows 7 ET. Normally between 1 and 2 minutes the file just restarts back to the beginning again Last happened around 20:29 tonight Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eivx960s4khhzre/embyserver.txt?dl=0
  3. Suddenly the Emby Media Server seems to have a problem. Both my Emby apps (Windows 7 Emby Theater and Android app) say, "Connection Failure: We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." On the server (Windows Server 2016 Standard), I right-click on Emby Server in the task tray and click "Restart Emby Server," but Emby Tray says, "Unable to restart server." In the Task Manager on the server, I can kill the Electron processes (two of them) or embytray.exe [Details tab] (two of them), and start the server again from the Start Menu > Emby > Emby Server. This works temporarily, but now we get to the where the problem started I think, If I launch Emby Theater (Windows 7) again and start scrolling down through Albums (as I was doing to see if all the album covers artwork was there), I get about half way through my Albums and suddenly no more album artwork is displayed, only titles/artists. I click on one to see if it will bring up the album, and suddenly Emby Theater can't connect again. This seems to start the whole process over. I go back to the server and can't restart it; I have to kill it, and then restart it. I'm not sure what's going on now. Can anybody help please? I have attached the server log, if that helps. Thanks, James embyserverlogs.zip
  4. Hi there, This might seem like a little thing, but it's huge for people like me who use media controls on their desktop keyboard (Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, etc) all day long while they work to pause music playback when the phone rings, resume playback, quickly increase or decrease volume, skip tracks, etc. I do these all day long probably a hundred times a day. My keyboard media controls sort of work with Emby Theater in Windows 7, but not completely. Here's what I've observed: The volume control (up, down, mute) seems to work flawlessly. Play/Pause button works, but only when Emby Theater is Windows currently "focused" window (meaning on top). The is the biggest thing as it defeats the purpose of quick-access media buttons on your keyboard if you have to find the Emby Theater window first and bring it to the foreground before you can then pause or play or stop. Stop works, but only when Emby Theater is the focus window, like the Play/Pause. Next Track does the same thing as Stop, kicking me out of the playlist or whatever I'm currently listening to back to the previous screen instead of playing the next track. Previous Track does nothing! Ever! I'm laughing here. I know my keyboard controls work, because I can use all of them flawlessly with iTunes, Windows Media Player, CyberLink PowerDVD, etc, whether those windows are at the forefront, background, minimized, etc. Thanks so much! James
  5. Kimballslice1890

    Emby Theater Windows 7 Connection Failure

    I am attempting to connect to my emby server and am having an issue with Emby server. I can connect to the server via web browser and via Kodi but I am testing a new setup and would like to give Emby theater a shot. Regardless if i put in my server IP address or DNS address it says connection failure. I use https and port 8920. Also I used a self signed certificate, will that cause an issue with Emby Theater? I am running this on a Windows 7 desktop. Tested this on same network, outside network, via wireless and ethernet. Opened up ports in firewall too. However it does work via web browser and Kodi... on the same machine.
  6. Hi all I'm in the process of coming back to emby from Plex and had a question about live TV and recording TV. I'm doing a clean install and need to install the driver package for the 2250 - yes I know it's older. There are 2 versions, the standard windows drivers and the media center drivers. Any idea which needs to be installed to mesh with emby correctly, so I can use it as a pvr? I've also seen mixed reports of being able to use emby for livetv, but not with the 2250. Any workarounds? Thanks for the help.
  7. I have a Windows 7 machine, fully updated, running on an i3-3225 with 4GB of Ram, and HD Graphic 4000. I'm been using Kodi for years and never had issues with anything except some of my most recent 4K files that are ~30GB for 90min of video. I am trying to switch to Emby and get rid of Kodi. Per my previous post, Emby Theater Won't Load on Windows 7 Machine, I had some issues loading Emby, but a change to "app.disableHardwareAcceleration();" allows me to load Emby and browse, but I cannot play any videos.
  8. Hello, I recently installed Media Browser 3 Beta on my Windows 7 Ultimate Media Center PC. My Windows 7 MCE PC is fully patched and fully updated as well. I have ran Media Browser 3 in the past and it worked lovely. However, after recently installing the beta, and I have tried the non beta additions as well, I have noticed that Media Browser does not show up as a menu choice on my Media Center Menu. I am currently running Media Browser Server for Windows Beta (v3.0.5464.40000). Can someone tell me what I need to do in order to get Media Browser to show up as a choice in my Media Center Menu. I have Media Browser Server running at startup so every time my machine reboots Media Browser Server is always running at startup. Currently, if I want to view my content I have to launch the web browser client on my big screen TV where the Media Center is attached. It was so much more useful, and a better viewing experience when I could launch Media Browser from the Media Center Menu. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. I have installed and uninstalled many versions of Media Browser 3 and rebooted after each install/uninstall with nothing resolving my issue after a fresh install. I'm sure I'm missing some setting somewhere. I can provide logs as needed as well. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  9. DrivenByDemons

    Advise me....

    I've been running WMC with MB2/MB3 on a windows 7 machine for years. Love the setup and have been very pleased. I stuck with windows 7 because I was using some DMA-2100 extenders and knew 8 required a move to xbox. Thanks to the live TV implementation and a few other things I have decommissioned my last 2100. I'm either chromecast or xbox now. This machine is now due for a refresh. I've messed with sharks codecs, had the concurrent RDP hack installed which MS has been killing lately, and a few other misc things that I just want to wipe out and start fresh. My question is do I stick with 7 since it's been rock solid for me or make the move to 8? I already have a licensed WMC copy just for this machine. I will probably remove my current boot drive and set it aside and play with the new install on a different drive just in case things go sour but I'd like to avoid spinning my wheels with 8 if there are pitfalls. Thanks for any tips or thoughts. I'd like to keep it barebones and use WMC with MB3 and that's it.
  10. My Setup: HTPC (Living Room): Win7 SP1 x32, Media Browser Classic (No Codecs/Filters) PC (Office): Win7 SP1 x64 Media Browser Server, Video collection. Network: Netgear WNDR3700v3 So far the HTPC plays all the videos. It's a fresh install with windows default codecs. One of the problems is that there is no sound from the center channel (3.1 system ie: L, R, C, LFE). It seems the sound is only through left and right speakers and sub. I've configured the speakers Windows Media Center for 5.1 in the General Settings, however it did not fix the problem. Is there a speaker setup for Classic? Also, FF and RW don't seem to work either, nor can I use the mouse to manually move the time. I was surprised that MBC played my MKVs, so I'm assuming it comes with a built in player, and not using WMC's video player. Should I just install MPC-HC using it as an external player? Thanks in advance -adabo
  11. GMXZot

    Upgrade Best Practices

    My MB3 server is set up perfectly on my Win 7 (3gb RAM, 1x Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, 1x Intel NIC) box but the problem is resources. I "rescued" a server from work that has (32gb RAM, 2x Intel E5520, 2x Broadcom NIC, 4x Intel NIC) running VMware 5.5.0. I plan on building out a VM to run Windows Server 2012 R2. So my question is - What are the best practices for migrating my current MB3 settings. Is there a back up process I should do? Should I just say to hell with it and start from scratch? Would appreciate any assistance you can help with. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, Random question here, but I've been trying to decide recently if I should make the jump to Windows 8.1 or not. I don't really have a good reason to, but I've been thinking about giving it a try. After doing some research on the subject, I haven't really found any compelling reason whether I should, or should not switch, so I thought I'd ask some fellow MediaBrowser's what their take was on the subject. I don't want the cost of a new operating system to sway people's opinions either, this is just subject to people's preferences on the two OS's, and not whether it's worth the money to upgrade or not. I only really want to hear from people with experience with both 7 and 8.1, and what their opinion is on why they like either one better. - Currently I'm running WIndows 7 Home Premium x64 All I want to know is: Are there really any advantages I'll get from switching to 8.1? Are there advantages to me staying with Windows 7? Are there any trade-offs to switching from 7 to 8.1 and vise versa? Which do you prefer, and why? The computer in question is my main PC, which runs MBServer and MBT. It's connected to the 65" TV in my living room, and is also used for 95% of my web-browsing, gaming, word processing, etc. ...Basically, pretend it's my only computer, and used for everything. It's main use, however (+/-65% of the time); is for an HTPC What I'd like to get from this thread is the majority of you telling me either: Yes, go to Windows 8.1, it's totally worth it! or NO! You're better off with Windows 7! and why you think this way. Thanks! and sorry for the relatively long post, but I just can't decide on my own! haha. Patrick
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a suggestion on building (or repurposing) a machine. Most of the ones that I've read have been general purpose machines for a lot of things. I'm really just looking for a machine that will be able to run MB3 server and transcode and stream up to a max of 8 different movies at the same time. There will be other programs running but minor ones. Is Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 preferred? Does it matter? Clients 2-3 MBT or MBC on Local LAN - Direct Play - No transcoding 2 - Local LAN Roku 3 - Local Wireless IOS 1 - Remote Roku 2 - Remote IOS I know these might not all be supported at this time but I want to take into account all of this for future overhead and not have to build again. Everything will be streamed from a NAS that is connected via gigabit ethernet. Mostly Movies and TV. Movies all 1080p source and TV is 720p source. My goal is not the break the bank but I'd like to get the best quality parts I can for the money right now as I'd rather not have to upgrade it in 2 years. Thanks for the help Josh
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