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Found 15 results

  1. nexmagic

    LiveTV resolution issue (m3u)

    Hello, just discovered this program and it seems really awesome in general - I'm now trying to see if it fits my requirements, but I've hit an issue with playing a Livestream via LiveTV m3u tuner. The source livestream runs in 720p and VLC plays it back at the correct resolution, however the emby player only reports a playback resolution of Auto - 480p (visually it seems even worse than 480p). I've included the ffmpeg-transcode log of one of my attempts. I've tried to find settings in the server that pertain to my issue but couldn't find anything (most of the encoding settings seem to be recording-related). Would be very thankful for your help, I'd love to get this working and finally have a solution that actually works. ffmpeg-transcode-b8905aaa-dbdb-4962-b790-bb24b9148b88.txt
  2. oivps


    Hi, How can I change the resolution of move being played? The resolution is less than the file resolution.

    resolution badges

    hey bit of a random idea but maybe something people may like, resolution badges to be shown items information screen instead of writing?
  4. xsteacy

    More than one resolution

    Hi, My wife doesn't care at all about quality, she can what anything even an old VHS but I like 4k... It would be really nice to be able to have a 1080p and a 4k (for example) resolution of the same movie and be able to choose witch one, like YouTube... Does it make sens or it's totally useless? Thank you
  5. I've noticed that my FireTV box has a "720" flag/icon on some videos which are actually 1080p. Photo attached showing the "720" flag and "Video 1080p H264" for the same episode. (The actual resolution of the file is 1870 x 1080.) I cannot be sure but I may have originally added a 1280x720 version of the episode and then around a month ago updated it to 1870x1080. Is this the cause of the discrepancy and if so how do I get Emby to recognise the resolution of the updated file?
  6. Coheed2000

    Resolution Identification?

    Hi All. I am trying to understand how Emby is identifying the movie resolution in order to create the cover image. Both of these files are identical resolution (1280x720) yet Emby thinks one is a Blue Ray and the other a DVD. So what meta data it using to make this determination? Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm pretty new to Emby, just got it today, and I'm wondering if there's a way to add a movie's year and resolution in the title? Just because I have multiple movie files that I watch on my TV through the DLNA media server, and I sometimes have multiple copies of the same movie because I sometimes get the 4k, 3D, and a normal 1080p copy. So ideally I'd like to display "Doctor Strange (2016) [4k]" "Doctor Strange (2016) [3D] "Doctor Strange (2016) [1080p]" as the title that way I can see clearly which file I want to play instead of having to play them all and guess which one is which. Then also the year of the movie would be beneficial for me when I have my collections to see at a glance how old or new movies are. Is there a way to do this with Emby? I don't want to change the original movie name because they're torrents and I'm seeding them and the torrent client would detect it as missing files and stop seeding once it does. I like it the way Emby currently has it where I see the cleaned up name on my TV through my DLNA media server and at the same time it doesn't interfere with the original movie name on my PC so I can keep seeding without interruption. I figure Emby already extracted the metadata for the movie year and resolution because they display it, so there must be a way to display movie year and resolution in the movie title when I view it on my TV. Help with this would be amazing!
  8. I have a problem playing 4K content on my nVidia Shield / LG tv The Shield and Emby app run in 4K resolution. I have 'Enable refresh rate switching' and 'Prefer exact refresh rate' both enabled in Emby. Whenever I play 4K content, the refresh rate is changed as expected, but the resolution is changed from 2016p to 1080p. There is a 4K display mode available at the same refresh rate. When I turn off 'Enable refresh rate switching', the content is displayed at 4K resolution, however the video becomes kind of choppy. When I turn it back on, the video is smooth as butter, but the resolution goes back to 1080p. The 'Prefer exact refresh rate' option is irrelevant here. I've tried to change the resolution back to 4K at playtime in the display mode menu, but that seems to break HDR. Anything I can do to have both smooth video AND 4k resolution?
  9. Fire TV App: 1.2.66a This has been an issue in previous app versions. Not sure if "miscalculation" is the correct word, but to reproduce the issue click a channel, select Tune to Channel, immediately afterwards, while the loader is visible, press the hamburger button to bring up the split live tv preview/guide view. The live tv preview is then loaded, but shifted approx. 7% to the right of the expected viewing area. Additionally, pressing return to hide the guide does not recalculate the resolution for full screen and remains the same.
  10. I work on a 27" Thunderbolt display often... and it'd be nice if we could get another breakpoint for .scalableCard.portraitCard posters... something around the 2000px mark for 10% width is what I'm thinking, but it might need to be specific to non-retina displays. So the media query should include -webkit pixel ratios and min-resolution. kinda like this. https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/ Currently on this screen, poster images are coming out at 311x511px, real life 2.75x4.125" ... they're just monsters. Smaller subset of people, but that group of people will grow as technology gives us larger screens for less $$
  11. When playing a movie in some browsers (mainly Chrome) if res/bitrate menu is pulled up and the account is set to absolutely no transcoding the movie will stall or crash if the bitrate/resolution is changed. Initially it will show "Direct Play" but once change "Direct Play option disappears. The next picture will show that "Direct Play" disappears once it has initially changed to anothe Bitrate/Res. Granted sometime depending on browser you are able select a bitrate/res higher then the file and it will go back to "Direct Play" but lots of times it will just crash until transcoding is turn on and changed during playback. Proposed solution: Simply add an option under "Users>Profiles" called "Direct Play Only" which will disable the menu to change bitrate/res and should disable/ grey out the following option under "User/Profile" when enabled: 1. Media Playback > "Allow Audio Playback that Requires Transcoding" and "Allow Video Playback that Requires Transcoding" 2. Sync > Allow Syncing that Requires Transcoding for the log the log that has the issue is 7/12/2016 URL: https://fileserver.jpwservices.net Username: emby Password: 12345
  12. So I have a problem I am trying to figure out. Some files. All seem to be mkv files have an issue where the video never playes even remotly as clear as the original file. Even if Im playing it on the same machine the server is running on. Its not all mkv files just some shows do this. Im not sure how to fix it. An example where the streaming works fine it the show Game of thrones. I ripped and converted my blueray disk of the series into MKV Files. These play absolutely perfectly in 1080p. I would say they even look better than the original blueray disk. But lots of shows such as the show Arrow which I happen to have in MKV format do not play clear at all. I have the playback resolution set to 1080p without any luck. Here is what it lookes like playing the original file in VLC Media Player. How do I fix this issue? Here Is the File playing in emby
  13. Hy, I have been using Emby for the second day now. I have only one complaint that it has too many options in the transcoding options. I want to give 5 total options, but cannot figure out how to edit this. - Direct - 1080p - 720p - 480p - 360p (MB will be tested depending on the CPU usage) The choices are way to many and some people just like to see 1 name instead of 10 different MB options on a single resolution. Can some one guide me on how to change it? Super thanks, PV
  14. geotux

    Transcode yes, transcode no

    Hi, i did an interesting test tonight. When playing an mp4 (1280x720) on my android, it runs nice and smooth and no transcoding takes place. If i try to run the exact same movie on my desktop via firefox, it starts jumping and not play smoothing. I see that the transcode folder has an webm file while playing in the browser but not when playin on the android. REducing the bitrate in the web browser doesn't help. Why does Emby think it needs to transcode in web client (21" screen on pentium i5 3Ghz) and not in android (samsung galaxy 10"). THe server is install on DELL POweredge (quite old with pentium 4 2.8 Ghz and 0.5 GB ECC RAM). Any thoughts on possible reasons and what I can do to stop transcoding when not necessary? CHeers transcode.Log emby.Log
  15. Is there a way to download only the 720p trailer and not 1080p? Seems when I download local trailers it is downloading the 1080p version which is quite large. It adds up when you have hundreds of movies...
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