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Found 9 results

  1. hirny199

    Emby Server over IPv6

    Hello, My ISP changed my IPv4 to a CGNAT, now i try to change Emby to listen to IPv6. I testet the IPv6 Configuration with my Wiki Server, i can Ping and access the Wiki Server, i doing the same for my Emby Server it is only Pingable but not accessable not over the IPv6 and not over the DNS Name. Is there a option in Emby that i have to change or something ? Sorry for eventually bad English im from Germany.
  2. Hello, I just tried android TV app and found out the images including my avatar and movie poster cannot be shown. After browsing articles in forum I realized it's due to the IPV6 setting of server. But then I sideloaded the android app and suprisingly it's showing the images without any problem, so the real issues are the android TV app right? Is Android TV app going to support IPV6?
  3. so if im watching a tv series, SOMETIMES the video will end and then nothing happens. also, most of the time when i pause to go to the bathroom or something, when i come back and press play, thevideo works for a bit (i assume its playing from cache) but then it will freeze for a few seconds, turn black and not play again until i return to the previous page and refresh then select the video again this is the only thing weird i noticed in the embyserver.txt log 2019-07-12 18:13:58.939 Debug App: SessionInfoWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 2019-07-12 18:13:58.939 Debug App: ScheduledTasksWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 2019-07-12 18:13:58.941 Debug App: ActivityLogWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 2019-07-12 18:13:58.941 Debug App: ActivityLogWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 looks like its combining ipv6 anbd ipv4 address, even though ipv6 is disabled on my router(s) i have since disabled ipv6 on the linux server and will report back if that helped full embyserver : https://pastebin.com/yWDqZKkE hardwaredetection.txt : https://pastebin.com/9ZsVGAKd ffmpeg-transcode of video that failed to reach the end after a pause: https://pastebin.com/V7N8Wq8b ffmpeg-transcode of video that stopped when it should have autoplay'd : next time it happens ill pastebin possibly important info: os is installed on mdadm raid with ext4..... and theyre usb3.0 flash drives.... pls dont judge me media storage is a btrfs raid 0 between 3 drives 2 sata, one usb (not flash). opt is bind mount of .opt on media drive i use hd-idle to keep all drives alive for 2.5 hours before idling and problem occurs with or without usb drives included in hd-idle could be related to arch/manjaro, had the same setup on ubuntu without these problems PS: i wouldnt mind someone testing the server themselves, but dont be a dbag. bowtie-ent.com/emby will redirect you, test user is password free.
  4. Emby for Roku is not saving the "host" information that I enter when I manually connect to my Emby Server. It appears to be replacing it with the IPv6 address of the Emby Server instead. It used to be working as expected (same server, same Roku, same network). However, due to illness, we haven't been using Emby as much in the last 2-3 months, so I don't know exactly when things stopped working. I'm on v3.0.134 of Emby for Roku at present. Emby for Roku is on a Roku Streaming Stick. The Emby Server is running on a Windows 10 box that has been running great for over a year now. The network is controlled by a Comcast gateway/modem that serves both IPv4 and IPv6 over DHCP. (I can't stop the Comcast modem from serving IPv6 and if I disable IPv6 on the Emby Server box, Emby for Roku still gets the IPv6 assigned by the Comcast modem.) Steps I can use to reproduce 100% of the time: Start Emby for Roku Choose to manually select Emby server Select the option to change the host. Enter the IPv4 address of the Emby server. Connect, pick user, enter password, watch movies or whatever... works great as long as I stay in the app. Press the Roku's Home button or otherwise exit Emby for Roku. Re-start Emby for Roku. You are now presented with the Emby Connect screen---as if you hadn't connected to a server before. Go back to the main connection menu and choose the Emby server you connected to earlier. You will be presented with an error dialog that says "-6: Could not resolve {IPv6 address of Emby Server} (Domain name not found)". Why isn't Emby for Roku saving the IPv4 address I entered? Let me know if there's something else I can get to help troubleshoot. I've likely forgotten some critical detail in all of this.
  5. Remi Desgrange

    Consideration about the network

    Hi everyone, thanks for this software it's amazing !!! I have a couple of question about the network in emby-server. I installed it on Debian Jessie on my personnal server on the Internet. For this usage I disable DLNA. I also set up nginx as a reverse proxy. But For this usage I would like to tell to emby to _only_ listen on the localhost ( or ::1) And since both my ISP and my server are in IPv6, is emby compatible with it ? In advance, thanks.
  6. Over the past few days I have noticed that I can not connect to emby.media from my iPhone while I am on AT&T's network. If I VPN into my home network I don't have an issue, nor do I have an issue with any wifi. Network. AT&T now uses IPV6 for their wireless NAT, and I suspect that may be related to the issue. I did a network capture of my iPhone attempting to connect to this site and basically just received a bunch of reset packets from emby.media's IPV6 address. When I try to connect on a wifi network, all the traffic happens via IPv4 and works normally. I tried to reproduce the issue on my laptop and found that while I am on my home network, my laptop will attempt to connect via IPv6 first, and it is not successful. I can curl -6 emby.media and will just get a connection refused. I then try via IPv4 and it works. Lastly I try without picking which one to use, then my laptop tries IPv6, it fails, and then it automatically tries IPv4 and it works. It appears AT&T may have somehow misconfigured their IPV6 implementation but I can not figure out what's wrong. My iPhone just isn't falling back to IPv4 after it encounters an issue with IPv6 on the AT&T network. Does this make any sense? Does anyone else have any issues loading this website while on the AT&T wireless network?
  7. Ok, so saw the beta update and decided to try it b/c of ipv6 & a few other tweaks. So on my debian 8 system did apt-get update && apt-get install emby-server-beta. (server is headless, so 'localhost' doesn't work well) Easy. But when I went to try it out, couldn't get to my server from emby.media, or from ipv4:8096. Tried [ipv6]:8096 and gave a 400 error. If I do netstat -tuln I get tcp :::8096 with -beta, but nothing on the ipv4 side. With stable I get tcp 0, but of course nothing on the ipv6 side. Anything else I can provide to help with troubleshooting?
  8. I can no longer access the server outside of the house using Connect. I'm not familiar at all with IPV6, but that's being reported as my server address now, and no longer the traditional IPV4 one. Could this be my issue? I can get on the server if I manually put in my external IP. Any way for me to test it out? Thanks for the help, CFC
  9. I've recently turned on IPv6 on my network and it is working great for everywhere except mediabrowser.tv the only way I can get to this site is by entering an ipv4 entry in my hosts file. Your domain is resolving to an ipv6 address but it is not pingable and doesn't resolve. Am I the only one noticing this? It stops MBS from checking for updates. All other content is working fine in MBS. Thanks for such a great product. MB rocks!!!! David
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