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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! I just noticed that the price of the Emby Premiere license is not depending on the region you're buying the license. I wanted to highlight that for us Argentinians, the lifetime license at 120USD is super expensive. Check out the case of Plex, which has their lifetime license at just 23,72USD converted using the Blue USD Parallel dollar, which is the real conversion to use (You can check the conversion rate by searching "Dolar blue" or take a look at this link of an Argentinian newspaper with the updated rate https://www.lanacion.com.ar/tema/dolar-blue-tid67294/). Right now the conversion rate is 1USD=356ARS. I know that Plex is a different software but I think it's still Emby competition. It just doesn't make sense to buy an Emby Premiere license if it's that expensive. Our salaries can't have the luxury of paying that amount of money. There are a lot of other software services with regional prices here like Netflix, Spotify, Steam, among many others. You can google the prices of those services in our country and you can see what I'm talking about. I wanted to start a dialogue about the possibility to start having regional prices and convince lots of Argentinian (and other places too, why not) to pay for your services instead of just don't even consider it. I really like your product but it's not affordable at this price. Thank you! PS: I'm sorry if my English is not so good. I hope I don't offend anyone or be rude in any way.
  2. I have Lifetime Emby Premiere license on Windows 10 running Emby A storm came through, and my internet provider was swamped with ticket, thus I was without Internet for 6 long days. My Emby Theater Windows app stopped working almost immediately on on the same box the server is on, and my living room PC, a Windows 10 couldn't use Emby Theater within 48 hours of loosing internet. I understand the need to protect assets, but this isn't right. I read in a different Emby forum, that the Emby server needs to check in at least ever 30 days, but that is not the case with my server. Please fix this. I love your software. It is bad enough when internet access is lost, but at least i have Emby...except i don't, and I miss the extra functionality i paid for. I am grateful for your team and all your hard work. Thank you.
  3. Is it possible to get some clarification on the openess of the code and continuation? First of all: I was not able to find some kind of trial for the premium version. I suppose it is possible to set up some kind of 2/3 day trial so one can test the DVR features etc over a weekend. I prefer that then to get one of the hacked versions.... (and I never paid for a trial). I read quite some confusion on the openness of the code. Is it possible that Emby specifies which parts are open (and to which version) and which are closed? (in accordance with GITHUB's policies etc). Personally I would love to have something open even if I pay for it initially to get into the community. Maybe you can make it 'community open source'. I saw concerns about the restrains of the lifetime license; if it was community sourced that issue would disappear. Emby could also promise that once a new version comes available for where an upgrade of the license is required that the existing code will be available for the lifetime users. (this would of course limit the active involvement of the community during the normal lifetime). In both situations you could specify that all code that was proposed by users can be used in the next version without the version being open (of course the code itself would be usable in the initial product where the code would be available for existing users). I think that would benefit both Emby as the user community. One of Emby's advantages is that it is/was at least partly open and I think that there is quite a group of people that prefer to pay for/support that instead of a totally closed source variant. The restriction of the number of devices can also be an issue for personal use. If you have a family of 5 and when each has a phone, tablet and pc you are already at the max and cannot have the general TV etc connected. Maybe an idea to make it unlimited for personal usage or at least extend the number of devices for personal usage?
  4. squ33ze

    Did not reveive license key

    Hi, I bought a one month license for testing purpose on my iOS device, but did not receive a license key via email. Would be greate if you can contact me via pm and I give you my address to resend the key. greets
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