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  1. Xzener

    Xzener's Fan Art

    Xzener's Emby Icons Download Xzener's Emby Reflection Icons Download Xzener's Emby EHS (Non-3D) Icons Download Xzener's Emby EHS Icons​ Download Reposted links in post 105
  2. Hey all, So, I've been curious about this for a while now, not sure if I am either missing something, or if it's not even implemented into the system. Fanart.tv offers image types for clearart, character art, etc, as well as disc art. How does Emby handle these? Where do they appear in Emby UI? Emby supports them, but why if we can't see them? Thanks. - Arly
  3. Fanart search can get the results, but the image is not displayed, I can only copy the image URL and add the logo,When I want to open from a new window, show SSL problem
  4. toke this screen shot yesterday and I thought it look very nice and balanced
  5. KobayashiM

    Tunein Radio Images

    Hi all, New Emby Premiere user here and this is my first post. Loving Emby so far! I recently installed the Tunein plugin but--aside from one default icon--it does not have any content-specific images. So, I quickly put together a handful of cover images just to get that ugly default logo out of my face. They're not super high quality icons by any means but will do for now. Hopefully some of you will find them useful until someone comes out with a full image pack. Cheers!
  6. Las imágenes de fanarts no cargan porque el enlace está roto. Se corrige quitando la palabra "assets" de la url. Espero Emby pueda corregir esto, saludos. @@Happy2Play - interesting
  7. Snakebait

    original movie covers

    Hi, I am not happy with the covers that are automatically generated. I prefer Original covers or something close. Which Topic tags should I check or uncheck to achieve this so I don't have to correct hundreds of covers? Thanks The Bait
  8. Exilhamburger

    Design Frage bei Inhaltstyp "Musikvideo"

    Hallo, eine Design-Frage zu dem Inhaltstyp "Musikvideos". Wenn ich eine DB meiner Konzerte mit dem Inhaltstyp "Musikvideos" erstelle, werden diese nicht im Coverformat angezeigt sondern im Fanart/Screenshot Format (siehe Foto - Anastacia und Andreas Bourani - Hey). Das Cover wird dann breit gezogen. Gehe ich dann auf "Bearbeiten Bilder" und wieder zurück auf die Übersicht und mache dann noch einrefresh des Browsers-Fenster", werden die Covers (Poster) im richtigen Format angezeigt (siehe Adele im Screenshot). Das Cover zwar nicht mehr breitgezogen, jedoch immer noch im "Fanart-Rahmen". Gibt es eine Möglichkeit nicht den Fanart-Design sondern das Cover Design unter Inhaltstyp "Musikvideos" zu ändern? Update: Jetzt wird es ganz verrückt: Nachdem ich manche Covers wie oben beschrieben geändert habe, ist der Rahmen auf die größte Bildgröße geschrumpft (Bei machen aus dem TV aufgezeichneten Konzerten habe ich einfach ein Bild des Interpreten oder der Sendung). Manche Cover werden jetzt breitgezogen, obwohl das richtige Format im Verzeichnis liegt und dies lässt sich auch nicht mehr wie oben beschrieben ändern (sieh 2. pic: Amy Winhouse und Andreas Gabalier). Müssen alle Poster/Cover/Bilder im gleichen Verhältnis (z.B. 2:3 oder 9:16) abgelegt sein?
  9. jnragaven

    Discart for movies

    It would be great to see discart be incorporated in the info panel next to or partially coming out of the poster and possibly a spinning disc in the osd above the movie poster.
  10. Under Library Nfo settings I have "Copy extrafanart into extrathumbs" selected. I'm noticing that when I load up an artist in the library, it tends to download all images into extrathumbs, but only some into extrafanart. I thought it might be an issue with the "minimum backdrop download width" setting, but I tried changing that to zero and still got the same behavior - all images download into extrathumbs, only some download to extrafanart. Any idea what my issue might be here? EDIT: I disabled and the re-enabled copying into extrathumbs... behavior seems normal now! All images downloading into both folders. So I think I'm good here now!
  11. When I add new content to my music library and scan, it seems album fanart (cdart.png and sometimes folder.jpg) gets downloaded instantly, as it shows up in the corresponding album library folder with no additional action on my part. Artist fanart does not seem to work the same way, as nothing is downloaded to the user-set metadata folder after the library scan. However, once I go into the web player and select an artist, all relevant artwork is downloaded to the metadata folder. Usually I see the banner, folder, and logo pop up right away, and then the extrafanart folder gradually fills up with images (I set the limit pretty high, so this part often takes a while). Is my best bet to just select each artist in the web player one by one, and wait for all images to download, after my full library completes scanning? Or is there some setting to initiate the artist fanart downloads automatically?
  12. I'm having a strange problem that recently started occuring. While on the main page, or any page for that matter, the fanart for every item appears correctly. The problem is when I click on either a movie or a show to open its contents, the fanart stays for a second and then fades to black. It's as if it were toggling through the extrafanart of that selection but all the images seem to be black. This even happens on shows that have no extrafanart folder. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas? I'm usting the Emby app on my Nvidia Shield TV first gen.
  13. LiquidFX

    LiquidFX Fanart Collection

    This is my collection of TV fanart. Feel free to make a request linking to a specific image and hit the like button. Link to the collection
  14. shaefurr

    Fanart site relaunch

    So, what started as a quick update to download links turned into a full out redesign. Honestly the problem with my page previously was I just had too friggin many images on it so it was slooooow as can be to load. I've streamlined the entire site removing off older mediabrowser related items, cut the images down to only samples, and changed the disparity links to my onedrive for downloading. The benefit with onedrive is every time I upload a new image for disparity you can just use the same link on my site to grab the new ones. Previously I had to re-upload an entire rar file with all the images in it each time I made a small update. So, I hope its easier to browse around now, let me know what you think. I'll be adding the disparity color links next once I get my photoshop actions remade and the sets uploaded to my onedrive. Also, I removed MB3 from the address, so if you had it bookmarked before, you'll need to do it again. http://shaefurr.wix.com/fanart
  15. Hey guys, I actually have no idea where this question belongs because it involves a couple of things. (kodi emby and titan skin) I have setup the emby server (3.0.5896.0) with custom nodes for my action movies adventure movies etc. this works fine in kodi (16.0 Jarvis) using the titan skin.(3.6.37) I have setup the movies button to switch to a sub page with tiles these tiles connect to the video nodes as setup in emby. all is well so far. now i can setup these tiles with custon images and here the fun starts I have been able to select fanart to be shown connected to the specific folder/video node it points to. the workflow would go something like this: manage sub menu for movies, highlight item to change, In this case i would select adventure movies, next set thumbnail: ( a sub menu is show with all the display options for the tile random fanart movies etc, before it would also show the option emby-adventure, emby-fantasy etc.) when this was selected the tile would be showing fanart only from the adventure folder or respective other folder. but i can not select this any more i have restarted the server many times and reset emby library in kodi a couple of times. but the option is not there anymore can anyone help me with this? is there a specific setting that i am missing? any help would be welcome or if i need to post this somewhere else please let me know.
  16. Nick's MCE

    Some fanart not downloading

    Hi Recently I noticed that some fanart is not downloading automatically, specifically cleararts,banners, discs. I checked the sever and metadata settings are they are all selcted accordingly. Anyone have any ideas on this, maybe started about a month ago. Thanks Nick
  17. Nick's MCE

    Fanart not downloading

    Hi Recently for some reason some fanarts have stopped downloading, no idea why. It is specifically cleararts, discs, banners. I have checked the server and everything is checked to download. Any help appreciated Nicks
  18. Damstas

    API for fanArt with LiveTV

    Is there an API to use that allows fanArt from Schedules Direct to be used in LiveTV sections, in similar way to what library items have? Like in this pic https://flic.kr/p/C1dDBg
  19. Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gfhqtlpv7tbo4dz/LOTR.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download/q9c60345a7ooejo/lotr_posters.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download/pchkcip5527jxj7/lotr_posters_2.rar
  20. Allan Cameron

    Movie Thumb's (landscape)

    ok so there are often many missing movie thumb images when we scrape our collection. When this happens i make one. Just thought i would share what i have done with everyone so if you have the same movie you can grab a thumb here for it. I was not sure what the best way was to share them here so i will just give a basic preview, (Thumbs are 500x281) Download thumb collection: https://www.mediafire.com/?xp2f889o3s2uuoy (April,26/15 - 100 Images) As i add more i will remove the download link and add a new link with the updated thumbs included. Sorry i don't want to have to list all the movies, or as i add them. It's a small file to download so just re-download it again and see whats new. The date is included when i last added the link as well as the image amount, so you will know if there has been updates. Hope this helps someone, this is just a start and more to come as i sort what i have and make new ones as needed. Peace out !
  21. yardameus

    Extrafanart folder

    I just recently noticed that if I go into the metadata manager and try and select a different backdrop (or fanart as it is now) I have a hard time getting it to not save the file into an extrafanart folder. Even if I use the metadata manager to delete the old backdrop, it still saves the file as fanart2, and in the extra folder. I mainly bring this up because I use the metadata manager to change the poster or banner, it just replaces it. That, and I prefer not having subfolders in my movie folder. If this is the expected behavior, I can manage it, just a bit if extra work (have to go into explorer and delete the empty folder). Just wondering. Thanks.
  22. skynet600

    Best Picture backdrop

    Would anyone be in touch with me23? He used to make these. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5701721/MB3/backdrop.png
  23. Hello everyone, Just wanted to drop by and let you know that we have posted the results of the top 10 users of our fanart API for 2014. Media Browser has moved up a spot from last year to #4 with a total of 135,124,989 requests. A huge increase over 28,150,454 requests of 2013. Congratulations on the success of this great software and we wish you continues success in the coming years. You can check out the full list for 2014 here. regards, akovia
  24. Xzener

    CoverART Treatments

    Does the WP app support CoverArt treatments? New to WP, so not sure. I've seen a folder image or two attempt to add treatment, but reverts back to untreated.
  25. Yogi

    Boxset Logos

    I have created some Boxset logos for my personal use and thought I could share here. Feel free to use as you would like. They look better in Mediabrowser than just plain text on your boxsets. All in png format. 210+ in the collection, view the gallery here. Download the collection here Download is about 35mb in total. All logos are in a format of 800x310 pixels
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