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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I just recently updated my Server to the latest 4.6.4 version and now my primary artwork is no longer displaying for an album. I was storing all my artwork as such "../{Artist}/{Album}/folder.{ext}". It was displaying prior to the update. As you can see from the images, the album folder clearly has a primary image, but Emby just can't read or just doesn't recognize the "folder.jpg" image in the album folder. Did you guys change how the artwork is loaded? Does Emby not recognize "folder.jpg" as the primary artwork anymore? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have a primary image for all of the more than one thousand artists in my collection. However, less than one-half have a backdrop image. Is that anyway to cause Emby to use the primary image as the backdrop in the event there is no backdrop? Thanks!
  3. Mechanical Whispers

    Primary posters not downloading

    Greetings, I have had Emby for a long time now, and for a while it has had an issue where the primary images aren't being downloaded automatically for movies I add to the database. If I manually go in and edit images, I can do a search and grab the primary image. But for some reason, Emby isn't doing this automatically. I do notice that if I try to manually grab the primary image, in the selector, the first thumbnail is always blank. I'm guessing that's some website that Emby can no longer reach? And perhaps this is what it is set to as the default image to search for? Is there a way to troubleshoot and fix this? Thank you!
  4. Hey guys! Thanks for making an awesome app, lifetime member here, and love emby over plex, however there is just one minor thing! I'm having some problems showing the primary art for movies. I've been trying to debug this for a while, but can't seem to find any solution, could you help? It works if i manually download hrough the metadata option. And yesterday all my thumbnails worked, but today they are broken again. tried to do force update as well. Some info from log added. Thanks guys!
  5. Hello, Sorry to dig this one up from the grave, as another thread indicated this issue was solved, but I'm afraid the answer given doesn't address the underlying issue. Essentially, it seems that the Roku app defaults to the primary image when browsing unset (mixed content), but uses the proportions for a thumb image. Unfortunately, as this thread below indicates, I don't think this is simply a matter of unset (mixed content) view vs. content type view. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/55693-thumbs-as-primary-photo/ This actually seems like a bug and here's why: When using the Emby app on my TCL Roku TV, when viewing a mixed content library, the application defaults to the thumb view and there's no way to change it. This isn't ideal, as I think most folks would prefer a choice like in other libraries, but let's put that aside for a moment. I think most folks that can swallow the fact that you cannot discern the content type and thus automatic metadata population is limited or nonexistent in this view. Frankly, the only time I would use the a mixed content view is if I was providing the metadata myself (i.e. Home Videos). If I want it to automatic metadata population from some online source, I'll set the content type as appropriate. In short, it's not an issue of knowing what type of content is there. The Roku app appears to be programmatically looking for image set as the primary image. I can live with that. The issue lies in the fact that when it uses the primary image, it then constrains it to the dimensions of the thumb image, distorting the final product. It just seems to be a simple mismatch. I can prove this simply by "fixing" a few items by setting the primary image to an image with the dimensions/proportions of a thumb, such as 1280px x 720px. Though an obvious band-aid, this indeed resolves the issue on the Roku. But now, that same image is FUBAR everywhere else because it get's stretched to the dimensions of a primary image in apps such as Emby Theater or LG WebOS, which are using the proper dimensions. The fact that the LG WebOS app works properly but the Roku app does not indicates to me that this is likely just a bug. Long term it's definitely desirable to have the option in the individual apps to choose the image style (primary vs. thumb vs. banner, etc.), as has been previously hashed. Until then, it would seem the straightforward fix is to just have the Roku app either use thumb image and use the correct dimensions/proportions for a thumb OR use the primary and use the proper dimensions/proportions for a primary image. Hope this makes sense, I can follow up with images to demonstrate the issue if necessary. Server: Version Roku TV: TCL P605, Roku Version 3.0.74 Thanks! Bill
  6. arrbee99

    Replacing Primary Image

    Not a biggie, but was replacing a thumb for a TV series I didn't like, so I deleted it and added a new one, except I forgot to specify Thumb so it overwrote the Primary. No prob, I deleted the thumb shaped Primary and told it to Refresh Metadata and ticked Replace Existing Images. It didn't. Tried again. It didn't. So should I actually expect it too in this situation (adding in a missing Primary which was deliberately deleted).
  7. Hi I have a well organized photo collection where I maintain different albums; my problem is: Emby will generate a cover photo (primary and thumbnail images) for each album when it scans it first; later; I choose a particular image to be the album's primary image, and I set it manually as primary and thumbnail images. but after few days, I found that emby will regenerate a new cover image (most probably it's the same that was generated the first time); now my concerns are: I renamed the primary images as folder.jpg and tried also backdrop.jpg; why emby doesn't pick these by default, like it does in media collection (movies and TV shows) I locked further updates from metadata editor; which by default locks the updates for images; but still primary and thumbnail images are changed. Is there any basis or criteria based on which emby will generate the cover image? and if not is it possible to consider folder.jpg or backdrop.jpg as default primary and thumbnail images? Regards, DaN
  8. Okay so some of you might be aware or might not be aware of the fact that now when a movie collection is created a primary image and a thumb image is no longer auto-generated previewing all the titles in the collection. My request is simple add this back in but as an option under the "edit images" section of collections. Can simply be a button that once clicked auto generates a thumbnail and primary image of which you can then delete or keep. This way if you don't need/want the custom image made for that collection because you have a better image of your own you can use that image(s) instead.
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